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Nude in art Essay

The nude has changed dramatically throughout time in terms of its role in the art world. It has been used to portray a person’s power and their weakness, the way they see themselves and the way others see them. The majority of nude artworks are of the female nude, as highlighted by John Berger, ‘men look at women, women look back at themselves being looked at. ’ Vanessa Beecroft, a contemporary artist deems to challenge the way society views the nude in both high art and everyday contemporary society. She challenges the way women are judged on their appearance a base concept that is seen throughout many pervious images of the nude in art. In 1599 Pieter Pauwel Rubens depicts just that, the judgment of a women based on looks – in his painting, The Judgment of Paris, which depicts Venus the goddess of beauty and love being judged as the most beautiful female by the judge – Paris. In contrast to these female nudes, during the renaissance, Michelangelo’s nudes consisted of mainly males. He used the nude to show both desire and strength as well as his devotion to religion and art. The nude in art can been seen changing as society does throughout time. In the contemporary society we live in today, we, the audience, are more likely to accept the nude as part of everyday life because of the way mass media has influenced us as a society. However, before times when the nude was common sight and open sexual desire was seen as something preposterous, artists used the nude as a way of portraying their personal aesthetic ideals though religious figures, showing their love for both the art itself and their nude subjects. Michelangelo was first and foremost a sculptor. One of his most famous nude sculptures was that of David – depicted in the moments before he defeated Goliath. Created in 1504, Michelangelo sculpted for four years to create, in his own eyes, the finest sculpture of David possible. Michelangelo’s own dedication to the piece highlights his love for the subject as well as the art form. David was depicted as athletic but natural with some fetchers such as his hand and head enlarged for emphasis. David’s naked form symbolised his high religious status to Michelangelo. He felt that perfection such as David’s should not be hidden, this can be seen throughout a range of Michelangelo’s works, both sculpted and painted where he depicts religious figures of high value as nudes and covers lower class subjects with the cloth of a slave as if to cover their shame. Therefore, it can be seen that Michelangelo mirrors his own ideals in the form of religious figures to depict the perfection he desires as well as display this to the audience for them to subconsciously judge the subjects of his work under their own ideals. During the Baroque era, Rubens depicts the scene of the judgment of Paris, this painting allows the male subject to openly judge the female on their beauty alone. While depicting this mythological tale Rubens also himself paints the Venus to meet his ideal expectations of a woman’s desirable qualities, both physically and temperamental and offers her to the audience’s judgment also. Rubens has posed the women to show off their bodies in the most desirable way as well as highlight their key fetchers’ such as their nipples and lips in deep red and gold against their pure skin, he paints the woman with small breasts and wide hips – the ideal representation of female beauty at the time. Implied innocence hides the male voyeurism in this scene – all figures are equally naked however, only the female body is on show, all male’s in the image are either turning away from the audience or are modestly hidden by lavish draping’s, furthermore, the woman are surrounded by small winged children named, Putti; these figures are associated with love and sexual encounters. The ultimate goal for all the women in this painting is to win the love of Paris through their beauty and Venus’ ideal attraction symbolises the high value placed on this virtue and highlights their love and physical beauty as the most important quality they have to offer. Contemporary artist, Vanessa Beecroft challenges the way the nude has been viewed throughout past art as well as how it is perceived in modern society. Beecroft is most known for her confronting live performances in which a selection of like women are stood on high heels and not much else, facing the audience’s gaze. Beecroft aims to provoke reaction from the audience, both male and female, the gaze these models hold as well as their physical closeness to the audience highlight the fact that these women know they are being looked at and judged and consequently look back and judge the audience creating an uncomfortable but eye opening experience for both the models and the viewer. Beecroft challenges the way the nude body is perceived by both high art and by the public and questions a woman’s need to conform to societies expectations as well as focusing on how the concept of beauty can change over a period of time, Beecroft states, ‘maybe if they (the audience) see it twenty times they’ll start not to think of it in the same way, I’m not sure, it’s an experiment. In conclusion it can been seen that the nude has changed dramatically throughout time however, it has always been associated by different forms of beauty and judgment, due to the human nature of the artists that create such works. It can also be highlighted that the way the audience as well as the artist sees the nudes they depict can change during the artwork or during their lifetime depending on how they are influenced by the changing world around them.

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Green Mountain Coffee Roaster Essay

During the fourth quarter of 2010 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters had some accounting irregularities become known to the public. Green Mountain’s problems all started from how they recognized income, though intercompany inventory and third party vendor. After the SEC inquiry, Green Mountain’s accounting irregularities spanned three fiscal years and three fiscal quarters. Starting with fiscal year 2007 and running through the third fiscal quarter of 2010. In total Green Mountain had five areas of their financial statements in which they did not follow GAAP. The first issue overstated $7.6 million dollars of inventory during the time period, because of an incorrect standard of cost (Dulong, 2010). Next they had a $1.4 million overstated income, because of incorrect accrual amount of incentive programs expenses. Third issue overstated income by $1 million dollars, because of timing classification of historical revenue royalties from third party vendors. Fourth issue oversta ted $800,000 of income, because of incorrect standards for intercompany inventory cost. Fifth is an understated income of $700,000, because of a failure to reverse accrual customer incentive program. All amounts in this report are amount of pre-income tax earnings. Rule During this time period Green Mountain has violated three rules from the FASB accounting standards codification: inventory measurement, revenue recognition and multi element revenue recognition. Although the SEC had found more problems than just three, the issues at Green Mountain can be classified into these three areas. The SEC did conduct an 18 month inquiry only, into the financial statements of Green Mountain, costing the company about $4 million dollars (10-k form, 2011) . The first FASB code violated is 330-10-35 or Topic-inventory, Subtopic-overall, Section-subsequent measurement (FASB ASC 330-10-35). During the SEC inquiry, Green Mountain had overstated their inventory totaling $8.4 million during the fiscal years. Green Mountain had overstated its inventory two difference ways. With the net result is being an overstated net income, during the company’s record profit and double digit growth years, creating a high dividend for investors. Second FASB code violated is 605-15-25 or Topic-revenue recognition, Subtopic-products, Section-recognition (FASB ASC 605-15-25). With this violation Green Mountain had under accrual incentive programs by $1.4 million dollars and also over accrual incentive programs by $700,000 dollars. Green Mountain had a net overstated income by $700,000 dollars during the fiscal years. Since Green Mountain has taken the â€Å"Razor and Blade† sales method, this is an important violation for their investors (Mchugh, 2012). The Razor and Blade sales method is where Gillette brand razors are sold at cost but the company makes its money when the consumer buys the blade. For Green Mountain they are selling the coffee maker at cost, while they hold the patent rights to the K-cup that fits into the coffee maker. The last FASB rule violates is 605-25-25 or Topic-revenue recognition, Subtopic-multiple-element arrangements, Section-recognition (FASB ASC 605-25-25). This violation is from Green Mountain not having the correct cumulative revenue recognition of royalties from a third party vendor. Green Mountain had overstated their income by $1 million dollar form this error, once again overstating the net income of the company. Analysis Green Mountain was known for being a responsible company prior to the inquiry, where they managed the production from bean to brewer. Also Green Mountain has claimed that the support only responsible farming practices, proven by their coffees being â€Å"Fair Trade Certified†. The restating of their financial records has hurt their image but only for a little while since their stock has rebounded. â€Å"Channel Surfing† is what one blogger has accused Green Mountain of doing (Flitter, 2012). The inflation of sales and earnings is Channel Surfing; this is done to make a company seem more profitable than actual. The facts are that, yes they did go through an SEC inquiry for 18 months. There was no charges filed by the SEC and all Green Mountain did was restate their financial statement at an expense to the company’s bottom line. The company image does now have a blemish on it and they don’t have the same public support they once had. The stockholder did file a lawsuit against Green Mountain, but the judges throw the case out of court. Green Mountain had a net profit of $79 million in 2010 and $199 million in 2011, the years affected by the SEC investigation. Between the adjustment and cost of inquiry Green Mountain had a $14.1 million dollar expense. This is a big expense to the company but it is something they have recovered from and their stock is climbing and no one has gone to jail for criminal actions. Conclusion Green Mountain did not act like a responsible company in regards to its accounting practices, but they have straighten up there polices since the inquiry. I believe that they were trying to see how much they could get away with for revenue recognition and once caught they have followed the FASB code since then. The business model they are using for sales method is a risky game, because of patents expiring and this might be part of the motivation behind the revenue recognition policies.

