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Critique of Anand Hollas Article Entitled Obsessed with Your Cell Essay

Critique of Anand Hollas Article Entitled Obsessed with Your Cell Phone - Essay display factThe article is timely because the author was able to determine that our dependency towards technology particularly cellphone has already developed to a proportion that is already a disorder. The author intended to create aw atomic number 18ness among the readers so that they would examine themselves if they are already addicted to their smartphones by comparing their behaviors to the behaviors cited in the article. And if they are, they can seek attention just like what the subjects did in the article. The good thing about this article is that the author made its auditory modality realize that addiction towards cellphone is not healthy. Many people especially teenagers think that their dependency towards their smartphones are cool when it is in fact not. It would be difficult to ascertain with certainty if the author had successfully positive(p) its audience that smartphone use has alread y assumed a proportion of disorder. There no surveys included in the article that provided reader response. But personally, I think the arguments of the author are instead persuasive. I may not be that totally sold with the point of view yet because I am tranquillize looking for more literature to support his claim, but the article has definitely made me think and get hold of that smartphone dependency of many people is already troublesome. If the study is to be believed smartphone addiction is already similar to drugs or cigarette addiction which is already troublesome. To say that I agree already with the author would be quite premature considering that there is only one point of view that is presented to me and does not have anything to support or refute his arguments. Basing however from experience and observation, I think that the author made a good case and if presented with supporting scientific literature that is peer-reviewed, his case could convince me. Inferring from my observation, I see a lot of spring chicken people who are hooked not just with their smartphones but also to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Some are even exclaiming that they cannot live without their smartphones or their Facebook or they could not imagine life sentence without it.

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Corporate Governance And Itseffects On Firms Performance Evidences In Dissertation

Corporate Governance And Its do On Firms Performance Evidences In Saudi-Arabian Arabia - Dissertation ExampleModern changes in the business environment remove made it to a greater extent condescend for families to own a whole corporate. This has its own benefits but side effects include a mess hall of worrys amidst the agency, owners, management and sh beholders. Conflicts are on the rise and due to this problem trust is more than grand than ever in the process of financial analysis and its reporting (Klein, 2002). The plaza issue that corporate politics deals with is the agency problem which serves as a conflict of interest for both managers and owners. This is because of the gap between the monomania and control. In most of the cases the management of shareholders is the duty of managers and the top most managers sometimes exploit their power. There are many corporate governance perplexs some of them are participative model, behavioural model, pay model, stakeholder mod el, political model, strategy model and the policy government model. Implementing good corporate governance in firms is designed to give results in scathe of better firm performance and that can be accomplished by making better and more rational decisions. It has been a common practice among firms to expropriate the control of shareholders in order to receive a smoother stream of earnings. But as a better lubricant to smoothen the friction between the shareholders and managers comes corporate governance. With the placement of good corporate governance, firms are less likely to expropriate as more investors prefer to invest in firms with good corporate governance (Melis, 2004).... 23 2.5.2 Return on Assets (ROA) 23 2.5.3 Earnings per Share (EPS) 23 2.5.4 Book Value per Share (BV) 23 2.6 Summary 24 methodology ..25 3.1 Analysis ..26 Works Cited 28 Introduction 1.1 Overview Modern changes in the business environment have made it more frequent for families to own a whole corporate. Th is has its own benefits but side effects include a lot of problems between the agency, owners, management and shareholders. Conflicts are on the rise and due to this problem trust is more important than ever in the process of financial analysis and its reporting (Klein, 2002). The core issue that corporate governance deals with is the agency problem which serves as a conflict of interest for both managers and owners. This is because of the gap between the ownership and control. In most of the cases the management of shareholders is the duty of managers and the top most managers sometimes exploit their power. There are many corporate governance models some of them are participative model, behavioural model, finance model, stakeholder model, political model, strategy model and the policy government model.

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Apple, Samsung ,Nokia and blackberry smart phones comparison between Essay

Apple, Samsung ,Nokia and blackberry quick-witted phones comparison between these 4 companies - Essay ExampleThis has further led to the fast embracing of raw engine room handheld gadgets like the Smart phones and tablets and I pads, which provide people all over the humans with the virtual internet based platform to connect with their friends and relatives located in various parts and corners of the world. The ever-changing lifestyle trends of the masses all over the world along with the desire to stay connected and conscious(predicate) of the happenings and events in the lives of their near and dear ones by the process of getting updates in their social networking profiles has also contend a major role in the tremendous acceptance of Smart phones all over the world.As a matter of fact, in an order to capitalize on the growing demands of data based technology services like the internet in the recent times, various telecom service providing companies has focused on the process of bundled offering of products and services, thereby offering the customers with high value internet services for their mobiles and gadgets at in truth competitive rates.It cornerstone be said that the global voguish phone market is surely predominate by two of the largest and most popular mobile manufacturers namely Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics, while talking in terms of revenue generation, sales and share of the markets in the global arena. Talking from the statistical point of view, it can be said that the shipping statistics of the second quarter of the year 2012 highlighted that Apple iOS and Samsung Android based smart phones comprised almost 85% of the total shipments (IDC.com -1, 2012)1.Talking about the market sentiments that was existing around the middle of 2012, during the terminus of launch of I-phone 5 in the United States, a research which was undertaken by AYTM along with Mashable stated that current owners of Android phones in the United States are looki ng forward to move to I-phones within the next 6 months (Price, 2012)3 .The survey also revealed that

JPMorgan Chase Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

JPMorgan Chase - essay Examplecomparing with the laws existing or the existing banks policies and in case of any fraud, they take the pecuniary institutions in court with enough evidence to prosecute.A valid bowdlerize has four major elements as explained by (Meiners, Ringleb and Edwards, 2014). The first of these elements is the offer and acceptance by some(prenominal) parties involved in the contract. An offer is make to the consumer who then accepts it. This is followed by intention to create legal relations which be carried let on in enunciate to ensure that the contract will be declared legally binding in which case both parties have to fulfill and abide by it. This is conducted with the presence of a witness orally or unconstipated with writing. After these two elements comes the considerations where the actual contract terms are discussed and negotiated. These include terms such as payments or any financial obligations involved or even the duration of the contract. Las tly is the signing of the contract and sealing the deal. The signing or completion of the deal through handshake should non be carried out under duress, undue influence or even under false statements which is what the fraudulent banks do. Each fellowship of the contract is supposed to honor their contract and not intentionally breach it as it will not only invalidate the contract but will destroy the relationship with the contracting party and this is not fair.Intentional tort actions according to (Meiners, Ringleb and Edwards, 2014) are the actions which are done by mint will the trust or sole purpose to harm them. These actions are wrongful and are committed by these people consciously. The individual carrying out these wrongful actions that harm are fully aware of the consequences of his or her action as they are purposeful but does not to stop them from happening. On the other hand, negligence tort actions are those actions that are committed through the failure of individua ls to be responsible enough and do the correct actions they were

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Drunk Drivers Should Be Imprisoned on the First Offense Essay

Drunk Drivers Should Be Imprisoned on the First Offense - Essay ExampleDrunk driving must be dealt with a stern approach and one of the reasons rotter dealing with the same is through punishing the offset printing time offenders. This leads to a chaotic situation where imprisonment seems to be the just now way forward. Imprisonment is because a grave reality which shall open the eyes of the offenders once and for all and it ought to bring solace to the pedestrians and otherwise drivers on the road that deport made no mistake to be present there. Moving ahead, it has been seen that rummy driving leads to hassles of magnanimous effects as this has been researched upon through studies and evidence that has been discerned to date. Hence imprisonment seems to be the only harsh reality that can dawn upon an individual when he is doing the undoable, i.e. driving whilst being inebriated. If the offenders know forward that they would be imprisoned for a set duration of time, they wo uld abstain from getting into such realms in the beginning(a) place. Also it would mean that the people would abide little choice than to forego this habit of theirs forever. These offenders would know that if they grade more or lessthing wrong in the future, they would non be spared and hence their driving permission would also be canceled as a result of the same. (Lobmann, 2002) is of the view that they will not be allowed to drive a vehicle until their license gets active again and hence this would serve as a deterrent to curb the menace of drunk driving all over the world. It is understandable that the problems which this individual will face under such realms would be immense but then again these are needed to tackle this issue once and for all. The accidents puzzle increased all over the world. This is because people are in a rush to make it to their coveted destinations. Also the fact that drunk driving cases have increased drastically. People just do not care if they have to make it to their destinations while they are in a state of being drunk. What they impart is the fact that drunk driving makes them feel dizzy and drowsy which is indeed quite a problem for the other pedestrians and drivers on the road. The latter feel that they are at the direct mercy of these drunk drivers and that they would have to do it themselves in the case of safety on the road. Wagner (2011) asserts what is even more discouraging is the fact that some people believe in drinking whilst driving which is doubly dangerous for just about everyone. that precautions need to be taken by the authorities to make sure that drunken individuals do not hit the roads. No matter what happens, it would be a good starting point to put them behind bars for a certain amount of time and revoke their licenses to curb this problem once and for all. From a personal example, I have seen cases when drunken individuals have come on to the road and created absolute mayhem. This has meant tha t they have lost their control completely and hit different vehicles on the road and even the innocent pedestrians. I have seen accidents so severe that I have not been able to sleep properly later on that. What is needed however is an understanding that drunk driving is one form of evil that must be avoided as much as possible because it creates trouble for the people on and off the road. The property that is destruct under such domains is another aspect that needs to be given proper significance as well. In essence, the drunken drivers should be told to spend some time in

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Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Case Study

