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Law: Gideon Vs Wainright :: essays research papers fc

The framers formed this country with one sole document, the Constitution, which they wrote with great wisdom and foresight. This bountiful wisdom arose from the unjust treatment of King George to which the colonists were subject. Among these violations of the colonists honests were inequitable trials that do a mockery of justice. As a result, a fair trial of the accused was a right given to the citizens along with early(a) equities that the framers instilled in all other facet of this countrys government. These assurances of the citizens rights stated in the bill of rights. In the Sixth Amendment, it is stated that, "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the dedicate the assistance of Counsel for his defence." A first reading of this phrase one might be think that this right, that which gives a person accused of a crime to have lawyers for his defense, is common knowledge being that it is among the most basic rights given to the citizenry of the public. However, the simple manner in which this amendment is phrased creates a "gray area", and subject to version under different circumstances. The legitimacy of the right to mount a legal defense is further obscured by the ordinal Amendment which states, "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States." As a result, many questions begin to arise which seek to determine the true right of the accused to the assistance of counsel. Should legal counsel be provided by the government if the accused lacks the funds to assemble a counsel for his defense? Or, on the other hand, does this amendment set the responsibility of assembling a defensive counsel on the accused even if he or she lacks the funds to do so? Also, do the states have the right to make their own legislation regarding the right of the indigent accused to have counsel appointed to them in the state trials, or does the Fourteent h Amendment prevent this? The Supreme Court was faced with answering these questions in the case of Gideon v. Wainwright. In June of 1961, Clarence Earl Gideon, a fifty year old petty thief, drifter, and gambler who had washed-out much of his life in and out of jail was arrested in Panama City Florida. He was charged with breaking into a poolroom one night in an effort to steal beer, Coke, and coins from a cigarette machine (Goodman 62).

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The Story of an Hour and The Hand Essay -- Comparative, Kate Chopin

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and The hold by Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette are similar in theme and setting. Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette and Kate Chopin fashion the theme of obligatory love and the unhappiness it entails. Both stories illustrate the concealed emotions many women feel in their marriage yet fail to express them. The dickens stories take place in a sacred room of the house and both transpire in a design amount of time. The differences between the two stories are seen through the authors choice of characters in each story. In The story of an Hour Kate Chopin involves other characters in Mrs. Mallards life, whereas, The have deals with marriage and togetherness and only involves the husband and wife. Symbolism is seen all throughout The Hand not so in The Story of an Hour. The similarities in The Story of an Hour and The Hand is portrayed in theme and setting. The differences are illustrated in the choice of characters involved in each story and the amount o f symbolism depicted in the disparate stories.The Story of an Hour and The Hand is similar in setting. Both stories take place in a house and occur mostly in the bedroom, which is considered to be a sacred room in the house. It is not a coincidence that both stories take place in a house, since a womans place is believed to be in the home. Womens major role in marriage is to serve her husband, give birth to his children, and make his home a loving place to return to at the end of the day. A woman is denied many freedoms and rights and is expected to depict to the dreams of men and society.Both stories transpire in a brief period of time. The change surfacets in the Story of an Hour develop in just one hour from beginning to end. Mrs. Mal... ... by it. This is symbolic of her marriage which started out as happy and desirable and in such a short time she doubts her love for him and starts to see him as undesirable and animal-like. Women are afraid not to submit to the male spe cies in fear of losing what they have and not being able to make it on their own.The Story of an Hour and The Hand both has remarkable similarities and differences. They grapple a common theme of women and marriage and the sacrifices they make for their family. The setting in both stories is significant to understand the role of women hundreds of years ago. The symbolism portrayed in The Hand is about relationships and marriage. When a relationship is new and everything is wonderful there are not any fears or regrets. As time goes by even the most desirable qualities in someone will begin to be an annoyance rather than a joy.

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Essay --

ISix Sigma It is a Philosophy Anything less than ideal is an opportunity for improvement Defects costs money Understanding processes and improving them is the most efficient way to carry through lasting results It is a Process To achieve this level of performance you need to D efine, M easure, A nalyse, I mprove and C ontrol It is Statistics 6 Sigma processes will take on less than 3.4 reproachs per million opportunities13. Overview of Six Sigma PAIN, URGENCY, SURVIVAL COSTS OUT GROWTH TRANSFORM THE ORGANIZATION CHANGE THE WORLD 6 SIGMA AS A statistical TOOL 6 SIGMA AS A PHILOSOPHY 6 SIGMA AS A PROCESS14. The Villain Cost of badly Performing Processes level DPMO CP 3 2 308,537 Not Applicable 3 66,807 25%-40% of sales 4 6,210 15%-25% of sales 5 233 5%-15% of sales 6 3.4 15. C ost of Poorly Performing Processes The cost to deliver a quality product can account for as much as 40% of the sales price. For example, a optical maser jet printer purchased for $1,000 may have cost the ma nufacturer $400 in rework just to make sure that you took home an average-quality product. For a ships company whose annual revenues are $100 million and whose operating income is $10 million, the cost of quality is roughly 25% of the operating revenue, or $25 ... ...n - Warranty - molecule - Rework - Rejects30. COPQ v/s Sigma Level Cost of Quality % Sales Sigma Level31. CTQ (Critical-To-Quality) CTQ characteristics for the process, service or process Measure of What is important to Customer 6 Sigma projects are designed to improve CTQ Examples Waiting time in clinic Spelling mistakes in letter % of valves leaking in operation32. Defect Opportunity Circumstances in which CTQ can fail to meet. Number of defect opportunities relate to complexity of unit. Complex units Greater opportunities of defect than simple units Examples A units has 5 instigates, and in each part there are 3 opportunities of defects Total defect opportunities are 5 x 3 = 1533. DPO (Defect Per Opportunity) N umber of defects divided by number of defect opportunities Examples In previous case (15 defect opportunities), if 10 units have 2 defects. Defects per

How to Surf Essay -- essays research papers

Some would say its like snowboarding, whereas others would say its like skateboarding. I, on the other hand, believe surfing is different any other sport. Besides it being loads of fun and freeing your mind, it is also a great workout. Problem is, though, many people wonder how to crap started and learn what to do. Thats where I come in.First, you need to fuck the safety precautions. You absolutely have to know how to swim and be able to swim well. If this is a job for you, you can easily contact a nearby gym (like YMCA) for and instructor to teach you how. Another growing issue with surfing is the strong currents and tidal waves. at that place are ways to predict the safety of the water on that particular day, but for now, just ask the nearest lifeguard on duty. Now that you know you are in no major harm, it is time to find the specifications on how you will surf. Stand up straight and point one of your arms to the sky. This is how pertinacious your board should be when you f irst start learning how to surf. As you get better, you may use shorter boards, which makes the ride a lot faster and thrilling. Next, you will screen out what stance you will acquire while on the board. To do this, lay your board flat on the sand, then position yourself face down on top of the board. Quickly jump up, and whichever foot is placed in front will be the same foot you lead with when you surf If you lead with your leftfield foot, you ride "regular," but if you rest your right foot ahead, you ride "...

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Ecosystem Services Essay -- Environmental Science

D1. What be ecosystem goods and function? People have been relying for their daily needs and well-being on nature. The inherent ecosystem provides varieties of goods and services to us, for instance, fresh water, fisheries, timber, water purification etc. The benefits that people directly get from the natural systems are called ecosystem services (ES). The natural ecosystem provides both goods and services to us. The ecosystem goods are the things that people produced from soil, water and plants Crops, Fibre, Timber, Livestock, Tourism, etc. are the example of ecosystem goods. And, at the same time people get a varieties of fundamental and life supporting services such as flood control, clean air and water, pollination of crops and other plants, natural hazard regulation, cultural, spiritual and aesthetic services which are called ES ( Kerr, G., 2010). variety of ecosystem services The uni ted nation was carried out an extensive study of current condition and trends of ecosystem services with the suffice of 1,300 experts from around the world and prepared the The Millennium Ecosystem judgement (MEA) Report in 2005. This report classifies ecosystem services into four types. 1) Supporting services It is a fundamental unit of ecosystem services which support other ecosystem services. The soil formation, photosynthesis, nourishing cycling and water cycling are the supporting service in ES. 2) Provisioning services These include the goods or products obtained from ecosystem such as foods (crops, livestock, fisheries, aquaculture, and wild foods), Fibre (timber, cotton, silk, woods fuel, genetic resources, biochemical, natural ... ...then the decision. The decision maker should know the consequences of their decision in ES, for example how timber supply, making dam and extensive land use for floriculture affect in ES. The decision maker action may change the ES , they should consider the trade-offs among many option at decision making time and should chose the policies that help to foster and sustain the ES (Ranganathan, J. et al., 2008). Conclusion The benefits that we get from the nature are ES and it is indispensable for our overall development and prosperity.Works Cited Ranganathan, J. et al. (2008). Ecosystem Services a die hard for Decision Makers. World Resources Institute. Kerr, G. (2010). Ecosystem Services Approach to Inform Environmental Management, Draft. Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC.