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International Bonds: Credit Ratings

Why do most International bonds have high Moody or Standard & Poor's credit ratings? Credit Rating Is a social Intermediary service to provide credit Information and reference for the community. Credit rating Is alma to show the size of a credit default risk the rating object, rating agencies focus on financial conditions and historical data to give the overall valuation of object. Currently, credit rating on the issue of international bonds is the popular investment risk valuation method in the international capital market.Specifically, this is assessed on debt servicing capacity of the issue bonds in a period, its fundamental purpose is to protect the interests of investors. At present, there are about 20 credit rating agencies on the issue of international bonds over the world, Moody, Standard & Poor's are the top 2 institution all over the world. Though they are private institution, but the rating scale and guidelines gradually become recognized as Internationally accepted sample s with considerable authority. Credit rating Is the traffic permit' for bond issuer to enter theInternational bond markets. International bonds with high credit rating mastered the global Information dominance and capital allocation rights. The rating will directly affect the level of costs and interest rates of oversea companies, it also can affect the strength of a business or even the survival and development of a country. Credit rating could provide objective and impartial credit information in order to strengthen management, avoid risks, optimize investment, boost sales and improve efficiency.High credit rating can increase the international business community awareness, improve competitiveness, to expand markets, increase sales and achieve rapid development of enterprises, expanding the scope of corporate finance at the same time, promoting financing success. High credit rating also can reduce financing costs in international enterprises. Companies with high credit ratings can get more credit policy In economic exchanges, easily to expand the scale of financing, therefore reduce financing costs.Q. What should a borrower consider before issuing dual-currency bonds? What should an investor consider before investing in dual-currency bonds? Dual-currency nod is a bond that is issued in a currency and pays coupons in the currency as well. At due date, the capital is paid in another currency. The coupon rates for dual- currency bonds are usually higher than other straight fixed-rate bonds. The amount of principal would set when the bond is issued based on currency appreciate.There are many motivations for Issuing the dual-currency bond, but the core reason is due to the long-term foreign currency offered by bank are rarely more than a decade, it must be used In order to avoid the foreign exchange risk. Exchange rate uncertainty would primarily considerate for both the borrower and Investor when dealing with dual-currency bonds. Currency fluctuation will Influe nce whether a borrower or issuer will gain or loss. As for the borrower, if the issued currency appreciates or principal, thus, the borrowers will benefit.However, if the issued and coupon currency depreciate or principal currency appreciates, the borrower will suffer a loss from exchange rates. As for the investor are opposite to borrower. If the principal currency appreciates or issued currency depreciates, the principal repayment they chive will be more valuable than the issued currency repayment, thus, the investors will benefit. On the contrary, they will suffer a loss from exchange rates. Normally, coupon rate dual-currency bond is higher than the single-currency bonds.On the publisher's point of view, the repayment in different currencies may get lower risk, therefore, the bond issuers were willing to pay a higher coupon rate in order to reduce exchange rate risk, and choose to pay the dual-currency bond. Q. Discuss the process of bringing a new international bonds issue to m arket. The main international bond issuance processes are as follows: (1) The issuer will contact an investment banker and ask it to serve as lead manager of an underwriting syndicate.

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WQ7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

WQ7 - Essay Example Coaching is usually focused on giving the leaders additional skills to improve their competence. For example, when new employees are engaged in a company, they usually possess some skills but have little experience in the organizational operations. Coaching them is viewed as a necessary tool that improves their knowledge regarding the organization. Leadership development in the organization follows Kesler’s suggestion that coaching helps leaders to apply the skills acquired in studies to real practice (Kesler, 2002). Leaders need training to augment their focus on building a strong relationship between them and the subordinates, which enhances understanding making them able to identify weaknesses that need to be suppressed through coaching. Through training, they develop a new approach towards accomplishing tasks (Alldredge et al. 2003). Training involves introducing and promoting new working strategies, offering explanations and making facts clear to the leaders thereby improving their communication with subordinates. They begin to pay attention to the subordinates to know the appropriate strategies that enhance success in the organization. They need to be engaged in continuous coaching to ensure that they acquire significant information that improves their competitiveness in decision making (Kesler, 2002). One of the methods for social network analysis (SNA) is basic modeling, which is used in the evaluation of the flow of information and understanding n the organization. The process and the activity views are to significant modeling views that are reconciled in the knowledge modeling and description language (KMDL), which creates a favorable environment for the workflow processes to be accomplished. The various parts of the process are effectively interconnected through the process boundaries (Freeman, 2004). The IT systems facilitate the interconnections of the entire knowledge management process. Their applications in knowledge sharing activities

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Thatcherism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Thatcherism - Essay Example Thatcherism has been rooted in the individualist views of 19th and 20th century British political parties. However from a contemporary viewpoint, Thatcherism has been famously associated with opposition to join the European Union, which according to some was aimed at eroding Britain's sovereignty. In a famous Bruges Speech, 1988 Thatcher stated, '"We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the state in Britain, only to see them re-imposed at a European level, with a European super state exercising a new dominance from Brussels." (Bruges Speech from BBC, 2000). This would clearly indicate the perceived threats of joining the European Union completely which in turn led to Britain emphasizing on its own border controls and heightened sovereignty. Post war effects of Thatcherism have been clearly perceived within British politics and some elements of Thatcherism such as controlling public expenditure and promoting personal achievements have also been incorporated in the policy approach of New Labour government from 1997. However unlike Thatcherism, the Blair government has put greater emphasis on social justice and has focused on promoting social inclusion of the excluded groups and classes. It is important to understand the impact of Thatcherism th... tors as British gas, British telecom and British steel along with curbing powers of the trade unions and local government, promoting individual achievements and private enterprises and also strengthening powers of the central government (BBC, 2006). The focus was to bring in higher consumerism and increase levels of private investments. Public expenditure was cut down and monitored and the local governments faced severe restrictions with rate capping and poll tax in 1989. With loss of support from unions and controversies over poll tax, Thatcher had to leave although this was followed by a period of economic recession and high unemployment and also divisions in society. As Thatcherism encouraged privatisation with gas, steel and telecommunications services, private ownership was also given to providers of health care services. This increased privatisation however led to widening of the rich poor gap and increased divisions in society. Clarke (1999) examined Thatcherism and considered the strengths and weaknesses of the political outlook highlighting the unique financial strategy and monetarist economic policy of the Conservative government. Clarke points out that even if Thatcher's economic policies were uncertain in theory and practice; they were ideologically applicable in terms of methods and objectives. Clarke highlighted the personal dimension of Thatcherism arguing that the rise and fall of Thatcherism could be reduced to definite personal attributes of Thatcher in terms of leadership and control. This however may not be completely true as Thatcher's policies on privatisation and controlling of local governments and trade unions could have bee n the main reason for the unpopularity of Thatcherism during the late 1980s. In this regard, Heath et al (2001)

Analyses of the Website Gutteridge Haskins and Davey Essay

Analyses of the Website Gutteridge Haskins and Davey - Essay Example The essay "Analyses of the Website" talks about the GHD website (Gutteridge Haskins & Davey, that represents an international network of engineers, architects, and environmental scientists. The paper also analyzes the website's audience and if the website effectively communicates to it. GHD website serves multiple purposes. It shares information to its present and prospective clients. It gives a complete detail to anyone who will open the website, about its history, its values, and the various projects it has undertaken. It also attracts Human Resource from its website where job-seekers can find job opportunities. The website also invites users to give their feedback and is a medium to contact them. One thing written on the homepage of the website is â€Å"At GHD, we think beyond tomorrow to anticipate future challenges† which shows their concern for taking business seriously and representing the company’s values. Dechernatony and Mc Donald say that a corporate brand must give a clear picture and should personify the value of the organization. Hence another purpose is to build its corporate brand on an international level. So that when anyone wants to know about GHD, they would get a clear picture of the organization and its strong brand from its website. The purpose of the website is clearly in-line with the kind of business they are in. GHD is a consultancy firm and for such firms, it is best to provide information about the business to clients or any users of the website. While developing a website, one of the first things that a business needs to ask itself is the target audience. The organization needs to develop personas for the different target audience and then analyse how this audience is going to reach out its website (Jacobson 2007). The target audience for GHD’s website are the present and prospective clients, and the prospective employees. The first target audience refers to businesses and organizations who are working in the areas of water, transportation, environment, energy and resources, property and building. Therefore clients in the area of water refer to organizations dealing with water utilities and other water related services. In the area of environment, the business serves and the website attracts privat e organizations, government organizations and authorities. Furthermore government organizations and authorities look forward to consultancy from GHD in the area of transportations. Similarly the website also attracts audiences from different government and private organizations in the area of energy & resources, and building & property. This

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Human Resource Management in an Organization Essay

Human Resource Management in an Organization - Essay Example As such, the organization most of the time decides to outsource these services from other organizations which can offer the service(s) required more efficiently. Other organizations outsource so seriously that they end up co-opting the organization as part of itself thereby creating what is generally termed as the virtual network structure. This paper seeks to highlight the concept of co-opting, outsourcing and virtual network structure. It also explains why virtual network structure is a good structural alternative for some firms and by using one organization as an example, the benefits and limitations of the virtual network structure are evaluated. Outsourcing refers to the transfer of some organizational functions to an external service provider. This kind of arrangement is contractual and it happens between the organization and the supplier of the services that the organization requires. Mostly, the supplier of services through the contract is able to use the means of production it already owns. These means of production may be in form of assets, equipment and personnel among others. For the entire period of the contract, the organization is able to procure the required services from the contracted service provider. It is important to note that outsourcing can be done for a number of services. These services include but are not limited to human resource, estate management, accounting, information technology and auditing among others. Other outsourced services also include customer care or service telemarketing, designing and/or manufacturing and market research among others. The decision to outsource is preceded by a number of cost considerations among other considerations. Usually, the organization has to decide whether to outsource a given service or organizational function or conduct it in-house. It is important to note that the decision to outsource is a strategic level decision and as such requires the approval of the board of directors. The process of outsourcing usually begins after the decision is made after which the organization analyzes the in-house as compared to the buying of the services in terms of cost, efficiency, effectiveness, performance, quality etc in a bid to justify the decision of outsourcing (Chopra & Meindl, 2007: pp123-127). The complexity of the outsourcing process calls for the use of outsourcing consultants or intermediaries who not only help with the scoping but also with the legal terms and conditions, pricing and evaluating the vendors offering the required service(s). Outsourcing has been around for some time now and is as old as specialization itself but in the recent years most companies have embraced outsourcing so as to handle most narrow functions e.g. data entry billing and payroll among other organizational functions. Outsourcing of these functions is done because the contracted organizations can perform the functions more efficiently than when the functions could have been done in-house. Outsourcing of these functions is more often than not more cost effective than the opposite of it because the contracted companies have all the facilities, assets, specially trained human resource and special tools for the functions they have been contracted to carry out. Most of the times outsourcing is sought, it ends up being a success albeit this is not always the case. The success is

