Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Critique of Anand Hollas Article Entitled Obsessed with Your Cell Essay

Critique of Anand Hollas Article Entitled Obsessed with Your Cell Phone - Essay display factThe article is timely because the author was able to determine that our dependency towards technology particularly cellphone has already developed to a proportion that is already a disorder. The author intended to create aw atomic number 18ness among the readers so that they would examine themselves if they are already addicted to their smartphones by comparing their behaviors to the behaviors cited in the article. And if they are, they can seek attention just like what the subjects did in the article. The good thing about this article is that the author made its auditory modality realize that addiction towards cellphone is not healthy. Many people especially teenagers think that their dependency towards their smartphones are cool when it is in fact not. It would be difficult to ascertain with certainty if the author had successfully positive(p) its audience that smartphone use has alread y assumed a proportion of disorder. There no surveys included in the article that provided reader response. But personally, I think the arguments of the author are instead persuasive. I may not be that totally sold with the point of view yet because I am tranquillize looking for more literature to support his claim, but the article has definitely made me think and get hold of that smartphone dependency of many people is already troublesome. If the study is to be believed smartphone addiction is already similar to drugs or cigarette addiction which is already troublesome. To say that I agree already with the author would be quite premature considering that there is only one point of view that is presented to me and does not have anything to support or refute his arguments. Basing however from experience and observation, I think that the author made a good case and if presented with supporting scientific literature that is peer-reviewed, his case could convince me. Inferring from my observation, I see a lot of spring chicken people who are hooked not just with their smartphones but also to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Some are even exclaiming that they cannot live without their smartphones or their Facebook or they could not imagine life sentence without it.

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