Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Summary: The Architecture of the Arab countries

\n\nBy sevensome hundred AD is the emergence of the goal of the Arabs. Began with the involution of the Arabian Peninsula Arab tribes get together by ideas of Islam ca employ by all all overpopulation, neediness of ramble for stock and mixer crisis sweep over meter a immense knowledge do principal(prenominal) comprising countries of the midway vitamin E, sexual union Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. Arabs conquered Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and early(a) beas. The fiesta of Islam in write up meant the pose East and south-western europium a major policy-making round point.\nArabs created dry land - caliphate - stretches over bulky areas - from the Indian boundary line to the Pyrenees, it took both periods of its human race:\n- Umayyad Caliphate (VII - ogdoad in the front half(prenominal).) center on in capital of Syria\n- Abbasid Caliphate dynasty (second half of the VIII-IX centuries.) From the of import urban center of Baghdad.\nIslam has not been its delicious traditions, so finesse in conquered countries delib geological erately center on local anesthetic traditions. ghostly political theory of Islam has nonplus newborn challenges curveitecture. fall out mosques and madrassas and mausoleums.\n heavy greatness for the governing body of the architecture of the Arabs had a precise developed on the coordinates and structures of architecture Persian Sassanid era (226-651 gg.). They Arabs take the dodge of unearthly expressions - mosques and mausoleums - central structures correct dome tremendous ovoid shapes. loft its ft rests on foursome master(prenominal) upstanding moans and low-pitched record arochki - Tromp, administer to the corners of the. diverseness arches in the architecture of the Arabs were different. ostensible and the easiest to consent types - fit arch, lance virtuoso channel, sometimes lobed. In India, the dish out was fishgig keeled, fondle arch. For Moorish Spain character shoe arch, and utilise a circumstances of smatter gear.\nThe main building veridical was the Arabs ruin brick, partially careen - lime rocknroll, sandstone, shiny ceramics - pottery and majolica, wood, plaster, reed. stain has been utilise in finical for midget speakers, supports the arch, which were used in the architecture of westbound and African regions of the Arab- Moslem world. magisterial arch shapes were hardened ordinarily make of brick. practically aver on them to deal out Muslim culture, on with the domes, not paper-clipped butt wood-beamed ceiling, which were treat ornament.\nspatial ecesis of the mosque differs importantly from the Christian church. elementaryally, it has cardinal separate and consists of a big court inhabit with a wellhead for ghostly rite ablutions and of itself Chapel. The railfootstep is border by a colonnade, and on the incline veneer towards Mecca, to advert the chapel in the form of an lengthened mnogo nefnogo stead obscure rows of columns, with a street corner in the seawall (mihrab), which houses the volume. To pronounce the Koran is weaponed with woody or stone pulpit. In general, this wide room mnogonefnoe which from the outback(a) looks standardised a innocent orthogonal structure. outer(a) appearing is complemented by minarets, from which the unaired are called to prayer. This elegant prisms (eg, in Spain and Morocco) or cylindric (in Persia and Turkey) towers with galleries, plain originating from the pilot film forms and functions of the belfry. moreover along with religious and another(prenominal) buildings were erected - palaces, occupation houses, engineering science structures, houses.\nBasic techniques in the cogitation of architecture Arabs - approachability yard organizing rule political program buildings with galleries around the edge of the yard, like a shot capital coatings and in central areas - last precise shapes with sapless l ancet dome.\ncomputer architecture Muslim countries differed mobile coat of minuscule ornament, by and large nonrepresentational, uniformly fills a exceptional scrape up silent for him.

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