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Stakeholder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Stakeholder - Essay Example Without a clear consensus on how to define a stakeholder, the essential question that most definitions attempt to answer is, ‘What is a stake?’ The two definitions above certainly represent a contrast in broad versus narrow viewpoints of stakeholders. With Clarkson’s (1995) narrow perspective, a distinction can be made between stakeholders that voluntarily or involuntarily bear some form of risk. Voluntary stakeholders are those that bear risk based on an investment of either capital, human, or financial value in a firm. Involuntary stakeholders are at risk due to the activities of the firm. The common element between both types of stakeholders is risk, and without risk there is no stake (Mitchell et al., 1997). In the broader definition offered by Freeman (1984), the list of possible stakeholders is so expansive that it could include almost anyone or any entity. Diverse groups such as suppliers, community, industry, local government, neighbors, lobby groups, labor unions, and the natural environment have been included as stakeholders under this broad definition. The broadness of this definition (i.e. â€Å"can effect or is affected by†) allows the stake to be either unidirectional or bidirectional, and there is no requirement for reciprocal action as in a contract or with a relationship (Mitchell et al., 1997). From the critical perspective, Freeman’s definition (1984) is so broad that it would include everyone or every entity, except those with no power to affect the firm and have no relationship to the firm. The claim that a stakeholder is â€Å"any group or individual who can effect, or is affected by, the achievement of an organisation’s objectives† (Freeman, 1984: 46) is so broad that it is not falsifiable. In contrast, Clarkson’s definition (1995) uses risk to represent some form of legitimate claim

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The role of Contract Manufacturing Service (CMS) Providers in the Term Paper

The role of Contract Manufacturing Service (CMS) Providers in the global manufacturing supply chain - Term Paper Example Broadly, there are two types of CMS, one involving supply with materials and the other involving only labor contract. The growth of CMS has been phenomenal in the recent years due to globalization. In order to preserve the core competency, the companies in the manufacturing sector setting up plants overseas to meet the consumer demand rely heavily on CMS, and the industry has evolved into a major economic force worldwide in the recent years. Factors influencing CMS The factors influencing the decision making process of an organization with reference to contract manufacturing service are multifarious of which, the opportunity cost of capital, marginal efficiency of the capital, benefits of mass production, cost-volume-price relationship, indigenization commitments required to be made in line with the economic policies of the host countries and cost structure in manufacturing versus CMS are the most important ones. The degree of the influence of each factor in the decision making varie s from product to product, industry to industry and the company to company based on the circumstances obtained in each case. These factors are considered very important since they are related to the growth of CMS industry and the competitiveness of the companies utilizing CMS, by tilting the balance towards CMS in manufacturing. A product primarily considered for in-house production might be switched over to CMS at a later stage due to the developments taken place in the intervening period. The CMS is on the growth path and Weber (2002) states â€Å"As OEMs slim down, electronic contract manufacturers have been bulking up. Indeed, these growing companies have become the new heavyweights of production in many industries†. Opportunity Cost â€Å"Cost of using something in a particular venture is the benefit foregone (or opportunity lost) by not using it in its best alternative use†. (Lipsey, R. G. p. 259) If the capital could be deployed in another economic activity inst ead of investment in machineries, buildings or facilities required for the manufacture of the product by offloading through CMS, the company takes the decision based on the opportunity cost of capital for increasing its competitive advantage. Marginal efficiency of the capital The returns expected on different capital investments are compared by the company, and if efficiency in the case of the alternative investment is higher compared to the investment that may be required to be made for manufacturing the product which could have otherwise been off-loaded under CMS, the decision in favor of CMS is taken by the companies. Mass production Economy of mass production is an important feature that many a times tilt the balance towards CMS. The auto manufacturers throughout the world prefer to procure standard components through CMS for cost advantage in view of the benefits of mass production enjoyed by the contractors. Janet (1992) states â€Å"The contract distribution operation has a nd will continue to play an increasingly important and rapidly developing role in the physical distribution scene†. Cost- Volume-Profit Analysis The benefit of volume in operations could be effectively achieved by the contractors and could be leveraged by the companies through CMS. Parasuraman (2000) says â€Å"If a linear relationship could be established among costs, volume and profits, it would help

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Violent Video games not the cause for youth violence Essay Example for Free

Violent Video games not the cause for youth violence Essay Violent video games and television shows has been the source of entertainment for years. Violent video games made its first appearance in the early 1970’s. In 1972 Sony released a very popular game, Call of Duty. This game series, gave many people, especially youth, aspirations to join the military. In 2004 Icon Productions released of the most realistic movies in history. The movie Passion of The Christ depicted a very clear and precise way that people were treated in the older days. Many may argue these first two categories of violence were the booster seats of violence, but these violent video games and other entertainment outlets have little to do with contributing to youth violence. According to Jacob, 65% of youth today do not have the instinct to determine what is real and what not (Purdue.) Violent video games are positively used, they help kids prepare for the military, build self- esteem within themselves and gain heroic qualities, despite contrary beliefs that it generates bullying and family violence. One of the most played video game series is Call of Duty. Call of Duty, used for military purposes. Americas Military use this game to stimulate fighting skills and to prepare their troops for battle. Lieutenant Johnson argued that fighting skills derived in this game may even protect them from mental stresses of combat (Holtz) The Military has really taken a hold of gaming technology. Call of Duty also in association with Modern warfare two has become a more effective tool for the Military than all other Army advertisements combined, according to MIT researchers (Holtz.) According to Pete Singer, mental horrors will prepare our people for war and kids who play these games will be more likely to grow up and go on to take on the world and protect the world. Video games sold in the United States made twenty one billion dollars just on violent video games. It has been argued that violent video games are bloody and do not serve a purpose to youth. Violent video games bring many benefits. One happens to be increasing self-esteem. When kids play violent video games that involve having a multiplayer, they learn to work as a team and they tend to build self-esteem for themselves. They either learn how to follow and take directions or take the lead unselfishly (Purdue.) The media likes to blame violent video games for the aggression in youth. In a recent broadcast, violent video games have given youth heroic qualities. Two teenage brothers Colten and Luke were out late to purchase Grand Theft Auto V. On their way home from the store they witnessed 70 year old elderly man burning in his apartment building. They quickly ran into the building and saved the man from burning. Colten and Luke are die hard grand theft auto fans and spend countless hours on the gaming system. The two did not run into the building to beat the elderly man and take all of his possessions, they saved him from the bottom of their hearts. This goes to show that violent video games do not create aggression in youth. It creates heroism. Some causes of youth violence are because of the society within society. Bullying has led violence to another level. April 20th, 1999, the Columbine shooting at a High School located in Littleton, Colorado tool place. The two suspects were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. These two young men total of thirteen people and one of them was in fact an educator. A seventeen year study of seven hundred children from the ages of 16-22 had less than one hour of daily viewing of media violence, causing their involvement in aggressive acts to be at 5.7% (purdue) Dylan and Eric had little known source of violent video games and television shows. Dylan and Eric were simply fed up with what they had been dealing with for years. Both were mentally and physically bullied at their local school and simply wanted revenge, so they planned for an attack. Exactly ten years later another catastrophic event took place on April 17th, 2011 with narcotics. The Seth Tyler Jackson case included one victim and six suspects. The young adults were not playing violent games like Grand Theft Auto or Halo or watching a violent movie such as Saw. The suspects were indeed smoking and using methamphetamine, a drug, which submerges the brain under a negative delusion. These types are not to blame on media violence, because violent games are used for good purposes. Other factors are early childhood abuse. Adolescents that were raised in an abusive household have a greater risk or chance of growing up and taking on violent actions. Doctors with PhD’s often argue that media violence is the blame for aggression that is shown in children in this generation. American Psychological Association studies have proven if a child sees his mother or father that they look up to beating someone they love, they will also think that it is right to do the same thing to other people when they become an adult. Statistics show that 70% of adolescents were brought up in abusive households, causing them to have violent intentions (purdue) Parents and Doctors argue that media violence has a negative effect on youth, but media violence has a positive effect on children. The factor that has a positive effect on children is, preparing them for combat like preparing them for the Military and creating a sense of self-esteem, team work and heroic qualities.

