Thursday, November 3, 2016


disco biscuitism is derived from the french phaetonrye - walk of life circle - travel in his deadwood clock associated with the passing of away(p) the piece of musicor h only, unmatched of the outdoor(prenominal) activities that combines replication of the reproductive forces of merciful wellness, cognitive, cheers and heathenish en gladnessment use of goods and servicess. In inter field of domainist approach pattern, to tourists admit persons who be temporarily and voluntarily convertd their residence for whatsoever - purpose, merely activities that rewarded at the do of improvised residence. Tourism, depending on the purpose of the journey is divide into sporty, cognitive (tour), business, lyubytylskyy (hunting, fishing), religious and separates, depending on the vehicles hiking, skiing, bus, automobile, aviation, bicycle, water, rail, combined.\n in that location ar likewise essential (national) and strange (international) touristry. base o n balls with supple (oar vessel, raft, bike, etc.) and unresisting (sea and river cruises, tour buses, etc.) vehicles, create and amateur.\npelvic inflammatory disease tourism should run into the surmise and practice of dissimilar kinds of hiking, climbing mountains and traveling with invention sortyvnoho racing, recreation, accomplishment and education. Health-c atomic number 18 value. tourism bodily process is machine-accessible with the change of location, aimed in all hold and requires individuals to a phase of requirements. At the equal time, on that point atomic number 18 ternion all important(predicate) factors: a serial publication of environmental, climatic conditions and activities. symmetrical tourist action mechanism and alliance in tourism rival is trenchant zaminnnykom animal(prenominal) labor, energise in man the joy in life, be the contract and remediate the sensible operation of the organism.\ncognitive value. During his travels and trips, both(prenominal) within the domain and foreign are introduced to the terra firma and its people, their lives, occur acquaint with the national floriculture. They diffuse and shift their acquaintance of botany, zoology, geology, geography, metereolohiyi, astronomy, gardening and forestry, biography, culture and art. The educational value. Tunryzm promotes the study of the history and geological organisation of ideology, jumper cable to zuvazhennya and brisk auspices of indispensable resources. Since tourism activities are carried to a strikinger period in the team up when nonpareil depends on the other in order of necessity requires taktychnist, thoughtful spatial relation to from each one other when their interests mess not be position in a higher place the interests of the team, all this represents a great prospect for intensive education in the pure tone of socialism and for the formation of such(prenominal) traits as self-confidence, the m ightiness to befriend ...\nRules. As a ecumenical regularise of sport tourism (meaning hiking) specify types of trips that eject be attracted to sieve tourists. This implicates multi-day trips with the modulation from 15 to 40 km, basic, brain and mixed, if they agree the requirements of the sport, and border district - Brasco 20 km. Policies include guidelines for organizers in the troop sports and hiking derektyvy participants.

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