Ecosystem Services Essay -- Environmental Science

D1. What are ecosystem goods and serve? People have been relying for their daily need and well-being on nature. The graphic ecosystem provides varieties of goods and services to us, for instance, fresh water, fisheries, timber, water purification etc. The benefits that people directly get from the natural systems are called ecosystem services (ES). The natural ecosystem provides both goods and services to us. The ecosystem goods are the things that people produced from soil, water and plants Crops, Fibre, Timber, Livestock, Tourism, etc. are the example of ecosystem goods. And, at the same time people get a varieties of native and life guarding services such as flood control, clean air and water, pollination of crops and other plants, natural hazard regulation, cultural, spiritual and aesthetic services which are called ES ( Kerr, G., 2010). Classification of ecosystem services The united nation was carried out an all-inclusive study of current condition and trends of ecosystem services with the help of 1,300 experts from around the valet de chambre and prepared the The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA) Report in 2005. This report classifies ecosystem services into four types. 1) Supporting services It is a fundamental unit of ecosystem services which support other ecosystem services. The soil formation, photosynthesis, nutrient cycling and water cycling are the supporting service in ES. 2) Provisioning services These include the goods or products obtained from ecosystem such as foods (crops, livestock, fisheries, aquaculture, and wild foods), Fibre (timber, cotton, silk, wood fuel, genetic resources, biochemical, natural ... ...then the end. The decision maker should know the consequences of their decision in ES, for example how timber supply, making dam and extensive land use for agriculture affect in ES. The decision maker action may change the ES, they should consider the trade-offs among many option at decision making time and should chose the policies that help to foster and sustain the ES (Ranganathan, J. et al., 2008). Conclusion The benefits that we get from the nature are ES and it is indispensable for our overall development and prosperity. industrial plant Cited Ranganathan, J. et al. (2008). Ecosystem Services a Guide for Decision Makers. World Resources Institute. Kerr, G. (2010). Ecosystem Services Approach to Inform Environmental Management, Draft. Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC.

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Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life Essay

Happiness is the compresseding and utilisation of life, the whole aim and end of adult male instauration- Aristotle. Do you agree with Aristotles statement? Discuss why/ why not.While happiness in a scientific sense can be explained as the chemicals released throughout our bodies, it still doesnt tell us fully why these ar chemicals ar sent and what it means in the overall gay experience in scientific terms. From an artistic perspective happiness is the largest component in providing self-worth to ones self and with its absence we see people remove into the depths of depression losing the motivation and ability to perform tasks and live life to its fullest, and in some extreme cases losing the will to live. On the opposite side of depression at that place is euphoria and this is where people experience moments in their life that they remember and cherish during times of reflection, it is at these moments when we find the most purpose in our lives especially when we adore wh at we are enjoying so therefore Aristotles statement can easily be viewed as correct as this essay will argue for.What does it mean to be happy? It seems that this is another one of those questions that can be argued in multiple ways but for this essay I will take Aristotles definition. Happiness, from Aristotles definition of a human as a being who recognises his potential to give form to himself (Colebrook 2006, p. 2). A person with depression and the utter deprivation of happiness views themself as worthless and lose their passion of living, losing much their ability and potential. This fact of people committing suicide when they are overcome with sadness demonstrates that without happiness human beings lose their meaning and passion in life. Without this passion and drive depressed people tend to isolate themselves and do not live their lives to its fullest extent.It seems therefore that the purpose of our lives is to find those things that do make us happy, and so doing them. If theres a certain person in our lives that makes us happy, we need to find a way to spend more time with them. Because if youre not happy, you need to look at your life and think about why you arent touch perception that amazing thing you want to be feeling. When a person reflects back on their life in their elder years the memoires they tend to remember are based around the feelings of joy and happiness such as the birth of their children or their first kiss, spending times with friends etc. Thesememories are fundamentally the construction blocks of their personalities and without these moments of happiness a person would more than likely feel unfulfilled in their lives in reflection. We see this time and again when renowned people who perplex achieved great accomplishments turn to drugs and seep into mental illness when they are not happy with the direction of their life. This then demonstrates that regardless of what you accomplish if you are not enjoying what you are doing you may lose meaning in your life and turn to unhealthy methods so that you can cope with your current life style.Thirdly when people draw the available time and resources it is more than likely that they will spend this leisure time doing activities that make them feel happy and give them self-satisfaction. Happiness can overly be a by-product of working (Andersen, W, 2008) occupation that the person enjoys. It therefore seems that humans will go through burdens so that they may enjoy the activeness of their choice. An example of this would be working all week in a occupation you do not enjoy so that you may go on a camping trip with your family, supporting the coming saying that people live for the weekend as that is during the time when they are doing activities they enjoy, although these kinds of one off activities do not demonstrate lifelong happiness it must be something ongoing, a more long term activity that can be used as an example could be coaching a junior sport team. This therefore demonstrates if recreational activities are what people are working towards and it is what makes them happy it must then tie in with what they consider meaningful in life and therefore be its purpose.If you can find something that makes you happy, truly happy, then life will be a lot better for you. It cant be something superficial, or something that only lasts for a day or two. Its something that affects your entire life. It lasts. It burns at bottom of you and it doesnt go out. That is happiness. It is therefore clear that Aristotles statement that happiness is the meaning and purpose of life can be argued as correct on multiple basiss such as those people lacking happiness losing all meaning and purpose as explained in the second paragraph. In addition when people look back on their lives in reflection it is moments of happiness that people are most likely to remember and cherish and not those of turmoil and heartache. Furthermore people will pursue activities th ey find enjoyment and happiness in when given the opportunity demonstrating that they live for those briefmoments of time. In mop up it is clear that Aristotles statement may well be correct but it is entirely dependent on the individual to find what makes them happy.ReferencesColebrook, C 2006, register Happiness and the meaning of life Andersen, W, 2008, Journal of Christian education, vol 51, No. 2, p1/p17

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Analysis of Adarsh Society Scam Essay

Chavan was the revenue minister between 2001-2003 and had dealt with shoots pertaining to the ownership of the land. He is alleged to mother recommended 40 per penny allotment of flats to civilians in the society, which was meant for war widows and heroes of Kargil war. The exposure of the scam forced the Congress party to seek the resignation of then Maharashtra Chief attend Ashok Chavan . Maharashtra environment subdivision had denied giving clearance to the society. The reports make it clear that neither MCZMA nor the takes department of environment gave any clearance for the high-rise takeing, The state environment department has denied giving clearance to Adarsh housing society. The state environment department has denied giving clearance to Adarsh housing society. Adarsh Co-operative Housing golf-club building violated provisions of the coastal Regulation Zone Notification, 1991. No CRZ clearance or allowance had been sought to construct the building. It concluded that the no CRZ clearance had been sought for incorporating 2269 sqm of BEST land.This was a tally imposed on the housing society by the states department of revenue when additional land was allotted in August 2005. The Adarsh Society has also violated the floor space index permissible in the CRZ-II argona of Mumbai. This is prescribed in the Development and Control Regulations of 1967. There are reports that there are other buildings too that have come up, he accepted, adding that he entrust go after them after 2010 amendment to the CRZ regulations are passed by Parliament.The high-rise is create on 6,450 sq metres within the Colaba naval area and was cleared on the condition of housing war veterans but now has 104 members, including former service chiefs, senior table service Army officials, a former Environment Minister, legislators and state bureaucrats. Govt. is waiting for the official report from the various ministry, only then they take action against the gulty. MMRDA to re voke line of work certificate till Ministry of Environment and Forest gives clearance. The prime piece of land in upmarket Colaba given to the Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society belonged to the state political sympathies and not the Services, he said. The land belongs to the state government, based on the collectors records. Revenue department granted land to the Society as per GR of 9. 7. 1999, he said. Certain files were missing from the adarsh community housing society that bearing signatures of important officials, pertain to the decisions taken in the stages before the project was cleared by the government. Tiwari was urban development secretary for over eight years (2000 to 2009). During his tenure, the Adarsh society was given various clearances, including additional floor space index.Raj Bhavan sources confirmed on Tuesday evening that governor K Shankarnarayan received a formal request from the state government recommending him to make reference to the Supreme Court for removal of Tiwari. This will mean that Tiwari will not be able to challenge his removal in any court. Both Defence Minister AK Antony and Army Chief General VK Singh have promised nonindulgent action against any serving police officer who is found to be guilty in the scam. MoD has also said that it will give prompt permission to CBI to question any serving officer and will have no objection if they are prosecuted.The controversial Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society (ACHS) had plans to undertake some other residential project. It had even approached the Maharashtra government for allotment of a 7,500 sq m plot situated near the Spastic Society of India in Colaba ACHS had proposed to develop the plot to build cheap houses for the weaker sections , defence personnel and other deserving classes . Society was promoted by a few IAS officers subsequently IPS officers, government servants, MLAs and MLCs joined in and the list went up to 130 members.The society applied for land at Wadala , and the government in principle showed willingness to allot 13,000 sq metres (over 3 acres) in September 2009. This plot was located coating to the high tide line, where no construction activity is usually permissible. Arguing that there were at least two other buildings which had previously been permitted to be lap up right next to the HTL, Adarsh promoters requested processing of their proposal and even urged the state government to modify the HTL to override CRZ concerns. he society requested the state government to redraw the high tide line (HTL) to clear the project from the CRZ point of view . HTL is the line of intersection of the land with the water surface at the season of high tide. Restrictions are imposed on development activity within 500m of the HTL. Minimal construction activity is permitted in these parts. But since the Adarsh scam was unearthed, the names added to the file will be deleted or the allotment of land to Indus may be delayed, said sources.All of t hem got flats in the society in an expensive part of Mumbai at throwaway prices. While ownership of the land was still with the state, it was in the custody of Army for several years. Army had taken custody of the land ever since it was repossess because the state government was to give it to the Army in return for Armys land in Santa Cruz firing range which was taken over by for expanding the Western Expressway. Now, as the auditors go through records, it is clear that the Army neither got the land, nor financial compensation from the state.The society was asked to change the bye-laws by the then Revenue Minister Ashok Chavan. That is on record. He called a meeting and called members of the society and asked them to change the bye-laws and 40 per cent of civilians should be allowed to be members of the society. There it created a lot of problems, Deshmukh said. the defence ministry has asked to realize into issues concerning the issue of a no objection certificate, relinquishment of the land in possession of the army and the extent to which commitments for the welfare of defence ersonnel were complied with, the official added. Among other things, the bureaucrats have been asked about the circumstances under which they became members of Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society and the source of funds for the luxurious flats in the 31-storeyed building, the official said. the authorities cancelled the buildings occupation certificate and snapped off its water and power supplies. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to provide all necessary information regarding residential buildings and societies on its website. bulk can ascertain whether a particular shop or nursing home is licensed or not. RC THAKUR chief promoter of Adarsh Society, was the military estate officer in Colaba division when he came to know about the prime plot and started getting files moved. His colleagues say that whenever Thakur came up against a hurdle, he would make the person a member of the society. What I think is to demolish that building because it is not following any norms passed by the government. Or we can hand over that building to the naval forces and army and let them decide what to do.Or we can give the flats to the kargil widows, because that land is for them only. Rest is depend on the government. If any such scams occur in holy future than public must raise their share in order to protest them, it somehow effect our economy and spoil our society. Mostly the scams are through with(p) by the government personnels. and nowadays many people are trying to somehow get the government job. If we are not raising our voice now then in future we cant save our country. In India there are so many terriost who are spoiling our country and we are not bothered about them we just focus on the terriosm.

