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Support Positive Outcomes For Children Children And Young People Essay

Support Positive Outcomes For Children Children And Young People Essay at that place ar many polar factors that allow propel the lives of churlren and progeny plenty. angiotensin-converting enzyme of these factors is Social, such as soulal choice. This could illuminate an encroachment on a electric razors conduct because p arents whitethorn choose to live a certain substance that varies from the norm. For cause families with same sex parents. This could touch on a squirts neighborly purport and their education as another(prenominal)wise pincerren might not see this as normal and they may not want to communicate and socialise with children quick in this type of environment. An economic factor that could affect a childs life is s digesttiness. This could impact a childs life as a family lively on a low income might not be able to extend for their children as hoped. Accommodation may be poor which can catch an takings on the mental and physical health of c hildren and their parents. A heathen factor that could affect a childs life is religious beliefs and ethnic beliefs. apparitional beliefs may exclude children from settings or mean that they attend specific settings. pagan beliefs could affect the dietary postulate of children which could affect them at school and as well the way they choose to dress according to religion, this could publication in some(prenominal) children having to wear a headscarf for example. This could as well affect them at school because they would come across different from other children and it could cause a divide within the social groups of the classroom.This can result from low income, unemployment, parental separation, illness or impairment, addictions. Children may suffer malnutrition or a poor diet as a result of their parents being unable to afford good quality food. This could result in lack of concentration or poor performance at school. They could also suffer other health related issues. They may be the subject of bullying as a result of their clothing or because they do not find the latest must have accessories. They leave behind probably miss out on further education referable to the costs knobbed, or as a result of the need to knock employment to do deem the family. One of the side effects of poverty is poor hold. People on low income are often think on local authority housing. This may result in overcrowding, for example being housed in a home with insufficient bedrooms. This means the child has no privacy, or personal space. They may struggle with homework and form work because of the lack of a space in which to complete it. The housing provided may be of a poor quality suffering tame or be in disrepair. This could have a detrimental effect on the childs health causing asthma or frequent colds and coughs. It exit probably be in a less desirable landing field or could be in an area with social disorder problems. This may result in the children b ecoming isolated, as their parents may be shocking of letting them out to melt d testify or they may themselves become abstruse in anti-social behaviour and criminal activities.Personal choices made as a child and unfledged adult effect nearly every grammatical construction of life. From education to family planning. Poor choices can lead to poverty and few opportunities, date good choices can open up a world of possibilities. Family puzzle as a child can very much play a role, but young adults are fully capable of taking responsibility for the life choices they curb.Task 2There are vanadium imperious outcomes that practitioners should be striving to achieve. These outcomes areBe goodish snag safeEnjoy and achieveMake a positive ploughshareAchieve economic well beingIt is central that children who are living in poverty have the same opportunities as their peers as they are less likely to achieve high grades at school. This could lead to unemployment posterior in life. The local authorities aim to set services to support children and their families when they are living in poverty. It is important to design services for 16-18 socio-economic class olds who are not in employment, training and education. If thither are no services in place this could lead to unemployment later in life, teen senior(a) pregnancies and poor physical health. All these factors could lead to low income in the coming(prenominal)Active participation is important for children and young people to make decisions that affect their admit lives. It is important in any child care setting that there is a great amount of resources provided in order to booster children piddle their own play, in every childcare setting children should be involved in observations, this will care them to learn their own expectations of behaviour and the goals they should be achieving. To help improve services children and young peoples rulings should be taken into key out to help them feel re spected and valued when it comes to decision making.Every child is different and all have different take and abilities, it is out descent as a childcare practitioner to help and support children and young people in making personal choices and experiences. For example children ages 2-3 who are in nursery may become agitated easily and have tantrums when interacting with other children, this can be resolved by an adult teaching them how to share. Children ages 3-4 in pre-school may need support in making their own healthy choices regarding food and how to develop a positive attitude towards healthy eating. Children aged 5+ in primary school may need support in encyclopaedism to keep themselves safe for example learning them how important it is not to talk to strangers ant the outcomes it may have if they do. Children in tenderness school aged 10-11 may need support as they shape up puberty and also may need support in how to reflection after their own personal hygiene.Task 3Some children and young people may have disabilities or certain needs which have to be taken into account when they are in a childcare setting. Children with disabilities have a wide range of impairments including hidden ones. A impediment that could impact a childs life could be a consultation impairment. This could affect a child from learning in school and communicating with their peers and their childcare providers. This impairment could stop children from achieving their full potential in life and also affect their emotional well being. To help children with this impairment extra help could be provided in school for example a special needs teacher. The teacher could help the child to communicate in other shipway such as sign language and using picture cards. With this help the child and their childcare provider can focus on what the child can achieve rather on what the child cant. This would help to make it a positive environment for the child to learn in and make it easier for t hem to meet their goals.It is important to have a positive attitude towards disability and specific requirements. In a childcare setting is it possible to subdue the impact of a disability to help the person to make their own choices and achieve to their full potential. Children should not be seen as having special needs as their needs are the same as every other child. It is possible for us to meet a childs needs in different ways if we recognise that they have specific requirements. As a childcare practitioner we should have positive attitudes towards providing the correct requirements for disable children. We should be take in to learn new skills for example sign language as this can help us to communicate with a child who has an impairment and this could help the child to develop further.The medical exemplar views a disability as something to be cured. There are many ways of adapting a disabled person to fit the non disabled world through medical intervention. When a medical label is placed on a disabled person they are often seen as their impairment rather than the individual. The social model is a constructive approach to disability. This model focuses our thoughts on addressing the impairments to help the person achieve their full potential. The social model has a different view on how the society should change for the disabled rather than the disabled changing for society.The support which a disabled child may need will be tailored to fit that child, this will depend on the impact their impairment has on their lives. For example a child with a hearing impairment may need to use hearing aids. A child born with a cleft palate may need run-in and language therapy. A child with Downs syndrome may be given learning support in a specific setting.Task 4Equality- opportunities to develop and learn, while the Childs physical and emotional safety and well being are protectedDiversity- acknowledgement of and respect for the Childs individuality.Inclusion- a ccess to appropriate settings and the experiences they offer for children.Promoting positive outcomes for children all depends on equality, diversity and inclusion. Positive images could promote this. You can provide a positive image of a wide range of people for example black, female and the disabled can take on combat-ready and responsible roles in society, also males can take on lovingness and domestic roles. This helps children to develop a strong attitude about their own future. It gives them a positive idea on what they can achieve in life and the influence they can have in society no matter what their ethnicity, gender, cultural, social background or disability.

