Tuesday, February 12, 2019

What Is the Ozone Hype Anyway? :: Free Essay Writer

What Is the Ozone Hype Anyway?The ozone is a pale bluish form of atomic number 8 gas with an odor like chlorine, formed by an electrical foot race in the air (Webster 185).The first time that I thought approximately this interrogation narrative was the first time that I read the computer program for class. My immediate reaction was that I could not believe that we were actually release to write a ten-page narrative. I was never expected to write a paper of this length before and I was unsure if I were discharge to be able to do so. However, it turned out that it was not that bad, although I did go through many frustrations along the way.First, I had to come up with a division. I think that this was the hardest part. In our class, we used one of our textbooks to aid with this part of the process for our papers. In maintain 1.1, Ballenger suggests that you make a keep down under a number of different fields (23). Therefore, I made a list of at least twenty things und er each topic that I thought might be a possible topic for my paper. My list ranged from pets all the way to relationships and back to health problems. However, after talking to my professor and my friends, and taking Ballengers advice on how to eliminate topics, I resolute to go with the ozone layer (25). I had a few different reasons for reservation this choice. One of them was that this was something that I did not know very much about. In addition, the topic was something that I did want to know more about. Consequently, due to the situation that I did not know much, I would not do my research with a bias and more importantly, I would do the research hygienic because I wanted to know more. Next, I had to come up with a question that I wanted to know the answer to. Again, Ballenger came with patron. In exercise 2.1, Ballenger suggests that you make a list of questions and then have peers add questions also. During this process, I went through so many questions. Wh y was the ozone layer depleting? What could we do to help? How long has this been going on?

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