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Comparative Analysis of Two Essays

Comparative Analysis of Two Essays on Truth and the Media Both Who Killed Privacy? and The Shock of the True deal with the subject of truth and the media, each has a different focus. In Roger Resentments Who Killed Privacy the issue is whether the fact that something is true Justifies it as a subject for discussion in the media, and to what extent the public interest in the subject is appropriate. The Shock of the True is an exploration of crime and violence as a subject of works of non-fiction.Both authors imply that a great deal is printed or shown in the media for he express purpose of satisfying the publics lust for the lurid or the scandalous. Individual privacy enters into the discussion in the first of the essays, with the author terminal that the truth of a statement often bears no relevance and that enlarge of the private lives of public figures are exploited for the titillation and curiosity of the public.Reference is made to the details of improper conduct made about Ge orge Bush and Bill Clinton and the sexual scandal of presidential candidate Gary Hart It seemed clear to most voters that the ability of two men to govern was not Impaired y their scandals. Yet Gary Harts boat fling seemed to indicate a person out of control, so a greenback was drawn. The author cites well-known Instances of the intense focus on private, but true, facts that constitute an abusive use of the freedom to disseminate information. He mentions TRW and other credit agencies for make private information available without regard to Its accuracy, and chastised programs like Marketplace Households for publishing software containing personal, financial and consumer habits of Individuals. He states that, despite legal efforts to the contrary,

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Importance of Computer Network Service Levels

This paper explains the importance of the different service levels of computer net get toing such as availability, reliability, response quantify and throughput. It aims to literate the people managing the mesh topology to be aw ar of these different key areas so that they may always be reminded of their duties and responsibilities in securing the network.Network ComputersNetworked computers have been a part of every crease both big and sm each(prenominal). People invest their time, effort and money to trace sure that communication and information is always available. info Technology as a part of any organization is crucial to a business success devising it one of the most budgeted departments of the organization. People who takes bearing of the network should know the importance of service to customers and co-employees regarding availability, reliability, response time and throughput. AvailabilityTechnology is made to serve the people in the shor trial run time possible. The network conference should always make sure that the network, planttations and other technological resources that is operational through networks are all stable and in perfect condition. Monitoring should always be a part of the network groups daily routine to ensure that all devices are working properly to avoid any downtime. jeopardy management should always be implemented and observed at all time. The group should be knowledgeable enough to sustain the network in all possible circumstances and emergencies like earthquake, sudden power failure and more. The IT group with the help of the management and customers should also have an understanding in the implementation of availabilities of the business network and other resources through proper endorsements and reporting to make sure that communications and transactions will non be hampered. ReliabilityThe information and data gathered from computers and other resources are one of the most important tools for decision making in a ny business or organization thus making it one of the most sensitive to monitor as well. It is important that customers and employees trust the accuracy of the software or machines that they use. The network groups job is to make sure that all data and information are well transferred to customers and employees everyday. LAN examen should always be a part of their daily routine to test the reliability of their network.Response TimeFast and accurate information and output is so important in this fast world. That is whythe word downtime must not be in an IT groups dictionary. Network performance must always be in its best. This flowerpot be assured through testing the network every now and and so. The network group should also be knowledgeable enough to design the kind of network topology and know the tools that can be used in different kinds of work environment to ensure fast performance, resilience, scalability and flexibility of the network.ThroughputNetworking is at its best w hen they do their work as what they are expected. Processing speed is measured by users every time they work and throughput can be a kind of measurement to see if their device is doing its work well. For example, if a printer is expected to print 100 papers per hour but it seems that its only printing 65 papers, the time wasted in printing or downtime is a big factor for the performance of the users that may bring bad effect to their transaction as they go on. Network groups must not see this as a small problem because it may someday be an alerting one. They must have the time to check even so the smallest details if they want to avoid larger problems that may come in the way.Conclusion Computer networking is one of the most challenging task that an IT or network group may have. It is the veins of success to any transaction. If the group who are responsible in making, designing and implementing networks are all knowledgeable and capable of maintaining and securing a network, then p rogress and good working environment will be at hand.It is best that the network group is knowledgeable in their field. However, all of the hard works of the IT group will not be successful if they do not have the support of their co-workers and the top management.Reference1.) http//

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Position of Prefect

The King John School Prefect Application Form - Surname Hay First Names Harry Charles Title Mr Tutor group 10-10 in-person Statement You should consider me to be a prefect, as I am a very hardworking, enthusiastic, organised and punctual student who is honest and mature and would kip down the position of representing the shallow. I esteem that all of my achievements which I piddle received throughout my time at King John, outlines what sort of student I am.I consider that my donnish achievements and extra-curricular divides leave alone give me great success if I was to become a prefect. I have received various awards such as prize-giving awards for academic success, sporting achievements, The Jack Petchey award, for my mannerism, politeness, personality and my helpful and courteous attitude towards staff. Last year I gave up my time after school, to help organise a year 10 parents evening. I have also collected achievements such as the 100% attendance award during school, and the student of the term award. My most new-fangled award, is the Duke of Edinburgh award at Bronze level.I am currently working towards my Silver award, which is a two year course. All of my awards I have received academically, and out of doors of school, I am very proud of. I am always working hard, reaching my potential in everything I do. One example of this is me taking advantage of my lunch and breaktimes, by completing homework, learning with the resources available, and revising for subject examinations, so that after school, during weekends and during school holidays, I quarter take time to socialise, relax, do extra revision, and fit in any plans I may have, such as training sessions for my Triathlon orderliness.I believe that my positive approach and attitude to learning will help me take up the role of being a prefect. Qualifications Subject Target Grade Maths B English C Science B Media pass French C History C ICT pass P. E N/A Relevant experience The responsibili ties Ive had and have include * fate out at a local church club called Anchor Boys, by being a leader. I encourage, supervise and help three-year-old children to learn every week on a Friday, in various activities including art and craft, games and reading and listening skills. During my role as club captain for my triathlon club, Ive again given support to people above and below my age. I have presented awards, and made for certain the club is running smoothly by organising club sessions, being a marshal for club races, and taking charge of stretches at the beginning and at the end of training sessions. By being part of my triathlon club, I have learnt how to work in a team, and individually. * I have been selected to be a prefect at my previous school, and have been part of the play leading object at my junior school.By being both a prefect and a play leader, Ive had to monitor other pupils behaviour, and I made sure the students were meeting the requirements of the school rul es. This is something I will definitely take into account if I was to become a prefect. Hobbies and Interests 1. Triathlon I believe that this will support my application, as it promotes my self-esteem. It has made me develop time management skills, learn about adversity and determination. I also learn about goal setting for not barely sport, but it also allows me to apply goals circularly. 2.Boys Brigade- In this weekly club, I advance habits of obedience, reverence, discipline and self-respect. I think that this will support my application, as it shows my commitment, and personal qualities. 3. Canoeing/kayaking-Whilst learning skills for this sport, I also develop individuality and the ability to work in a team. The role of being a prefect * I see the role of being a prefect as responding to unacceptable behaviour made by students, and reporting it to a teacher if necessary. Prefects respond to incidents which occur, and deal with the matter sensibly.If students * Intimidate any one, * be abusive to anyone, * Damage the property of anyone including School property, * Persistently break School rules, * And are personally disrespectful, Then it should be dealt with, as it is unacceptable behaviour. Prefects are pupils who have more authority than other pupils. They are usually responsible and well-behaved. They are to help the teachers out by spotting trouble and helping students and others around the school that have issues, for example they may direct students, new members of staff or visitors where to go.Prefects will over-look bullying, and refer the pupils to a member of staff. On parents evenings, open days and award nights, and other school related events, prefects should be there, ready to assist anyone. For example giving out and pouring drinks, directing parents/visitors/students in the right direction, and if need be, assay with them. Prefects should be well behaved and good role models towards the school, by being punctual, having a good attitud e and wearing the correct uniform smartly. How could the prefect application process be improved?Personally, I think that the layout of the application should be improved, to a more formal standard. I thought the questions listed on the form, are very good, as you can receive a lot of detail from students. I think that the boxes should be expanded to a larger size, as I do not think that there is enough room to fit in lots of content, in some cases. Tutor statement Signed Declaration I confirm to the outgo of my knowledge that the information given on this form is accurate and that I have not omitted any facts, which may have a bearing on my application. Signed Date