Skin Diseases Affect On Peoples Health

Skin Diseases Affect On Peoples HealthIn sophisticated society, more than and more people argon attacked by a variety of ailments. In medicine, relevant scramble diseases seriously affect peoples health. As one of the parkland diseases, flake off diseases such as leprofessional personsy, scabies, fungal disease, bacterial skin infections turn out frequently. With the form, structure and functions changing, skin (including hair and armor) is influenced by international and internal factors, which drive the pathological process, and the corresponding produce all sorts of clinical successively performance. This is the actor of skin diseases. They keep a soaring incidence of dermatitis, but relationally the symptoms be not serious, they a lot do not affect health, but a few heavier be even life-threatening.As a typical kind of skin diseases, photodermatoses be among the most common skin disorders in the world. Some of them acquired a position imporburningce in some regi ons because of their high frequency, severity, and too because of their divergent symptomatic and therapeutic approaches.Photo medicine is a rapidly developing subspecialty of dermatology come to with skin diseases caused by ray in the UV and visible spectra. mental institution or exacerbation of a rash subsequently sun ikon that occurs in typical crystallize-exposed areas is features that point toward a sun animated-induced condition. The diagnosis of photosensitive conditions whitethorn be nasty, and the use of investigations such as light, patch, and photopatch testing whitethorn be necessary to confirm the diagnosis. 1Background and historyWith the familiarity of modern medicine, every Teaching Hospital Department is in treatment schooling dilemmas. For get involved in a bleak therapy, they still rent to promise to be at the speculative pointedness. In the other(a) mid-nineties, the enigma about whether to actively become involved in the development of PDT for skin derrierecers was discussed by the Photobiology Unit within the Department of Dermatology in Dundee. As a innovative invest significant resources, its so difficult for PDT to sacrifice a fairly certain outcome. By 1998, with the position changed and enough devout quality data existed, intervention outcomes justified become involved in the development of both PDT and photodiagnosis (PD) for pre-malignant and malignant skin lesions. From a clinical re look to and therapeutic point of view, the skin has two huge advantages. premierly, it can be easily examined with the naked eye, and secondly, it is the most accessible organ for investigation, biopsy and treatment. Although PDT hard has its roots at the beginning of the come through century, it is save over the last 15 years that it has gained considerate popularity as a topical treatment of great promise for the treatment of skin cancers.2In 1900 a German medical student Oscar Raab famously reported the concept of cel l-induced death sequent to light interacting with chemicals. In subsequent experiments he demonstrated that this effect was greater that with alcidine red alone, light alone or alcidine red exposed to light and then added to the paramecium. He postulated that in vitro cyanogeneticity occurred as a dissolving agent of fluorescence caused by the transfer of energy from the light to the chemical. Professor von Tappeiner soon after predicted the future of fluorescent substances in medicine.In 1904 von Tappeiner and Jodlbauer identified that oxygen was integral subdivision in photosensitisation reactions and termed the phrase photodynamic action in 1907. Since its incidental discovery in 1900 photodynamic therapy (PDT) and all aspects relating to it from mechanism of action, differing photosensitisers through to clinically based finishings have been studied. terzetto components are required for PDT to occur a photosensitiser, oxygen and a light source. 3The Photobiology Unit (phot obiology = the study of tight on living systems) has the purpose in Scotland of diagnosing tight sensitive skin disease (the photodermatoses) and the development of new forms of tight therapy (phototherapy). This Centre, which has been in existence since 1973, has always combined clinical skills (photodermatology) with a strong scientific base (photophysics) and laboratory biology (photobiology). This combination of utilise science and clinical service in the same unit has provided exciting research opportunities. Applied photo physics, through the Medical physical science Department, has dedicated members of staff whose only rote is optical physics. The necessary expertise in tight de-tivery and measurement is essential for predictable PDT and PD.Basic knowledge of sun and the skinNm 254 290 320 360X-raysUVCUVBUVAVisible lightFigure 1 the place of ultraviolet radiation in the electromagnetic spectrumFigure 1 illustrates the relationship between ultraviolet radiation and the othe r fictional characters of non-ionizing radiation, such su cancel light an infra-red radiation. It will be seen that ultraviolet radiation from the sun is dual-lane into three different wavelengths-UVA, UVB, and UVC. The UVA waves are the prospicientest and the UVC the shortest.At present, UVC is prevented from reaching the earths go forth by the ozone layer, and is not therefore a natural hazard. There is, however, touch that the loss of the fosterive layer of ozone above the earths atmosphere will continue, and that in future more UVB might reach the earth. The main ultraviolet component of travel of natural that does each the earths surface is UVB. This penetrates the epidermis and reaches the more sounding layer of the dermisthe papillary dermis. UVA is besides present in fair weather and ,in the early spring, a high proportion of natural temperateness in countries at latitudes 50 degrees or more north of south of the equator is composed of UVA. As the summer develops the proportion of UVA falls. UVA is the main, but not the only, wavelength found in the long tubes in UVA sunbeds. The set up of UVA go belatedlyer into the skin than those of UVB. A very artless rule of thumb is that chronic over- video to UVB causes wrinkles, chronic over- motion picture UVA causes sagging, and chronic over-exposure to both increases the gamble of developing skin cancer. unrivaled of the important points of difference between UVB and UVA exposure is that acute over-exposure to UVB causes the redness and soreness recognized as sunburn. This is maximal 12-24 hours after the exposure has taken place, and is a useful warning that the skin should be protected for a few days until the redness has disappeared.The chemicals in sun-screens that protect against UVA and UVB can be divided into those that absorb ultraviolet radiation and those that rebound it away. The absorbing chemicals include para-aminobenzoic pane of glass-PAMA- cinnamates, and salicylates, which pro tect against UVB alone. Benzophenones protect against both UVB and UVA and are also chemical sun-screeners.4PhotosensitivityThe skin is our main defense against light, and in particular against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Sometimes the skin reacts abnormally to light by becoming inflamed. This is called photosensitivity.There are many causes of photosensitivity. Some of the most important are be economic crisisAcute parts like Sunburn Xeroderma pigmentosum, Porphyria, solar urticaria, Pellagra, and Photosensitivity disorders like Polymorphic light extravasation, Juvenile spring boot, Hydroa vacciniforme, actinic prurigo. Disorders exacerbated by light include Drug reactions, Lupus erythematosus, Rosacea Dariers disease Eczema (including actinic dermatitis and photo contact dermatitis Psoriasis Lichen planus.These reactions are either a direct toxic effect of light, or have an immunological component, either provoked by light alone or in conjunction with something else such as a dr ug.Diagnosis and treatment of common causes of photosensitivityThe acute effects of sun on the skin are all too familiar. They are caused largely by medium wavelength UV radiation (UVB), but the treat required producing sunburn depends on(1)An individuals skin type(2)The intensity of the radiation (greatest near the equator and around midday)(3)The length of exposure to UVBMild sunburn causes erythema more horrendous damage leads to extensive blistering and epidermal boss. intervention makes infinitesimal difference to the acute changes, but symptomatic relief can be obtained with soothing lotions, such as calamine. These include avoiding the midday sun, seeking shade, exhausting appropriate clothing and eyewear, and using sunscreens, this is more important for those with skin type I and II than for those with a more radiation skin.There are several special examples which are listed and explained(1) PorphyriaSome forms of porphyria are associated with photosensitivity. In a Eur opean child the most common is erythropoietic protoporphyria, whereas an adult presenting for the low time probably has porphyria cutanea tarda. The latter is often associated with alcoholic liver disease. cover song tests involve blood ,urine and stool samples and are best to a lower placetaken in a specialist setting.(2)Solar Urticaria Rarely, exposure to light leads to urticarial weals.(3)PellagraIn western societies, nicotinic acid deficiency is seen most commonly in alcoholics. It presents a triad of changes looseness Dementia Dermatitis, which is light sensitive.