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering - cuticle Study Example(Upton and Kim 2009, p.1)Further, Daewoo confront stiff competition from other organizations offering the same services in particular the Japanese competitors. Lee Byungmo affirms that they had to benchmark Japanese competitors as they sought to learn their skills hence revealing that they faced a business problem in relation to competition. (Upton and Kim 2009, p.4)Moreover, Daewoo faced a business problem in relation to space for operation. Lee says that there was no more space left for the growing size of ships being built and they were therefore forced to move them to the sea for completion or additional operations (Upton and Kim 2009, p.4)In solving the 1987 problems mention earlier, Daewoo had to face and act upon new challenges including globalization, countering the fiercer Chinese competition, and dealing with impending revision in the governance structure.In countering the late 1990s crisis, Daewoo develo ped a sense of urgency which created essence between the management and labor of the organization. They had to work persistently to overcome the problems and improve on operations, both infrastructural and structural, in terms of capital equipment.In countering the competition problem, Daewoo had to borrow and learn the skills and concepts of their business competitors. For instance, Lee Byungmo confirms in the parapraxis study that they had to benchmark Japanese competitors and apply their operation skill such as just-in-time and lean production.In countering the space problem mentioned earlier, Daewoo had to construct more dry docks and at times carry out the last(a) operations of ship building in the sea. They also had to create special divisions for the different categories of ships such as heavy floating zone. This specialization helped improve utilization and the output rate of various

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International Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

What International uprightness Is - Essay ExampleIn an interesting twist of paradox, despite the permeative and dynamic nature of supranational law, there has never been any lawmaking organ for the same. On the contrary, international law is a culmination of international accords, compromises, charters, conventions, agreements, protocols, memoranda, tribunals, and treaties. The history of international law can be traced as far back as 1815 when Austrias prince Klemens W. von Metternich led other leading diplomats such as Frances Prince Talleyrand, Britains Duke of Wellington, Russias Tsar Alexander I, and Prussias King Frederick William into the Metternich System. This congressional approach to diplomacy is rather known as the Concert of Europe or the Congress System. From this development, international relations is seen to have developed, as Britain, Russia, Prussia, France and other players met in succeeding convents in the Congress of Vienna and Aix la Chappelle (1818). Imperi alism and the quest to realize as many colonies as possible created the need to meet and draw out laws that would regulate how states related, blush as they clamored for colonies. It is at this point that colonies and protectorates geopolitical boundaries were mapped out during the 1884-5 Berlin Conference to stave off the possibility of state of war in Europe over colonies. In this conference, the frameworks for public international law were laid, albeit in a conflicting sense. The League of Nations also served as a rallying point for international law, as states came together nether its auspices to prevent a repeat of World War I. Of particular importance is Woodrow Wilsons 14 Points, which strongly laid foundation for international trade, diplomacy, territorial integrity (in relation to the sea, land, and air), and human rights and freedoms among other principles. Although Wilsons proposals were not adopted fully, one can see that they greatly upheld public and private inter national law. As time proved the goals of the League of Nations untenable, the united Nations came up on June 26th, 1945, to facilitate international law, security, and socio-economic development. Over time, the United Nations has come to be the key platform upon which international law and diplomacy are deliberated, entrenched, and ratified. The UN has mechanisms that deal with thematic issues such as treaties, the law of seas, progressive development, and codification of international law and the internal justice organization of the UN. Likewise, the UN has international courts and tribunals, legal training, resources, centers, and UN bodies to preside over international legal matters. Some of these bodies include the International Law Commission, the General Assembly Sixth Committee, and the UN Commission on International Trade Law (Rabkin, 2005). Together with main(a) states, all these organs play a crucial role in the generation of international law. essential differences be tween municipal (domestic) and international law abound. While municipal law governs intra-state relations, international law does inter-state relations. Secondly, the psyche goal of municipal law is to ensure the existence of judicial and legislative systems that can enforce laws and turn up disputes effectively, on the one hand.

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Honeywell Outsourcing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Honeywell Outsourcing - Essay Exampleoneywell Aerospace, Automation and Control, Specialty Materials and its Transportation Systems which provides consumer gondola car care products which include Prestone, FRAM. The largest of these divisions is Honeywell Aerospace which produces aircraft components, engines, avionics for commercial airlines, business and regional aircrafts and spacecrafts (Honeywell Inter subject, Inc., 2006).One of the key issues the company is dealing with straight off is outsourcing its business and operations. The trend of outsourcing has not been limited to the company but has been indicative of the current trends in near all industries to cut operations costs. According to Honeywell, its outsourcing is part of its competitive strategyAs a orbiculate technology leader, we must participate in the worldwide economy and open new markets for our products and services, while keep to recruit and retain a competitive and talented worldwide work force, The result forget be a company that stays ahead of the curve focuses on meeting the needs of our customers provides challenging opportunities for our employees and sustains ontogeny over the long-term for shareholders. (Frauenheim, 2004).The purpose of this study is to evaluate the outsourcing activities of Honeywell International Inc. and to assess the impact of these activities to the company, the industry and the national economy. This is to recognize that the outsourcing or off-shoring policies of a company, especially one of Honeywells magnitude influences industries and markets.A study of company, contention and global outsourcing trends will be utilized. Literature based on industry trends will be compared to global indicators and will be used to approximate the bearing of Honeywells outsourcing activities. A SWOT Matrix will be used to illustrate prevailing trends as well as developments that will reflect Honeywells long term policies and standpoint on outsourcing.China and Mexico have been chosen by Honeywell since the

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Physics paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Physics paper - quiz ExampleAnother area of research provide be determining the different between apology and current. The distinct properties of resistivity and current will be considered in order to identify various types of underground in conductors of voltaicity. Resistivity and conductivity are also studied in this research the factors which influence the conductivity for instances temperatures are also studied.in addition to exploring various types of applications which has high resistance and current consumption the knowledge of electric generation will be featured (S. Knight).For further understanding of resistance and current, an experiment is performed in the testing ground in order to analyze the effects of resistance and current in electricity transmission. The following implement and materials required while carrying out the experiment (S. Knight).In the above set up, while the electrons are red through thin metal filament of the lamp, the electrons face more opp osition because the filament is thinner when compared to the telegram used in the experiment. The opposition to electric current depends on the type of material, cross-sectional area and its temperatures (Jeong). basically it can be said the conductors have low resistance while insulators have low resistance. The resistance reduces amount of current through the circuit and the bulb will glow depending on the amount of electrons mountain pass through the wire. When electrons are moving against the same direction it causes friction, this is manifested in form of heat.at the same time the readings of ammeter changes. The minginess of heat in filament will force the bulb to glow.In the cases of unmindful circuit, the bulb will stop glowing because there is no complete flow of electrons. There will be all resistance because the circuit is incomplete. When we use batteries in the above set up, the battery will run short of the charge because the

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Research Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt Paper

Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt - Research Paper ExampleHis New Deal program significantly enlarged the assist and responsibilities of the U.S. federal government. This paper analyzes and discusses the life and legacy of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt as U.S. presidents. The discussion focuses on their response to the bigger home(a) and global issues during their presidency.Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, considered himself the defender of the masses and the mouthpiece of the people. He declared, No unmatchable but the President seems to be expected to look out for the general interests of the country (Cook 98). He was a liberal reformist and took on global leadership in creating a new global order. He announced in 1917 that the involvement of the United States in the First World War is a reason to build a world that is friendly to democratic ideologies. Wilson had witnessed the horror and atrociousness of warfare. He was born in 1856 in Virg inia to a Presbyterian pastor of the Civil War. After finishing his studies at Princeton and the University of Virginia Law School, he obtained his university degree at John Hopkins University and embarked on an academic profession (Freidel 61).Wilson progressed quickly as a traditionalist, conformist unripe university lecturer of political science and was elected in 1902 as head of Princeton. His flourishing national popularity encourage a number of conservative Democrats to view him as a good candidate for presidency. At stolon they convinced him to run for the position of New Jerseys Governor in 1910 (Gaines 48). During the campaign he declared his autonomy from the conservatives and from the system that had recommended him, promoting a liberal program, which he carried out as governor. In 1912, during the representative Convention, Wilson was nominated for presidency and promoted the project New Freedom, which emphasized individuality and the rights of states. In the tripar tite

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Economic and Political Issues in Asia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Economic and Political Issues in Asia - Essay ExampleThe major differences between these ii crisis can be identified as the implications of US monetary crisis has global impact while the impact of 1998 Asian financial was particularly limited to south-central East Asian countries only. On the some other hand, poor financial reporting can be attributed as the major cause of both financial crises. Reasons of 2008 US financial Crisis The collapse of the Lehman Brothers had spread the terror in the global financial markets. The 2008 US financial crisis was one of the largest global economic crises marked in the late world. The US political sympathies regulations started to wear away the lending standards in the middle era of 1990s. During that period Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the regimen owned enterprises were the owners of the huge sh be of the American mortgages. However in the year 1995, the US regulation change magnitude the holding of loans in order to lower the borrowers income. The United States government levied a regulation on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lend loans with either less or no proportion of down payment. This policy of the government resulted on lowering the purchase capacity of the mortgages in order to recover the bad debts (Gwartney, 2009). The Community Reinvestment Act, 1995 regulate by the government also wanted the banks to grant loans in equal proportion to the number of the minority population existing in the financial markets. These objectives were met by the reduction of the conventional lending standards (Gwartney, 2009). There were two major reasons for the financial crisis in the year 2008 namely the increasing prices of the houses and the mortgage market being ineffectively regulated. In the initial stages of 1990, the increasing demand for the houses lowered the mortgage interest rates. Nominal rates are considered as important factor in the mortgage markets as it largely determines the repayment capacity of the bo rrower. Nevertheless, the pay of mortgages rapidly increased in the US market without the consideration of the nominal rates being decreased. This write out of decrease in the mortgage rates moved towards a drastic financial crisis in the US (Baily, Litan & Johnson, 2008). Precisely, the increasing demand for houses leading towards unstable price increase and skewed demand for mortgages by financial institutions were the prime reasons behind the eruption of 2008 US financial crisis. Differences Between 2008 US Financial Crisis and 1998 Asian Financial Crisis The most affected countries in the 1998 Asian financial crisis were Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The Asian crisis had started with the threat in the gold rates of the South East Asian countries of Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Later the major causes of the Asian financial crisis accounted to the step by step increasing prices of the assets and the excess value of the real exchange rate. The ra pid increase of the short term foreign borrowing was one of the major external causes of the financial crisis in the Asian countries (Institute of Development Studies, 1998). On the other hand the major causes of the US financial crisis were the unorganized mortgage markets due to the increasing demand for houses. The disturbances in the mortgage financing augmented due to the non-adherence of the nominal rates. The differences in both the financial crises lie in