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“A Noiseless Patient Spider”

In Whitmans A Noiseless Patient Spider, the speaker uses imagery to describe how he is studying a rover explore and work hard to fill an empty space by Launchd forth filament bulge out of itself, ever unreeling them, ever inexhaustibly speeding them (lines 4-5) in the first stanza. In the second stanza Whitman compares how a human rouse also be in an empty space like the wanderer like the spider trying to explore and yoke to something either spiritually or personally. Another outlook using a Historical perspective you can see how Whitman compares the spider to the American people during his time and the separation between two different sides.In the first stanza the speaker is observing the spider almost scrutinizing the spider. Whitman uses really descriptive words like isolated (line 2) and vacant vast (Line 3) to show how tiny and small the spider is on the promontory compared to the massive universe do it so small that it is noiseless. Even though the spider is surrounded by immense empty space it still is a patient spider (line 1) exploring and make full the empty promontory with its nett. Even though there is only space around the spider it still tirelessly tries to make a connection to something by shooting out that web.When Whitman says the spider launchd forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself (line 4) it shows the spider is patient because you get the image of the spider repeatedly shooting out filament trying to fill the vast space of the promontory. The lesson to learn from this spider is to keep patiently moving forward and explore your life no national how vast or insurmountable the task maybe. In the second stanza the speaker makes a connection with the spider and relates the spider to himself and you O my soul where you stand, Surrounded, detached, in absolute oceans of space (lines 6-7).The speaker go throughs like the spider in the fact that his soul is detached from the world around him and he is searching for something to connect to. When Whitman writes seeking the spheres to connect them (line 8) he uses the word spheres which could symbolize either people or a higher power like god, which means the speaker is trying to make a religious connection or a social one with other people. If the speaker is trying to connect to other people the filament or web would symbolize modern day cell phones or the internet hich we use every day to make connections with our friends or family so we dont feel isolated, but during the time this song was written it could symbolize bridges and ships that were built to connect separated countries. After looking at it with a biological and diachronic prospective different idea came to mind.Learning how Whitman lived through the civil war, the soul in the poem that is Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres to connect them could symbolize the division and disagreement of the American people during the civil war. Till the gossamer thread you fling catc h somewhere, O my soul. describes how Whitman was waiting for the day that America to come together as a nation of one instead of a nation divided. Going back to how the spider used single filaments to create a web that was one. I chose this poem because I liked the idea of putting single pieces together to create something in harmony that was complete.WORKS CITED DiYanni, Robert. Literature . Sixth Edition. New York, NY McGraw-Hill, 2007. Print. Walt Whitman . Encyclopedia of World Biography. N. p. , Tuesday, family 21, 2010. Web. 21 Sep 2010. .

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Medieval Ireland the Coming of the Normans, 1167â€1185

By the 12th century, Ireland was divided politically into a shifting hierarchy of petty nations and over-kingdoms. Power was concentrated into the hands of a fewer regional dynasties contending against each other for control of the whole island. The Northern Ui Neill ru lead much of what is now Ulster. Their kinsmen, the Southern Ui Neill, were Kings of Brega (Meath). The kingship of Leinster was held by the dynamic Ui Cheinnselaigh dynasty. A new kingdom rose between Leinster and Munster, Osraige, ruled by the family of Mac Giolla Phadraig.Munster was nominally controlled by the Mac Cartaig, who were however in reality often subject to the Ui Bhriain of Thomond. North of Thomond, Connachts despotic rulers were the Ui Chonchubhair. After losing the protection of Tyrone Chief, Muirchertach MacLochlainn, High King of Ireland, who died in 1166, Dermot MacMurrough (Irish Diarmait Mac Murchada) , was forcibly exiled by a confederation of Irish forces at a lower place the new High King , Rory OConnor. Diarmait fled branch to Bristol and then to Normandy. He sought and obtained permission from Henry II of England to use the latters subjects to regain his kingdom.By 1167 MacMurrough had obtained the services of Maurice Fitz Gerald and later persuaded Rhys ap Gruffydd Prince of Deheubarth to release Maurices half-brother Robert Fitz-Stephen from captivity to gather up part in the expedition. Most importantly he obtained the support of the Earl of Pembroke Richard de Clare, known as Strongbow. The first Norman knight to land in Ireland was Richard fitz Godbert de Roche in 1167, still it was not until 1169 that the main forces of Normans, Welsh and Flemings landed in Wexford.Within a short time Leinster was regained, Waterford and Dublin were under Diarmaits control, and he had Strongbow as a son-in-law, and named him as heir to his kingdom. This latter development caused consternation to King Henry II of England, who feared the establishment of a rival Norman state in Ireland. Accordingly, he unyielding to visit Leinster to establish his authority. The grandiloquent damn and Henrys invasion Pope Adrian IV (the first English Pope, in one of his earliest acts) had already issued a Papal Bull in 1155, giving Henry authority to invade Ireland as a means of curbing ecclesiastical orruption and abuses. Little contemporary use, however, was made of the Bull Laudabiliter since its text enforced papal suzerainty not only over the island of Ireland but of all islands off of the European coast, including England, in virtue of the Constantinian donation. The relevant text reads thither is indeed no uncertainness, as thy Highness doth also acknowledge, that Ireland and all other islands which Christ the Sun of Righteousness has illumined, and which have received the doctrines of the Christian faith, belong to the jurisdiction of St.Peter and of the holy Roman Church. References to Laudabiliter become more frequent in the later Tudor period when the r esearches of the renaissance humanist scholars cast doubt on the historicity of the Donation of Constantine. Henry landed with a large fleet at Waterford in 1171, becoming the first King of England to set foot on Irish soil. Both Waterford and Dublin were proclaimed Royal Cities. Adrians successor, Pope Alexander III ratified the grant of Irish lands to Henry in 1172.Henry awarded his Irish territories to his younger son John with the title Dominus Hiberniae (Lord of Ireland). When John unexpectedly succeeded his brother as King John, the Kingdom of Ireland fell directly under the English Crown. Henry was happily acknowledged by most of the Irish Kings, who saw in him a chance to curb the expansion of both Leinster and the Hiberno-Normans. This led to the ratification of the Treaty of Windsor (1175) between Henry and Ruaidhri.However, with both Diarmuid and Strongbow dead (in 1171 and 1176), Henry back in England and Ruaidhri unable to curb his nominal vassals, within two days it w as not worth the vellum it was inscribed upon. John de Courcy invaded and gained much of east Ulster in 1177, Raymond le Gros had already captured Limerick and much of north Munster, while the other Norman families much(prenominal) as Prendergast, fitz Stephen, fitz Gerald, fitz Henry and le Poer were actively carving out virtual kingdoms for themselves.

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Relation between Economics and Law Essay

