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IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

IMC (Integrated trade Communication) - Essay ExampleThis will take place in shopping centres as well as on television and radio. This initial advertising is sure to establish Larry as a brand depict for the future. Then when the parents realise what a positive impact the Larry the fun Koala books are having on their child the result is sure to be promoted through word of mouth.According to a UK study, parents today are reading to their children 40% less than they did 10 geezerhood ago. With the parent-child activity of reading currently on the decline, successful childrens book author, Mem cast off who has sold over more than a million copies of her books worldwide, strongly believes that the simple task of reading to a child at only three times a day, could completely eradicate literacy problems in an unblemished generation.Research has shown that there are many advantages of being read to as a child. The majority overabundant being, that a child who has been read to, will mos t likely at the age of 21 months build the vocabulary of 500 words. So, the concept of creating a series of books centred on the main character, Larry the Koala, will be implemented. This idea revolves around the importance of reinstating the value of families spending time with their children more effectively, and also the attempt to break open into the competitive food market of childrens books in U.S.A.2.Product DescriptionThe overlap that we have been allocated to design the advertising run for is a childrens book called Larry the fun koala. The product is meant at young children among the ages of two and five years of age. The character of Larry K. was specially intended so he would be found attractive, especially to children of this age. Larry is a pocket-sized childlike cartoon koala who is growing up. Entertainment devices for the infant books include the illustrations being bold with brighter colours, create verbally parts of the book, the incorporation of fingerplay s into the book, and of course the book being made of a durable cardboard and vinyl group cover so that the infant can take the book wherever they choose. 3.TARGET MARKETSThe target market for our product Larry the fun koala is young children between the ages of two and five. It is based upon the idea argued by hinder(prenominal) (2003) that is to create a product that provides an opportunity for development and learning through play. Although it must be interpreted into consideration that most two to five year olds do not make their own investments and product purchases, they can have a large amount of influence over what it is that their parents choose to buy. An Advertising spot in U.S.A.4.Advertising ObjectivesFirstly, our

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