Bad News Message Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Bad News Message - Essay Exampleit drip in a bucket of water when a child was attempting to use it unsupervised, it is considered as a in-person irresponsibility and the warranty does not cover damage to the products due to personal irresponsibility. So unfortunately, your request regarding the repay or replacement of the hair semi-dry you purchased cannot be entertained for the following reasonsOur companys technicians, however, entrust be more than happy to repair your hair dryer but there will be service charges applicable and answer any queries regarding its maintenance. We assure you that our technicians would be able to repair your hair dryer and make it reusable in no time, as we are here for your service.If you are interested in getting your hair dryer repaired then contact at us at our repair totality and let us know. If you are aware of someone else having similar problems with their products, please recommend us to them as we will be more than happy to help them

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What A Star-What a Jerk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

What A Star-What a Jerk - Essay ExampleUsually, behavior problems involve violations of policies or work rules (Fallon, & McConnell, 2014). However, the noble thing Jane needs to do is to show that she has the authority and let Andy know what is satisfactory and what is not.I once encountered an employee behaving like an Andy when I was a manager of a retail store comprised of some(prenominal) other employees. There was this one individual who thought that she could do as she pleased on my shift. She did her hire out well and treated other employees and customers with take note. The only problem I had with her was the way she communicated with me. I managed to handle this line in a professional manner and from that experience, the behaviour of this individual significantly improved and she began to observe and respect the company policy towards management. Some form of behaviour simply needs to be corrected without of necessity taking disciplinary action against the individual e mployee behaving like an

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Personal Leadership Development Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal Leadership phylogeny Plan - Essay ExampleFrom the description given, personally, I prefer sensing rather than intuition. Sensing is indeed followed by thinking as contrasted to feeling. Sensing is then followed by thinking as opposed to feeling. I prefer thinking critically before making a decision. The criterion is then finalized with adjudicate as opposed to perception. I have more preference to judging as compared to perception (Farcht, 2007). From this assessment, it is evident that I will need to improve on judgment and try to form not so strict deadlines and expectations (Ricketts, 2011). This is so because they cause stress and can demoralize someone so much. From the argument, it is clear that in life, there are downfalls and I should take that in mind to continue with life in a better way. As a leader, I will need to show steadfastness and to be untouchable even if here in an unexpected happening. This will help give my followers a upright example to maintain the pace of work and calmness even in cases of misfortunes. Looking at intussusception as a trait, it looks to be strict and mind tasking. Therefore, it needs to be done, with moderation, to avoid stress issues (Ricketts, 2011). ... This is a wide range of testing and is sure to give the required result. These tests are as well very accepted since they have been tested with m all individuals. This assures that they are perfect with what they measure in an individual. A combination of these tests also gives confidence that it measures ab emerge all aspects related to an individual. The tests measure interpersonal adaptability, leadership derailers, distinct personality types, transmission line performance description, and reasoning ability based on a theory of intelligence and real domain of a function performance (Granville, 2010). The five assessments have different categories of information that is considered. First, there is the reliability measure of the tests (Granville, 2010). Reliability shows how skilful or true the result obtained after someone has been tested will be. It is an indication of the percentage of prior tests that have already been done and gone through. All the tests given have good reliability, and one is ensure that it will give the required results. The cost of assessment is another category that has been listed. It sums up the cost of carrying out the test online or manually per individual or to a group of people. Doing the test as a group looks cheaper as compared to doing it individually (Ricketts, 2011). Validity of the tests tries to give an idea if at all the results of the test will hold only for a short time or indicate a day-to-day row of an individual. The tests also are of two different types. There are manual and online tests. Manual tests require the bearing of the individual to be tested while online tests can be conducted at any place and any time over the internet (Granville, 2010). Looking at the core areas

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Ocimum Basilicum Laboratory Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ocimum common basilicum Laboratory Report - Essay ExampleIntroduction basil is a slender plant and can be grown in the pot. It is treasured for its many usances such as, ornaments, fragrance and its medicative value. It is very simple to grow in the optimum conditions of its growth. It germinates from a seed and takes a period of atomic number 53 year to mature. It is mostly used in cuisines, such as Italian, dental and oral products. It is believed to originate from the Asiatic content. It is grown in Morocco, Indonesia, California, Egypt, and southern Europe. It takes one year to fully mature. It has green stems and it is leafy. A mature Basil plant has a height of 2-3 ft. It is popularly used as a flavour. It has a spicy and peppery flavour compounded by mint and cover. The flavour is best before flowering .Basil is used in laboratory tests to investigate many variables such as soil nutrients, soil acidity wet, phototropism, gravitropism, and allelopathy (Pay Lucy and Mar k 2004). The objective of research was to determine whether, the nutrients in different soils had an effect on the growth of Basil plant. In this experiment, tether samples of soil were used. These samples of soils comprised of sand soil (pH 7.5), Black soil (pH 6.0), and Potting soil (6.5). The period of the study was fourteen days. The experiment used ocimum basilicum, which was fourteen inch in height. These plants were purchased at a Home Depot. The researched used tercet terra cotta pots. Ocimum basilicum was placed in each pot. The plants were pissinged each day with the same amount of distilled body of water (118.29Ml). The three pots were exposed to the same amount of light in the balcony. This ensured that they had the same amount of sunlight. The height of the plants was measurable after every seventh day of the fourteen experiment period. A control set of experiment was also set, exposed to the same environmental condition but of water. Their heights were also measu red and compargond with originals. The purpose of the study was to determine whether different soils minerals contributed to growth of basil plants. The experiment hypothesized that typical potting soil will go past black soil and sand soil by increasing the growth speed of the Ocimum basilicum by at least 20%. Materials and Methods Acquirement and Management Ocimum basilicum takes one year to mature. It has about 2-3 ft. Basil has two colors of flowers. They are either purple or white flowers. Ocimum bacilicum is leafy and with publish branches. It is mostly preferred for fragrances and color. This plant has an optimum growth in a soil with good drainpipe and sufficient amounts of water. Frost affects Ocimum basicum. It is easy to propagate and can be grown in pots and containers. Terra cotta pots These are special pots that are frost free. They are mostly used in laboratory experiments to grow plants fro experiments. Distilled water. It is water that is purified through a distil lation process. It is used in the laboratories for experiments. It has almost pH7.0. Samples of sand, Miracle start out Potting, and Black soil Miracle Grow potting soil is a combination of different soils. The principle ingredients include peat moss, decayed plant materials, sand, and partite. Black soils are very nutrient rich soils while sand have poor drainage and low water retention capacity. This experiment used three basil plants. The three plants were 14 inch tall each. They were purchased fro a Home Depot. They were then kept in different terra cotta pots. The

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How technology has influenced the Thomson Travel Agency Essay

How technology has influenced the Thomson Travel chest of drawers - Essay ExampleFrom this, it is quite obvious that belong agents play a vital role in this business. When armed with technological knowledge, they form a force to reckon with. Surveys conducted by various people draft the importance of the latter in influencing consumers decisions on the destinations to take.From the time a person decides to make all trip, they are usually faced with the decisions of which airline to take, the particular place to visit if on holiday, convenience and power of the whole process. Due to the boom of technological advancements, potential passengers or tourists can by the click of a button, peruse the options availed to them. However, this teaching can be mind boggling to an extent that it can became more of a business organization than a resourceful tool. Thus, travel agents can make recommendations to their clients and help them in choosing the particular travel tract that would bes t suit them depending on their needs (Howard 1963). It is like they completely allow these people to take oer all their travel arrangements so that, all that is required of them are to show up.Tour operators are and so faced with the key role of advertising their products. Marketing becomes an important tool so as to flummox in business, of which, travel agents are made to go out of their way to infuse better trade strategies (Birner & Booms1982). Computer technology provided a way to effectively manage all the extensive information concerning superior general travel. For example, with introduction of the Computer reservations systems (CRS) in 1953, that was later converted to the Semi Automated Business Research environs (Sabre). This was a combination of CRS and global distribution system (GDS) that provided a wide load of travel information and reservations. Directional selling which involved the sale of package holidays using a complex chain of travel agents, is a practice that has become

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The Gutai Seen Through a Zen Lens Essay Example for Free

The Gutai Seen Through a dit Lens EssayThe Gutai Group ar well known for their actions and have been considered by many an(prenominal) a link between western present-day(a) art movements and contemporary eastern art. In February of 1998 the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York exhibited Out of Actions among Performance and the Object, 1949-1979. In the exhibition catalog, of the same name, the Gutai Group is discussed extensively as a new custom of action artists who were developing and practicing similar work as the likes of Pollock and Kaprow. Little heed is taken to hear the traditions that the artists came from, were influence by, and inevitably continued. Though the Gutai Group is considered a rebellious group of artists who broke from tradition, when looking back, many links between Japanese art before World War II1 and the groups work are found. some of these links can be seen when a close reading of the Gutai Group Manifesto is viewed from a Zen Buddhist perspect ive. It will be seen that the Gutai Group, though unorthodox, created artwork that is at the very least influence if not actually representative of Zen artwork.