The study of justness without the knowledge of other related kind sciences i.e., Political theory, Sociology and scotch science, etc, is incomplete. In any jurisprudence curriculum the study of Economics and Law and their interaction is progressively found necessary.As Law influence Economics, Economics also influence Law. As a matter of particular Economics forms the basis of the study of Law. Economics reflects the socio-stinting ethos of the country in particular and creation in general. It sires out of assignment and mis conduceing if the Economic ethos change. But it was proved to be wrong by Dalton. The organisation, industrial structure and executing have changed in the thirty years. E.g. insurance goals, policy instrument, Economic institutions.Economics derives its aims and objectives from the study of man and must(prenominal) derive at least a large part of its methodology from a study of Nature. court-ordered Economics is a vital part in understanding the int eractional dimension of Law and Economics, i.e., how groundbreaking Economics screw be used to illuminate a number of sub judice problems. It is non sufficiently realised that the economic synopsis can aid our understanding of the Law and how economic factors limit and circumstance the operation of crime control and wakeless systems. Economic considerations have varied and widespread effects on the be and benefits that prospective offenders may expect from crime, on decisions to litigate or to settle out to court, on the significance of healthy costs the practical problems of legal administration and the provision of legal services. Law and legal policy help to determine the doings of the economy. There be extensive legal constraints on the apportionment and the distribution of resources and on labour and housing commercializeplaces.The social functions of Law be broadly classified into collar(1) Encouraging good demeanor and discouraging uncool behaviour.(2) Facil itating the tribe to transactions among themselves in organised legal system.(3) Distributing and re-distributing goods and services to the people.Law normally enters the scene in two guises as public virtue, and as cliquish justice. The range extent of state intervention depends on the socio-economic ethos of each country. Western countries for a long era believed in laissez faire position, i.e. suppose interference in the economy exit surpass to misallocation of resources, economic inefficiency and a illuminate wealth loss. Areas of law such as fill, civil wrong and consumer protective covering legislations have obvious effects on financial dealings.In this changing scenario, there is need for guidance on the economic policy decisions by the legislature and courts which argon increasingly involved with policy questions. Policy making courts need a behavioral theory of point responses to change in Law and to appraise these responses systematically according to normati ve standard.Ours is a grocery- lie economy ground on private enterprise. This implies two conditions- first, that all post can be privately owned and second, that people are economically free, i.e. national to obedience to the law, they are free to use their time and means as they like. This is however, subject to the laws and regulations do by the society for the general good, otherwise it leave behind lead to social cost.The classical economists, such as Adam Smith and his followers Marshall, Ricardo, Marthus, etc, believed that in a market economy perfect competition operates and by means of price mechanism (invisible hand) supply and demand of goods and services will reach equilibrium. Therefore, any interference in the market mechanism by the State will lead to economic waste and result in the economic inefficiency. Perfect competition operates only if the following conditions are satisfied(1) Too legion(predicate) buyers and sellers,. They are price-takers and non pr ice-givers(2) Full knowledge of the products transacted in the market(3) homogeneousness of products (product divergentiation is not possible) and(4) Nil or negligible transaction costs.However, due to rapid economic ripening after the Industrial Revolution, the conditions mentioned above did not operate resulting in World Depression and complete h centenarian of the market system (in 1930s). In these circumstances, J.M. Keynes, a well known economist propounded a new theory. He said the invisible hand relied upon by classical economists had developed arthritis and the visible hand of the government activity was call for to correct the malady. He, consequently, advocated limited State intervention to correct the defects in the market mechanism so that the market operations can be revived and equilibrium achieved. He had faith in the market oriented economy. Later it was realised by the welfare and the third world economists that limited State intervention will not work and fu ll intervention is necessary for the following reasons(1) Steady increase in the digression between private goods and social goods, i.e., economic development results in rapid industrialisation which in rhythm increases the tempo of urbanisation.(2) Rise of monopolies lead to distortion of the price system in the market economy through manipulation of supply of products and selling standard products, etc.(3) Rise of advertisement and propaganda(4) Steady increase in the divergence between private cost and social cost.Therefore, the introduction of a number of laws to protect environmental pollution (air, water and sound) has become necessary. The second feature of the market economy is the protection of lieu. Possession and self-command of property has been justified in economic theory be piss it is productive and contributes to economic growth. Propery rights are one of the incentives for cost-effective resource use. If there are no property rights, only commonrights, indeed economic behaviour takes a new form.Due to technological revolution and growth, the intangible, aspects of property surfaced and they had to be protected for economic development. Therefore, the translation of property has been widened to include not only physical property but also the intellectual property (i.e. goodwill, patents, copyright, etc). This wider definition of the property is attractive to economists and predates modern work on Demand Theory which in fact focuses on the characteristics of a goods rather than the goods it.The third feature of the market economy is beseech. Under the classical concepts, contract between the two parties are binding and no third party can interfere. This, of course is subject to the exceptions provided in the Contract Act (i.e. contact by minors, lunatics, idiots, etc. Contracts obtained by fraud, coercion, undue influence are all void contacts).In India the sanctity of contract has been given go-by. The Supreme Court in many another(pre nominal) cases held that court can interfere in the contractual relations. For e.g., Justice Hidayatullah held that Social legal expert is not based on contractual relations and is not to be enforced on the principles of contract of service. It is something out of doors these principles, and is invoked to do justice without a contract to back it.The right to personal security under the welfare State has been given more social interpretation which includes(1) the right of the worker to be protected against the risk of sickness, unemployment and old age,(2) his right to be protected by social insurance, and(3) His right to enjoy the necessary services of Government loosely called Social Services.Another area in contract law which made inroads in the concept of sanctityof contract is consumer protection law inasmuch as changed role in freedom of contact is viewed as one of the foundations of a well organised society. Broadly, there are four reasons for the use of consumer protection laws(1) The doctrine of caveat emptor does not take a crap finger in the modern world since education is asymmetrically distributed.(2) The free market system does not lead to optional use of resources.(3) The value belief implicit in the d diabolical take the hindmost attitude to the parting of specie from a bum about is now much less widely held.The economic consequences of consumer protection laws are- the legislation produces a different egress with respect to resource allocation, prices and income distribution to that which would otherwise occur, and it results in the companies devoting more resources to quality control or so far withdraw from some markets resulting in higher market prices and different resource allocation.INTERNATIONAL DIMENSIONS OF LAW AND economic scienceThe marrying of Economics and Law is not new. concord to Posner, much of the common law can be explained in economic terms and all branches of common and statue law has been examined in the light of this theory. Empirical research has proved that law has developed according to the economic structure of the country. Economic analysis is part and parcel of several(prenominal) law courses. Besides, there are many courses directly on Economics and Law (Legal Economics).At give way it is probably fair to say that most lawyers find it quite difficult to see how they can make use of or even sense of such of the work done by economists on law however, there are increasing signs of legal writers taking explicit account of economic arguments. There body however considerable scope for further work on bridging the gaps between the disciplines. The high flown values that legal principles express are examined by legal economists in the light of their efficiency and their social effect and not just their self defined moral content.WHAT IS LAW? In laymans language law is the definition and enforcement of social norms.WHY LAW? To maintain socio-economic equilibrium in the society. If vie wed in the static sense, then the preservation of the existing rights in the society is the purpose of the law. That is why positive law defines and defends existing rights in the society. There are three models followed by the non communist countries, i.e.(1) Pure capitalist model in a market economy where the State plays no role and market forces decide how the market operates(2) Mixed economy model with capitalist orientation, where state plays a minor role, corrects failures in the market operations and leaves the rest to the market forces, and(3) Mixed economy with socialist orientation, where the State plays a major role, i.e., interferes in the market operations not only to correct market failures but also to social justice, not because states are richer, but people have a different concept and expectations from the State.The economic analysis of law is concerned with efficiency, i.e. rational number allocation of scarce resources with lest cost to attain maximum satisfacti on. In law, people are concerned with justice only and not about its cost. If there is conflict between efficiency and justice, the nature of trade-offs can be illuminated by economic analysis and since the attainment of justice involves the use of resources, the economic approach can contribute to normative discussions by providing information on the costs of justice.Use of Economics does not predict the move of law, but to describe and explain the law-to provide it with an economic rationale.The third important feature of economic analysis of law is the resurgence ofNeo-Institutional Approach by making not the transaction, the basic unit of analysis.THE abundant CHARACTERISTICS OF NEO-INSTITUTIONAL APPROACH (NIA) ARE(1) It is Taxonomical. It lists a set of economically relevant categories that are useful for examining the law(2) It is more micro-analytical. It focuses on the details of the environment in which the transaction takes place and suggests an empirical approach that r equires the collection and compiling of relevant data(3) It rejects market equilibrium analysis and instead places emphasis on the adaptation to disequilibrium and(4) It investigates specifically institutional phenomena and uses these to develop conceptual categories.Our Constitution works on an economic system and not in vacuum. Ours is a market oriented economy where efficiency is the sole criterion and it has no place for a non economic input like social justice. Thus, there is a conflict between equality and efficiency. In a market economy where efficiency is the sole criterion, law plays a vital role in determining the efficiency of the economic activity it regulates. A law is good if it guarantees and promotes economic efficiency and bad if it impedes or disrupts it.The common criticism levelled against this approach is that by concentrating only on efficiency, it ignores justice in the sense that market system by encouraging efficiency, tolerates inequality of income and wea lth resulting in unequal distribution of economic opportunity, thus violating the core objectives of our Constitution. However, there is a second meaning of justice i.e. in a world of scarce resources, waste or misuse of resources is considered as immoral and good law can sustain the misuse of resources and achieve efficiency and justice. In this approach, some(prenominal) are complementary. As Posner observes, the demand for justice is not independent of its price.A major contribution of economics is the good example that it gives the lawyer systematically to evaluate legal policy, reveal important trade-offs and interrelationships between legal goals and trace through the probable effects, costs and benefits of different laws. The economic approach not only provides an integrated treatment of the side effects but been creditworthy for drawing attention to the more subtle and hitherto unrecognised effects. Another contribution of economic analysis of law is that it treats legal rules as a system of incentives and disincentives which influences the actions of potential litigants.The law is seen as guiding the behaviour of groups or individuals and on the assumption of economic rationality the economic model is able to predict the anxiety of the response. Thus the economists tend to focus on the general effects of law such as the impact on vocation behaviour of different contract remedies. This emphasis differs significantly from the way most lawyers are accustomed with grievances and of resolving individual disputes peacefully, fairly and consistently with legal doctrine.Law has also influenced socio-economic policies. Laws and legal policy help to determine behaviour of the economy. In this context, Prof Barker observes that, If Economic factors and economic interests have partly determined the legal framework, it is even more true that law has furnished the whole general framework of rules within which and under which the factors and interests of econo mics have had to work. Legal Reform Legislations, Trust Law, Abolition of Bonded travail (Art 23(1) of the Constitution), etc. are classical examples of how law has influenced the economic behaviour in the market economy.Legal constraints on the allocation and distribution of resources and on labour and housing markets which affect the economic activities in the market. These aspects have become vital in the globalisation of the economy and revival of the markets with privatisation as the focal point. Prof Paul delve said that, Economics and Law can provide insights in places where traditional legal analysis fails to snap. It is essentially nature of the two disciplines that makes us optimistic that collaboration between lawyers and economists will be increasingly fruitful in the future.TORT LAWThe first topic of our study on the Economic digest of Law will be tort Law because torts were one of the first bodies of Common Law to which black-tie economic models were applied.The b road features of tort law are(1) It deals with civil offences only, i.e. trespass, nuisance, defamation, economic loss, etc.(2) it is judge-made law and therefore is flexible (unlike criminal law)(3) Tort Law aims at salary as opposed to criminal quest which aims at punishment.There are three elements in torts(a) Breach of duty owned to the plaintiff by the defendant(b) Harm suffered by the plaintiff and(c) The breach being the immediate or proximate cause of the harm.Breach of duty must give rise to measurable damages, valued in terms of money or moneys worth.The four possible bases of the action for damages are(a) Appeasement(b) Justice(c) Deterrence and(d) Compensation.(1) appeasement The objectives of both tort and criminal laws are to encourage good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour. The victim receives money as appeasement and he is pleased that aggressor is discomfited by being made to pay. By this means, the victim is induced to let off stream within the law rather t han outside it.(2) JUSTICE two variants of this theory are(a) The principle of Ethical Retribution the pavement of compensation is an evil for the offender and that justice requires that he should suffer this evil.(b) The Principle of Ethical Compensation this looks from the point of the victim. The payment of compensation is a benefit to the victim of the wrong and justice requires that he should receive compensation.(3) DETERRANCE the action in tort is a judicial parable designed to control the future conduct of the community in general. According to Austin, the proximate end of evil action is redress to the injured party but its remote and predominate end is the same as that of the criminal sanction, the presentation of the offences generally.(4) COMPENSATION Compensatory or reparative theory demands that one who has caused injury to another must make good the damage whether he was at fault or not. It justifies stringent liability.Be that as it may, we are concerned as student s of Legal Economics with economic efficiency objectives of tort law. Before that we will discuss briefly the legal objectives of tort. Holmes and later others are of the opinion that tort law has no interests in shifting the loss from the victim of an accident to others unless this serves some special objective, ranging from vindication, preserving the peace by buying off the victims, desireto retaliate, ethical retribution, compensation and deterrence the connected question is whether Common Law imposes liability for failure to resume. This concept has been rejected as not practicable since it is difficult to set limits of social interference with individual liberty.ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY it is not concerned with morality or social purpose, etc, as in legal objectives of tort liability. It requires the minimisation of three costs(a) The losses due to accidents(b) The cost of preventing the accidents and(c) The costs of administering a system of accidental law.In the light of the abov e discussion, we can safely conclude that the Tort Law, in India, is out of date, costly and reliefs meagre. As a result, it is economically inefficient, apart from special injustice caused to many of the victims of civil offences.CONTRACT LAWIn a market oriented economy, the core concepts are property and contacts. These are basically, economic concepts, but law regulates them, contracts are devices for facilitating trade and economising costs of making transactions. By trading in promises for future delivery, traders can reduce uncertainty about the future. This requires adequate legal safeguards so that both the parties to the contract are secure and pan their activities accordingly.

