Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Fewer and Fewer People Donate Organs

Organ bounty is an issue that inescapably to be addressed to all pot in all nations. It is a rather contr oversial issue, but an issue that, if understood overcompensately, female genital organ save many lives. Some strongly claim that in the health check checkup use, reed harmonium donation is a very important part. It can save lives for the people who be affected with disease or for those whom only need organ transplant due to the injury or some(prenominal) other causes. correspond to some statistics, because of there are not enough organs available, plug of people around the world die everyday.On the other hand, too-careful consideration leads others to prevent from donating organs because of religious belief, deficiency of education, and aesculapian unsoundness. first of all, there are widespread of religious belief all over the world from China to United Kingdom and from Canada to Chile. Buddhism, Islam, and Taoism use up some benignant of belief in afterl ife and natural process in birth. As the extend, they came up with laws and rules for the deceased. Buddhism, for example, no one is allowed to touch the corpse of the body for some(prenominal) of hours.This may be too late to save the organs that can be used. Moreover, some believe that all things belong to the Earth. A split indicates that every living grows on Earth. It is the Earth that naturalizes our livings. In order to give thanks the Earth of providing a variety of sources, we should all pay back ourselves in return completely which have no missing organs in the body. Since laws, rules, and religious belief are made for the dead, we should respect in who or what they believe.In additional, several countries, generally, such(prenominal) as Taiwan, Africa, or even easily developed countries do not have the opportunity to receive correct information about organ donation and organ transplant. There was a group of undergraduate students handing out questionnaires and doin g interviews about the knowledge of organ donation and transplantation for their research paper in school. Surprisingly, they found out that the result showed approximately 89% of people the student chose are completely overturned and misunderstood whether there are advantages or disadvantages of subsequences to themselves after donating organs.Furthermore, some mistakenly thought the only place in which people can spoil and sell their organ is the black market. Government and hospitals, health care systems, and medical insurance companies should provide correct information about donating organs. After receiving supportive information, people might have different thoughts about organ transplantation and would attempt to have their organs donated. Finally, people who have existing medical illness or condition are prohibited to donate their organs.Donating septic organs and tissues such as tumor and incurable disease such as cancer lead to deadly high risks to the ones who are rec eiving. ghoulish virus will be transmitted from the donor people who hire the organs with donated organs to the body of the patients causing them serious illness or even worse- death. These particularly cells which might be bacterially infected are transplanted and it will be carried throughout patients body. Therefore, most of the patients in hospitals who have medical illness or incurable disease cannot donate organs to others. non only do Doctors or researchers have the right to exam the organ initially but also do the patients need to tell pro what their problems are. In summary, organs are not donated because of the following reasons cultural belief, lack of education, and medical illness. In the essay, I have given out some examples that support my thesis statement which are the belief of afterlife of Buddhisms culture, questionnaire handed out by students for their research paper, and patients who suffer medical illness are not allowed to donate organs respectively.In my op inion, people should get word to ones voice. They have rights not to donate their organs and we have to respect the religious and cultural belief of the minority group of people. On the other hand, others should encourage someone, who suffers no medical illness, to try to contribute their organs to the ones who need them. Moreover, there are no harms for donators to save lives by donating organ after dying. Government and several organizations could provide more information about organ donating to people.

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