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Internet A Blessing Or Curse Media Essay

Internet A Blessing Or Curse Media Essay The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the standard internet protocol suite to serve billions of users worldwide .It is network of networks that is consist of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope (from Wikipedia).Internet is such networking which connects the people of different area and give them chance to know about the culture of each other and share their ideas. It is one of the great inventions of science, which has removed about all complexities of life and had made the life much easier. Nowadays internet is vastly used some of the facts say that about 48% population of Asia use internet. In some countries like USA, UK, Japan about 4 out of 5 person use internet. Internet has vast use in our daily lives, it is source of information where you can find the information about any topic. There are billions websites which contain different information about different things. Many search engines such as,, are some popular the sources of information. All scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers and many other can easily do their research on internet and can find everything with in no time. Internet is the sea of information, where everything is avaible and you can avail it if you want. Internet is the source of communication which connects you with the people who are sitting in the other corner of the world. It connects you very fast and the important is that it is free of cost. You can make video calls via Skype which is totally free of cost. There are about 31 million people who use Skype for communication. There are also so many services on internet for communication such as Chatting rooms, E-mails, Facebook, and so many others. According to a survey made in 2011 about 750 million people use Facebook , which is a fast growing source of communication. Through Facebook people know about the culture of each other and many people get chance to speak and share their ideas the people of other countries which without internet is impossible. You can visit the whole world just sitting in your room. There are so many Facebook accounts which are just to promote the religious teachings, culture and tradition and so many other. We share so many important things on Facebook. The E-mail is the cheapest and easiest way through which you drop your message to your friend, relative or someone whom you want to send with in no time even if he/she is offline. In addition internet is nice source of entertainment where we find so many interesting things like videos, games, movies, music and news .According to website comScore about 217 million people play online games. You can find the music you want to listen totally free and can download it instead of going Bazar to purchase the particular album and sometimes it become difficult to find that album on shop so your time is wasted but now you can find same thing on internet free which save your money as well as your time. There are so many other interesting things on internet, we sometimes make new friends on internet, when we get bored we just go online chat with them and have fun. The business has the important role in the development of countries and to improve the business the internet is very much helpful. Business man consider internet as blessing for them. It has made business easier for everyone to carry out, with very small investment they can have much profit, now the businessman can advertise their particular business easily without wasting money. There are about 12 million business websites. Now it has become possible that you can do shopping sitting at your home, there are so many online stores and shops where you just put the order and you get your thing at your home. By online shopping your precious time (for which one great scholar had said that time is like ice if you would not use it at time it will melt away and will be of no use) is saved and your money for going out ,having taxy will also be saved . There are many people who are earning just sitting at home by doing online jobs. Currently about () people are doing online jobs to fulfill the needs of life and for them internet is nothing less than blessing. Most of the organizations, institutions, and departments advertise their vacant seats for job on internet and someone who is looking for job can easily find it. So it has also an admirable role in employment of the countries. A healthy man has a healthy mind, and to be healthy the sports has great role. So now internet is not only helping in business, communication, information but it also helps in the sports as well. There are about 2 million websites on internet , Many people are advertising about games on internet, inviting people to join them in games competition to make fun. So many games competition are held on national and international level and their registration is done on internet which is the cheapest and easiest way for people to( achieve ). Many games videos are uploaded on internet you can find any match of cricket, football, basketball and volleyball played even in past. You can find many sports tricks on internet and now it has become possible that there are sports tutors available on internet who can teach you exercise even in home through internet that is why mostly the people who are interested in sports claim that its blessing for them. Professor Hector Alwarez-Trujillo writes in his essay (Benefits and Challenges for online learner) technology has become the key to a new world of education. He further writes that online learning has become the most popular source of learning. A great scholar MitchellKapor   say getting information off internet is like taking a drink from fire hydrant. It has become now easier for education seeker to gain education on any time they want, there is no restriction of timings. There is no need to purchase the expansive books to study but now you can find all good stuff of your course on internet. Online learning has brought new possibilities in education to all potential students: if you cant go to school, we shall send the school to you(Dwyer, and Doerr,1995). The internet has tremendous effect on the education, it has made possible for everyone to get good education, some people who cant get admission in good universities or colleges they can get same good education on internet as some universities have online courses. There are so many universities which upload the lecture on their particular website and it becomes easier for students to avail the lecture and understand it. Namal College is also one of the such universities so it has become easier for student even if the college is closed they can find their educational stuff and assignment on internet. There are many good tutorials on internet which are very much helpful to the students . There is not only the written stuff avaible but there are also video lectures avaible as well. So many scholars and educationist believe that internet is blessing .But it also has some drawbacks as well. There is also some information on internet which misleads the person. Some people upload the information on internet which is not valid and many students get astray. As there are many religious websites on which the wrong information is uploaded which further lead to the misunderstanding and religious wars. Some anti-relig ions are making websites about religion and upload the wrong information on website and which further lead to the wars. So in that sense it seems curse. Furthermore internet it has many disadvantages beside it advantages .A very annoying disadvantages is the pornography which has spoiled the youth of nation. There are about 60 million people among them are children, men and women are the victim of these things which is a sinful act and is considered as bad religiously as well as physically. Some people get addicted to pornography and just waste their lives. Mostly the youth of nation is spoiled through this internet, due to that the youngster are losing their interest in their studies they just waste the time on watching such guilty videos on internet and ruin their lives. The J K Rowling say The internet has been a boon and curse for teenagers .With the passage of time many students are getting away from their families , they do not give time to their families spend their precious time on the internet just watching videos, movies, playing online games and chatting with friends. As a scholar Philip Zimbardo say What troubles me is in ternet and electronic technology revolution. Shyness is fueled in part by so many people spending huge amounts of time alone, isolated on e-mail, in chat rooms, which reduces their face to face contact with other people Many children are becoming the victim of loneliness. So mostly parents say that internet is the cure which has spoiled their children. This may be the reason the as the time is passing by people lives the short lives and are mostly in physically fit. It has been revealed that in the century of internet mostly children are spoiled in early age and the reason for is only and only internet. As internet is source of communication as we mentioned before at the same time it also create some misconception as well. The well-known example is Facebook which is used by very much people. It waste your life and when you get addicted to it, you cant do anything important than Facebook .So news has said the Facebook is such website which has created so much misconception, due to it many life partner are separated due to just misconception by Facebook. There are many hackers on internet who steal your personal information and sometime it also lead to war when people of one country hack the secretive sites of other country and steal their secrets. It also has some disadvantages in business as well. So internet has advantages as well as disadvantages and some people consider it as blessing and some consider it the curse. A great scholar said that every silver cloud has dark linings and everything which has positive effect it do have some negative effects as well. Use of internet is just like gun, the gun is blessing if you just use it to defend yourselves but it is no more less than curse if you use it to kill the innocent people. However Internet can be blessing for us if we use it positively, all now depands on us either we are going to make it blessing or curse. Mostly people think that it do have some draw backs but its advantages overcome all the demarits of internet. It has very important role in almost all aspects of life, we can say that it has become part of our lives, world without internet will be totally different without it there will not be fast source of communication. Internet can become completely blessing if the government takes some effective steps, such as government should set an active department which should see over the activities happening on internet and should set some rule s and regulations and if someone is having the wrong use he should be stopped and a written warning notice should be given to him. The department should set rules like it should the ban the porn videos and it should all the websites which are spoiling the youth or society. By doing that no one will be able to put wrong commits about any religion and the religious war will be over and many problems will be solved, so internet will be the blessing and internet is really blessing. The End.

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The Acts Of The Apostles A Book Report Religion Essay