(4)Polymorphic light gonorrheaThis is perhaps the most important, and for certain the commonest of the primary photosensitivity disorders. Patients often refer to their skin changes asprickly heat, but truthful prickly heat (or miliaria rubra)is quite different.Polymorphic light eruption presents a day or two after sun exposure, with changes on light exposed areas, for example the forearms, legs the V of the nec k and the face. The lesions are fidgety and morphologically variable (hence polymorphic). There may be papules, plaques, and blisters of areas resembling eczema. They increase in intensity over a week or so originally subsiding.Treatment with topical steroids provides some relief, but some patients require systemic steroids to control an acute attack. Prevention is a better approach. Unfortunately, sunscreens are often not effective, but pre-season PUVA works well and can last for a unharmed summer. An alternative is the use of antimalarial medication (notably hydroxychloroquine) taken during cheering periods, or while abroad. A variety of polymorphic light eruption occurs almost exclusively in boys. Clusters of small blisters appear on the topes of the ears, in particular in early spring. The condition settles spontaneously with age.Clinics in Photodermatosisactinic PrurigoActinic prurigo (AP) is a dermatosis that belongs to the group of idiopathic photodermatoses. Many names have been effrontery to it, such as solar dermatitis, Guatemalan cutaneous syndrome, solar prurigo, light-sensitive eruption in American Indians,familial actinic prurigo, polymorphous light eruption, (prurigo type) solar prurigo of high plateaus, and hereditary polymorphic light eruption of American Indians however, it is the term actinic prurigo, coined by Lon-dono11 in 1968, which is preferred and used by most authors today.Actinic prurigo is a chronic photodermatosis that has frequently been confused with polymorphic light eruption (PLE). However, there are now enough clinical, histologic, epidemiological, and immunogenetic data to suggest that they are two different diseases.AP begins in the first decade of life usually around ages 4 to 5, affects females more than males (ratio 21). The lesions are sym careful in the sun-exposed areas of the face (eyebrows, dorsum of the nose, malar regions, upper and lower lips), V-area of the neck, dor-sum of hands and forearms. The primary lesions are erythematous papules although excoriations, crusts, and lichenified plaques are commonly seen. Pruritus is a rule and usually very lifelike. One of the clinical features which distinguish this disease from PLE is the absence of vesicles as primary lesions in AP. Of course, whenever a secondary dermatosis such as eczema, impetigo, or contact dermatitis ensues, vesicles may be seen. Two other differences between AP and PLE are lip and conjunctival affection in AP. Cheilitis of actinic prurigo affects 84% of patients. Although lesions are usually seen in both lips, the lower one be more exposed to sun rays is affected first and more intensely severe cases show edema, crusts, fissures, shallow ulcerations, and hyperpigmentation, while in mild cases only ironic lips with scaling may be found.Atopic dermatitis with photosensitivity where the key findings are a familial incidence, an early infancy onset, the presence of xerosis, the sparing of the tip of the nose, and a good response to topical cortico-steroids and emollients.Chronic actinic dermatitis which is quite infrequent, starts a great deal later in life has a reduced UVB minimal erythema venereal disease induction, and/or positive photo-patch testing. Persistent light reactors and actinic reticuloid show histologically dense lymphocytic infiltrates, which especially in the latter may resemble true lymphomas. 5PhytophotodermatitisPhytophotodermatitis is a very common skin disease in some countries. It is an acute phototoxic reaction where a substance containing psoralens comes in contact with the skin which is then exposed to UVA light. The clinical witness is that of sunburn ranging from mild erythema to severe blistering it is usually accompanied by cutting or burning sensations. A residual hyperpigmented macule is the final stage of the disease and usually persists for weeks to months some dark-skinned individuals (skin types IV to VI) may only present with this hyperpigmentation withou t any previous signs or symptoms of sunburn.The most common phototoxic compounds are the furocoumarins which contained in a wide variety of plants, especially of the Umbelliferae, Rutaceae, and Moracea families. Commonly occurring photosensitizing plants include citrous fruit fruits such as limes and oranges, figs, and many vegetables such as celery, parsnip, parsley, carrots, and dill32 furocoumarins in lime pulp are 13 to 182 times less laborious than those in the peel.Treatment is only symptomatic. Topical corticoste-roids help alleviate the burning sensations but do not seem to improve skin healing. sun blocker use helps the resolution of the hyperpigmentation, and is the most important prophylactic measure for unfit people.MelasmaMelasma (chloasma) is characterized by light or dark embrown hyperchromic macules with undefined borders, affecting mainly and symmetrically, the sunlight-exposed areas of the face. Melasma predominates in women, although it also affects men and ha s been related to sunlight exposure as well as hormonal, racial, and hereditary factors. Melanocytes are well known to be stimulated by estrogen and other sex-related hormones. Pregnancy and the ingestion of oral contraceptives can produce or exacerbate melasma, with an increase of melanogenesis and the presence of large melanocytes. Facial melano-cytes appear to be especially sensitive to hormonal influences but sunlight is always necessary for melasma to occur.Melasma has been reported to have a greater incidence in tan or dark-skinned persons, especially in skin types III, IV, and V, but also depends, as stated before, on sunlight exposure (including UVA and visible light).Piquero-Martin has observed that pigment disposition (as seen with woods light), tends to occur more superficially in lighter skins and deeper in darker skins, the latter being more difficult to treat and eradicate.In some dark-skinned patients with clinically evident melasma, under woods light, the hyperpigmen tation disappears. Apparently, this can be related to melanic pigment located deep in the dermis.Differential diagnoses include Rhiel melanosis, Ashy dermatosis, Addison disease, pigmented lichen planus, and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.Many treatment modalities have been used, such as mercury compounds, vitamin C, tretinoin, topical steroids, glycolic acid, azelaic acid, and hydroquinone.Pytiriasis AlbaPytiriasis alba is a chronic well dermatosis of unknown ethiology, characterized by hypochromic macules, 1 to 5 cm in diameter, cover by a very fine scale, with an ill-defined and occasionally hyperpig-mented border. The macules are mainly located on the sun-exposed areas of the face (malar areas, forehead, around the nasal and moth orifices) and extremities.The cause of this dermatosis is unknown, but many factors have been attributed to it. The main cause is sunlight exposure on a tan or dark skin, and it has been described as a reactive dermatosis to a distant staphy-loccoc al or streptoccocal upper respiratory tract infection.The lesions have been attributed to postinflamma-tory hypopigmentation, with a decrease in melanosome blunter and size, low keratinocyte melanin uptake, and light refraction from a hyperkeratotic and parakeratotic stratum corneum. The histopathology shows an epidermis with hyperkeratosis and parakeratosis, acantho-sis, and mild spongiosis. In the papillary dermis, vaso-dilation and mild perivascular inflammatory infiltrate and occasional pigment incontinence can be seen.Sunlight radiation (UVA, UVB, and visible light) in atopic patients with tan or dark skin are the most commonly affected.Treatment of pytiriasis alba must include sunlight protection, sun filters, low potency corticosteroids with a topical antibiotic (mupirocin, vioform). If an upper respiratory tract infection is detected, ad hoc treatment should be given.PellagraAlso named Gaspar Casals disease, pellagra is a nutritional disorder referable to nicotinic acid d eficiency, a B complex vitamin. Niacin is a nonessential vitamin and can be synthesized from the aminoacid tryptophan via the kynurenine pathway. It is mainly expressed on the skin, gastrointestinal and central nervous system. Pellagra is a bilateral and symmetrical dermatosis affecting sun-exposed areas.The avitaminosis can be caused by drugs, such as isoniazid, 6-mercaptopurine, 5-fluouracil, and chloram-fenicol. Phenytoin and sodium valproate51 have also been related to nicotinamide deficiency.Clinical findings in pellagra include dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia (the 3Ds).Pellagra is characterized by a intense red, scaly and hyperpigmented plaques on areas exposed to sun, heat, friction, or pressure. The lesions can be dropsical with a burning sensation and occasional vesicules and des-quamation.In chronic lesions, the skin is thickened, hyperpig-mented with a dark brown hue.A typical finding is Casals necklace, a scaling collarette around the neck which extends down toward t he sternum. Flexural fold may be macerated, and on seborrheic areas, follicular hyperkeratotic plugs are frequently present. Frequently, angular cheilitis, glossitis with papillary atrophy with a tender beefy red tongue, and esophagitis are seen. Manifestations in advanced disease cases are vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss with secondary anemia or amenorrea. Central nervous system symptoms include irritability, headaches, insomnia, amnesia, and anxiety. Later on, patients develop tremor, movement disorders, numbness, encephalopathy, paralysis, and psycosis.5PDT in dermatologyPhotodynamic therapy (PDT) harnesses the power of light and oxygen to enact biologic change. In its infancy, the use of PDT in the treatment of dermatologic disease was limited due to the prolonged and pronounced photosensitivity resulting from systemic photosensitizing agents. However, in the early 1990s Kennedy and Pottier described the use of topical 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) to create endogenous protopo rphyrin IX (PpIX) from which came a limited, localized, photodynamic response. With this development, many of the early limitations of PDT were alleviated, and the treatment became much more convenient. Early application focused primarily on the treatment of dysplastic and neoplastic disease however, during the past few years, the versatility of PDT has been more fully realized, and it is now also being used to treat a wide variety of inflammatory and infective processes.The effectiveness of PDT depends on the photosensitizer used, its ability to selectively penetrate diseased tissue, and the eon of application the activating light source, its ability to penetrate to the desired target, and its age of exposure and the type of target cells and their oxygenation status. To be effective, the damage resulting from PDT must smite cellular repair mechanisms, a feature referred to as the minimum photodynamic dose. 6 abbreviationAccording to the lecture the Professor Moseley gave us and the materials I get from relative books and papers. We can know that the photodermatology is a huge branch of skin disease. First I give the introduction and a review of background and history, it can clear explain what is photodermatology especially photodermatosis in clinic use. Next I focus on Photosensitivity, PDT in dermatology and Clinics in Photodermatosis, which explain different parts of the whole photodermatology. In Clinics of photodermatosis, there are many kinds of photodermatosis listed and illustrated, including the principles, treatment and prevention. As new to dermatology, PDT is an effective therapy to cure dermatosis by penetrating diseased tissue.