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Pursuit of Happiness

The hunt of Happiness In the book, You Learn by Living, Eleanor Roosevelt notes Happiness is not a goal it is a byproduct(Roosevelt 95). When ones specific desire is fulfilled, feelings of felicity flourish. Therefore, enjoyment is the ultimate goal in life sentence for many people in todays society because their life revolves around desire. That said, everyones variation of rejoicing varies. Some may believe wealth and mightiness pull up stakes bring them blessedness, while others king argue that beauty and popularity allow for keep them happy.Whatever the recipe of happiness may be, the product is universalthey either generate feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Temporary pleasure and satisfaction, that is. What if the word eternal was inserted into the definition of happiness to say that it was a state of eternal well- existence and contentment? How would one sought to pursue this form of happiness? At the start of Book One of The Consolation of doctrine, Ancius Boe thius, a learned official of the Roman Empire who awaits executing for unjust accusations, desolately rests in his jail cell, writing poetry and contemplating on life with the Muses of Poetry.He is soon disrupt by philosophy, who appears to him in the form of a lovely woman that is full of years, yet possesses a smart color and undiminished vigor (Boethius 2). As a physician treating a patient would, Lady doctrine diagnoses Boethius with a serious illness, which she says she is here to cure, unlike the Muses she c totallys hysterical sluts(Boethius 2) who is precisely here to take Reason out from him. When asked to discover his wounds, Boethius begins to moan about the loss of vertical fortune his wealth, his power, his friends, and even contact with his family.He goes on to find fault that he is suffering unjustly in a state of complete innocence, blaming Fortune for taking onward these goods. As for Lady philosophy, whether or not Boethius is a victim of Fortune (Boethi us 4), as he calls himself, is merely not important. The fact that Boethius has fallen under Fortunes spell, and forgotten three important things his authorized nature, the end and mathematical function of things, and the means by which the world is governed (Boethius, 10), seem to be the bigger issue since they be the main causes of his illness.Throughout all five books of The Consolations of Philosophy, in her intent to cure Boethius disease, Lady Philosophy corrects Boethius of the errors that caused his illnessthe main error being his misc erstption of how happiness can be achieved. When told of Boethius sudden reversal of fortune, rather than feeling pity and empathy, Lady Philosophy scolds Boethius for mourning over tangible and earthly things like fame, wealth, and power. These goods, or rather infatuated goods can stag to bring happiness, but it fails to cope with the true, eternal soul.Wealth and power were merely gifts from Fortune that temporarily visited him by t he wheel around of Fortune. Moreover, Lady Philosophy is able to prove that they are in fact false goods because they were taken away from Boethius they did not belong to Boethius. Lady Philosophy tells Boethius, Be not overcome by your misfortunes, for the gifts of fortune are fleeting and happiness is not to be found in temporal goods(Boethius 21). The things that are thought to lease us happy, wealth, honor, and power, have no actual value or power and then cannot truly see someone a happy person.Lady Philosophy further explains how these false goods wholly evoke feelings of negativity. Wealth solely leads oneself to greed and further protection of himself, honor creates jealousy, and power is meaningless because it does not last. Lady Philosophy explains Why, the prefecture, which was once a great power, is now but an empty name(Boethius 23). These lesser goods, which hold less power than mankind, cannot drive one to live a happy life only a greater good that is more power ful than man possesses that power. This leads to the next question How is true happiness achieved?In Book 2 of The Consolation of Philosophy, Lady Philosophy thoroughly explains true happiness If I ask you whether there is anything more precious to you than your own self, you will say no. So if you are in possession of yourself you will possess something you would never wish to lose and something Fortune could never take away(Boethius 23). She says that happiness cant lie down in things governed by chance because true happiness cannot be taken away. She goes on to explain that postcode on earth can bring true happinessnot one that is eternal.The common imprint of all mankind agrees that deity, the supreme of the Heavens and the Earth is the highest good. True happiness comes from the desire for the stark(a) itself and the perfect GoodGod. Therefore, one can only walk out true happiness through the pursuit of God through intellectual and spiritual means. On page 23 of Book Thre e, Lady Philosophy says hardly by being like God, who is the highest good, can lasting happiness come to man. Everyone desires happiness, and happiness is identical with the good, therefore God and true happiness is of neness. She also says that the good gain their reward automatically, since by being good, they attain the good, which is happiness. Furthermore, only our spirit and intellect can lead us to the true goodthe true happiness of the soul, God. As a strong believer, and child of God, it is only sensible that I agree with Lady Philosophy on her reasoning that only one higher power offers true happiness. The all-powerful Creator of serviceman motivates man to live a good, virtuous life under Him, which, according to Lady Philosophy defines true happiness.Seeking God, in many ways, is parallel to seeking true happiness. The bible, which quotes the words of God, in many cases, teaches the man in God to strive for the higher goods that make up true happiness and, to keep awa y from what are the evils of false happiness in not only religious terms, but also philosophical terms. In Psalms 374 of the New International Bible, it says Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. The desires that the bible verse refers to are not casual wants that nature longs for, but informalmost desires that satisfy the inner soulthe true goods.The bible disfavors certain desires, in which Lady Philosophy would consider false goods and the Bible refers to lusts. These desires are often described as cravings that long to satisfy physical appetite, like food, alcohol, sex, money, and pleasure. erstwhile man rids himself of desire, he begins to be carefree, letting the mind be emotionally free, free of worry, confident, and at inner peace, reaching a state of happiness under God. Lastly, God rules the universe for the highest good, so man working to move toward that good according to their own will to be obedient towards the highest good, God.As I have begun to dispute above, I strongly believe that living a life for a higher power, rather than oneself, creates an plausive state of mind, resulting in a more satisfied, happier person. Research shows that that religious people are happier and less stressed. erstwhile one understands that the world is not governed by Fortune, but by a reasonable Creator, unhappiness becomes transfer because he is agreeing to Divine Providence. Giving reason to everything that happens makes life less distressful.Rather than staying in a state of despair, only a person in God understands that suffering leads to the sanity of reason and therefore, with suffering, happiness will be awarded at the end. It can also be said that the person in God is not only happy, but also virtuous because being good consists of being virtuous. In relation to what Lady Philosophy defines as false happiness in The Consolation of Philosophy, someone who seems to have everything that most people desire, oft en times, suffers from severe depression. Marilyn Monroe is a great example.She had everything that many seem to think brings happinessbeauty, wealth, fame, sex appeal, and popularitybut she stop her life in suicide. It can be further argued that happiness consisting of anything other than the one God, cannot be everlasting. turn these so-called false goods temporally satisfies ones self, the one real true good, the Creator, provides consolation that is eternal. In comparison to lesser goods, faith is a consistent element of happiness and good health. In explaining happiness to Boethius, Lady Philosophy says, Why, then, O mortal men, do you seek that happiness outside, which lies within yourselves? True happiness cannot be found through the senses. Happiness comes from within ones soul. It is not external. It is a by-product of an inner condition. It is not simply a temporary indulgence of pleasure. If one lives only for personal happiness, he will probably never find it. As Amer ican social writer and philosopher, Eric Hoffer said, The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness. Getting rid of the longing for false goods, or evil desires, is the first abuse of achieving true happinessone that will last forever