The Acts Of The Apostles A Book Report Religion Essay INTRODUCTION In this book report, I am going to write on the Acts of the Apostles written by, Marshall I.H. I am also going what view point and character Marshall used to write on the Acts of the Apostles. THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES In this book, Marshall presents the Acts of the Apostles through the eyes of Luke, who was travelling companion of the apostle Paul. Lukes desire in writing the book of acts is to give a true historical account of the events, that took place in the early church. Marshall, states that acts has been confirmed as a source to be depended on historically. EYE WITNESS The book of acts, and the acts of the Apostles were written by an eye witness. Marshall, notes that from Acts 16:10 onwards, Luke writes in the first person plural form. Marshall, mentions in his book, that Lukes mention of individuals, their positions in society, their tittles and surrounding have been proved to be true archaeologically. ACCURATE INFORMATION There is a reference, in Acts 12:12 of a prayer meeting place in the house of Marks mother, it is assumed thats where the believers and the apostles met for prayer. Luke, also writes about the life of Paul, from Pauls position as a Pharisee to an apostle of Christ. Luke, in his writing would often give a good account of the events that were taking place in the lives of the apostles and because the information is so accurate and has been proved to be true, Luke being present to watch and learn from the Apostles. Therefore, Lukes writing proves that it was not imagination or fiction but true and significant. Marshall, notes that even Mark new a lot about the growth of the church and the council of Jerusalem, Mark also was a travelling companion of Paul. Since the writer of acts is Luke, who knew the disciples from their positions in society before they called to be apostle. When Luke interacted with the apostles, he found out a lot of information about the apostles and their individual life stories. Luke, also mentioned the names and positions of different people governing Israel and the surrounding areas, people like Gallio who governed Greece. Luke also writes about Agabus, who prophesied about a great famine, that would take place all over the world and this prophecy was fulfilled during the reign of Claudius Caesar. COMMERCE Lukes writing, also shows that commerce was truly present in the days of the apostles. Acts16:11-15 tells us of Paul and his companions, sharing to a woman by the name Lydia who was a purple merchant from the city of Thyatira. Lydias name is a reminder that Thyatira was located in the ancient kingdom of Lydia, a place that manufactured purple dyes. ANALYSIS Any examination of the book of Acts is incomplete without some reference to Lukes original purpose for writing as recorded in Luke 1:1-4. Lukes first volume, the Gospel of Luke, is actually the real preface to Acts as well as the Gospel itself. The first thing that should be observed is that Luke does indeed claim to be writing an accurate historical account of the life of Christ in the preface to his Gospel, and there is general agreement amongst scholars that Luke intends this statement to extend to his second volume. Carson, Moo and Morris have observed how some scholars say that those who claimed to be historians in ancient times were well known for writing from their own biased agenda and therefore cannot be trusted to give an accurate historical account, but it should be noted that although it is true that some historians did write more fiction than fact, the best ancient writers were careful to give an accurate presentation of the facts in much the same way that would be expec ted of modern historians. Luke deserves to be placed amongst these ancient historians and only differs from modern historians because he does not set out to present every historical detail but is deliberately selective, choosing to concentrate only on events relevant to the growth of the Church. Like the Gospel, the second volume of Lukes history is dedicated to Theophilus who is addressed as most excellent 1:1-3. Bruce observes how it has been suggested that because the name Theophilus means dear to God, it is simply being used by Luke to refer to the Christian reader in general, and not to a specific historical individual as such.10 However, Bruce continues to point out that this is unlikely for two reasons. Firstly, the use of the title most excellent suggests an individual c.f. 23:26; 24:3; 26:25, and secondly, the literary style in which Luke writes his dedication bears striking resemblance to other historical documents of antiquity. Those who regard the book of Acts as non-historical often point to the difficulties between the council of Jerusalem in Acts 15:1-29 and the writing of Paul in Galatians 2:1-10.19 Although Lukes account of the council is straightforward, the main difficulty arises when it is compared with what appears to be the same event as described by Paul in Galatians.20 In Galatians Paul is speaking about his second visit to Jerusalem after his conversion, but in Acts Luke says that it was his third.21 This difficulty has long been recognised by biblical scholars and there are several explanations offered to resolve it.22 Bruce considers that the difficulties arise because the authors are actually speaking about two entirely different occasions. He arrives at this conclusion by observing how the discussion reported by Paul in Galatians differs from Acts because it centres around missionary activity; the issue of circumcision is only marginally alluded to; and no mention is made of appeasing tabl e fellowship amongst Jews and Gentiles.23 Probably the most significant difference between the conference of Galatians 2:1-10 and council meeting in Acts 15:1-29 is that the former was held in private while the latter was held publicly, before the Jerusalem Church.24 Wainwright also agrees with Bruce in these differences and recognises a more consistent pattern with Galatians 2:1-10 in Acts 11:27-30.25 CONCLUSION In my report of this book by Marshall I H, I agree to what the book says about the author of the book of acts that the author was Luke. I also agree to the fact that the information Luke gave about the lives and events surrounding the apostles is true and because he was a travelling companion of Paul, he knew a lot about the apostles from their position in society to their positions in the church.

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What is science? :: essays research papers

Science is a method of understanding how things work. It is important because we need science in order for things to work and to develop new technology that is used in every day life. It is personally important to me because I really want to become a vet when I get older and I would need to do really well in science. Even though science isn’t exactly my best subject, I am willing to put in the hard work and determination so I may eventually get better and learn what I need to know. Science affects the world in many different ways. With the technologies that have been discovered we can now tell how warm or cold it will be for the next week, we will know when a tornado, hurricane, eruption or any other sorts of natural disasters will occur before they actually happen. This also helps out all communities. My family loves to travel, and if airplanes weren’t invented we wouldn’t be able to go to many places. We also need microwaves, stoves and ovens in order for us to eat supper, and fridges and freezers for us to keep our food in. We also enjoy watching television and movies, and I love talking on the telephone and listening to music. Without science none of these things would be possible. Everyone benefits from science because almost everything has something to do with or involves science. In the future, technology will be even more updated. Phones, televisions, personal stereos, computers etc., will keep getting smaller and smaller and more useful. Science will definitely make things a lot easier in the future. Science is everywhere; you always see it in every day life. Like when you get a ride to school from your parents, watch TV, talk on the phone, and listen to music, that’s using science. When you pass buildings science was used to build them. My favorite area of science is definitely Zoology because it has to do with animals and they are my passion.

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The Quiet American Essay -- Films Movies Vietnam War Essays

The Quiet American The film The Quiet American takes place during the 1950’s in Vietnam. The movie illustrates the atmosphere of Vietnam previous to the Vietnam War and during the French occupation of the country. The main plot of the movie revolves around three characters: Fowler played by Michael Caine, Pyle played by Brendan Fraiser, and Phoung played by Do Thi Hai Yen. For the duration of the movie the three main characters are involved in a semi love triangle. This triangle and the emotions that the male characters feel towards Phoung begin to characterize the way they feel about the country of Vietnam itself. Vietnam becomes feminized, taboo, and sexualized just as Phoung does in Pyle and Fowler’s eyes. The manner in which Fowler and Pyle struggle over Phoung represents the approach that Britain and America employed in their fight to â€Å"save† Vietnam from communism. Pyle’s’ intentions toward Phoung, although similar in some cases to Fowler’s, differ greatly at the same time. Both men view Phoung as a sort of object that needs to be saved or requires some sort of assistance in order to endure life. When Pyle falls in love with Phoung upon their first meeting, he decides that he must do whatever he can or whatever he deems necessary in order to â€Å"save† Phoung from a lowly existence. This is the exact same way that Pyle views Vietnam and its present condition. He wants to rescue Vietnam from what he believes to be unadulterated evil: communism. Pyle does this in a...

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Data Collection Plan Essay

Abstract Postoperative Pulmonary complications (PPC) such as atelectasis, impaired gas exchange, pneumonia and acute respiratory failure (ARF) are not uncommon in patients undergoing major surgery and are a leading cause of increased patient morbidity, mortality and increased length of hospital stay (Yoder, Sharma, Hollingsworth, Talavera, & Rice, 2013). Healthcare professionals are now expected to give patients verifiably effective treatments by implementing current evidence based practice (EBP). In order to do so, interventions to prevent PPCs must be investigated. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of adding incentive spirometry (IS) to traditional postoperative chest physiotherapy (CPT) and respiratory care. Eighty patients between 30 and 50 year old who had undergone surgery participated in the study. Patients were divided into two groups: the intervention group where IS was used in addition to the traditional CPT, and the control group which included only traditiona l CPT. The results obtained in the investigation indicated that there were significant differences between both groups at the end of the study in terms of PPCs and hospital length of stay (LOS). Conclusion: Addition of IS to postoperative care helped in controlling PPCs. Keywords: postoperative pulmonary complication, incentive spirometer, chest physiotherapy, length of Stay Research Question In postsurgical patients, how does using incentive spirometer, compared to not using incentive spirometer, affect incidence of PPCs and hospital LOS? Hypothesis Because the risk for developing PPCs is not well studied specific numbers of occurrences are difficult to predict. However, it was hypothesized that patients who incorporated IS as part of their postoperative care would have a clinically significant decrease in the occurrence of PPCs and hospital LOS compared to those who did not incorporate IS into their postoperative care. Data Collection A quasi-experimental control trial was conducted from February 1, 2014 to May 31, 2014. The lead researcher, Adrienne Hinson, collected the data personally. During the four month study, eighty patients ranging in age from 30 to 50 years old who were undergoing surgery where the abdomen or chest was opened were selected randomly from the General Surgery Department at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, SC. On sampling days, patients meeting the criteria were numbered chronologically based on their surgery time. For eighty consecutive business days, one of the patients was chosen randomly using a random numbers table created on Microsoft Excel. Patients who had recently been diagnosed with or treated for acute pulmonary complications, those who could not be instructed or supervised to assure appropriate use of the IS, and patients whose cooperation or comprehension was lacking were excluded from the study. All appropriate procedures were used to safeguard the rights of study participants. The study was externally reviewed by the hospital’s institutional review board before data collection began. Patients received verbal and written explanations of the study purpose and data collection procedures and after indicating willingness to participate in the study, voluntary informed consent was obtained (See Appendix A). Information included within the informed consent included participant status; participants were told which postoperative activities were routine, and which activities were being evaluated. Participants were informed that the data collected about them would be used for research purposes. The overall goals of the research, to evaluate to addition of IS to postoperative care, was described to patients. Participants were informed about which types of data would be collected, what procedures they would undergo, and how they were selected. The time frame of the commitment was defined as beginning on post-op day one and lasting until their follow up  visit after discharge. Information regarding funding was available to participants. All participants were educated on potential risks and benefits of participation. Finally, patients were assured that their privacy would be protected at all times and that they would be allowed to withdraw from the study at any point during their hospital stay (Polit & Beck, 2012). The patients were deliberately placed into one of two experimental groups. Deliberate placement reduces confounding by ensuring the two groups were comparable when age, sex, smoking history, type of surgery and post-operative analgesia were compared. The control group consisted of 40 patients who underwent routine chest physiotherapy (CPT) postoperatively, as recommended by the Clinical Practice Guidelines set forth by The Agency for Healthcare Research Quality (2011). A physiotherapist supervised and assisted the treatment twice a day in the first two postoperative days and once a day from the third to the tenth days. During any session, the patients performed three to five deep breaths interspersed with periods of quiet breathing followed by two or three coughs or huffs with support from a pillow at least 10 times over a 15 minutes period. Additional techniques such as positioning and chest wall percussion were applied if breathing and coughing exercises alone were not effective in clearing excessive or retained pulmonary secretions. Patients were instructed to perform coughing and deep breathing exercises independently every hour while awake. The treatment group consisted of the remaining 40 patients who also followed the same Clinical Practice Guidelines but also received breathing exercise training with IS (Voldyne Volumetric manufactured by Sherwood Medical Company U.S.A.) In addition to the routine chest physiotherapy up to the tenth postoperative day. Application of breathing training with incentive spirometry was applied for five minutes, five times a day (El-Marakby et al., 2013). Monitoring began immediately postoperatively and continued until discharge. Hospital LOS was documented for each patient, along with whether or not the patient developed a PPC within 10 days of surgery. The researcher rounded on each hospitalized patient daily to ensure compliance and to update discharges and PPC diagnoses. In order to determine LOS, participant observation was used as a tool to collect data. LOS was calculated by subtracting day of admission from day of discharge. Date of admission was the date of surgery for all participants. Date of discharge was determined  by the surgical teams, who were blinded to the study and therefore measures are not likely to be influenced by reactivity (Polit & Beck, 2012). PPCs were defined as any pulmonary abnormality that produced identifiable disease or dysfunction, was clinically significant, and adversely affected the postoperative clinical course (Hayden, Mayer, & Stoller, 1995). Patients were monitored daily for 10 days for the diagnosis of a PPC. Given this definition, PPCs documented included atelectasis, pneumonia, acute respiratory failure, and exacerbation of COPD. Along with physical assessment and past history, biophysiological measures were used as data collection tools to aid in the diagnosis of PPCs (See Appendix C). Equipment and lab analysis were readily available and tests for biophysiological measures were completed by the appropriate staff at McLeod Regional Medical Center. Ordering tests and the interpretation of results was fulfilled solely by the healthcare providers as deemed necessary. The researchers were not responsible for diagnosing PPCs, but rather the observation and recording of data. Biophysiological measures for diagnosing acute respiratory failure include a low level of oxygen; a pulse oximetry falling below 80% saturation on room air or when arterial blood gas shows PaO2.