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Origins of Dogs Essay Example for Free

Origins of Dogs EssayHumans and dogs have forever and a daylight sh bed exceptionally strong social affections, a dependency kind that is not normally observe in other(a) human-animal relationships. Humans and dogs equally preferred to put their fears from each other aside in order to live reciprocally. Dogs are significant part of human history, seeing that throughout times dogs are without a doubt wonderful companions and great friends. People play with dogs, keep them as a embrace and even consider them their best friend.Today, dogs come in different shapes and sizes, with distinct attributes that separate them from every other animal. But are humans really familiar with anything regarding the history of dogs or where and when did their well-known friendship started? in that respect are some(prenominal) theories on the subject and it is rather difficult to affirm who are the forerunners of the youthful day dog perceptions. Beginnings of Domestication Evidences have r evealed that man and dogs have survived together since prehistoric period.It is generally acknowledged that the tameness of dogs started more than 15,000 long time ago. It is call upd that when primitive man evolved from gathering to hunting for food, dog and man began the symbiotic relationship of assisting each other. More all over, between 8,000 and 9,000 years ago, dogs became the guardians for the several recently domesticated animals of men. The lift and crossbreeding started when men started to confer greater importance to certain characteristics and features in dogs.As a consequence, throughout the time of Egypts ontogeny in 1570 B. C. a range of diverse types of dogs became apparent. From that time, it was not long before dogs were being bred all over the world. In the history of dogs the Greeks, the Europeans, the Romans, and even the natives of the Far East were training dogs for a variety of activities including, hunting, sporting, fighting, and prize possessions. Or igins of Dogsarcheology has sited the earliest acknowledged domestication at probably 30,000 BC in Belgium and with certainty at 7,000 BC. early(a) discipline suggests that dogs were foundationally domesticated in East Asia, particularly within China some 15,000 years ago. In several archeological digs, however, canine relics have been discovered which could astonishingly be the forerunners of the modern day dog, although there are still a number of significant disparities between them.Accordingly, many analyze theorizes that modern day dogs are a result of parallel evolution, in which some species come from a easily smaller canid and related to the dingo scientifically known as Canis familiaris nostrazewi, and other from a very large animal similar to some primitive Molosos and more related to the wolf scientifically known as the Canis familiaris puitiantini (See FIDOS Dog Health training Encyclopedia).While some scientists thought that close to all canine breeds originated from the crossbreeds of the small primeval dogs with diverse canid breeds, such as coyotes or princely jackal, animal deoxyribonucleic acid research studies confirm that dog gradually evolved from wolves after humans started selectively breeding wolves some 15,000 years ago, and nearly all scientists agree on the aforesaid findings.The DNA string sexual climax from three interrelated groups revealed a common source from a particular gene pool, and because the majority of contagious variation was discovered in dogs that originated from East Asia, scientist concluded that this part of the world is the most possible origin of the species. It appears that World gray wolves, otherwise known as the New World dogs traveled with humans who arrived at North America across the Bering Strait several thousand of years ago.Scientist made use of DNA fingerprinting methods in a study to confirm that New World dogs were not descendants from wolves in the Americas. They discovered that these dogs were indeed descendants from Europe and Asias wolves. Moreover, based on evaluations of dogs from places as remote as Alaska and Peru, researchers theorized that primitive and modern day dogs around the world hailed from Old World gray wolves. Unfortunately, these dogs are no longer present in modern day dogs as European colonists systematically eradicated their population.It is already colonized in several researches that dogs evolved from wolves however, latest records confirm that the origin of dogs goes back to hunter-gather societies therefore, dating earlier than what is commonly believed. callable to archaeological records, a number of scientists believe that domestic dogs dates back to15,000 years however, the latest molecular genic techniques performed by UCLA scientists and colleagues revealed that the origin of dog is much older.As a result of the extrapolation involved in the computations and the bound of genetic diversity they found in dogs, they believe that the ea rliest dog dates back 60,000 years or possibly over 100,000 years. Conclusion When observing the habits and behavior of a dog, the likenesses it has with the wolf are more than evident. In addition to the fact that the wolf and dog are somewhat similar not just the strong-arm viewpoint, but as well as the character aspect, scientists have also found exceptional information to prove that the dog and wolf are indeed related.Using latest genetic researches, together with several controversial and fascinating works revealed that the wolf is the only ancestor of the dog, and its origins are primitive. This is why many believe that domesticated wolves were the earliest to live together with man and the dog and every other breeds existing at present are considered as the entire creation of man. Reference See FIDOS Dog Health Training Encyclopedia. (n. d. ). Where did Dogs come from. Retrieved March 20, 2009, from http//www. seefido. com/html/the_dog_s_origins. htm

Utilitarianism Essay Essay Example for Free

Utilitarianism Essay EssayUtilitarianism is a theory in ethics regarding actions that maximize utility. Utilitarianism is human- revolve about and has a spurside of morality. One could say this theory holds to happiness as the principle, at to the lowest degree that is what tail end loaf proposes. move is well known for being non l single(prenominal) a great philosopher of his time, and besides an advocate for utilitarianism, in so much that mill about believed and even improved upon Benthams views. fanny Stuart Mill was the most famous and influential British philosopher of the nineteenth century (Clark, 2003). Mill felt that the foundation of morals, utility or the great happiness principle, holds actions atomic number 18 right in a certain isotropy because they tend to promote happiness and wrong because they produce just the opposite of happiness. Happiness is pleasure, with the absence of annoyance unhappiness, equals pain and the absence of pleasure. Mill fe lt that higher pleasures are more valuable than lower ones and also better (Peck, 2006). Pleasure to Mills differs in quality and quantity. Mill felt that a somebodys achievements and goals such as virtuous living should be recognized as a pause of their happiness.Mill believed that happiness is the only basis of morality, and that happiness is the only thing tribe truly desire. Mills take on justice was that it is based on utility and happiness and that rights only constitute because they are necessary for a persons happiness (Peck, 2006). When speaking of qualitative and quantitative utilitarianism on that quest are differences within the two. They twain measure the value of different levels of happiness (Ring, 2010). Qualitative utilitarianism entails that mental pleasures are different and also superior to physical pleasures. Quantitative utilitarianism entails that each(prenominal) types of happiness are equal or the same.In quantitative utilitarianism what matters most is the quantity or amount of happiness, not what type (Ring, 2010). When speaking of Mills and his approach one would need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of what Mills proposes. The strengths of Mills approach to utilitarianism would be the fact of the only thing of substance or that matters is what happens in ones life regardless of the intentions (Qizilbash, 2006). One weakness would be the proposal that ones intentions do Running head UTILITARIANISM raise 1 not matter or hold any substantial repercussions.Ones intentions can have a very invalidating affect on themselves but more important on others especially innocent by standers. Ones intentions could be of utmost importance to the good of the majority. another(prenominal) strength of Mills approach is the fact that Mill considers emotions a form of great pleasure (Qizilbash, 2006). This point of the theory shows some impartiality. Mills also mentions general rules, which in turn would allow for the use of world-w ide rules, and this is a strength for sure. In Mills approach one more weakness would be the cleverness for one to predict the outcome or consequences.More weaknesses than strengths exist in Mills approach, for instance, to get the greatest good for the greatest number can sometimes make the simplest of actions become humble- for instance buying something for oneself that is not necessarily needed but none the less something desired, but if that money worn-out(a) could have been spent elsewhere and been more beneficial to a greater number of people then one is considered immoral or acting immoral. Another weakness in Mills approach is a competent person ordain always pick a higher pleasure all over a lower one (Qizilbash, 2006) to that degree this is neither feasible nor true in all situations.And the major weakness in Mills theory is the assumption that one should pursue something just because it is desirable and produces pleasure, this can have many negative consequences. Th ought experimentations have been used in every field from mathematics to philosophy. In this thought experiment four people play a question and answer game.There is a score rewarded for all(prenominal) correct answer, and at the end of the game the two highest scoring people will get the calamity to walk away with either a large amount of cash for themselves, half of the cash or unfortunately empty handed. In this particular game one will decide to percentage and secernate the cash, or be greedy and try to walk away with all of the cash, but there is that venture of walking away with nothing.Imagine one withdraws share and the other chooses keep, then the one who chose keep gets it all, if both choose share then the cash will be divided evenly and both benefit, after Running head UTILITARIANISM ESSAY 1 all they both worked equally towards this opportunity. But if both choose keep, they will both walk away empty handed with nothing.In this thought experiment we will assume tha t both people chose share, considering this is the only sure way of walking away with at least half of the cash. This experiment would defend Mills version of utilitarianism on one hand because both people have done what is best for the greater good (Clark, 2003) so what works for the whole and is better for all involved is best.But when considering Mills part of the version that speaks to one always choosing the higher pleasure over the lower one (Qizilbash, 2006) this scenario would critique- the higher pleasure would have been winning all of the cash for oneself, not having to share it and one knows that this is what each person desired, what would give them each much more pleasure, but instead they went for a lower zone of pleasure when deciding to at least walk away with some kinda than no cash. In this experiment one can say it defends and critiques Mills because Mills was contradicting in his approach and views.Mill was known to improve Benthams views, and not agree with the m, but yet Mill leans towards Benthams views in a lot of his approach to utilitarianism. References Clark, K. J. , Poortenga, A. (2003).The story of ethics, Upper Saddle River, NJ Prentice Hall. Peck, L. A. (2006). A Fool Satisfied? Journalists and Mills Principle of Utility. Running head UTILITARIANISM ESSAY 1 Journalism Mass Communication Educator, 61(2), 205-213 Qizilbash, M. (2006). Capability, Happiness and Adaption in Sen and J. S. Mill. Utilitas, 18(1), 20-32. doi10. 1017/SO953820805001809 Ring, L. , Gross, C. R. , McColl, E. (2010, June). Putting the text back into context toward increased use of mixed methods for quality of life research. Quality of Life Research. pp. 613-615. doi 10. 1007/S11136-010-9647-z.

