Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Information Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Information Technology - Essay ExampleThe root throws light on Information Technology that opens up a vast sea of structured and organized knowledge and information for an plaque where the find people in a business are substantially equipped to take business decisions ground on it. This leads to a powerful interplay of power and knowledge which transforms into a business opportunity where the people in power have the strength of knowledge from within the organization. ground on the knowledge with regular data being streamed in for every stage of business operations, the key business managers are well informed and updated to take key business decisions. In the development of ERP, knowledge is a critical part of the management of organizational asset. Knowledge has much been seen as a undeniable resource of which provides the organization with its competitive advantage. The principle of Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the important components based on which an organiza tion structures its various departments into modules and correlates their respective functions through IT. ERP of an organization is a huge leap forth towards automization within all departments of the enterprise. It facilitates all the key areas of the enterprise and chokes in a structured way of life where the various ERP modules can talk to each other, share vital information in the form of data, work real time and the effect can be seen instantly in the other department verify panel screen. All these functionalities reduce considerable time which in turn scales up the productivity of the alert manpower. The result is the acquiring of structured data within all scales of the organization which gives valuable insight and lots required knowledge for the higher management to streamline their business activities and take key business decisions. These organizations aim is to integrate its global operations through the use of the ERP software. However these implementations objecti ves are often found to be difficult and complicated.

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