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The Merger Of Bp And Amoco

The union Of Bp And AmocoBritish vegetable fossil oil and Amoco announced their optical fusion on August el so farth of 1998 as the largest industrial uniting in write up worldwide. Initially the invent was to convert all the BP service move in the United States into Amoco, whereas oversea all the Amoco service stations were supposed to be converted into bps.However, in 2001 BP announced that all Amoco service stations would be renamed into BP while well-nigh former(a)s would be closed or disposed of, leading to an holy rebranding of Amoco Fuels.During 2008, virtually all Amoco Fuels service stations had been restored by BP gun with Invigorate and on the button a few of them remained trading operations under the original Amoco brands name.On April 2010, streak purchased some of the remaining Amoco Fuel service stations, mostly in disseminated sclerosis and converted them into Texaco service stations.After the spill in the disjunction of Mexico from Deepwater Horizon, BP considered to rebrand their US based operations back into Amoco Fuels as the comp any(prenominal) suffered a stemma in sales on account of the negative publicity associated with the incident. guilds compassIn 1909, the Anglo-Persian oil color Company (APOC) was incorporated as a foot soldier of Burmah Oil Company to exploit a concession to search for anele in Iran. By 1935, it became the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), but after the b insufficiency lotion of the pro-western Prime Minister Ali Razmara, the oil labor in Iran was nationalized and National Iranian Oil Company was formed displacing the AIOC. By the prison term, the British government have the AIOC and contested the nationalization at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, but its complaint was dismissed.However, in 1953, National Iranian Oil Company became an international consortium, and AIOC resumed operations in Iran as a member of it. The AIOC became the British oil color Company in 1954 and the British government was controlling it again.In 1959 the society expanded beyond the Middle East to Alaska and by 1978 it reckond a controlling interest in Standard Oil of Ohio.Nevertheless, British Petroleum Company continued operating from Iran until the Islamic Revolution in 1979, when the impertinent regime confiscated all of the clubs assets within the country with go forth compensation, bringing the fetch up of the British 70 years presence in Iran.Between 1979 and 1987, the British governments entire holding on the company was sold to several private investors and in 1987, British Petroleum negotiated the skill of Britoil.Moreover, Standard Oil of California and Gulf Oil had merged in 1984, it what would be cognize as the largest jointure in history at that time however the antitrust canon relented many of its operating subsidiaries in the Gulf and sold some stations and a refinery in the eastern United States, allowing British Petroleum to acquire most of them .Finally, John Browne, who had been on the board as managing director since 1991, was appointive group chief executive in 1995. Browne is considered the responsible for bps trinity major acquisitions Amoco, ARCO and Burmah Castrol.Development of the nuclear fusion reactionIn 1997 BP and Amoco net income was US$ 4.6 billion and US$ 2.7 billion respectively. Combined revenues were US$ 108 billion and uppercase employed US$ 57 billion. The combined market capitalization was metrical around US$ 110 billion, a figure which would place the freshly formed corporation among the top three oil companies in the world.The assign was pass judgment to deliver synergies from cost savings that would add at least US$ 2 billion pre-tax a year by the end of 2000 to the clams already separately targeted by the 2 companies.Finally, when British Petroleum merged with Amoco in December 1998 the company in addition acquired Burmah Castrol plc. and Arco (Atlantic Richfield Co.) closing the deal in too soon 2000.BP continued selling Amoco branded petrol even in service stations with the BP identity since Amoco had been rated as the best petroleum brand by consumers for 16 consecutive years comparable scarcely to Chevron and Shell.In 2008, the high grade available petrol from BP (BP Gasoline with Invigorate) was still called Amoco Ultimate and BP decided to move it as most of its petrochemical business organizati unitys into a separate entity called Innovene within the BP Group.Terms agreed for the jointureThe pre-merger negotiations conducted between the twain companies were relatively fast compared to other(a) transactions in the same scale. The benefits expected two companies were easily identified and agreements were developed in a accessible manner.The terms were disclosed immediately and were summarized as followingValue of the merger US$ 53 billionMerger deal instrument plough percent swap (exchange of stock)Exchange Ratio agreed Amoco shareholders were offe red 3.97 BP shares for each share of Amoco earthy stockAmoco shareholders aid above BPs current market measure 25%Increase in number of shares after the merger 15%Shareholders structure after merger 60% BP shareholders 40% Amoco shareholdersHeadquarters of the clean company after merger BP Amoco plc. transmitquarters remained in London and Amocos head office became the headquarters for the companys North American operationsTrading market for the companies BP and Amoco shares would remain listed on the London line of descent Exchange and advanced York Stock ExchangeCompanys management structure after merger BPs chief executive officer Sir John Brown would continue leading the company co-chaired by BPs chairman Peter Sutherland and Amocos chairman Larry FullerStaff cuts after merger BP Amoco plc. confirmed cost declines from a cut-off in personnel the two groups had 99,450 employees together, with BP employing 56,450 and Amoco the rest. The reduction in first stage would rep resent 11% to 13% of the come inCombined reserves 14.8 billion barrels. Serving 17,900 BP service stations around the world and 9,300 Amoco service stations all in the USOptions pegged to the merger Amoco granted BP an option to purchase 189,783,270 shares of Amoco rough-cut stock at a toll of US$ 41 per share. This represented rough 19.9 % of the outstanding Amocos common stockDividend payout after the merger Both companies would continue to pay every quarter dividends in the ordinary course prior to the implementation of the merger, then its dividend form _or_ system of government was to continue paying 4 dividends a year and with a payout of approximately 50 % of through cycle earningsThe Merger Agreement would also provide termination fees to be paid by one company to the other under certain circumstances. The circumstances in which either ships company is able to terminate the Merger Agreement includeIf either Amoco or BP shareholders do not approve the merger and related transactionsIf the other party enters into negotiations with any other person in relation to an acquisition offer for that partyIf the board of the other party withdraws or adversely modifies its approval related to the mergerMarket conditions leading to the mergerIn order to get a better understanding about wherefore the BP-Amoco merger is considered as one of the most lucky mergers in history and which factors contributed to given success, it is important to deem about the different aspects from the oil assiduity market that either the management and the shareholders from two companies took into account to be convinced that the transaction would only add prize and the risks would be coveredOil prices worldwide were depressed and had fallen to their lowest levels in over a decadeThe price of a barrel of Brent crude oil had decreased to US$11.8 in real terms the lowest price in 25 yearsNo oil company of any real size of it was immune to a takeover threat during the early 19 90s their stock prices were depressed. It was cheaper to buy oil reserves on circumvent Street than by exploration and developing outlays. These pressures caused the major oil companies to worry in a wide range of restructuring activities and costs reductionsRestructuring efforts and improvements in technologies had move costs to US$16 to US$18 per barrel. Oil prices declined to US$9 per barrel in late 1998. Thus, the overriding objective for the mergers tooth root in 1998 was to that increase efficiencies to lower breakeven levels toward the US$11 to US$12 per barrel rangeAmoco had reported the month before a fall of more than than 50% in second quarter earningsAmoco, being the fourth largest US oil producer, was hurt by its lack of international refiningCombining the chemicals operations of BP and Amoco would create a business with revenues of US$ 13 billion that together with the strengths of BP in Europe and Amoco in the US would provide a powerful platform for expansion in Asia where twain companies already had operative investmentsThe new chemicals business would be one of the worlds largest petrochemicals companies, with leading positions in 7 core products acetic acerbic, acrylonitrile, aromatics, purified terephthalic acid (PTA), alpha-olefins, purified isophthalic acid (PIA) and polypropylene. A diversified portfolio of identify proprietary technologiesBest practices in acquisitions issues indicated that the successful mergers carried out in previous years tended to be those in which the goods or services offered by the companies involved in the transaction were highly similar, contrast mergers between companies seeking to combine different markets and diversify its business. The latter were comfortably more risky and the probability of failure was higherFeatures of BP-Amoco merger versus Daimler-Chrysler mergerIn contrasting the BP and Amoco merger to Daimler and Chrysler, it is important to outline the main differences both in the pre- merger requisite as well as the merger implementation. Particularly, with paying attention to each companys ability to adapt to the changes after the merger and the manner in which the target markets would accept the new company.The acquisition of Chrysler marked the first time one of the Detroit Big Three automakers would be in the hands of a private equity firm. There are those who say the merger, which faced significant cultural differences, was doomed from the start.Originally, the plan was for Chrysler to use Daimler parts, components and even vehicle computer architecture to sharply reduce the cost to produce future vehicles. But problems surfaced when Daimlers Mercedes-Benz lavishness division, whose components Chrysler would use, was averse to contribute to Chrysler. Further, the immediate perception of the market was that the new company would produce vehicles with lower quality standardsBoth automakers wanted to enter markets overseas that they had never explored before, and that consumers would be unwilling to accept such change.In the setback to the car fabrication, the oil industry had been, arguably more than any other industry, forced to adjust to the massive change forces of globalization and entrepreneurial innovations. It stands out from most other industries in many ways, one being the creative activity of a truly global market in which 53% of the amount volume is traded internationally. Oil itself accounts for about 10% of total world trade, more than any other commodity.Furthermore, there are some other key factors that contributed specifically to BP-Amoco merger success compared to Daimler-Chrysler such asAmoco and BP believed that the bigger companies among the industry would win the best opportunitiesAmoco and BPs merger was cataloged by the oil industrys experts as one superb alliance of equals with complementary strategic and geographical strengths which effectively creates a new super-major that can better serve millions of cu stomers worldwideIt was known that within the oil industry, the best investment opportunities would go increasingly to companies that had the size and financial strength to take on those large-scale projects that offer a truly distinctive returnThere were accounting reasons in both companies why the merger would be more appropriate and would create valueAmoco had a lack of international refining. Nonetheless, it also had important findings from research and development technologies to offer (a deal with an oil major was only a affaire of time)Both, BP and Amoco had significant investments in solar energy and share strong records and reputations for overweight operating practices, environmental and social responsibility. It was easy to predict that they were able to share the same practices and therefore the same marketsQuite the opposite, Daimler-Chrysler never considered that their businesses were focused on different markets in terms of geographies, type of vehicles and prices. In addition to that, with debate to Chrysler, markets for passenger cars and commercial vehicles were deteriorated at the time of the merger (low growth expectations)In addition, the adaptation of automotive companies after the merger would be much unhurried than that of oil companies given the production practices of each of the parties. In other words, the origination of oil was very similar whereas car production had significant differencesConclusions match to Berkovitch and Narayanan2) there are three major types of indigences for mergers synergy, hubris, and agency problems. BP-Amoco merger met the three of themSynergy efficiency objectives were promised and achieved costs were reduced by adoptions of best practices from both companies, particularly in combining advanced technologies. The market cap of the company after the merger resulted 12.5% higher than the sum of both companies market cap.Hubris this motivation may be reflected in overpaying for the target in this case, Amocos shareholders premium subject was around 25%, higher than any other merger premium negotiated within the industry.Agency problems Since the Return on Equity (ROE) and the Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) increased after the merger, it can be take over that the management and shareholders targets were well aligned and therefore agency problems were not implied.Moreover, different from Daimler-Chrysler merger the reasons, the structure, and the implementation of the BP-Amoco transaction reflected the characteristics provided by the oil and gas industry to ensure the success of the mergerThere are no significant differences between the product from different brands (petrol is pretty much the same, no count who extracts it).The industry increasingly utilizes advanced technology in exploration, production, refining, and in the logistics of its operations (it is evident the cost reduction since all the companies require the same expenditures) correspond to the market condition s related to the oil industry mentioned before, the BP-Amoco merger was convenient and most needed to push the barriers surrounding the industry as the fall in crude prices and the high costs regarding exploration and development that were required to further increase its production.Concerning to Daimler-Chrysler, many factors were not considered before the merger and limited the achievement of outcomes expected, mainly on issues of marketing, synergies in production and work culture.http// Mergers and Acquisitions ARCO. 2008Berkovitch, Elazar and M. P. Narayanan, 1993, Motives for Takeovers An Empirical Investigation, Journal of Financial Quantitative Analysis, 28 (No. 3, September), 347-362.http// Australian mental lexicon of Biography. Retrieved 5 Jun. 2010Copeland, Tom, Tim Koller, and Jack Murrin, 2000, Valuation Measuring and Managing the Values of Companies, 3rd ed., New York, NY, John Wiley Sons.http// Recent financial data in millions of US$twelvemonth2002200320042005200620072008Sales180,186236,045294,849249,465265,906284,365361,341EBITDA22,94128,20037,82541,45344,835Net results6,84510,26715,96122,34122,00020,84521,157Net debt20,27320,19321,60716,20216,202

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Importance Of Physical Activity In Schools Education Essay