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Metals are different from other materials Essay Example for Free

Metals are different from former(a) materials EssayMetals are different from other materials because they have electrons that are not joined to any specific atom, meaning that the electrons have the ability to trend between the various atoms of that metal. These electrons are always in random motion due to their heat energy. If a metal wire is subjected electric force at its opposite terminals, then these free electrons, which carry a negative accusal, move towards the electric force and we end up with what is called an electric current. some other way of verbalism this is that when nominate is moving we have current, like the motion of electrons in wire leading to bulb. Ions found in water also carry a charge and current is able to run for in water. impetus of charged electrons in a vacuum is also a form of current. An example is the com marker admonisher or the T. V. set. Charged particles move across space, i. e vacuum, when they are released by the picture tube and s moothen the screen and light released which is seen as a picture. In order for current to be able to electric current it needs a push and this push is supplied by voltage.1 Charge will always flow from a potential of higher energy to low energy. Current is a measure of the quantity of charge that passes a location every second. The unit which current is measured in is Amphere A. The current law states that at any junction in an electric circuit, a point where the current is split into two or more parts, the total electric current output will be equal to the amount put in initially. A conductor, the object which allows charge to move through it, always puts up a reliable amount of electrical underground against the charge that is flowing through it.This friction in turn heats up the object. This transferring of electrical energy and the rate at which heat is put out is measured in Watts. The resistance put up by the conductor is measured in Ohms. 2 Another way of verbal expression it is that Ampheres is the stuff that flows inside the wires (the charge, electrons), and the amount of charge is measured in Coulombs and finally the work Amphere is the same as one Coulomb of charge passing in one second. The more quickly a charge flows the higher the ampheres.Also the greater the amount of charge flowing, like a bigger wire, the higher the ampheres. Another words it is possible to have the ampheres if there is fast flowing charge through a sheer wire as with slow moving charge through a thick wire. 2 It is free to see why all this is very confusing. How ever 1Keiji Oenoki and Hector Judez, The flow of charge The Current, emailprotected edu. pe 2William beaty, How Are Watts, Ohms, Amps, and Volts associate? April 2, 2000, http//amasci. com/elect/vwatt1. html.

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The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Essay Example for Free

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism EssayMaximilian Carl Emil weber (1864-1920) was a known German political economist whose naturalises argon still influential in the field to date. He is credited among the founder of the modern study of public administration and sociology. In his analysis on religion, Weber wrote an essay on The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism wherein he argued that religion has plumpingly cause the different cultures of the world, creating differences between the eastern and western cultures. It is religion, according to him, which brought about the spirit of capitalism and bureaucracy in the western political culture. Protestantism and capitalism are social aspects that intermingle at several places.Protestantism is often associated with novelty and anarchy. It refers to a form of Christian faith holding principals of rehabilitation. Reformation is this context refers to the revolution in the Christian realm which happened io n the 16th century in protest against some principles of the Roman Catholic Church. The leaders of the renewal established the protestant movement to run parallel to the Roman Catholic Church. The term is not utilize in reference to any particular church, but for the group of churches excluding Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. early on Protestantism was characterized by the acceptance of the Christian holy book as the only source of absolute truth. They deal in universal priesthood and that faith is the only justification of ones relationship in God. It is because a sin to doubt God and the provisions poof the Bible. Capitalism on the other pass off is an economic system that believes in the free market mode of business. A capitalist society is characterized by minimum state intervention in economic activities. Capitalists argue for the control of the economy being established by market forces, where an entrepreneur engages in a capital investment to earn profits. M orality in such cases is relegated as the businessman is strictly after profits. In such a society, people should do work extra hard to harness the benefits an economic venture. There is however no society that can be fully capitalist. In all societies, the government has to intervene to inculcate an orderly environment for business to flourish. It has to stimulate order where there is none, and establish a society of understanding, not the state of nature argued by doubting Thomas Hobbes where life is short, brutish and involves a war of all against all. A capitalist system encourages hard work. Individuals are competing against themselves, and a social welfare tendency is mostly a marketing strategy. The bible is release in support of capitalism. In the parable of the servant who was reprimanded because he did not invest the shilling he was given, Christianity is clear that people should be hard working and invest more. The bible goes ahead to say that whoever dies not work sho uld not eat. This is the spirit of capitalism based on the principle of toiling and consequences of laziness faced by individuals and not groups. It is argued that the spirit of capitalism is deep rooted in Protestantism. Many of the clergy came from commercial circles. A large number of the adherents of Pietism are former commercial bigwigs, and the probability that they are going to frame the economic policies to suit the capitalist environment is very high. It is notable that many capitalistic entrepreneurs sprung from clergymens families. A secure example worth mentioning is Cecil Rhodes. Protestant churches were open to voluntary membership. This is a characteristic feature ioif a capitalist system, in whose advocates argue for freedom of choice and minimum government intervention, if it must intervene. This is different from the state sponsored European churches in Europe where Max lived. Any member could therefore be trusted in business, irrespective of the phantasmal sect he confesses. However, misbehavior could cause excommunication. In America, Weber also noted that the members of the protestant sect used to run the sects. This is at variance with the European model where the state appoints the pastors to rub these establishments, and therefore the pastor becomes a political appointee. The congregation insisted on preaching ethics as opposed to mere ideas of religious dogma. These were considered less important by the congregation at the time. Again members of the American church could replace coddle or inefficient pastors on such basis. With time, the influence of the church seemed to wane away, with blase institutions gaining strengths in society. These secular organizations were keen to accept members who exhibit a clear record. The members assured the strict adherence to these principles, and not the hierarchical structure of governance. Traveling salesmen had to have a label indicating them as members of a certain organization, for the sak e of twist customer confidence. As Weber argues in his book The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, the protestant reformation was the origin of ethical behavior for businessmen, and has effectively promoted the growth of capitalism.ReferencesFischoff, E. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Social Research, Vol.XI, 1944, pp.62-68Swatos, W. H. (ed) Time, Place, and scope Neo-Weberian Studies in Comparative Religious History. New York Greenwood Press. 1990Swedberg, R. Max Weber and the Idea of Economic Sociology. Princeton Princeton University Press.

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Extinction of a Conditioned Stimulus Essay Example for Free

Extinction of a Conditioned stimulation Essay mannerIn this experiment, an untrained hind end was utilized in order to display the Movement Ratio. 1 peg was selected with ten (10) trials. apiece trial had a five (5) minute interval between trials to allow the rat to recover from the medium brashness shock. A medium intensity lumber was selected as the Conditioned Stimulus (CS) selected to precede the categorical Stimulus (US), a medium intensity shock. Stage 2 was selected with thirty (30) trials. Each had a five (5) minute interval between trials to allow the rat to recover from the medium intensity shock. A medium intensity tone was selected as the Conditioned Stimulus (CS) to precede the new Unconditioned Stimulus (US), no stimulus.HypothesisIn the first association of trials, Sniffy will learn to affiliate the tone with shock illustrating fear-related behavior or freezing behavior at the tone. In the reciprocal ohm lay out of trials, stage 2, elimination of a cond itioned response (CR) (freezing or fear-related behavior) learned in the first set of trials will occur by repeatedly presenting the CS without the US.ResultsIn the first set of trials the increase from 0 to 0.7 in the Movement Ratio illustrates that the tone CS, is acquiring the capacity to induce freezing behavior and new(prenominal) fear-related behaviors. As the movement dimension increases, the CS response strength mind window show that the tones capacity to elicit fear as a psychological process is increasing. In the secant set of trials the movement ratio window illustrates that repeatedly presenting the CS without the US causes the CS to gradually full stop eliciting the freezing and other fear-related behavior.The CS Response Strength mind window shows that this behaviors change is the result of the CSs losing its capacity to elicit the fear response. Independent Variable (IV) first trial = shock second trail = none Dependent variable (DV) first and second fear-relate d behavior, freezing behavior The movement ratio is the proportion of time during each CS presentation that Sniffy is frozen or manifesting other fear-related behaviors.

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Definition on Love Essay Example for Free

Definition on Love EssayA definition test on get laid strives to define it as an emotion felt and displayed by humans, animals, and all living beings in their own way. It is a topic that has been written about done the ages and has found its way into books on literature and religion. Love knows no bounds and language is never a barrier. Wars set about been fought over it. People have been and are still influenced by the emotion of whap. Some of the best literary works are base on love, and even movie makers bank on it to win over viewers and create a hit. Love can be expressed in galore(postnominal) ways. God has shown his love for us by offering us the emotion to share with others.In return, we love God for all the wonderful things he has given us. Our devotion towards God demonstrates love in the form of reverence. The love formed out of admire is the same love we have for our elders, family, and people we demeanor up to. In a love essay, you could round on love tha t one has for his family. It could be connected with religion, respect, or pure love not base on any conditions. A Romeo and Juliet essay is the ideal love story between man and woman. The rule book romance has been used in many ways to show love and affection between Romeo and Juliet.In modern society, people who are romantically attracted exhibit their love for each other with the help of cards, gifts, and quarrel of love. The way love is expressed changes materially but the emotion remains the same. Couples find love in sex, affection for each other, and by communicating with each other more frequently. In fact, mankind has evolved through and through love between Adam and Eve. When you have to write a definition essay on love, beat back to write a drama essay that incorporates love as its theme. It would generate interest among readers, and you would find many definition essay examples to choose from.The best way to write such an essay would be to look up dialogues from lite rary works of famous authors like William Shakespeare. Dialogues are the true expression of love that is exhibited through words. The best part is that you can refer to literary works written through the ages and get fervor from the one you like the most. There are several other definition essay topics you can choose. It essentially depends on the audience you want to write for. The topics could be on relationships in the family. You could write about the love between brothers and sisters.How different is a fathers love for his children from a mothers love? You need to be old enough to really understand romantic love between both people, which is precise intimate and sexual in nature. The aim of your essay differs with age. Choose more complex topics on love as you grow older. The emotion of love is progressive. You would be in a better put down to write about love in its various manifestations when you personally experience it. The definition essay on love would truly carry yo ur personal point of view, which of course would make writing the essay very easy.

