Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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Week 3 Discussion 1 Conceptual strategy DesignColorado Technical UniversityCS672 Systems Engineering MethodsPooja KattimaniInstructor Professor keister KingJanuary 20, 2014Conceptual System Design1. In accomplishing require abbreviation in response to prone deficiency, what type of information you would include? bring up the process that you would use in developing necessary information? info required to accomplish needs analysis in response to given deficiency is story of problem presented in specific quantitative and qualitative terms and with enough detail to justify progressing to next step. Problem statement must reflect true customer requirementsInformation necessary for accomplishing needs analysis is developed using the team forward motion process. Team approach is involving of customers, consumers, producers, suppliers as appropriate in order to identify the problem and repair WHATs first. The objective of team approach process is to establish effective communicati ng between alone the parties involved in the team approach process. Among all parties involved in...

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