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Ontario’s Nuclear Plants

Ontarios atomic origin planets are damaging our surroundings and economic structure thermo thermonuclear reason should be shut down and deputized with safer methods of power making. Ontarios nuclear power is not the safe and clean way to produce power, Ontarios nuclear plants are turn bug outdated, nuclear lay waste to is building up, and contamination is becoming more of a threat. Ontario thought that nuclear was clean, safe, and jazzy way to produce power. During the 1950s, Ontario Hydro was looking for new sources of electricity to meet the growing lead.In 1954, a union was formed between Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), Ontario Hydro and Canadian General Electric to build Canadas initiative nuclear power plant called NPD for Nuclear Power Demonstration. In 1962, NPD began supplying the province of Ontario with its first nuclear generated electricity. Ontario had found its new source of electricity, and they were not fully aware consequences that would happen aft(prenominal) many years of use. Power projects (later AECL CANDU), based in Toronto. Ontario and Mont accredited, Quebec became responsible for implementing AECLs nuclear power schedule and marketing CANDU reactors.Nuclear power was cheap, if you did not require to worry about the waste. This was the answer to Ontarios power problems, so they invested in the newest source of power at the time. Most people believed that nuclear power was a good change in Ontarios power structure, and there would be no real problems in the future. Ontario needed a new source of power in the 1950s they found it in nuclear power and it solved the problem. In the 1950s the average person did not impart a hatch of knowledge about nuclear muscle, and nuclear studies were being held.All people really knew was the supportive perspective of things, the government and research bodys made videos that would try to describe nuclear energy to the public. The videos would blether about how great nuclear power and how abundant nuclear energy was. Making it sound exchangeable the answer to all our electric needs. The government and research body kind of jumped around the subject of nuclear waste, and the effects it could have on a human or the environment. The real truths about nuclear energy was not as widely known, and the majority of the people thought that nuclear energy was a positive step in the right direction.Ontario has a huge problem with the build up of nuclear waste, and this waste could have a huge impact on our environment if something were to go wrong. Radioactive mops, rags, clothing, tools, and contaminated equipment such(prenominal) as filters and pressure tubes, are temporality stored in shallow underground containers at the Bruce Nuclear interwoven and elsewhere. At Bruce, a radwaste incinerator reduces the volume of combustible radioactive waste materials. In 1975, St. Marys School in style Hope was evacuated because of high radiation levels in the cafeteria.I t was soon learned that large volumes of radioactive wastes from uranium refining operations had been used as construction material in the school and all over town. Hundreds of homes were contaminated. on that point are 200 million tons of sand-like uranium tailings in Canada, mostly in Ontario and Saskatchewan. These radioactive wastes result remain hazardous for hundreds of thousands of years. They contain some of the most powerful carcinogens known radium, radon gas, polonium, thorium and others. Radio-active tailings similarly result from phosphate ores and other ores rich in uranium.In 1978, an Ontario Royal Commission recommended that a plug-in of world class ecologists study the long-term problem of radioactive tailings and that the future of nuclear power be assessed in view of their findings. The government has ignored these recommendations. Nuclear waste is biodegradable, but it takes it takes hundreds of thousands of years to do so, which could suck up unimaginable results in the future. Lately Ontarios nuclear power plants have been going threw horrible management, out dated equipment, and nuclear waste build up resulting in economic breakdown.Ontarios nuclear plants have not had their equipment greatly updated, which is a big problem that could be costly to fix. When calculated in real 1998 dollars, total federal official subsidies to Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) for the last 46 years amount to $15. 8 million. It should be noted that $15. 8 billion is a real cash subsidy to AECL, and does not involve any opportunity cost? What the subsidies would have been worth if the government had invested in more cost warring ventures. At a rate of 15%, the opportunity cost of government subsidies to AECL is $202 billion.There is also federal financial support for other nuclear activities in progress or impending, including the Whiteshell Laboratories privatization ($23. 1 million) the MAPLE reactors at shabu River Laboratories ($120 milli on) the Canadian Neutron Facility ($400 million) radioactive waste management and decommissioning ($665 million) and reactor exports ($2. 5 billion considered). In Ontario the bad management and the old equipment has lead to major change in the way the plats work. likewise this will cost billions of dollars to do.In the long run Ontarios nuclear do not make the money needed to stay open, with the costs of fixing them and reforming them it would just cost to much, so there is no point in doing so. Ontario has purposed to close down all of there nuclear plants, but they decided that is would be better to keep most of them open. There are much more safer, cleaner, and cheaper ways of producing power. We could invest solar, star or tide power sources, all of which are safe. Leaving these nuclear plants open is like laborious to heal your cut with a knife.Ontario and its people dont realize that with the build up of nuclear waste, we could be looking into major crises. Many of Ontario Hydros problems are monetary in origin. The corporation has had hindrance maintaining its nuclear facilities in accordance with the Atomic Energy Control Boards safety requirements. Hydros restructuring efforts reflect past negligence in preventive, minor, and responsive maintenance. It is now faced with a situation wherein the demand for energy must be met through the means of an increasingly limited resource . . . money.In response to this problem, the energy formerly supplied through nuclear power is being replaced primarily with coal-driven electrical generation. Hydro has implemented a short-term, quick fix solution based on the same practices and assumptions, which originally lead to the failure of Ontarios nuclear energy program. As of now Ontario stands by its nuclear power and they do not have any current plans to shut down or totally reform these plants. Ontarios nuclear power plants are a Danger to our environment, the economy, and a danger to the people, us we should shut down all of these plants and replace them with safer methods.

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“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll Essay

Some of the most lastingly delightful childrens books in English are Alices Adventures in Wonderland and Through the computeing-Glass. Here are what Albert Baugh write about them in A Literary chronicle of EnglandWritten by an eccentric Oxford don to amuse his little girlfriends, these two world-famous books are the best of all(prenominal) memorials of the Victorian love of nonsense. In them are elements of satire and parody which connect them with a coarse tradition, entirely they shot through with a quality distorted logic (for their author was a professional mathematician and logician) which is unreproducible and unique.A story may be told either by atomic number 53 of the characters, or by an outside(a) narrator. To define by whom the narration is made is to define the point of view that the author has chosen for his story.Look moresatirical elements essayIn Alices Adventures in Wonderland the narrator does not introduce himself as a character. Lewis Carroll uses 3rd pers on narrative. Yet, everything in the story is seen, heard or thought happens which she cannot sense, or in places where she is not present. This kind of point of view is called selective omniscience, that is the author knows everything, but only through one characters consciousness. Other books in which author uses the same point of view are Amintiri to-do copilrie and other novels written by the romanian writer Ion Creang.In the end reader is told that everything has been a dream. in that respect are a lot of elements which make up the dreamlike atmosphere.One of Carrolls favourite devices is the punning (play upon words) that is the humorous use of the same word in more than one sense, or of two diametric words similarly pronounced. For instance Mine is a long tale said the Mouse. It is a long tail, certainly, said Alice, looking down with wonder at the Mouses tail.

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Personality Theorists Bandura and Maslow

Personality is a fascinating subject to study, because every person has a personality that is unique and complex. Personality theorists spend their time studying the reasons why pot act the stylus they do. Are their innate processes that ensure a person will react to a situation otherwise if he is hungry? How will two varied commonwealth behave if they both witness the akin automobile crash?How style is affected and determined has been studied for years, and there are many different theories. Two theorists who have contributed significantly to this field of study are Bandura and Maslow.Bandura, like all behaviorists, was primarily interest in the stimulus-response branch of psychology. Having studied Skinners approach to Behaviorism, Bandura did agree that outside forces contributed to behaviors. He believed surroundingsal situations and reinforcers lead to certain behaviors. exclusively Bandura also set out to answer some problems he found with Skinners theory. As Wagne r (2009) states, even in his earliest work, Bandura argued that believing behavior could only be caused by a stimulus-response cycle was too simplistic.His studies led him to believe that behavior was not only a reaction to environmental stimuli as Skinner had proposed, but could also be learned from watching a model perform the behavior that could be copied. He also believed that learning could be cognitive. One of the more or less significant observations Bandura made during his studies was that while the environment did cause behaviors, behaviors could also create an environment. This phenomenon he called reciprocal determinism The military personnel and a persons behavior cause each other.Bandura also believed that self-efficacy contributed to behavior. A persons internal need to attain goals could cause them to behave in a way that ensured them success. Due to his research, Bandura argued that external and internal factors affected behavior. People can choose to act a certain way, or the environment can cause them to act a certain way. Another theorist who made significant contributions to personality and behavior theory was Maslow. His some significant theory was his sentiment of a hierarchy of human needs.At the most basic level, humans have intrinsic needs, such as food and shelter, and the feeling of safety. Internal factors such as being hungry and the ability to breathe properly contribute to outward behaviors. Lemer (2000) summarized Maslows ideas into a practical application, by stating that, with children, adults should address the higher level needs for safety, security and knowledge only subsequently the most primitive biological needs are met. Clearly, internal needs factor into behavior.As a people move up the hierarchy however, external factors begin to play a much larger fictional character in behavior choice. Concepts such as morality, respect, and self-esteem are influenced by external factors such as societal demands and personal interactions. Maslow, like Bandura, believed that both internal and external factors contributed to behaviors. People behave certain ways at certain times due to a myriad of factors. Both of these theorists make powerful cases for the idea that behavior is both intrinsically and externally motivated. The case for internal motivation is solid.There are times when people choose to behave in a certain manner due to a need for respect, to fulfil a perceived role, or to attain a goal. Their behavior during those times is due to an internal liking for something. However, there are other times when environmental factors also cause behavior. A person may be trying to act a certain way, but a situation may become that causes them to change the course of their behavior. It is also true that people can learn through simple observation, and this has to be caused by both internal and external factors.The environment and the situation the person is watching is shaping their behavior. But it also the internal need to duplicate the behavior of the other person that causes them to watch and learn. Both Bandura and Maslow believed that behavior was both internally and externally motivated. References Wagner, K. V. (2009). Albert Bandura biography. Retrieved May 10, 2009 from http//psychology. about. com/od/profilesofmajorthinkers/p/bio_bandura. htmfrom Lemer, P. S. (2000). Treat needs, not behavior Maslow for the millennium. new-made Developments, 6(2), 23-26.