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Beauty Essay Example for Free

dish EssayBeauty is something that can be interpreted completely different from person to person. A famous quote that goes along with this perfectly is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think a persons midland beauty should be taken into account when deciding whether or non a person is beautiful. Wikipedias description of beauty is, a characteristic of a person, animal, enthrone, object, or thinker that provides a perceptual mother of pleasure or satisfaction while Oxford Dictionary states, beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especi wholey sight. As you can see, inner beauty could be paired with Wikis definition and outer beauty could be paired with Oxfords. Of course, there is no way of telling which definition is more correct, but, for the majority of todays society, outer beauty seems to be the primary focus. One lesson that proves just how important outer beauty is to society is the rise in bea uty products and services that be around today. Surely, once the 21st century initiated, appearance definitely began to play a much bigger part in peoples lives.Interests in salons and day spas were rising generously, and surely, business was not leaden to find. More than likely, or so salons appointment books were filled, nail salon chairs were occupied, and an increase sales in beauty products both hit businesses with full force. Another illustration of our appearance obsessed society is seen in the surrounding cleaning lady and men. For instance, there are many nonethelessts, even off on a global scale, that support this shallow idea of exterior perfection, such as Beauty pageants Miss America and Miss Universe are dickens of too many examples.These events are taken very seriously by a vast mo of contestants who alter their body surgically, wear dentures, and add an, no doubt, unnatural amount of makeup and hair extensions. Furthermore, even more popular, exists pageant s for young children with contestants of ages as low as a few months. With toddlers and infants being at their most influenced, getting done up in caked on make-up, eyelashes, spray tan, and fake teeth just isnt something we should be backing.As you can see, it is time for people to focus more on things such as a persons morality, personality, values, and intelligence quite than always infatuated with exterior. The main reason the vocalize beauty has been used to describe external features rather than internal ones, so much more in the recent years, is the media. The media has evolved into something extremely influential, and the most clear message people recive from this, is what they are supposed to look like. For instance, magazines practically create young girls who believe that thin as paper models seen in any magazine are what they are supposed to look like.Also, another component adding to the superficial terms people have are the celebrities that we idolize who are coache d to not have even one single hair out of place all those celebritys with perfect skin, hair, and body have been accomplices in the medias outrageous splay shallow opinions. The outcome of the medias bar being set so high is people all around doing whatever necessary to preserve their physical appearance regardless of the effect it has on their health or bank accounts.Everyone would be a lot happier if they drew their attention to the internal characteristics of a person, rather than all of the smoke and mirrors that is displayed on the surface. For example, someone who is the most kind-hearted, level headed, and selfless person could go with her whole life not having the opportunity to show others due to her presentation of a had exterior. Of course, although it can be hard for some, its never right to reject someone all because they dont adopt the unspoken of standards that most have set for themselves as well as the others. Helen Keller once said, Beauty is not always seen bu t is felt in the heart.Helen was someone who was dealt a horrific hand yet withal noticed and embraced the beauty in all of her experiences. To sum up, most of society goes without noticing, or simply doesnt care, about any beauty that reaches deeper than the surface, which is very unfortunate. Many people become sick, depressed and some even die as a result of the pressure media and those greatly influenced by it puts on them. This world could be so much better, relationships could be so much stronger, and those who deserve it would be so much happier if the news program beauty was interpreted as something deeper by the masses one can only hope.

Poetry Slam Essay Example for Free

Poetry Slam EssayOn my visit to Bar13 I was instructed to watch a poetry slam. I have never experience such a vivid art of do poetry. The only way I had experienced poetry before was by reading it from books. This has change the way I see poetry now. The poetry slam is a precise competitive eventidet in which the poets perform their course. The poets are judged by people of the audience. The host, who was pregnant, selected the judges who were instructed to give a numerical draw (the score being 0 10). The score was based on the poets content and performance. I was a little hesitating when the host asked me to be a judge. Since this was the first time, I was scared that I wasnt going to be a fair judge. The host explained to me the basic rules for the contest and how the poets are selected. The first rule one is that from each one poem must be the poets own work. The assist is that each poet gets only three proceeding to read or say the poem.The third is that they cant use any musical prick or costumes and the fourth and last one is that from the score the poets receive the high and low scores are dropped and the middle three are added together giving them a total score of 0 30. forward the contest started the microphone was open to other poets. In my opinion there were a couple of poets who were good. after(prenominal) the opening performance was done, the host presented a poet who has competed before. Her name was Gypsee. She performed for about 45 minutes, the content of her work was very good and her performance was excellent.I think she has practice a lot. I remember clearly 2 of her poems. One talked about crossing the Canadian bridge into the United States as an immigrant (she was born in Albania). The second one was about her childhood and soldiers with shotguns. During the slam there was different kind of poetry.It was very interesting to pick up to a diverse range of work within the slam. It included love poetry, social issues, per sonal problems and even some were kind of comic. What I really akin was the range of poets presented they are free to do work in any style on any subject. I will recommend it to my friends and I would like to go back, it was a nice experience.

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Caravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath Essay Example for Free

Caravaggios David with the show of Goliath EssayCaravaggios David with the Head of Goliath is a truly important picture expressing humanities underlying paradigm, every painter paints himself, in a clear and unmistakeable way. It was reported in the mid-s pull downteenth century that twain heads, Goliaths and Davids, are self-portraits at different stages of life though David is described as il suo Caravaggino, or in English his little Caravaggio.1 This cl advance(prenominal) refers to how Caravaggio painted himself when young because although his real name was Michelangelo Merisi he was know in Rome as Caravaggio. 2 Remarkably, despite this, few art historians have noned Caravaggios self-identification in both figures.One estimate it was partly sub-conscious, a psychic echo of the artists violent past.3 Michael Fried, on the other hand, a scholar who often recognizes the pay of creation depicted in art thought otherwise. He recently described Davids gesture as a disguised mirror representation of the act of applying paint to canvas, though there is also an important sense in which the head of Goliath may be taken as standing for the painting itself.4 God bless FriedOther scholars otiose to explain why Caravaggio would kill himself, even in a painting, suggest the phrase refers to someone else, a boy from the town, Caravaggio though they cannot say who.5 It is an escape clause. In the world of literal art scholars, artists do not kill themselves in a painting so they imagine something else or ignore the problem. Few early masterpieces so clearly express that every painter paints himself but scholars, convinced that artists tell logical stories that even a patron can understand, have long tried to deny the obvious both heads represent the artist.This painting, like so many others over the centuries, depicts its own creation in the artists mind. Goliath, too, is not a symbol of evil, as conventionally claimed, but of chaos, the chaos so central to cr eative thinking. machination is first imagined in a mind full of chaotic and random thoughts. As two or more combine spontaneously, the artist begins to impose order on the chaos to create the work. Goliaths death, his head meek by being depicted forever in mid-scream, is a metaphoric description of that process. Yet term David with the artists frown looks inward to depict the inner process of creation, Goliath also with an artists frown looks outward. He is the painting.

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The Functional Requirement Of Cladding System Essay

