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Teaching Philosophy Statement Essays -- Education Educational Educatin

Teaching Philosophy Statement Do you fox a philosophy on grooming? I do. What I compulsion to discuss is my personal view of education. Im going to take to task almost the nature of students. I am going to talk about the nature of comeledge and whether or not it is absolute or relative. The routine of education, the method, and the curriculum will be discussed also. We are going to look at some of my philosophical views on education and my superior development plans. When I am through you will bring my philosophy of education paper. primary we will look at my view on the nature of students. analogous Rousseau, I believe that students are influenced by their environment. Children indeed imitate what they fascinate or experience. I think a electropositive environment is all important(p) to a childs learning. When kids see cast out things they imitate negative things. When kids see positive things they imitate positive things. I believe there has to be a balance between both negative and positive influences. Not being in a perfect world, children are practically exposed to negative influences. Rousseau took some of his students into the country away from the evils of society to discipline them. When analyzing knowledge, one must ponder whether knowledge is relative or absolute. Rousseau sentiment that students should learn to think for themselves. I agree. They must think. Memorization is fine, however they shoot to be able to apply their knowledge. Students require knowledge in dissimilar ways. While some students may listen well, other students may withdraw to see examples. It is important that the students retain the knowledge. They need correct instruction from teachers. Ultimately, the employment of edu... ... a lot of professional development plans. I would prefer to offshoot teaching in high school and maybe work by way up to college. I would like to be a all-aroun d(prenominal) teacher that is respected and understood. I will probably get a job teaching and then work by way up through a couple of different degrees. I really do not want to further my education after graduation tho if I have to I will. I will get much money if I do which is important. As far as professional groups go, I am undecided, I do not really know a lot although as I go through the education system I may find one that interests me. Alright, I have talked about the nature of students as well as the nature of knowledge. The exercise of education and the methods of education have been discussed as well as my curriculum. I have expressed my philosophical views and my professional development

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