Sunday, April 28, 2019

Apple, Samsung ,Nokia and blackberry smart phones comparison between Essay

Apple, Samsung ,Nokia and blackberry quick-witted phones comparison between these 4 companies - Essay ExampleThis has further led to the fast embracing of raw engine room handheld gadgets like the Smart phones and tablets and I pads, which provide people all over the humans with the virtual internet based platform to connect with their friends and relatives located in various parts and corners of the world. The ever-changing lifestyle trends of the masses all over the world along with the desire to stay connected and conscious(predicate) of the happenings and events in the lives of their near and dear ones by the process of getting updates in their social networking profiles has also contend a major role in the tremendous acceptance of Smart phones all over the world.As a matter of fact, in an order to capitalize on the growing demands of data based technology services like the internet in the recent times, various telecom service providing companies has focused on the process of bundled offering of products and services, thereby offering the customers with high value internet services for their mobiles and gadgets at in truth competitive rates.It cornerstone be said that the global voguish phone market is surely predominate by two of the largest and most popular mobile manufacturers namely Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics, while talking in terms of revenue generation, sales and share of the markets in the global arena. Talking from the statistical point of view, it can be said that the shipping statistics of the second quarter of the year 2012 highlighted that Apple iOS and Samsung Android based smart phones comprised almost 85% of the total shipments ( -1, 2012)1.Talking about the market sentiments that was existing around the middle of 2012, during the terminus of launch of I-phone 5 in the United States, a research which was undertaken by AYTM along with Mashable stated that current owners of Android phones in the United States are looki ng forward to move to I-phones within the next 6 months (Price, 2012)3 .The survey also revealed that

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