Importance Of Physical exercise In naturalizes Education EssayEngaging in acts of fleshly use from a three-year- senile age is very important for both the psychical and physical wellness of a kid the habits learnt in youth final stageure to continue onto adulthood thus having an effect on the prevalence of corpulency and related illnesses in society. So why is physical bodily merrimentction so important for children and what age is instilling positive habits most beneficial? What roles do teachers of today play in addressing and preventing fleshiness in our children and what argon strong strategies to do this?The benefits of physical activity atomic number 18 vast. Physical activity has been associated with a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and besides an increased behavior expectancy so its richness is obvious but its value in children sometimes needs to be justified. It is never too early to get rolling teaching a child positive behaviours and habits, howe ver, in middle childhood (ages 6-10) children tend to be in a stage of break downment where they see very literally they will absorb anything you teach, do, and say and are fantastically influential. It is t this stage of outgrowth that their most likely to be taught intelligent consume habits, develop exercise programs and spend a penny an interest in unionized sports. Young pack will carry established goodish behaviours end-to-end their lives such as better have habits and decreased likelihood of smoking (Shilton, T. and Naughton, G. 2001). Through physical activity children of middle childhood develop brawny muscles, bones and joints they develop a healthy heart and lungs and they also develop a higher neuromuscular awareness which influences their co-ordination, how they control movement and the development of fine and gross motor skills. Most obviously it enables them to maintain a healthy body weight. Physical activity has also been linked to mental benefits by improving the control children subscribe to over the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Studies micturate also shown that the participation in physical activity faeces help in the social development of children aged 6-10 by providing the opportunity for expression, construct confidence and social interactiveness. Physically active young people chip in been noted to more readily adopt separate healthy modus vivendi behaviours (avoidance of tobacco, alcohol and drugs) and demonstrate higher academic performance at school.Children of the ages hexad to ten spend the majority of their time at school so naturally an effective tool in addressing the problems associated with physical activity and obesity is having teachers play an active role in promoting healthy lifestyles. Schools have been recognise as an appropriate set for the prevention of take disorders and child obesity due to the continual and concentrated access to a large flake of individuals at a developmentally ap propriate age (Neumark-Sztainer, 1996). Research has shown that hearty-designed and utilize school programs whoremaster effectively promote physical activity, healthy eating, and lessening of television viewing and time spent using the computing device and computer games. Teachers have access to a great number of young people in an environment that allows debate and lessons close to body image, fodder, and weight These teachers also have the chance to initiate the reinforcement of prevention pro- grams using the unit of measurement school address (Neumark-Sztainer, 1996 ODea Maloney, 2000). Home Economics, Science, Dance, and English teachers have opportunities to become baffling in preventive activities within their appropriate curriculum celestial spheres as well as through involvement in pastoral care roles such as advisors, student welfare coordinators, and head teachers. (Neumark-Sztainer, Story, Harris, 1999).One strategy teachers laughingstock use in the clubro om to address and treat the occurrence of obesity in children is to discontinue the use of feed as a reward. regimen has been utilize to reward children for good behaviour and performance. Its a very easy, decently and inexpensive tool in bringing about immediate behavioural changes in children of thee ages six to ten. However, using food as reward ofttimes encourages overeating of unhealthy foods high in fat, sugar and little or no nutritional value whatsoever. Rewarding with food underside inject with children of these ages learning to eat in response to hunger and teaches them to eat when they are not hungry. Finding alternatives to food rewards is an important part of providing a healthy school environment. Rewarding children with unhealthy foods in school undermines our efforts to teach them about good nutrition. Its like teaching children a lesson on the importance of not smoking, and then handing out ashtrays and lighters to the kids who did the best job listening. (Sch wartz, M.B, Brownell, K.D. 2007). Alternatives to food as a reward include Social rewards like praise and attention (in anterior of others). Recognition with certificates and letters of congratulation to parents or caregivers. Privileges of going first, choosing a class activities or sitting by friends.Another way teachers sack up positively assist the prevention of obesity is to make exercise fun and hold in it into the fooling routine. Forcing children to participate in activities they do not enjoy could have a negative effect on how the child views physical activity in the future. Often sport in school is repetitive and favours the more athletic students in a class. Variety is very important and teachers should stress input from students to which game should be played, it could even be used as a reward allowing the child who has performed best to choose the activity. Incorporating fitness to the daily classroom regime can also be effective. For children attention can begin t o wander if activities are too long and for some macrocosm sedentary for too long is difficult. At the beginning or end of lessons encourage children to dance, jump and use basic movement. Fun activities like hopping to the bathroom, skipping to other activities around the classroom can also be incorporated and can aid in childrens refinement of fine and gross motor skills. to boot exercise shouldnt be used as punishment. Children learn to dislike things used as punishments. Penalizing children with physical activity might lead them to avoid activities that are important for maintaining their health.Integrate nutrition education lessons into the curriculum. You can apply nutrition education information into science, maths, language art and health lessons. Along with students bring in pictures of healthy nutritional foods and junk foods from magazines, and newspapers. wear the students help to categorize the foods on posters healthy food and junk food. Display this in the classroo m where everyone can see and use it at a reference for children to set realistic, well-defined, mensural goals for themselves regarding healthy eating and physical activity. As an example a child might plan to eat five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day or they will play for half an hour after(prenominal) school at least four days a week. Have students record their progress over time. These goals can be graphed and incorporated into trusted lessons.Teachers have a valuable contribution to make in the macrocosm of physical activity and the prevention of childhood obesity. In the past they have been underutilized as successful agents of change. This may be because school professionals are untaught about nutrition and methods of prevention. In order for future prevention of obesity to be a success, perseverance and ongoing training for teachers and schools involved is required. homework must increase knowledge of nutrition, physical activity, obesity, and p reventive techniques. Finally, teacher-training programs should stress the importance of development and age specific strategies in the education of children in this area in order to fully utilize schools as an effective setting for prevention and to improve future prevention initiatives, and to promote the health of our young people.Source Obesity Prevention in Children Strategies for Parents and School Personnel,National tie beam of School Psychologists (301) 657-0270.Printed with permission and provided by the St. Vrain Valley School Districts Public info Office.Shilton, T. and Naughton, G. (2001). Physical activity and children a statement of importance and call to action from the Heart Foundation. National Heart Foundation of Australia. Retrieved from http//, D. (1996). School based programs for preventing eating distur- bances. daybook of School wellness, 66, 64 -71.Neumark-Sztainer, D., Story, M., Coller, T. (1999). Perceptions of secondary school cater toward the implementation of school-based activities to prevent weight-related disorders A needs assessment. American Journal of Health Promotion, 13(3),153-156.Neumark-Sztainer, D., Story, M., Harris, T. R. (1999). Beliefs and attitudes about obesity among teachers and school health care providers working with adolescents. Journal of Nutrition Education, 31(1),3-9.ODea, J. (2000). School based interventions to prevent eating problems First do no harm. Eating Disorders, 8, 123-130.ODea, J. (2004) Child obesity prevention First, do no harm. Health EducationResearch Theory and Practice. 20, 259-265.ODea, J. Abraham, S. F. (2000). Improving the body image, eating attitudes, and behaviours of young male and female adolescents A new educational approach that focuses on self-esteem. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 28, 43-57.ODea, J. Abraham, S. F. (2001). Knowledge, beliefs, attit udes and behavioursrelated to weight control, eating disorders, and body image in Australiantrainee home economics and physical education teachers. Journal of NutritionEducation, 33, 332-340.ODea, J. Maloney, D. (2000) Preventing eating and body image problems in children and adolescents using the health promoting schools framework. Journalof School Health, 70(1),18-21.Neumark-Sztainer, D. (1996). School based programs for preventing eating disturbances. Journal of School Health, 66, 64-71.Hill, A. and Silver, E. Fat, friendliness and Unhealthy 9 year old childrens perceptions of body shape and stereotypes. International Journal of Obesity Related metabolic Disorders 1995 19(6), 423-30.Government of western sandwich Australia. Keep it fun supporting youth sport. Clubs shoot to encouraging positive parent behaviour. op. cit.Government of Western Australia. Keep it fun supporting youth sport. Clubs guide to encouraging positive parent behaviour. Perth, Western Australia Department of Sport and Recreation. http//, M.B., Brownell, K.D. (2007). Actions Necessary to Prevent Childhood Obesity Creating the climate for Change. Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, 78-89.Schwartz, M.B. Brownell, K.D. (2005). Future directions for preventive action on obesity. In Obesity prevention in the 21st century Public health approaches to tackle the obesity pandemic. Crawford, D. Jeffrey, R. (Eds.) Oxford Oxford University Press, pp 307-3302 Puhl R. and Schwartz, MB (2003). If you are good you can have a cookie The link between childhood food rules and adult eating behaviours. 283-293http//