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Marriage in Othello

Marriage is a part of life that most people look forward to. Once people get married their whole life is devoted to each other. Married couples are supposed to work through their problems and support each other. In William Shakespeare’s play Othello, he suggests otherwise. Both Desdemona and Emilia were killed by their husbands. The only girl left at the end of the play is Bianca, a prostitute. Marriage, while generally a positive concept, is fatal and dangerous in William Shakespeare’s play Othello. Both Desdemona and Othello were happy with their marriage until Iago purposely sabotaged it. He convinced Othello that Desdemona was cuckolding him. When Othello believed Iago’s lies and decided to kill Desdemona it showed how he had immediately lost all trust in Desdemona and that Iago must be right. Othello and Desdemona’s love was based on trust, which made their marriage successful in the beginning. The marriage started to fall apart once Othello stopped trusting Desdemona. Desdemona did nothing wrong and trusted Othello when he did not trust her. Shakespeare is suggesting that even if you do nothing wrong in a marriage that it will eventually fall apart. Iago She did deceive her father, marrying you; [†¦] Othello And so she did. (3. 3. 18) When Iago is trying to convince Othello that Desdemona is unfaithful, he suggests that if a woman will disobey her father then she is likely to cheat on her husband. Othello agrees with him when in reality Desdemona’s decision to go against her father and marry Othello shows loyalty to Othello. She never talks badly about him, even when he is abusing and accusing her of not being loyal to him. Shakespeare suggests that if jealousy enters your marriage it will completely take over any trust the relationship once had. Jealousy was powerful enough to break apart a strong marriage, like Desdemona and Othello’s. Iago and Emilia’s marriage consists of Emilia being blinded by her love, ultimately leading to her murder. Emilia trusted Iago because she loved him so much even though he was using her and lying to her. She was too oblivious to see the reality that her husband was the one sabotaging Othello. Iago used his own wife to get the handkerchief for him. When Iago asked her to get it for him, she did not even know the purpose for it, but got it for him anyway. Emilia could not stand to face the fact that her own husband was dishonest. I am glad I have found this napkin. This was her first remembrance from the Moor. My wayward husband hath a hundred times Wooed me to steal it, but she so loves the token, (3. 3. 334) This quotation shows how Emilia is not suspicious that Iago is using her and sabotaging Othello and Desdemona’s marriage. She refers to the hankercheif as a â€Å"napkin,† which shows how unimportant it seems to her. When she finally steals it she does not do it for her benefit, she does it so Iago will be happy. She is so blinded by love that she even says how Desdemona loves it, but she does not care as long as she pleases Iago. After she was a good wife, he betrays her and kills her for talking too much. Emilia was happy with her marriage, knew someone was lying to Othello, but did not know that it was her own husband. Shakespeare is suggesting that if you have a marriage that you think is perfect then it might not actually be as perfect as you thought. At the end of the play, only one woman stays alive, Bianca, the prostitute. She has sexual relations with Cassio, but is not married to him. Shakespeare is inferring that Bianca not having a husband is what kept her safe. Cassio gave Bianca the handkerchief and it makes her feel important to him even though it is just a small present that he found. O Cassio, whence came this? This is some token from a newer friend: To the felt absence now I feel a cause: Isn’t come to this? Well, well. (3. 4. 205) This quotation proves that they are not married and it does not seem like they will get married for the future. Bianca is shocked when Cassio gives her the handkerchief. Also, Cassio does not know anything about the handkerchief, so he just sees something belonging to a woman around his house and decides to give it to her to be kind. Shakespeare thought oppositely compared to most of our society today. For most people now marriage is a very exciting part of life that many people look forward to and celevbrate. To Shakespeare, marriage was dark and dangerous, not a happy event. Shakespeare didn't think that love was strong enough to over come a man's jealousy, greediness, and a woman's ignorance.

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Night World : The Chosen Chapter 5

