Friday, May 24, 2019

Importance of Computer Network Service Levels

This paper explains the importance of the different service levels of computer net get toing such as availability, reliability, response quantify and throughput. It aims to literate the people managing the mesh topology to be aw ar of these different key areas so that they may always be reminded of their duties and responsibilities in securing the network.Network ComputersNetworked computers have been a part of every crease both big and sm each(prenominal). People invest their time, effort and money to trace sure that communication and information is always available. info Technology as a part of any organization is crucial to a business success devising it one of the most budgeted departments of the organization. People who takes bearing of the network should know the importance of service to customers and co-employees regarding availability, reliability, response time and throughput. AvailabilityTechnology is made to serve the people in the shor trial run time possible. The network conference should always make sure that the network, planttations and other technological resources that is operational through networks are all stable and in perfect condition. Monitoring should always be a part of the network groups daily routine to ensure that all devices are working properly to avoid any downtime. jeopardy management should always be implemented and observed at all time. The group should be knowledgeable enough to sustain the network in all possible circumstances and emergencies like earthquake, sudden power failure and more. The IT group with the help of the management and customers should also have an understanding in the implementation of availabilities of the business network and other resources through proper endorsements and reporting to make sure that communications and transactions will non be hampered. ReliabilityThe information and data gathered from computers and other resources are one of the most important tools for decision making in a ny business or organization thus making it one of the most sensitive to monitor as well. It is important that customers and employees trust the accuracy of the software or machines that they use. The network groups job is to make sure that all data and information are well transferred to customers and employees everyday. LAN examen should always be a part of their daily routine to test the reliability of their network.Response TimeFast and accurate information and output is so important in this fast world. That is whythe word downtime must not be in an IT groups dictionary. Network performance must always be in its best. This flowerpot be assured through testing the network every now and and so. The network group should also be knowledgeable enough to design the kind of network topology and know the tools that can be used in different kinds of work environment to ensure fast performance, resilience, scalability and flexibility of the network.ThroughputNetworking is at its best w hen they do their work as what they are expected. Processing speed is measured by users every time they work and throughput can be a kind of measurement to see if their device is doing its work well. For example, if a printer is expected to print 100 papers per hour but it seems that its only printing 65 papers, the time wasted in printing or downtime is a big factor for the performance of the users that may bring bad effect to their transaction as they go on. Network groups must not see this as a small problem because it may someday be an alerting one. They must have the time to check even so the smallest details if they want to avoid larger problems that may come in the way.Conclusion Computer networking is one of the most challenging task that an IT or network group may have. It is the veins of success to any transaction. If the group who are responsible in making, designing and implementing networks are all knowledgeable and capable of maintaining and securing a network, then p rogress and good working environment will be at hand.It is best that the network group is knowledgeable in their field. However, all of the hard works of the IT group will not be successful if they do not have the support of their co-workers and the top management.Reference1.) http//

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