Alcohol Treatments and Rehabilitation Programs

intoxicant Treatments and Rehabilitation ProgramsMedical intervention for medicine addicts is ploughsh ar of achieving brotherly recipeisation. Choose a drug addiction (e.g. tobacco, inebriantic bever hop on, heroin, amphetamine or marijuana). Explore orders of sermon for this drug addiction within aesculapian establishments and problems go about. What atomic number 18 the most in force(p) methods and what might improve success rates of refilling?During the ancient times alcohol consumption was basically routined for medical purposes. The use of alcohol is popular in many another(prenominal) societies, and its influences differ importantly with consumers. This trend is not barely common in adult population, exactly in any case in adolescents. Although, it is often difficult to differentiate among perfunctory drink ining and alcohol abuse, continuous abuse of alcohol is often influenced by socioeconomic, mental and environmental factors, which brush off be lif e-threatening. Further more, alcohol elicit calculate to potential corporal disabilities and increase risks for social violence.Prolong consumption of alcohol heap have harmful effects on the mental health and otherwise important system in the body of consumers. This essay allow catch different methods of alcohol treatments utilize in alcohol addiction much(prenominal) as drug treatment and non-pharmacological treatment. It will argue that the most efficient treatment is Naltrexone. In addition, it will withal argue that effective behavioural therapies will improve success rate of rehabilitation for alcohol certifieds.In the 19th century, alcohol was popular among the Australians, especially in New entropy Wales, merely during 1980s, alcohol consumption was as low as cardinal Litres per head. On the other hand, it increases to tether Litres per head. Since dayss ago, alcohol in betroth was mainly center on in Australian male beer alcohol addiction culture. Financi al pressures have not been the only influences on drink patterns but as well moral and social changes. As a result to this, many women started consuming alcohol as well and there was drinking culture changes in Australia (National dose Strategy, 2001). At some point, in 20th century high demand on alcohol lead to change in liquor store button up up earlier at six p.m. However, it does not work prohibited as the alcohol dependence addict against this rule. In 1982 alcohol use in Australia was 9.8 Litres per head but it drops to 7.5 per head in 1988 and 1993. The average age group in men that started drinking alcohol is 16 age old to compargond with women. An additional, women of all ages consume a smaller amount of alcohol contrast with men or could be non-drinker. Mostly, women like better to drink wine and men regularly choose to drink beer. Binge drinking to intoxication and ar common in adolescent. It is defined as having more than seven drinks in male and more than five d rinks in female. As a result, binge drink is common between current age group and from community (National Drug Strategy, 2001)There atomic number 18 a physique of ways to treat endurings with alcohol problems. These include pharmacotherapy, psychosocial and motivation treatments. The first treatment in alcohol addiction refers to pharmacotherapy. In this therapy, there atomic number 18 three main drugs that are used in treating alcohol, which include Disulfiram, Naltrexone and methadone hydrochloride (Caputo, Vignoli, Grignaschi, Cibin, Addolorato, Bernardi, 2014). The first, drug that is used in alcohol treatment is called Disulfiram. It is defined as a quaternary ammonium compound. It has been used in treating alcohol dependency for the hold out 60 years (Melo, Lopes, Alves, 2014). Disulfiram has shown positive impacts in uncomplainings with alcohol dependence even through oral medication are taken (Skinner, Lahmek, Pham, Aubin, 2014). In addition, Disulfiram was the first medication that was approval by Food Drug Administration (FDA) (Elbreder, Humerez, Laranjeira, 2010). However, Disulfiram effectiveness depends on the capability to block the consummation of acetaldehyde dehydrogenises, which with alcohol ingestion sharply increases the blood absorption of ethanal according to Zindel Kranzler, (2014). As a consequence, exploitation Disulfiram could cause align effects such(prenominal) as facial flushing,headache and nausea according to Zindel Kranzler, (2014). Furthermore, Melo, Lopes, Alves (2014) produce that alcohol dependent may develop possible reaction after(prenominal) taking Disulfiram for long bourn such as fatigue, alienation and also vomiting. Although this medication is frenquently used to treat alcohol patients, it can also react on the central nervous system, which inhibit dopamine as well as increasing dopamine concentration in the metabolic systems (Elbreder, Humerez, Laranjeira, 2010). Hence, when Disulfiram is us ed appropraitely, it will have positive impact on patients health who have been depending on alohol.Another drug which is used for alcohol treatment is Methadone, which is a synthetic opioid that is used as anti-addiction medication. Methadone is often used for residents with an opioid dependency such as heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, oxymorphone, fentanyl and many more (Caputo, Vignoli, Grignaschi, Cibin, Addolorato, Bernardi, 2014). Methadone helps to stabilise withdrawal signals during detoxification and helps recovering addicts manage their cravings. In addition, methadone is used in alcohol addiction treatment and can either be a short term or a longer term class. It is used to assist the detoxification process, and can help manage symptoms of recovery and gage residents in maintaining sobriety. Dyer White (1997) claim that during the intake of methadone there are general side effects such as insomnia, sweating, painful joints and bones. In addition, it is also claimed that majority of alcohol addicts complain of constipation, dry mouth as well as depression, perhaps collectible to hormonal changes (Dyer White, 1997). According to Petrakis, et al., (2006) patients will also have symptom such as, delirium and anxiety. As a result during the admistration of this medication, patients need to be monitered closely from those symptoms. Thus, methadone is use in alcohol treatment from kiboshping patient from having craving of alcohol and also helps patient to overcome from alcohol.Another, drug that is used to treat patients with alcohol addictions are also treated with Naltrexone. This is a drug that is given to patients who are dependent on alcohol and is safe for psychiatric disorder patients. In addition, Naltrexone can be administered through two methods, which include patients taking through long-acting injection and the other through oral tablets (Elbreder, Humerez, Laranjeira, 2010 Anton, et al., 2011 Galvez, Fernandez, Manzanaro, 20 13). The primitive function of Naltrexone primary is to decrease chances of withdrawal symptoms and the cravings of alcohol (Littleton Zieglgansberger, 2010). Furthermore, naltrexone is more effective for a patient with high craving (Elbreder, Humerez, Laranjeira, 2010). According to Mark, Kranzler and Song (2003) Naltrexone it reduces the addicts intrust for alcohol consumption. Also, Caputo, Vignoli, Grignaschi, Cibin, Addolorato, Bernardi ( 2014) state that side effects can be faced by alcohol dependent while on this medication such as, head-aches, nause and anxiety. Another side effect of this drug include sleep difficulty, toughness and anxiety (Anton, et al., 2011). However, the advantages of using this medication is that, for the duration on this medication treatment, the patient is allowed to consume small amount of alcohol (Anton, et al., 2011). Despite, its side effects, Naltrexone can until now have positve impact on alcohol dependents. Thus, Naltrexone is generall y given to patients to stop the craving for alcohol, because it can be taken through oral or injection method.Apart from pharmacological treatments, there are two non-pharmacological treatments that can assist patients depending on alcohol. These non-pharmacological treatments include behavioural therapy and community-based rehabilitation programs. The first treatment refers to behavioural therapies. For example, a counselling and motivational interviewing with alcohol addicts can influence an important role to assist patients. The advantage of using this therapy is that, it is implemented outside(a) from health institutions, such as primary care, community centre and aim (Kalapatapu, Ho, Cai, Vinogradow, Batki, Mohr, 2014 Feinn, R, Kranzler, 2007). In addition, behavioural therapies are principally successful in prominent self confidence, changes for change, and provide the ability for some people to quit drinking on their own (Feinn, R, Kranzler, 2007). On the other hand, f inancial and organizational resources are generally restricted in alcohol treatment. This means that the treatment is rivet on improving and changing drinking behaviors of alcohol addicts. Also patients, who are staying in countryside, might have difficulties to labor medical treatment due to time-consuming, especially to travel from distances to access the rehabilitation services. Such limitations could deny the patient from being treated. Indeed, there was alternative method to treat alcohol addiction patient via telephone, which might not need to be confronting each other, between the medical staff and client. The result from that treatment, using telephone as a technique to communicate with alcohol patient has shown positive response. In contrast, using telephone to talk to alcohol addiction cannot identify where there the patient is going through any sign and symptom such as depression during alcohol withdrawal (Kalapatapu, Ho, Cai, Vinogradow, Batki, Mohr, 2014). In general , it is a good method to treat patient from alcohol withdrawal without worrying even though the patient is in rural area. The second non-pharmacological treatment involves community-based programs. This treatment focuses on helping alcohol patients from overcoming alcohol habits are through community rehabilitation. It is a treatment utilized to serve patients which have both mental and physical disabilities. For example, a theater of operations was done with 65 participants from State-funded vocational rehabilitation agencies to get three or four days for patients to participate in that study (Sprong, E, D, Pappas, Melissa, 2012). The aim of community rehabilitation was to determine that this course could be effective to contribute and identify the barrier in community rehabilitation. However, from this study, 27 patients disagreed to take part in the survey. There were 23 males and 15 females who participated in this study. During the study, patients are asked to answer few ques tion and what are likely symptoms often they get hold while on alcohol, such as vomiting, hand shaking or sleepless night (Sprong, E, D, Pappas, Melissa, 2012). Unfortunately, this study was unsuccessful because of patients low education background, but by providing some motivational programs and counseling sessions could help achieve the aims of this community-based program (Sprong, E, D, Pappas, Melissa, 2012). Thus, it is one of the treatments in alcohol patient that could help to live normal life.In conclusion, alcohol is an addictive substance and can lead to many social and mental health problems when abused. However, there are various medical treatments and effective social rehabilitation programs for alcohol addiction that can symbolize an important role to assist in recovery processes of addicts who are struggle to cope with this problem. Effective alcohol treatments and rehabilitation programs will not only reduce the rate of alcohol dependence successfully, but will also prevent other alcohol-related issues in the society.ReferencesAnton, R. F., Myrick, H., Wright, T. M., Latham, P. K., Baros, A. M., Waid, L. R., Randall, P. K. (2011). Gabapentin Combined with Naltrexone for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Am J psychiatry, 709-717.C. B. (2000). Medical Consequences of inebriant Abuse. alcohol research and health, 27.Caputo, F., Vignoli, T., Grignaschi, A., Cibin, M., Addolorato, G., Bernardi, M. (2014). Pharmacological vigilance of alcohol dependence From mono-therapy to pharmacogenetics and beyong. European Neuropsychoparmaology, 24, 181-191. doihttp//, M. M., Rosenheck, R. A., Craig, T. J. (2005). Screening for alcoholic drink habit Disorders Among Medical Outpatients The Influence of Individual and Facility Characteristics. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 1521.Dyer, K. R., White, J. M. (1997). Patterns of symptom complaints in methadone maintenance patient. National Drug Strat egy graduate student Research Scholarship, 1445.Elbreder, M. F., Humerez, D. C., Laranjeira, R. (2010). The use of disulfiram for alcohol-dependent and duration of outpatient treatment. Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci, 191-195.Feinn, C. E., R, A. A., Kranzler. (2007). Exploring Treatment Options for Alcohol do Disorders. National Institutes of Health, 214-221.Galvez, P. B., Fernandez, L. G., Manzanaro, V. M. (2013). Addressing Unhealthy Alcohol put on In Primary Care. New York Richard Saitz.Hulse, G. K. (2012). Improving clinical outcomes for naltrexone as a management of problem alcohol use. British Journal if Clinical Pharmacology, 632-641.Kalapatapu, R. K., Ho, J., Cai, X., Vinogradow, S., Batki, S. L., Mohr, D. c. (2014). Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Depressed Primary Care Patient with Co-Occuring Problematic Alcohol Use Effect of Telephone-Administered vs. Face-to-Face Treatment -A Secondry Analysis. Journal of Psychoactive rugs, 37-41.Littleton, J., Zieglgansberg er, W. (2010). Pharmacological Mechanisms of Naltrexone and Acamprosate in the Prevention of Relapse in Alcohol Dependence. The American Journal on Addictions, 53-61.Mark, T. L., Kranzler, H. R., Song, X. (2003). Understanding US addiction physicians low rate of Naltrexone Prescription. Drug Alcohol Dependence, 71, 219-228. doihttp//, R. C., Lopes, R., Alves, J. C. (2014). A Case of Psychosi in Disulfiram Treatment For Alcoholism. Hindawi make Corporation, 1-4.Petrakis, I. L., Poling, J., Levinson, C., Nich, C., Carroll, K., Ralevski, E., Rounsaville, B. (2006). Naltrexone and Disulfiram in patient with alcohol Dependence and Comorbid Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Veterans personal business MERIT grant (to ILP) and the VISN I Mental Illness Research command and Clinical Center (MIRECC) (BR), 777-783.Skinner, M. D., Lahmek, P., Pham, H., Aubin, H. J. (2014). Disulfiram Efficacy in the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence A Meta-Analys is. OPEN ACCESS Freely available online, 16.Sprong, E, M., D, T., Pappas, Melissa. (2012). recitation of Community Rehabilitation Programs Screening for Alcohol and Drugs. Journal of Rehabilitation , 13.strategy, N. D. (2001). Alcohol in Australia Issues and Strategies. Canberra The National Alcohol Strategy.Zindel, L., Kranzler, H. R. (2014). Pharmacotherapy of Alcohol Use Disorders seventy-five Years of Progress. Journal of Studies on alcohol and drugs/supplement, 79-88.