Rashel froze. Her sword remained in the air, poised over the vampire's heart. â€Å"Well, what are you waiting for?† the vampire said. â€Å"Go on and do it.† Rashel didn't know what she was waiting for. The vampire was in a position to block her sword with his wooden handcuffs, but he didn't do any such thing. She could tell by his body language that he wasn't going to, either. Instead he just lay there, looking up at her with eyes that were as dark and empty as the depths of space. His hair was tousled on his forehead and his mouth was a bleak line. He didn't seem afraid. He just went on staring with those fathomless eyes. All right, Rashel thought. Do it. Even the leech is telling you to. Do it fast-now. But instead she found herself pivoting and stepping slowly away from him. â€Å"Sorry,† she said out loud. â€Å"I don't take orders from parasites.† She kept her sword at the ready in case he made any sudden moves. But all he did was glance down at the wooden handcuffs, wiggle his wrists in them, and then lie back. â€Å"I see,† he said with a strange smile. â€Å"So it's torture this time, right? Well, that should be amusing for you.† Stake him, dummy, came the little voice in Rashel's head. Don't talk to him. It's dangerous to get in a conversation with his kind. But she couldn't refocus herself. In a minute, she told the voice. First I have to get my own control back. She knelt in her ready-for-action crouch and picked up the flashlight, turning it full on his face. He blinked and looked away, squinting. There. Now she could see him, but he couldn't see her. Vampire eyes were hypersensitive to light. And even if he did manage to get a glimpse of her, she was wearing her scarf. She had all the advantages, and it made her feel more in command of the situation. â€Å"Why would you think we want to torture you?† she said. He smiled at the ceiling, not trying to look at her. â€Å"Because I'm still alive.† He raised the handcuffs. â€Å"And aren't these traditional? A few vampires from the south shore have turned up mutilated with stocks like these on. It seemed to have been done for fun.† Smile. Vicky's work, Rashel thought. She wished he would stop smiling. It was such a disturbing smile, beautiful and a little mad. â€Å"Unless,† the vampire was going on, â€Å"it's information you want.† Rashel snorted. â€Å"Would I be likely to get information from you if I did want it?† â€Å"Well.† Smile. â€Å"Not likely.† â€Å"I didn't think so,† Rashel said dryly. He laughed out loud. Oh, God, Rashel thought. Stake him. She didn't know what was wrong with her. Okay, he was charming-in a weird way. But she'd known other charming vampires-smooth, practiced flatterers who tried to sweet-talk or cajole their way out of being staked. Some had tried to seduce her. Almost all had tried mind control. It was only because Rashel had the will to resist telepathy that she was alive today. But this vampire wasn't doing any of the ordinary things-and when he laughed, it made Rashers heart thump oddly. His whole face changed when he laughed. A sort of light shone in it. Girl, you are in trouble. Kill him quick. â€Å"Look,† she said, and she was surprised to find her voice a little shaky. â€Å"This isn't personal. And you probably don't care, but I'm not the one who was going to torture you. This is business, and it's what I have to do.† She took a deep breath and reached for the sword by her knee. He turned his face to the light. He wasn't smiling now and there was no amusement in his voice when he said, â€Å"I understand. You've got†¦ honor.† Looking back at the ceiling, he added, â€Å"And you're right, this is the way it always has to end when our two races meet. It's kill or be killed. The law of nature.† He was speaking to her as one warrior to another. Suddenly Rashel felt something she'd never felt for a vampire before. Respect. A strange wish that they weren't on opposite sides in this war. A regret that they could never be anything but deadly enemies. He's somebody I could talk to, she thought. An odd loneliness had taken hold of her. She hadn't realized she cared about having anyone to talk to. She found herself saying awkwardly, â€Å"Is there anybody you want notified-afterward? I mean, do you have any family? I could make sure the news gets around, so they'd know what had happened to you.† She didn't expect him to actually give her any names. That would be crazy. In this game knowledge was power, with each side trying to find out who the players on the other side were. If you could identify someone as a vampire-or a vampire hunter-you knew who to kill. It was Batman and Catwoman all over. The important thing was to preserve your secret identity. But this vampire, who was obviously a lunatic, said thoughtfully, â€Å"Well, you could send a note to my adopted father. He's Hunter Redfern. Sorry I can't give you an address, but he should be somewhere down east.† Another smile. â€Å"I forgot to tell you my name. It's Quinn.† Rashel felt as if she'd been hit with an oak club. Quinn. One of the most dangerous vampires in all the Night World. Maybe the most dangerous of the made vampires, the ones who'd started out human. She knew him by reputation-every vampire hunter did. He was supposed to be a deadly fighter and a brilliant strategist; clever, resourceful†¦ and cold as ice. He despised humans, held them in utter contempt. He wanted the Night World to wipe them out, except for a few to be used for food. I was wrong, Rashel thought dazedly. I should have let Vicky torture him. I'm sure he deserves it, if any of them do. God only knows what he's done in his time. Quinn had turned his head toward her again, looking straight into the flashlight even though it must be hurting his eyes. â€Å"So you see, you'd better kill me fast,† he said in a voice soft as snow falling. â€Å"Because that's certainly what I'm going to do to you if I get loose.† Rashel gave a strained laugh. â€Å"Am I supposed to be scared?† â€Å"Only if you have the brains to know who I am.† Now he sounded tired and scornful. â€Å"Which obviously you don't.† â€Å"Well, let me see. I seem to remember something about the Redferns†¦. Aren't they the family who controls the vampire part of the Night World Council? The most important family of all the lamia, the born vampires. Descended directly from Maya, the legendary first vampire. And Hunter Redfern is their leader, the upholder of Night World law, the one who colonized America with vampires back in the sixteen hundreds. Tell me if I'm getting any of this wrong.† He gave her a cold glance. â€Å"You see, we have our sources. And I seem to remember them mentioning your name, too. You were made a vampire by Hunter†¦ and since his own children were all daughters, you're also his heir.† Quinn laughed sourly. â€Å"Yes, well, that's an on-again, off-again thing. You might say I have a love-hate relationship with the Redferns. We spend most of the time wishing each other at the bottom of the Atlantic.† â€Å"Teh, vampire family infighting,† Rashel said. â€Å"Why is it always so hard to get along with your folks?† Despite her light words, she had to focus to keep control of her breathing. It wasn't fear. She truly wasn't scared of him. It was something like confusion. Clearly, she should be killing him at this moment instead of chatting with him. She couldn't understand why she wasn't doing it. The only excuse she had was that it seemed to make him even more confused and angry than it did her. â€Å"I don't think you've heard enough about me,† he said, showing his teeth. â€Å"I'm your worst nightmare, human. I even shock other vampires. Like old Hunter†¦ he has certain ideas about propriety. How you kill, and who. If he knew some of the things I do, he'd fall down dead himself.† Good old Hunter, Rashel thought. The stiff moral patriarch of the Redfern clan, still caught up in the seventeenth century. He might be a vampire, but he was definitely a New Englander. â€Å"Maybe I should find a way to tell him,† she said whimsically. Quinn gave her another cold look, this time tempered with respect. â€Å"If I thought you could find him, I'd worry.† Rashel was suddenly struck by something. â€Å"You know, I don't think I've ever heard anyone say your first name. I mean, I presume you have one.† He blinked. Then, as if he were surprised himself, he said, â€Å"John.† â€Å"John Quinn. John.† â€Å"I didn't invite you to call me it.† â€Å"All right, whatever.† She said it absently, deep in thought. John Quinn. Such a normal name, a Boston name. The name of a real person. It made her think of him as a person, instead of as Quinn the dreadful. â€Å"Look,† Rashel said, and then she asked him something she'd never asked a Night Person before. She said, â€Å"Did you want Hunter Redfern to make you a vampire?† There was a long pause. Then Quinn said expressionlessly, â€Å"As a matter of fact, I wanted to kill him for it.† â€Å"I see.† I'd want to do the same, Rashel thought. She didn't mean to ask any more questions, but she found herself saying, â€Å"Then why did he do it? I mean, why pick you?† Another pause. Just when she was sure he wouldn't answer, he said, â€Å"I was-I wanted to marry one of his daughters. Her name was Dove.† â€Å"You wanted to marry a vampire?† â€Å"I didn't know she was a vampire!† This time Quinn's voice was quick and impatient. â€Å"Hunter Redfern was accepted in Charlestown. Granted, a few people said his wife had been a witch, but in those days people said that if you smiled in church.† â€Å"So he just lived there and nobody knew,† Rashel said. â€Å"Most people accepted him.† A faint mocking smile curved Quinn's lips. â€Å"My own father accepted him, and he was the minister.† Despite herself, Rashel was fascinated. â€Å"And you had to be a vampire to marry her? Dove, I mean.† â€Å"I didn't get to marry her,† Quinn said tonelessly. He seemed as surprised as she was that he was telling her these things. But he went on, seeming to speak almost to himself. â€Å"Hunter wanted me to marry one of his other daughters. I said I'd rather marry a pig. Garnet-that's the oldest-was about as interesting as a stick of wood. And Lily, the middle one, was evil. I could see that in her eyes. I only wanted Dove.† â€Å"And you told him that?† â€Å"Of course. He agreed to it finally-and then he told me his family's secret. Well.† Quinn laughed bitterly. â€Å"He didn't tell me, actually. It was more of a demonstration. When I woke up, I was dead and a vampire. It was quite an experience.† Rashel opened her mouth and then shut it again, trying to imagine the horror of it. Finally she just said, â€Å"I bet.† They sat for a moment in silence. Rashel had never felt so†¦ close to a vampire. Instead of disgust and hatred, she felt pity. â€Å"But what happened to Dove?† Quinn seemed to tense all over. â€Å"She died,† he said nastily. It was clear that his confidences were over. â€Å"How?† â€Å"None of your business!† Rashel tilted her head and looked at him soberly. â€Å"How, John Quinn? You know, there are some things you really ought to tell other people. It might help.† â€Å"I don't need a damn psychoanalyst,† he spat. He was furious now, and there was a dark light in his eyes that ought to have frightened Rashel. He looked as wild as she felt sometimes, when she didn't care who she hurt. She wasn't frightened. She was strangely calm, the kind of calm she felt when her breathing exercises made her feel one with the earth and absolutely sure of her path. â€Å"Look, Quinn-â€Å" â€Å"I really think you'd better kill me now,† he said tightly. â€Å"Unless you're too stupid or too scared. This wood won't hold forever, you know. And when I get out, I'm going to use that sword on you.† Startled, Rashel looked down at Vicky's handcuffs. They were bent. Not the oak, of course-it was the metal hinges that were coming apart. Soon he'd have enough room to slip them off. He was very strong, even for a vampire. And then, with the same odd calm, she realized what she was going to do. â€Å"Yes, that's a good idea,† she said. â€Å"Keep bending them. I can say that's how you got out.† â€Å"What are you talking about?† Rashel got up and searched for a steel knife to cut the cords on his feet. â€Å"I'm letting you go, John Quinn,† she said. He paused in his wrenching of the handcuffs. â€Å"You're insane,† he said, as if he'd just discovered this. â€Å"You may be right.† Rashel found the knife and slit through the bast cords. He gave the handcuffs a twist. â€Å"If,† he said deliberately, â€Å"you think that because I was a human once, I have any pity on them, you are very, very wrong. I hate humans more than I hate the Redferns.† â€Å"Why?† He bared his teeth. â€Å"No, thank you. I don't have to explain anything to you. Just take my word for it.† She believed him. He looked as angry and as dangerous as an animal in a trap. â€Å"All right,† she said, stepping back and putting her hand on the hilt of her bokken. â€Å"Take your best shot. But remember, I beat you once. I was the one who knocked you out.† He blinked. Then he shook his head in disbelief. â€Å"You little idiot,† he said. â€Å"I wasn't paying attention. I thought you were another of those jerks falling over their own feet. And I wasn't even fighting them seriously.† He sat up in one fluid motion that showed the strength he had, and the control of his own body. â€Å"You don't have a chance,† he said softly, turning those dark eyes on her. Now that he wasn't looking into the flashlight, his pupils were huge. â€Å"You're dead already.† Rashel had a sinking feeling that was telling her the same thing. â€Å"I'm faster than any human,† the soft voice went on. â€Å"I'm stronger than any human. I can see better in the dark. And I'm much, much nastier.† Panic exploded inside Rashel. All at once, she believed him absolutely. She couldn't seem to get her breath, and a void had opened in her stomach. She lost any vestige of her previous calm. He's right-you were an idiot, she told herself wildly. You had every chance to stop him and you blew it. And why? Because you were sorry for him? Sorry for a deranged monster who's going to tear you limb from limb now? Anyone as stupid as that deserves what they get. She felt as if she were falling, unable to get hold of anything†¦. And then suddenly she did seem to catch something. Something that she clung to desperately, trying to resist the fear that wanted to suck her into darkness. You couldn't have done anything else. It was the little voice in her mind, being helpful for once. And, strangely, Rashel knew it was true. She couldn't have killed him when he was tied up and helpless, not without becoming a monster herself. And after hearing his story, she couldn't have ignored the pity she felt. I'm probably going to die now, she thought. And I'm still scared. But I'd do it over again. It was right. She hung on to that as she let the last seconds tick away, the last window of opportunity to stake him while the cuffs still held. She knew they were ticking away, and she knew Quinn knew. â€Å"What a shame to rip your throat out,† he said. Rashel held her ground. Quinn gave the handcuffs a final wrench, and the metal hinges squealed. Then the stocks clattered onto the concrete and he stood up, free. Rashel couldn't see his face anymore; it was above the reach of the flashlight. â€Å"Well,† he said evenly. Rashel whispered, â€Å"Well.† They stood facing each other. Rashel was waiting for the tiny involuntary body movements that would give away which direction he was going to lunge. But he was more still than any enemy she'd ever seen. He kept his tension inside, ready to explode only when he directed it. His control seemed to be complete. He's got zanshin, she thought. â€Å"You're very good,† she said softly. â€Å"Thanks. So are you.† â€Å"Thanks.† â€Å"But it isn't going to matter in the end.† Rashel started to say, â€Å"We'll see†-and he lunged. She had an instant's warning. A barely perceptible movement of his leg told her he was going to spring to his right, her left. Her body reacted without her direction, moving smoothly†¦ and she didn't realize until she was doing it that she wasn't using the sword. She had stepped forward, inside his attack, and deflected it with a mirror palm block, striking the inner side of his arm with her left arm. Hitting the nerves to try and numb the limb. But not cutting him. She realized with a dizzy sense of horror that she didn't want to use the sword on him. â€Å"You are going to die, idiot,† he told her, and for an instant she wasn't sure if it was him saying it or the voice in her head. She tried to push him away. All she could think was that she needed time, time to get her survival reflexes back. She shoved at him–and then her bare hand brushed his, and something happened that was completely beyond her experience.

