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Sylvia PlathSylvia Plath is a writer whose keep has generated much interest. Thismay be because of her tragic, untimely death and her highly personalwritings. Studying Sylvias life lets her readers understand her worksbetter. Many of the imagery and attitudes in her poetry atomic number 18 based onher life experiences. Throughout her short life, Sylvia Plath lovedthe sea. She spent her childhood geezerhood on the Atlantic coast just spousal relationshipof Boston. This setting provides a source for a lot of her poeticideas. Sylvia Plath was born(p) in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 27,1932. Her parents were Aurelia Schober and Otto Emil Plath. Her fatherwas a professor of biology and German at Boston University. He was ofGerman descent and had emigrated from Grabow when he was fifteen. Her find was a first generation American, she was born in Boston ofAustrian parents. Both of them being German indirectly lead to theirmeeting in 1929. Aurelia Schober took a German class t aught by OttoPlath. She was working on a masters degree in English and German atBoston University at the time. Otto Plath was guided by discipline. Ashis young family grew, Otto Plaths career flourished. He print thebook Bumblebees and Their Ways not long after Sylvias birth. Duringthis time, his writing meshed most of his time. This excluded anychance for a social life. In 1936, the Plaths move to Winthrop,Massachusetts. Ottos health had began to fail. He diagnosed his have gotillness as lung cancer and refused to entrance a doctor. Sylvia spent muchof her time by the ocean. She would go exploring by herself or shewould play with her younger brother, Warren because her father neededquite. She would similarly visit her grandparents who lived nearby on theocean at Point Shirley. cardinal years later Otto Plath died of diabetesmellitus. In 1942, the family moved away from the sea. Aurelia Plathdecided she mustiness return to work in order to support her family. Despiteher own health problems, she began education nearby. In the summer of1942, Aurelia was offered the job of designing and teaching a course atBoston University. She accepeted and the whole family moved. SylviaPlaths eight years in Wellesley helped her grow and develop herwriting skills. Sensitive, intelligent, compelled toward perfection ineverything she attempted, she was, on the surface, a model daughter,popular in school, earning straight As, winning the beat out prizes. Yether success only bred problems. When she moved to Wellesley, she was

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