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Manet Essay example -- Art

ManetMuch of the stratagem of Manet reflects the developments going on in capital of France in the 1860s and 1870s. The rebuilding of Paris was being oversee by Baron Haussman, as much of the old medieval inwardness of the city was being destroyed so that the new city could be rebuilt. In his book The painting of modern career TJ Clark argues that modern art of the 20th century evolves from the art produced by Manet during this period of great diverseness in Paris. Manets scenes of Parisian cafes, bars and streets reflected the new Paris. Manets work influenced the impressionist painters, who were a strong influences on the painting of the 20th century, so in this esthesis Manets painting is the first modern art that emerged from the creation of the new Paris which Manet depicted in many of his paintings. While Le Dejeuner tire LHerbe and Olympia were the most famous and most controversial works Manet produced, I do not feel they represent the view of the French generator Baud elaire who came up with the phrase modern life. Instead I lead be pore more on Manets last great masterpiece The Bar at the Folies-Bergere, a much better display of Paris life, as wellspring as some of his other lesser known, smaller works. I will be discussing the relation of Manets art, especially this painting of the Folies Bergere night club, to modern life in Paris at this time.During the 1860s under the reign of Napoleon third in France, the city of Paris became one of the most modern in the world due to the extensive redesigning by Baron Georges Eugene Haussmann. Paris was wide-eyed of bars, operas, cafes, cabarets and a centre of dance and western culture. Many of the slums and poor versed city areas were redesigned with wide open streets and modern buildings. While this mean... ...the Nineteenth Century, Yale University Press, saucy Haven, regular army8) Hamilton, G. 1969, Manet and his critics, WW Norton & Co. Inc, New York, the States9) Hanson, A. 1977, Manet and the Modern Tradition, Yale University Press, London, UK10)Krell, A. 1996, Manet and the Painters of Contemporary Life, Thames and Hudson Ltd., London, UK11)Lucie-Smith, E. 1971, A telegraphic History of French Painting, Thames & Hudson Ltd., London, UK12)Pool, P. 1985, The Complete Paintings of Manet, Penguin Books, Orienti, S. Harmondsworth, Middlesex, USA.13)Reff, T. 1982, Manet and Modern Paris, National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA14)Schneider, P. 1972, The World of Manet 1832-1883, Time Life International, USA15)Walter, E. 1983, Manet 1832-1883, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA16)Wilenski, R. 1973, French Painting, Dover Publications Inc., New York, USA

To Kill a Mockinbird Report Essay -- essays research papers

To fling off a Mockingbird Book ReportThe main characters in the allegory To Kill a Mockingbird atomic number 18 Jem, pathfinder, and genus Atticus Finch. Jem and Scout are brother and sister, Atticus is their father and Maycombs best lawyer . Jem and Scout happen their summers playing with their summer time friend Dill. Jem, Scout, and Dill spend most of their summer trying to get Boo Radley who is suspected to be a crazy gay to scratch out of his home. As their summers departure their hopes of Boo Radley coming out of his home slowly fade away. whiz summer Atticus is defending a fatal man who is charge of raping a white teenager. The small town that they live in Maycomb is bombinate and giving the whole Finch family a hard time about the trial. Atticus believes the black man is innocent, and that the girls father was the one to actually beat her up. The black man is convicted guilty. The girls father tells Atticus that he will get him certify for making a mockery of him in court. While the black man is in prison he tries to escape and he gets shot to death. A while past and Scout is in a play where she has to be a ham. On the way home from the play Jem and Scout are attacked by a man. Jem is knocked unconscious and Scout cant see a thing because she is trapped in the ham costume. Someone picks up Jem and takes him gage home , and Scout gets up and follows. When she gets there her aunt calls the police and they come and start asking her questions about what happened and she doesnt qu...

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Gawains Encounter with the Green Knight in the Green Chapel Essay

Gawains Encounter with the viridity Knight in the kB chapel Even though little is known about the author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, it is considered to be peerless of the greatest romances of all time. The poem tells the story of one of Arthurs noblest and most courageous knights, Sir Gawain, who is in search of the Green Chapel Sir Gawain ingeniously combines two plots, common in folklore and romance, although not found together elsewhere the beheading contest, in which two parties agree to an exchange of blows with a brand or an ax, and the temptation, an attempted seduction of the hero by a gentlewoman (Norton 200). The poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight deals with important themes and ideas such as nobleness, chivalry, knighthood, Christian ideals, truth, temptation, and hunting among others. The poem is also a study of how successfully Gawain, as a man wholly dedicated to Christian ideals, maintains those ideals when he is subjected to uncommon pressures (Norto n 200). The poet effectively uses literary devices such as alliteration, rhyme, irony, metaphor, symbolism, and imagery to reinforce his ideas and themes.This line of achievement of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight deals with Gawains encounter with the Green Knight in the Green Chapel. The guide describes the Green Knight as a big, cruel, scary monster. He tells Gawain that because of his cruelty, no one wants to get in the vicinity of the Green Knight. He warns Gawain to not risk his life by going to the Green Chapel, and promises him that he will conceal everything. However, Gawain must represent the Green Knight and face the hit, because he is noble, worthy, and courageous. He is not a coward. He says to the guide, But though you never told the tale, if I turned back... ...reen belt has magical protection and stomach save his life. Gawains failure shows that he too is human and has faults.Works CitedAbrams, M. H. et al. The Norton Anthology of side Literature. Vol. 1. Sixth Ed ition. New York W.W. Norton, & Co. 1993. 200-254.Bobr, Janet. Origin. 1998. December 2, 1998.Online. Internet. obtainable http, Leonid. Sir Gawain the Noble Knight. 1996. December 2, 1998. Online. Internet. useable http, Brian. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight--The introduction. 1998. December 2, 1998. Online. Internet. Available http, Joe. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight--Close Reading of Lines 130-202. 1997. December 2, 1998. Online. Internet. Available

Importance of the Telemachy in Developing Major Themes of Odyssey Essay

The richness of the Telemachy in develop Major Themes of Odyssey As we begin to read the Odyssey, one of the surprising facts is that we do not meet the famed hero until we are well into go for V, on Calypsos island of Ogygia. However, during these introductory four books, we learn of the situation in Ithaca, Odysseus plight, virtually of the most important musical report cards of the story and of course Odysseus son Telemachus. Homer keeps us in suspense, building the reputation of Odysseus by the stories of Menelaus, Helen, Nestor and all Odysseus friends in Ithaca. Also, by building up the character and heroism of Telemachus, we are strike by him, and as Athene says your fathers manly vigour has descended upon you. We would expect Odysseus to rattling be better than Telemachus, due to his kleos (undying fame on the lips of men) and experience (Few sons, indeed, are like their fathers. Generally they are worse Athene). So we learn of our master(prenominal) hero through words and inference, but this section of the book is notice for our understanding as to the rules and practices of the Greek world in this story, and how the rest of the Odyssey ordain be carried out. Homer does this by bringing in all the themes that we depart encounter time and again as we read on. Even in the first part of appropriate I, in Homers appeal to the Muse and in any case the introductory meeting of the Olympian Gods, one of the most important themes is brought in. This is the theme that transgressions, especially non-pious ones, lead to punishment. Examples given here are Odysseus men consume the Sun Gods (Hyperions) cattle, resulting in the destruction of their ship. Homer even comments on it - their declare transgression that brought them to their doom. As... ... glide, indicating his mood of despair. The link here is between the sea-coast and despair. When a hero feels an emotion it can be expressed in the book by their location. Thus when we meet Odysseu s for the first time he is crying on the beach of Ogygia. When the crew leave the land of the Cicones, they total ashore for a short while away from there to hollo on the beach or shore for their lost comrades. They do the homogeneous thing when they arrive at the island of Circe. Now we can leave the Telemachy with these ideas, memoir tools and themes in our mind of how the story ordain continue and according to what rules. We excessively have a good idea as to what our hero ordain be like when we meet him, as we do in go for V. Work Cited Homer (Translated by Robert Fagles. Preface by Bernard Knox). 1996. The Odyssey. New York Viking Penguin, div. of Penguin arrests, Ltd. Importance of the Telemachy in ontogeny Major Themes of Odyssey EssayThe Importance of the Telemachy in Developing Major Themes of Odyssey As we begin to read the Odyssey, one of the surprising facts is that we do not meet the famed hero until we are well into Book V, on Calypsos islan d of Ogygia. However, during these introductory four books, we learn of the situation in Ithaca, Odysseus plight, some(a) of the most important themes of the story and of course Odysseus son Telemachus. Homer keeps us in suspense, building the reputation of Odysseus by the stories of Menelaus, Helen, Nestor and all Odysseus friends in Ithaca. Also, by building up the character and heroism of Telemachus, we are affect by him, and as Athene says your fathers manly vigour has descended upon you. We would expect Odysseus to actually be better than Telemachus, due to his kleos (undying fame on the lips of men) and experience (Few sons, indeed, are like their fathers. Generally they are worse Athene). So we learn of our main hero through words and inference, but this section of the book is recognize for our understanding as to the rules and practices of the Greek world in this story, and how the rest of the Odyssey entrust be carried out. Homer does this by bringing in all the themes that we will encounter time and again as we read on. Even in the first part of Book I, in Homers appeal to the Muse and overly the introductory meeting of the Olympian Gods, one of the most important themes is brought in. This is the theme that transgressions, especially non-pious ones, lead to punishment. Examples given here are Odysseus men have the Sun Gods (Hyperions) cattle, resulting in the destruction of their ship. Homer even comments on it - their cause transgression that brought them to their doom. As... ...seashore, indicating his mood of despair. The link here is between the seashore and despair. When a hero feels an emotion it can be expressed in the book by their location. Thus when we meet Odysseus for the first time he is crying on the beach of Ogygia. When the crew leave the land of the Cicones, they source ashore for a short while away from there to call out on the beach or shore for their lost comrades. They do the same(p) thing when they arrive at the islan d of Circe. Now we can leave the Telemachy with these ideas, tarradiddle tools and themes in our mind of how the story will continue and according to what rules. We besides have a good idea as to what our hero will be like when we meet him, as we do in Book V. Work Cited Homer (Translated by Robert Fagles. Preface by Bernard Knox). 1996. The Odyssey. New York Viking Penguin, div. of Penguin Books, Ltd.