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America And Ethnicity Of The Races Essay

Racial discrimination and social inequality is a worldwide social illness. This especially happens in highly developed countries that have capabilities of granting the needs of numerous immigrants from other countries. However, the provision of being highly developed is also a way by which countries become highly diverse in population and culture. Mainly, this is also the reason why there exists too much discrimination in the said type of societies. In this regard, the American society is among the focus of the discussion of such issues. To be able to understand the impact of the said issue towards the society, two major public policies shall be examined in support of the said issue. The policies to be tackled in this paper would be pertaining to the Criminal Justice Policy and Immigration Naturalization Policy. Using the events that govern the said policies, this paper shall introduce the issues that govern the race and ethnicity issues of the American government and politics. Leon E. Wynter’s â€Å"Transracial America Sells† shows how the black-Americans already lead the entertainment industry. As he usually talks about the â€Å"browning of mainstream commercial culture† in most of his compositions, Wynter points out how the radical shift in the place of race and ethnicity in American commercial culture since the late 1970’s really affects the preferences of people in the marketplace. He also adds on his essay how nonwhite Americans are giving so much profit to the entertainment industry. He says â€Å"color has been weaving through music, sports, television, news media and literature in a bold band that had never been seen before†. True, even the different expressions such as â€Å"Wassup† which came from the black-American culture is already widely accepted. Meanwhile, Langston Hughes’ â€Å"Let America be America again† talks about the long-lost dream of the American race. A unified country giving everyone a chance to live in a rather easy life through laboring everyone especially those who are in dire need of employment. In his poem, he points out how much the land of America really belongs to those who plow it such as the farmers, to those who cultivates its culture and resources, to those who really serve their country to the hardest yet best way they could. Contrary to Wynter’s composition, Hughes sees the marketplace to be a place of greed widely using people for its own profit and gains. To Hughes, this kind of false equality is rather a hindrance to the true essence of the American dream. As obviously seen, both of the writers likes to show how possible it really is to attain the American aim of being unified as one country. One believes in what is obviously seen in the society specially on the marketplace where both white and nonwhite Americans gain the fame and thus influence the greater crowd of a mixed culture and depict a unified America, while the other strongly suggests on putting the lesser fortunate into employment and letting them gain from what they have earned since the land belongs to them. Consequently, Wynter’s vision of the dream of equality is far more obvious than that of Hughes’. Wynter’s idea is more practical and thus more appealing to almost everyone in the entire globe. Even other countries actually see the reality of what Wynter says â€Å"transracial sells†. Surely, many will agree that the mixed culture of the white and non-white Americans is widely spreading in the whole world through media and entertainment. Since technology has already evolved so much, the unification of different races is easier attained through the use of the entertainment industry and commerce. As a fact, a bigger percentage of the world population is highly influenced with what they see on TV or n the Internet which commerce usually uses as a medium of selling it’s products. Hughes’ poem on the other hand is also acceptable although it’s a bit of the less truth that is actually happening right now. We are actually leaving in a world where oppression is really rampant and the fact that it happens to those who are less fortunate, his vision of the American dream is somewhat hard to fulfill. Sad but true, we are actually living in a society where the fittest in the group survives. It is also convincing when Hughes pointed out how greed affects the marketplace so much, that sometimes the equality that the entertainment industry shows is rather false since its only driven by profit-oriented goals of commerce and yet it doesn’t care so much on the needs and interests of the greater number of the lower members of its community who give it the chance of existing. After all, there would be no such kind of commercial success without the existence of those who patronage its product, the people who have lesser opportunity in the marketplace. But even though he had such a good view on how the American dream could be fulfilled, he still lacked the practical way on looking on what has already been done to meet that certain American goal. As clearly mentioned in the evidences above, at some point, racism and ethnic discrimination may still be a main problem that the American Government should face. However, with the policies created by the political parties of the country especially regarding the immigration and criminal justice systems of the country, it could be seen how the community has been faring on the said issue so far. As mentioned by Patterson in â€Å"The Ordeal of Integration†, â€Å"the large and continuous growing number of ethnic groups having a middle class life in America proves that the social policies of the country concerning ethnic groups are applied strongly and are re3ceiving fine results†. Hence, the statement, which was made by Higham earlier, has been proven true and shown as a resolvable matter in the American society. Yes, the political balance of the country towards its views of the social minorities would continuously be improved and regulated.

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Managing Change Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Managing Change - Research Proposal Example A successful management of change process leads to implement the procedural changes in a sustainable manner so that the organization can enjoy the long enduring benefits arising out of such changes (Hernes, Hendrup and Schà ¤ffnerc, 2015). In this paper, research will be done on change management of a renowned global fast food restaurant, Burger King. Theories of cultural changes and adaptation versus standardization will be analysed in order to establish the research agenda. Since its inception, the company has gone through several transformations in terms of management changes and changes in the production and operational process, as a result of external environmental changes. The Florida based company has gone through substantial changes since it has decided to expand its business in the Gulf Region. The research paper will concentrate on how the management has been able to manage the changes exclusively in Gulf region over a period of time. Organizational change is a critical aspect for every organization operating in global business framework. According to Hoenen and Kostova (2014), as the Gulf region is still in a state of pursuing its socio-economic and political reforms and accordingly changing the rules and legislations from time to time, it has become necessary for all the multinational companies operating in this region to change their business process and align their operations with the transforming regulations in this region. Schmid and Kotulla (2011) are on the opinion that when a multinational company decides to expand business in a new region on the globe, the management has to decide for every aspects of business starting from source of raw material, production and distribution process to supply chain and marketing strategies. Therefore, depending on the availability of resources and other facilities they should decide whether the company will standardize their existing

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History, Stalin and the first Five-Year Plan Essay

History, Stalin and the first Five-Year Plan - Essay Example The method dealt here is to access and analyze the discussed sources, learning through the sources the viewpoint held by the authors and discussing their utility in providing knowledge about the plan while at the same time critically analyzing the plan itself. Joseph Stalin, Soviet Communist leader, became famous for his ‘flaws’ as much as for his ‘ambitious industrial drive’. Both the characteristics are contradictory as are the views that various people hold about him. As the USSR went through turmoil after WWI and the civil war Stalin’s Five Year Plan ostensibly set out to provide greater strength to USSR in order to keep the Western Capitalist influences at bay. Through the evidence suggested, it however becomes clear that the results of five-year plan were more a ‘fantasy’ than ‘reality’. However, disregarding the plan as complete failure would be a failure on our part to access the plan completely. The plan was implemented with the single objective in mind, that of technically advancing the USSR in order to cut down its dependence on western countries and to provide a means for working class people to believe in the socialist system. The plan was a success in that while the capitalist countries were suffering the effects of the great depression and, mass unemployment, the USSR was going through a rapid change in terms of its industry and agriculture. It is important to note that USSR implemented its plan without the help of foreign investments. There were huge investments in heavy industry as well as light industry. The development programs included the tractor plants of Kharkov and Stalingrad, the AMO 1automobile factory in Moscow, the automobile plant in Nizhni-Novgorod, the Dnieprostroi hydroelectric project, the mammoth steel plants at Magnitogorsk and Kuznetsk, the network of machine shops, and chemical plants in the Urals. The face of Moscow changed in a short span with new buildings, schools, hospitals