Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Women in Buddhism Essay -- essays papers

Wo manpower in BuddhismThe men may have started this war, but the women are travel rapidly it. In the beginning of the war, around 1941, most American women lived as their m another(prenominal)s antecedently had. Women were supposed to have jobs just until they were wed and those who did work after they were married or were mothers were regarded with a sense of pity and scorn from society. In a pre-war poll, 82 percent of Americans believed a wife should not work if her husband did. A majority of Americans believed there should have been a law to annul it since rural and city women, alike spent about 50 hours a week on household chores alone. When the war began it became apparent that more(prenominal) workers were needed. However, women were among the dwell groups hired. Managers believed that women would take more interest in male workers than they would with the factory machines. As the war progressed and more men were shipped out for soldiery duty, all the men that could work in the United States were so there was no other choice but to hire women. In response the need for more workers, 6.5 million women entered the work force. Factories and companies, as well as special branches of military service tried to lure women into taking jobs by comparing the housework they did everyday to the work they would be doing in their new jobs. One billboard even stated, If youve followed the recipes in making cakes, you can learn to load a shell. Women in America accounted for ...

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