The Functional Requirement Of Cladding outline EssayStrength and StabilityA groin structure should have sufficient strength to corroboration its own weight between points of support or fixing to the structural frame, and sufficient stability against lateral wind pres convinced(predicate)s. To allow for differential movements, there has to be adequate support to carry the weight of the wall structure, and as well restraint fixings that will maintain the wall in position and at the homogeneous time allow differential movements without damage to either the fixings or the wall satisfying. Thin planer wall visibles such as GRP, metal and crank suffer rapid changes in temperature and consequent refinement and contraction which may cause distortion and damage to fixings or the thin panel hearty or both.In the design of wall structure faced with thin panel or wood consorting plane material, the model arrangement is to provide only one rigid support fining to each panel or sh eet with one another(prenominal) flexible support fixing and two flexible restraint fixings. The urgency to provide support and restraint fixings with adequate flexibility to allow for thermal movement and at the same time adequately restrain the facing in place and maintain a stomach tight joint has been the principal difficulty in the use of thin panel and sheet facings. opponent to weather/exclusion of wind and rainThe least dimness of solid wall material necessary to obstruct penetration of rainwater to the inner face depends on the degree of exposure to driving rain. crude practice is to construct a endocarp wall adequate thermal refuseance to the passage of heat, and an spellbinding finish. Common practice is to construct solid facing systems with an outer leaf of light weight forfend for insulation.Material employ to seal joints is considerd to be resilient enough to accommodate movement and brook weather deterioration. The rain cross principle is designed to provide a separate outer skin, to screen wall panels from scouring by wind and rain and deterioration by sunlight, and to improve the life and economical of the joint seals. persuasiveness and freedom from maintenanceThe strength of a wall structure is a appraise of the frequency and extent of the work necessary to maintain minimum functional requirements and acceptable appearance. For example, masonry required a little maintenance because the dirt stained due to slow run- run into of water from open horizontal joints. Panels of methamphetamine hydrochloride will maintain their finish over the expected life of buildings but will require snitch cleaning of the surface if they are to maintain their initial appearance, and periodic attention to and renewal of the seals. A nonher material that potty be utilise is metal. bronze and stainless steel, both materials, will weather by the fundamental law of a thin film of oxide that is impermeable and prevents further oxidation.Fire safety/ beset apology native precautions are the internal mobilise of fire across the surface materials of the wall and ceilings, impertinent fire spread over the fabric and fire spread such as cavities. The Building Regulations prohibit the use of materials that further spread of flame across their surface when subject to intense radiant heat and those which give off heat when burning. Limits of using thermoplastic materials in roof lights and lighting diffusers set in Building Regulation.To constrain the spread of fire between buildings, limits to the size of unprotected areas of walls. The term unprotected area is apply to complicate those parts of external walls that may contribute to the spread of the fire between buildings such as windows. The Regulations too limit the use of materials of roof coverings near a boundary that will non provide adequate protection against the spread of fire over their surfaces.Resistance to the passage of heat/thermal property summation i nsulation consider to be provided by lining of the cladding material. The interiors of building clad with large areas of trumpery may gain through large part or the whole of their internal heat from a combination of solar heat gain through glass cladding and from internal artificial lighting. solar heat gain potty be controlled through the use of simple shading devices fixed externally or internally to the building fabric.Control of internal temperaturesAs we know, solar is gain through glass panel. The thermal control ignore be achieved by deep recessed window used in conjunction with external vertical fins, non-transparent external louvers and used of special solar control glass. Another style is minimized the air leakage in the building. We need to maintain the temperature in the building like the impression of green house effect that can traps the heat in the building in the cool day.Resistance to the passage of sound/sound insulationThere are several airs to overcome th is problem. Firstly, used the resilient pad to prevent sound originating within the structure to be transferred vertically through cladding members. Airbone soung can be prevented by utilizing double glazing panel to window area.B) A client requires a way that requires little maintenance with reasonable non-skid properties. With the aid of diagramme, suggest a type of course and the construction methodological analysis for the proposed used.A client requires a pathway that requires little maintenance with reasonable non-skid properties. With the aid of diagramme, suggest a type of way and the construction methodology for the proposed used.Type of Road Flexible RoadSub-grade original dominion or backfilling soilSub base small conglomerations. The surface of the compacted sub-base should be close textured to prevent migration of sand from the bedding course. Example sand or quarry dust.Road base crusher run come up pre-mix bituminous. Prime finishing as binder of particles.Con struction MethodologySite ClearingRight of wayThe corridor of the road has to be cleared to the required width (prevention of soil erosion)Make sure that the feeleribility of the road is permitted legally.Clearing and grubbing of the siteUsing dozer or grader for the works.The hedges and grass roots can be remote by using dozer.Grader is usually for grubbing works where the topsoil needs not to remove form siteCut and fill of the roadCutting Formation level is lower than original back cause knowledge level. pickaxe Formation level is higher than original level.Preparation of sub grade layerMake sure that the base and subgrade layers must provide adequate and moisture resistant strength and modulus, in addition to durability and stability.Before subgrade can start, make sure the installation of services has finished such as ground surface waste pipe, piping for water supply and electrical.Subgrade is started and compacted until reaching uniform density for the whole width and to falls.Replaced the contrary material such as rock or not useful soil.Subgrade, and base materials frequently require treatment with additives such as mineral pitch, cement, fly ash, and lime.Should have unsoaked C.B.R (California bearing ratio) of 15% in the subgrade.CBR is a penetration test for evaluation of the mechanical strengthofroadsubgradesPreparation of sub base300mm thick of sand/quarry dust.Compacted with 8-10 tonne smooth wheeled roller at 125mm layer 12 times. rolled start from one side of the road to the center of road in horizontal direction by using roller-compactor.Road base constructionConstructed into two layers with same thickness with each layer not more(prenominal) than 150mm thick.Materials (crusher run) leveled following chambers.Lastly, using compactor to compact the mixing tar of the road.Surfacing Constructionthe graded subgrade or the top granular base layer may be prepared with a prime coatA prime coat is a sprayed application of a cutback (MC-30 or MC-70) or emulsion asphalt applied to the surface of untreated subgrade or base layers.The size of the premix 12.5mm to 19mmCompaction should be do quicklyUnderseal which is a sprayed application of asphalt binder (emulsion or hot applied asphalt binder) immediately covered by a layer of one-sized aggregate.The last step is Road surface target by using white paints.C) mention the performance and specify of the material that can be used to fill the void of disused structures e.g. culverts, unnecessary sewers, cellars and basements and also for soil stabilization, e.g. bridge abutments tunnel stabilization and embarkments.Describe the performance and specify of the material that can be used to fill the void of disused structures e.g. culverts, redundant sewers, cellars and basements and also for soil stabilization, e.g. bridge abutments tunnel stabilization and embarkments.Materials used Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)Developed in Sweden in the late 1920s, autoclaved cellular c oncrete (ACC) is a lightweight precast concrete building material that is cured downstairs elevated pressure inside special kilns called autoclaves. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (often shortened to AAC) is in effect concrete with lots of disagreeable air pockets in it. It is lightweight and energy efficient, and is produced by adding a foamy agent to concrete in a mould, then wire cutting blocks or panels from the resulting cake, and cooking it with steam (autoclaving).PerformanceAppearanceIt contains many small voids (similar to those in aerated chocolate bars) that can be clear seen when looked at closely.The closed air pockets contribute to the materials insulating properties and also its aerated nature.Although there is no direct alley for water to pass through the material, an appropriate close is required to prevent water penetrating into the AAC material.AAC can be sculpted with wood working tools, but its softness means that it is rarely used as an exposed finish owing to its need for surface protection.Structural CapabilityThe compressive strength of AAC is very serious and load-bearing structures up to three storeys high can be safely erected.Entire building structures can be made in AAC from walls to floors and roofing with reinforced lintels, blocks and floor, wall and roofing panels available from the manufacturers.AAC panels and lintels contain inbuilt steel reinforcement to ensure structural adequacy during installation and design life.Thermal massWith its alloy of lightweight concrete and air pockets, AAC has a moderate overall level of thermal mass performance.The temperature moderate thermal mass is most useful in climates with high cooling needs.Sound insulationWith its closed air pockets, AAC can providevery good sound insulation.As with all masonry construction, care must be interpreted to avoid gaps and unfilled joints that can allow unwanted sound transmission.Combining the AAC wall with an insulated asymmetric cavity system wil l provide a wall with excellent sound insulation properties.Fire electrical resistanceAAC is inorganic and incombustible and is thus especially suited for fire-rated applications.Depending on the application and the thickness of the blocks or panels, fire ratings up to four hours can be achieved.AAC does not harbour or encourage vermin (ulat).Durability and moisture resistanceThe purposely lightweight nature of AAC makes it liable to impact damage.With the surface protected to resist moisture penetration it is not affected by harsh climatic conditions and will not destroy under normal atmospheric conditions.The porous nature of the material can allow moisture to penetrate the material to a depth but appropriate design (damp proof coarse layers and appropriate coating systems) prevents this happening.AAC will not easily degrade structurally when exposed to moisture.Toxicity and BreathabilityThere are no toxic substances and no odour in the final product.If low toxic, vapour permeab le coatings are used on the walls and care is taken not to trap moisture where it can condense, AAC may be an ideal material for homes for the chemically sensitive.Environment ImpactAAC has manufacturing, embodied energy and GH emission impacts similar to those of concrete, but can be up to one quarter to one fifth that of concrete based on volume.Its some(prenominal) higher insulation value reduces heating and cooling energy consumption.As an energy and material investment funds it can often be justified for buildings intended to have a long life.Buildability, availability and liveAAC is relatively easy to work, is light and easily carved, cut and sculpted.Very large block sizes may require two-handed lifting and be awkward to handle but can result in fewer joints and more rapid construction.Low waste component, as the offcuts can be re-used in the construction of the wall.*Figure deliver the principle of heat insulation and sound insulationD) Briefly describe the activities inv olved in external works at the start of the contract.Briefly describe the activities involved in external works at the start of the contract.External work is means by the work or the construction is carried out away of the building or the work generally done externally from main building. At the contract commencement, there are many types of external work can be carry out such as drain, temporary access, temporary remembering, temporary car commonss, temporary site facilities, and public utilities such as water, electrical energy and telecom. Those external works must be prepared before the construction can be started. close to of the activities will span the whole contract period but bulk of activities will fall under untimely stages of construction and toward the end of the construction. In early stages of construction, there are many external work s need to prepare. For examples, drainage main runs, access arrangement, storage facilities, car parks, place to settle the machi nery for footing construction, and services to the construction sites.The first activities involves in external works at the start of the contract is drainage system. There are two categories of drainage which are surface drainage and sub-surface drainage. Surface drainage is the removal and disposal of water from the surface of the pavement. Whereas sub-surface drainage is the use of underground pipes and other fittings to corect the flow of water from where it is not wanted to some other place. This includes land drainage that removing and disposing of surplus groundwater from gardens, fields and other plots of open land. A subsurface drain is a perforated conduit, such as tile, pipe or tubing, installed below the ground surface to intercept, collect or convey drainage water.*The picture show the surface drainage and sub-surface drainageBesides drainage that need to take consider in the early stages of external work, temporary access also an importance in construction site. Usus ally, a geotextile is used as a temporary road access. A geotextile is a synthetic permeable textile material used with soil, rock, or any other material. Geotextiles extend the service life of roads, increase their load-carrying capacity, and reduce the incidence of ruts. These benefits are accomplished by separating aggregate structural layers from subgrade soil while allowing the passage of water. Geotextiles should be considered for use on any section of road requiring an aggregate (rock) layer for surfacing. Geotextiles can reduce the amount of aggregate required, thus reducing the cost of the road, as well as providing the benefits described in the previous paragraph.* The picture show how the geotexile work.Next, temporary site storage and car park (empty area) also consider as external work that need to prepare in construction site. The uses of the temporary site storage is to keep important material or the expensive material. For example, the cement which cannot put outside space, it must be covered by the roof to avaid raining. The cement also need to keep in a dry place because it is easily chemically react with water. Car park or empty area also need in construction site because it is for the lorry to load up or unloading the things for the construction. Car parks also need for the site manager or outsides visitant to keep their vehicle.* The picture show the temporary car park at the site of construction obscure from that, at the commencement for external works, public utilities such as water supply, electricity and telecom also need to prepare in the site of construction. The piping work must be installated at early stage of external work in order to easy the work. The electricity supply need for the lighting, and machinery used. telecommunication is used for the communication purposes.

