Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Graduation Speech :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

As we sit here this evening, knowing not what lies ahead, except feeling satisfied that we sport completed this challenge, we start to wonder. What apply we stooled from these in the end 13 years of schoolhouse?How often have we asked ourselves Why do we attend school? What do we expect to accomplish? And what do we gain? Questions, whose importance we may not fully understand today, but which have drastically molded our futures. Sure, this path hasnt been the easiest to follow, but we navigated through the complications and tribulations to the point we atomic number 18 at now, and I ask once again, what have we gained?Education has supplied us with a commonality, a basic foundation on which we may prime our ideas. These ideas be the essential elements that dominate our lives. Each is unique and special. But precisely like it is perplexing to communicate without understanding the some other person, it is difficult to take out ideas without an education.Today, let us give thanks to all those who have helped us along the way our parents for their love and support, our teachers for their dedication and encouragement, and to our fellow classmates for their friendship and compassion.In this stage of life we are still discovering ourselves and the world around us. Our experiences are lacking and our world varies tremendously from our parents and grandparents generations. We are still struggling for moment and purpose. As we continue to grow and develop, our understanding leave blossom and our convictions will strengthen. Because of our technology, our generation can communicate world-wide. As we continue to strive for great opportunities and a better life, we must resist being consumed by our aver inventions and instead aspire to personally interact with the outside world. The Internet and other modes of communication can only provide a window, a stooge in the theater of life. The world is a stage and we are the actors -- the performers that connect the lives of our children -- the innovators of this conventional realm. Technology can only perform the tasks we program into it exploit requires a human being. Striving for knowledge and perfection is admirable, but have the courage to maintain your personal identity. Put your emphasis on the qualities that fixate our individual personalities and contribute to our diversity.So, what have we gained? These last 13 years of school have prepared us for the journey we are about to jeopardize upon.

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