Thursday, May 2, 2019

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - Essay ExampleThis base illustrates that first way to know whether the proverb is really true is to put ourselves in a stain where we pass on pretend that the one somebody we adore most is far away from us. The detective theorizes that the proverb is true because based on her own experience, she feels very lonely when she misses her guy so much when some(prenominal) days pass without us seeing each otherwise. The researchers anticipation of seeing her savour again gives her much happiness and excitement. Love is sweet when 2 lovers are to determineher, walking hand in hand, sharing stories, feeling each others hugs and kisses, but when they are away, and thinking about those sweet and romantic moments virtually make them crazy, crazy in the sense that they willing do anything, everything just to be in the beau monde of their loves again. Going back to the authors theory, the saying absence makes the heart grow kindlyer means that lov e can stand the test of succession. It feels very sad for deuce people in love when the time to say goodbye comes. They will have to let go of each others hands, break free from the strong embrace, and go their separate ways with a kiss. The saying absence makes the heart grow fonder starts with another saying, which is word of farewell is such sweet sorrow, because one will only feel the absence of someone she loves when they part ways. Yes, they will say their goodbyes and be lonely for a while, but the thought of again seeing each other is what they are thinking of. Lovers are always like that. The absence of the soulfulness you love most will only make you miss him more. People who love by heart know that. Moreover, the greatest opponent of being with your love is being far away from him, of course. But what distinguishes these two dimensions of love is the feeling residing in the faraway hearts is their feelings. When the author is with her love and holding him close to h er, all she could do is to cherish the seconds she is in his arms, because those moments are the ones that will be forever remembered, especially, when he is not around and the author is missing him badly. And when the researcher is feeling sad because she misses him, all she would do is close her eyes and reminisce. Those thoughts will serve as distinctiveness in the time of waiting for the time of being together again. This saying not only applies to two persons in love, but it can also be true with a person missing someone important besides his significant one, or it can also be applied to a person feeling the absence of a place, of an event or even things. But of course, the greatest of the three is the fond heart that misses a person, for loving a person and being love back by the person is the greatest feeling in the world. Missing someone could not happen when she is always with her love, and that means, for their bond to get stronger and her love gets even more intense beca use it is waiting to come out and be showered upon a loved one. Separation makes love even more intense that it normally is, distance triggers the want in two persons to be in each other.

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