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Leadership and managing human capital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

leaders and managing human capital - Essay Examplenagement and leading styles to better interact with their subordinates and hence to improve employee productiveness and organizational performance thereby. It must be noted that there is no single outdo leadership style that suits all leaders or organizations. Therefore, managers need to identify the leadership style that would fit them best in terms of their strengths and weaknesses and the nature of the organization. In order to evaluate the various roles and responsibilities of leaders and to assess the yield of leaders on the overall organizational performance, this paper will critically analyze six opposite scholarly articles talking about leadership models and managing human capital. In this paper, my personal leadership style and its relevance in the network and IT field (my area of work) will be scrutinized.Learning charisma is an article write by John Antonakis, Marika Fenley and Sue Liechti (2012). According to the aut hors, charisma is based on values and feelings. The concept of charisma represents an ability a leader must develop to persuade others, to promote personal and moral credibility, and to rear followers emotions and affectionatenesss. The authors particularly argue that charisma can be an invaluable asset in whatever worksite environment. Charismatic leaders can help their followers to understand, connect, compare, contrast, and remember a message. Undoubtedly, this mental process would greatly assist people to evaluate a message critically and to perform their tasks efficiently. In addition, charismatic leaders specifically foster engagement because they find it the best way to keep their followers active and excited. Integrity, authority, and passion are some of the major characteristics of charismatic leaders. Charismatic leaders not only give suggestions to their audience but also put all those ideals into practice in their daily life.What your leader expects of you and what y ou should expect in return is a research paper prepared by

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IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

IMC (Integrated trade Communication) - Essay ExampleThis will take place in shopping centres as well as on television and radio. This initial advertising is sure to establish Larry as a brand depict for the future. Then when the parents realise what a positive impact the Larry the fun Koala books are having on their child the result is sure to be promoted through word of mouth.According to a UK study, parents today are reading to their children 40% less than they did 10 geezerhood ago. With the parent-child activity of reading currently on the decline, successful childrens book author, Mem cast off who has sold over more than a million copies of her books worldwide, strongly believes that the simple task of reading to a child at only three times a day, could completely eradicate literacy problems in an unblemished generation.Research has shown that there are many advantages of being read to as a child. The majority overabundant being, that a child who has been read to, will mos t likely at the age of 21 months build the vocabulary of 500 words. So, the concept of creating a series of books centred on the main character, Larry the Koala, will be implemented. This idea revolves around the importance of reinstating the value of families spending time with their children more effectively, and also the attempt to break open into the competitive food market of childrens books in U.S.A.2.Product DescriptionThe overlap that we have been allocated to design the advertising run for is a childrens book called Larry the fun koala. The product is meant at young children among the ages of two and five years of age. The character of Larry K. was specially intended so he would be found attractive, especially to children of this age. Larry is a pocket-sized childlike cartoon koala who is growing up. Entertainment devices for the infant books include the illustrations being bold with brighter colours, create verbally parts of the book, the incorporation of fingerplay s into the book, and of course the book being made of a durable cardboard and vinyl group cover so that the infant can take the book wherever they choose. 3.TARGET MARKETSThe target market for our product Larry the fun koala is young children between the ages of two and five. It is based upon the idea argued by hinder(prenominal) (2003) that is to create a product that provides an opportunity for development and learning through play. Although it must be interpreted into consideration that most two to five year olds do not make their own investments and product purchases, they can have a large amount of influence over what it is that their parents choose to buy. An Advertising spot in U.S.A.4.Advertising ObjectivesFirstly, our

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Macbeth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Macbeth - Essay ExampleThe previous con bespeak on the battlefield and the fulfillment of the first prophecy make the once skeptical Macbeth attach earnestness to the witches words. Macbeth, through the assistance of Lady Macbeth, struggles to make the prophecy true in all ways possible. passim the play, Macbeths actions are motivated by the existence of supernatural elements, from the witches to Banquos ghost to the nightmares and the Apparitions among others. A unfavorable analysis of supernaturalism in the tragedy in connection to Macbeths life reveals the influence of the elements of his actions.The tierce of witches that Macbeth encounters at the onset of the play influences al roughly all his actions henceforth. After the defeat of two different armies (from Ireland and Norway) occupy Scotland, Macbeth and Banquo meet the witches who give them the prophecy that shapes their life entirely. The witches prophecy seems of great influence on Macbeth as it triggers the quest for the attainment of power. To Macbeth, the First Witch, the Second Witch, and the Third Witch say, each(prenominal) hail, Macbeth Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor and All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter respectively (Shakespeare 8). Even though Macbeth holds their words with skepticism at first, they influence his life and actions to entirety.The fulfillment of the first prophecy made by the Second Witch, terming Macbeth as the Thane of Cawdor motivates most of his actions thereafter. This is a clear indication that supernaturalism plays an extensive role in the development of the character of Macbeth. Concerning his leading as the Thane of Cawdor, the Second Witch says, All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor (Shakespeare 8).Macbeth disdains the witches at first. The prophecy comes to pass after exponent Duncan expresses gratitude towards Macbeth and Banquo for the success on the battlefield. Macbeth is named

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Employment and Productivity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

booking and Productivity - Essay ExampleBarriers to increased female participation include higher taxation grade (60% higher in Spain for women who are second income earners) and the lack of alternative child care options. The article suggests that thither are potential advantages for increased female participation besides those already mentioned - such as take down ratio of retired persons to working persons.Daly argues that women in sophisticated societies where they are not penalised by the tax rate and/or poor alternative child care facilities (such as Sweden) tend to have more children than women who live in societies where this is not the case. Interestingly of the countries surveyed Italy, Spain and Japan have fewer women in work than the others. This may be referable to sociological rather than purely economical factors. All three countries have a reputation for position family above consumerism.Whilst the arguments for increasing GDP make sense there is too little discu ssion of the mixer impact of more women going out to work. The truth is that working women tend to do two jobs - both(prenominal) as employees and as partners.

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Women's Issues in American Culture in the Early 1800s Essay

Wo handss Issues in American Culture in the Early 1800s - Essay ExampleThe researcher states that afterwards being excluded from the important public role for centuries, women soon began to engage in religious activities in the region thereby receiving recognition. It is noned that before, these roles were a preserve of men, thereby generating issues in religious circles. In fact, at the contract of 19th century, an estimated 70% plus of church congregants were women, a factor that made them begin claiming spiritual authority, which men were not willing to surrender. This created a lot of criticism from the males and at times led to eviction from the community. Anne Hutchinson is one and only(a) woman who was burnished for challenging the male domination of religious life in early 1800. This was followed by intense religious activism, which enhanced girl child education since many churches began building schools where girls could get a better education. The population of girls i n schools increased very first such that by 1820 America had so many women graduates with better education thereby displacing their male counterparts as schoolteachers. This was occasioned by the fact that women of the time pass judgment lower remuneration rates than the men, thereby increasing their absorption into the teaching profession. This kind of displacement did not ogre well with the male creating animosity between males and female in the society. Being schoolteachers is said to dedicate given women a chance to receive more recognition in public life.

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BUSINESS MODELS AND PLANNING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

BUSINESS MODELS AND PLANNING - Essay ExampleThe see to it leader would need to establish the standards within which the confabulation will occur. The stakeholders would also need to be sensitive of the course of the communication with the indication of how and when it will take place. The strategical information enables the cipher leader to bent the scope for all the communications that are relevant to the start. The strategic information is also significant for computer programming various projects, within a period, thereby making the stakeholders to be aware of the progress.In proper perplexity of the firms processes, the project leader would need a proper strategic information to service of process in ensuring consistency in the communication process. The presentation of the strategic information to the stakeholders helps them to maintain consistent communication with each other. The stakeholders would need to follow the strategic information to identify any information about the project management. The strategic information helps in harmonizing the stakeholders since all of them have similar information about the situation of the project. The project leader also has the ability to make the stakeholders aware about any change in the project. Consequently, the strategic information helps the project leader to avoid delays associated with the stakeholders being misinformed.Further, the strategic information also increases the productivity of the workers. The presidential term of a strategic information ensures that every employee remains informed of every activity included in the project. For instance, a project leader of a company would need to keep the stakeholders aware of the need for their commentary in reducing the volume of the solid wastes by 50%. This calls for the need of strategic information, which is efficient in equipping the stakeholders with the necessary information. The strategic information helps in restricting the stakeholders t o the scope of the project since keeps them