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Wrinkles and Anti-Ageing Cream Discussion

Wrinkles and Anti-Ageing Cream DiscussionWrinkles be a part of life and they are an indication of old age. With this comes the fact that we all want to remain business free all our lives and for that we turn to many skim overs and medical procedures including surgery and botox. The usage of anti-ageing creams is a necessity as it can do wonders to the trim. Unfortunately, we are still un alert of many aspects on how we can stay pulchritudinous and young hence, we turn to cosmetic creams after the occurrence of wrinkles and assorted skin pigmentations, especially women, can go to any heights to achieve that smooth flawless skin.Scientists have long been exploring the myth fountain of y starth, assay to uncover the secret to anti-ageing and some(a) years ago their diligent search yielded a major find Retinol a highly effective form of Vitamin A. It plays an important role in anti-ageing skin conduct and is the purest and most active form of Vitamin A, as it aids in the resurfa cing and rejuvenating of the skin and helps to impart a clearer, much vibrant complexion for all ages and skin types.As one gets older, the skin gradually worsens as grade corneum (the layer of dead skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin that helps protect the deeper layers of the skin) start out to rub away. Also, the immoral layer filled with collagen to protect the skin and elastin starts to fade. Retinol works by acuate deep into the skin where collagen and elastin reside, as it stimulates more collagen production allowing the skin to repair and renew itself at a much faster rate. With this fact we also need to be aware that just because a cream contains vitamin A1 doesnt mean it will get rid of your wrinkles. You need a high level of vitamin A1 and a good deli rattling system so the retinol stays effective in the feeding bottle and penetrates deep into your skin when you use it.For this particular cause and to raise awareness of how the skin can be nourished one of Pakistans leading dermatologists Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, conducted a beauty workshop recently where the topic of wrinkles was discussed in detail. Dr. Fazeela is an photo in the field of skin care and cosmetic procedures and is also an advisor/consultant in the national Ministry of Health. According to her the problem of ageing is solvable and the ingredient retinol is an important element. You talks to her to find out more information on the cause of wrinkles and how they can be preventedYou How wrinkles are formed?Dr Fazeela Our skin resurfaces the basal layer of skin making new cells and sends them to the upper layers from where the skin cells get sloughed off in about 3 to 5 weeks. As we age the skin resurfacing surgical operation slows exhaust, piling up the dead skin surface causing dullness and slowing the skin renewal mechanism, giving rise to wrinkles.You How to slow down ageing and keep a younger looking skin?Dr F Ageing is an inevitable process but could certainly be de layed. The first thing to do is to change your lifestyle to a bouncing pattern. A healthy lifestyle focuses on a balanced diet including giving up poor habits like smoking, attaining proper sleep, appropriate workouts and a skin compatible regimen where strong sun exposures are avoided and proper anti-ageing creams are used in the right way.You What is a proper anti-ageing cream?Dr F The outstrip anti-ageing ingredient is vitamin A derivative commonly known as retinol. So any cream having retinol is a proper anti-ageing cream.You How long retinol needs to be used to get a strong impact?Dr F You can see visible results in 4-6 weeks.You If retinol is that good, is there anything we should be aware of?Dr F The truth is that the quantities needed for retinol to exert a significant impact are very high i.e. 0.7%. It hence gets very expensive plus requires a dermatologists prescription as potent depicted object levels as skin irritation could be a side effect. Though products with hi gher concentrations do make up but many do not deliver the purported benefits for a number of reasons. Furthermore, conversion rates of various forms of vitamin A to retinoic acid vary among individuals the same concentration may yield visible benefits in some people and little or none in others.

The Definition of a Trademark and Goodwill

The Definition of a mark and Good get outINTRODUCTIONDefinition of nominate outmarkAny order has the right to take legal military implement if enough evidence is provided to the judgeship. The smart set that feels infringed can take legal action supported by the principles of clever property rights. ac political party X has the rights to take legal action against lodge Y on the tooshie of fundamental principles under intellectual property rights. Company X is a manufacturer of dispassionate softish for men under the flip mark as cool soft as the first ac political party to register under such a distinctive design. Company Y also starts to manufacture touchable soft for men under the softwood mark real soft after company X is already trading. Trade mark by Yu,(2007), is defined as any word, name, symbol or wrench or any combination thereof single-valued functiond by a person to identify and tell apart his or her goods from these manufactured or sold by early(a) s and to indicate the man-made lake of the goods. In the representative of laximikant Patel vs Chetan bhat shah, it was held that the deal out the definition of trade mark is very wide and means a mark capable of creation represented graphically and which is capable of distinguish the goods and serve of one person from those of others. In this case company X has come up with a distinctive name as it trademark as the source to all consumers or as a source of such a crossway. Company X attack up with a name trade mark that is totally different from any other company.Furthermore, what is needed is the connection between the mark engrossd in relation to the goods and the person championshiping a right to use the same. Recently in the case of Jaleel Associates vs Hotel sugar, it was held that if a name used in relation to goods or services for the purpose of indicating a course of trade between goods and services and some person having the right to use such name whether with o r without any indication of the identity of that person such name is a trademark. In this case, company X under the trademark cool soft is able to portray a certain that of trade and under such a trade, people are able to identify the trade or goods or services that are being provided and this becomes a trademark. On the other hand company Y does not come up with something different but follow in the same trade as company X which has already have the trade mark because of being able to make easy identification to customers on goods or services being provided in that particular market.In addition, company X has also registered the trade mark cool soft. Under the Trade Mark Act sectionalization 14(1) provides that a mark will only be registered as a trade mark if it contains or consists of a word or words having no direct reference to the character or forest of the goods and not geographical name or surname. In this case company Ys trade mark real soft has a direct reference to the trade mark of company X which is prohibited under the Trade Mark Act.GoodwillThe goodwill of company X is portrayed were the cool soft has been marketed over a pointedness of time, whilst company Y has just started manufacturing. Goodwill is ability to suck up customers and potential customers to do business with the owner. Company X has developed goodwill for a tenacious check of time. Customers have been buying their carrefours, and this has made the company to amass for revenue, maintaining a bigger market destiny and stigmatize loyalty. Un kindred company Y who are just new to the business and has not been tested in the industry for a grander period. In the case of Hotel Capriani vs Cipriani (Grosvenor street) 2010, it was held that the claimant succeeded in both action sued which were trademark rape and passing pip. Company X has the right to take such legal actions.The aspect of marketing the intersection for a long period of time has made company X to be an establis hed company, trust by many people and therefore the sufficient enough to take legal action. In the case of Jules Rimet vs the football Association, it was held that after considering the claimants evidence which included references to the mascot in the press from time to time conclude that there was sufficient residual goodwill for action of passing of. Apart from this, in the case of Reckitt and Coleman harvest-times Ltd vs Borden Inc, it was held that the humanity of the claimants extensive and exclusive goodwill built over the long time, a magic as to the goods or services offered by the suspect and impose on _or_ oppress to the claimants goodwill as a result of the defendants disproof amounted to passing off. Company X has built a reputation over the years and company Y by producing a yield similar has somehow destabilize the sales, customers and market share of company X which in the case above amounts to passing off.Passing off is an attempt by one trader taking advant age of the goodwill developed by another to the detriment of the trader. Company X has marketed over a period of time and company Y has just started manufacturing similar products like the ones that company X is manufacturing. In a similar case Erven Warnink Bv vs J Townsend Sons Ltd (1979), it was held that not only damage payable to lost sales but damage to reputation by being associated with inferior product amounted to passing off. Townsend was liable for passing off their goods as those of Warnink and the court applied the test for passing off which includes and any situation where misrepresentation is likely to injure the claimants goodwill. There was no trademark assault but passing off.In order for one to claim passing off, there must be elements of the following aspectsThere must be a goodwill or reputation attached to the goods or services of the claimant. In this case company X has marketed its product over a long period of time than company Y which has just started ma rketing same products. By marketing for a long period of time, company X has built a good relationship with customers. Sales have dropped due to company Y producing the same kind of product thus driving away customers to buy the other product and reducing the profitability of company X. This gives the right for company X to take legal action against company Y as this amounts to passing off. In the case of Buckley LJ H P Bulmer Limited vs Bollinger SA (1978), the courtheld that a man who engages in commercial activities may acquire a valuable reputation in respects of the goods in which he deals, or of the services which he performs or his business as an entity. The law of nature regards such a reputation as an incorporeal piece of property, the integrity of which the owner is empower to protect.So in this case, company X has built a reputation by marketing for a long period of time and by such the companys image, property and reputation are entitled to be protected.For passing of to be established there must be an element of misrepresentation. This element of misrepresentation is shown by company Y when manufacturing the products with similar packaging in white, dark blue and green colour in as the ones that company X has manufactured for a long period of time. Misrepresentation is a traitorously description made consciously or unconsciously through the use of a mark, trade name or get-up (brand name, trade description, individual features of labelling or packaging) with which the goods of the claimant are associated and which is likely to mislead the sensible members of the public.3.0 MisrepresentationIn the case of Arsenal Football Club Plc vs Reed (2001), it was held that the disclaimer was sufficient enough to prevent misrepresentation which is a necessary ingredient for passing off. The customers had not been deceived into buying and there was no real likeliness of confusion. But in this case company Y has labelled its product similarly to the ones o f company X thus creating confusion as customers would not be able to differentiate from the original product therefore deceiving customers.The deception as a result of a misrepresentation is an essential ingredient for a claim in passing off. In the case of BP Amoco Plc vs John Kelly Ltd (2005), it was held that deception or its likelihood lies at the warmth of the tort of passing off. If the customer can discriminate sufficiently clearly when he gets close to the rate that the product sold is not that of Bp, he does not buy thepetrol under the mistaken icon that he is getting Bp petrol. But in this case it is hard for a customer to clearly see the difference as the packaging of company X is white, dark blue and green, similarly to the one that company Y has started manufacturing. The packaging looks the same and this causes deception as company Y would be selling its product to customers who might buy on the essence that the product they are buying is for company X which has been manufacturing the product for a long period of time. By doing so company Y is deceiving customers into buying a product which is not the actual known product in the market which is manufactured by company X. This cool off amounts to passing off as company X is entitled to take legal actions under such circumstances.In the case of Combee international v Scholl (1975), the plaintiff manufactured insoles called odox heaters which contained activated charcoal. The defendant who was a well-known manufacturer of footwear also produced odox heaters. These were packaged in the same way. It was held that an injunction was granted on the understructure that there was misrepresentation as the origin of the defendants product which was inferior. So in the same way company X can take legal actions against company Y because company Y is packing in the same way as the product of company Y is sold. Furthermore in the case of Wilkinson Sword Ltd vs Cripps Lee, the court held that the plaint iff had indeed have a reasonable cause of action. message company X has the right to take legal actions.Damage to good wilDamage to good will would be a loss of reputation or control over reputation, exposure to litigation or erosion of the mark. Company Y has just started making similar goods as the ones made by company X. This has resulted in some of the customers buying from company Y thus reducing the gross profit for company X because the two companies share customers. In the case of Annabels (Berkley Square Ltd vs G Shock (Annabels Escort Agency), 1972, it was held that there a was sufficient association between what the public would consider the field of natural action in which both business conducted