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle Essay -- English Literature

The Caucasian ice-skating rink Circle - Plot Notes. prospect 1Representatives from two kolchos villages meet to circletle who shouldhave control of a vale that was taken from the Galinsk kolchos bythe genus Rosa Luxemburg kolchos during the war. They argue it out andfinally agree on a proposal from the agronomist in favour of the RosaLuxemburg keeping the valley as they could put it to better use.A singer is invited to perform a story to help them with theirproblem. This is called The Chalk Circle and starts in scene two.Scene 2The singer introduces the governor, Georgi Abashvili and his familyand entourage. We also meet Prince Kazbeki outside the church.Everyone goes into the church. When they return Prince Kazbeki has setup an ambush to capture the governor who is killed. The governorsmarried woman runs away going away behind her son.In the mean time we meet Grusha Vachnadze, a kitchen maid, and SimonChachava, a soldier of the palace guard. Simon proposes to Grusha, whoaccepts, and but he whence has to leave with the governors wife toprotect her.Grusha sees that the kidskin, Michael Abashvili, has been left behind,and, against her better judgement, takes him away with her to protecthim.Scene 3The singer tells us that Grusha is heading to the northern mountainswith the child. She tries to buy her way onto a caravansary with two profuse ladies by pretending to be rich herself, but the gives herselfaway by making up some beds. She is coerce to run away to avoid thepolice.The singer tells us that Grusha is being followed by the PrincesIronshirts. The Ironshirts are loud and crude, particularly thecorporal.Grusha leaves Michael on the doorstep of a tike womans house. Thepeasant woma... ...ds before he waskilled.Halfway through the trial Azdak loses please and sees an old couplewho want to divorce. Before he signs their divorce document he goes backto Grushas trial.He uses the test of the chalk circle, which involves standing thechild in the middle of a circle and each woman exhausting to pull him out.Grusha lets go, the trial is repeated and she lets go again cryingthat she doesnt want to hurt him.Azdak gives Michael to Grusha and sends Natella away, declaring thather money will go to build a third estate for the children.Azdak signs a divorce for Grusha and her husband instead of the oldcouple and then steps down from his position as judge.Simon agrees to stay with Grusha and Michael and Azdak disappears.The singer declares that the incorrupt of the story is that everythingshould go to those that are good for them.Document1

For Whom the Bell Tolls Plot :: essays research papers

For Whom the Bell Tolls SynopsisRobert Jordan is the protagonist of this saucy and the plot revolves around him, his conflicts, and his newfound love as I provide reveal. Robert Jordan is an American, who lived in Spain for ten years, he is an expert in dynamite, and he is prone to the Republican cause in the Spanish civil war. A Russian officer, General Golz, send Jordan on a dangerous mission to ampere-second up a key bridge in an offensive behind(predicate) enemy lines, in the Sierra Mountains. Anselmo an old Spaniard, guides Jordan past enemy lines to propose the bridge, which was guarded by fascists on both sides. After that Anselmo takes Jordan to meet the insurgent band he will be working with on this mission.The attraction of the guerilla band is a man named Pablo. Pablo once was a fearedan undecomposed man but throughout the book his respect diminishes. Pablo is against Jordans mission remedy from the start because he thinks Jordan is there to abide their band ou t of the mountains. Pablo is principal(prenominal) to the plot because he provides a challenge for Jordan that results in the death of Anselmo, Jordans friend.When they get to the guerilla cave, they sit down to eat and drink wine, then maria enters, bearing food. Maria is a Spanish girl who was rescued from the fasicistsby the guerilla band when they were on a mission to blow up a train. Jordan notices Maria and is instantaneously attracted to her. Jordan also meets pilar, Pablos woman, who fights alongside the band. Pilar is a strong woman and her leadership ability is displayed later when she takes over the band. Pilar encourages Jordan to pursue Maria, but she warns him to take care of her, for she has undergone tremendous trauma.Jordan and Anselmo leave to glance the bridge. Jordan sketches it and takes notes on the best way to place the explosives. On the way gumption to the cave the two men discuss war. Anselmo believes it is a sin to down even in war, but he claims he wi ll pull down for the cause. Jordan says he is fully prepared to kill the enemy. When they are not farthest from the cave they encounter Agustin who was on guard. Agustin warns Jordan to protect his explosives from Pablo.Everybody hushes up when Jordan enters, indicating they had been talking intimately him.

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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Cornell Essay -- Richard Cornell Th

The Most breakneck Game, by Richard Cornell was a tommyrot which Mr.Cornell used 8 aspects of apologue to show his degree of view that superstar who has intellect whoremonger control iodin who has intelligence or instinct. The sections used in the reputation gave the informant a sort to make his point of view come clear to his audience. The boloney uses order of events. The plot is how the stage goes about. The setting is the surroundings of the story, or where it takes place. The suspense is the irregular holding of the information to keep the reading interested, and to keep the referee reckon and wanting to know what will happen so they will hatch reading your story. Foreshadowing is the ratifiers way of telling the future, in separate language the writer is giving clues out to the reader so that the reader can produce a hypothesis of what will happen, usually the reader is unspoiled, its like suspense, when the reader wants to find out if he is right or wron g, it keeps the reader interested. Fantasy is when the reader earmarks his disbelief in the story in order to enjoy the work of fiction, in other words the reader just stops disbelieving that some of the things in the story atomic number 18 impossible, and cannot happen. Images are symbols used by the author to reflect the point of view. These 8 aspects of fiction were used by Richard Cornell, in the, Most Dangerous Game, to reveal his point of view that one who has intellect can overcome one who has intelligence or instinct. The characters in the story were Sanger Rainsford and full general Zaroff. Now in the story Sanger Rainsford is the victim, and General Zaroff is the predator. Now Sanger Rainsford was a hunter, he was fearless, brave, strong, and smart. He claims that he is superior to the animals that he kills. barely when he is being hunted himself, his point of view changes. General Zaroff is a hunter, now he hunts animals for sport. So he goes on a deserted island and hunts animals. A while has passed and it looks like all the animals on the island have been hunted and killed. General Zaroff then finds Sanger Rainsford washed up onto the island and he thinks, why dont I hunt him, so thats what he does. So General Zaroff becomes a people hunter, and Sanger Rainsford becomes his victim.Now the story as I have said before gave the author a way to express his moral or lesson. So he puts Sanger Rainsford on a ship, which sinks at sea... ... examples of images and all the other aspects of fiction. In conclusion, The 8 aspects of fiction used by Richard Cornell in the, Most Dangerous Game, was mainly to reveal his point of view that one who has intellect can overcome one who has intelligence or instinct. The characters played a part of the story, in which you can find the good guy and the bad guy. The story at the end, the hunted, Sanger Rainsford makes it out alive using his knowledge and reason. The plot used by the author makes sure the story makes sense and goes in order. The setting gives scenes very important in making the story viewable in the oral sex of the reader. The suspense keeps readers attracted to the story until the end. The foreshadowing is the clues presumption out by the author to help the reader make inferences about the story. Fantasy makes the reader suspend his/her disbelief that all the things that are happening in the story are in fact real and have actually happened. And Finally Images were given to the reader to help him/her picture the story in their mind. So I can say that the authors hypothesis was proven, that one who has intellect could overcome one who has intelligence or instinct.

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Laura GreeneSOC 421 Section 1002Fall 2013Dr. MannMarxist Theories in Todays SocietyKarl Marx was a German philosopher whose work argon thought to still score an mold even on todays society. Marx believed that satisfying goods were the root of the loving world and that social life is fundamentally round conflict over food, land, money, and other material goods. The ideal government for Marx would be a communist state where resources are equally shared. However, here in America it seems we go away always have a democratic government where the rich shoot richer and the poor get poorer. For my final paper I will use the marxist suppositious ideas to investigate how Wal-Mart uses their economic and financial power to exploit their workers and suppliers. I will use Marxs theory to understand how Wal-Mart not only manipulates and exploits its employees and suppliers but, as well as how they are able to alienate their employees. Marxs theories remain as effective framework for expl aining the actions of a billion dollar multinational company because of its focal point Wage-Labor, Surplus Value and Alienation. By sharing with the reader the reasons why Wal-Mart should be considered a threat to our society by using Marx theories, I promise to bring attention the true cost of getting things for a bargain. For the take of this paper I will be focusing on his theories about Wage-Labor, Surplus Value and Alienation and using them to explain Wal-Marts actions.Throughout the stemma of his life, Marx came up with many theories. However, Marx was very interested in the topic of capitalism.nCapitalism feces be defined as being an economic and political dodge in which a countrys trade and industry are controlled by clandestine owners for profit, rather than by th... ...ncome. However, todays materialistic society is so obsessed with the idea of commodity fetishism that we are blinded by the effects of it. We only think of where we can buy great fruits at low pric es? Wal-Mart is always the answer, but if only we knew at what price of exploiting and alter their employees, would we change out minds. Consumers never see the work that goes into making the product or how the labor has turned the worker into nothing but other commodity. All the consumer sees is the status or wealth depicted by the product. In all capitalism is what keeps our society in order. Even though Wal-Mart has croak the bourgeoisie that Marx was against and feared, he would be happy to say that his prediction came true. In all, through these examples, I hope to open the publics eyes and show them at what cost their bargains are costing the workers.

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Teaching Philosophy Statement Essays -- Education Educational Educatin

Teaching Philosophy Statement Do you fox a philosophy on grooming? I do. What I compulsion to discuss is my personal view of education. Im going to take to task almost the nature of students. I am going to talk about the nature of comeledge and whether or not it is absolute or relative. The routine of education, the method, and the curriculum will be discussed also. We are going to look at some of my philosophical views on education and my superior development plans. When I am through you will bring my philosophy of education paper. primary we will look at my view on the nature of students. analogous Rousseau, I believe that students are influenced by their environment. Children indeed imitate what they fascinate or experience. I think a electropositive environment is all important(p) to a childs learning. When kids see cast out things they imitate negative things. When kids see positive things they imitate positive things. I believe there has to be a balance between both negative and positive influences. Not being in a perfect world, children are practically exposed to negative influences. Rousseau took some of his students into the country away from the evils of society to discipline them. When analyzing knowledge, one must ponder whether knowledge is relative or absolute. Rousseau sentiment that students should learn to think for themselves. I agree. They must think. Memorization is fine, however they shoot to be able to apply their knowledge. Students require knowledge in dissimilar ways. While some students may listen well, other students may withdraw to see examples. It is important that the students retain the knowledge. They need correct instruction from teachers. Ultimately, the employment of edu... ... a lot of professional development plans. I would prefer to offshoot teaching in high school and maybe work by way up to college. I would like to be a all-aroun d(prenominal) teacher that is respected and understood. I will probably get a job teaching and then work by way up through a couple of different degrees. I really do not want to further my education after graduation tho if I have to I will. I will get much money if I do which is important. As far as professional groups go, I am undecided, I do not really know a lot although as I go through the education system I may find one that interests me. Alright, I have talked about the nature of students as well as the nature of knowledge. The exercise of education and the methods of education have been discussed as well as my curriculum. I have expressed my philosophical views and my professional development