Wednesday, August 7, 2019

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR - Essay Example 1). In this regard, the current essay hereby aims to discuss the business problem and apply the motivational concepts discussed in Robbins and Judge (2008). The problem identified in the study focused on the inability of organizations to appropriately and effectively design an incentive program that would relatively and directly increase work performance. As proffered, â€Å"numerous researchers have studied the impact of incentives and related programs for at least 100 years without establishing a clear consensus among business circles as to whether or not incentive programs deliver measurable and meaningful performance results† (Stolovitch, Clark, & Condly, 2008, par. 3). To address this dilemma, the authors specifically sought to answer four questions, to wit: â€Å"Do incentives increase work performance (and under what circumstances)? Which incentive programs are most effective? What types of organizations need incentives? And what model best expresses how to select and implement successful programs?† (Stolovitch, Clark, & Condly, 2008, par. 4). the authors further sought to establish conclusive findings through conducting surveys on the Internet and telephone from 145 U.S. organizations that have been evaluated to use incentive systems (Stolovitch, Clark, & Condly, 2008, par. 7). Accordingly, through the application of relevant motivational concepts such as the use of rewards to motivate employees and engaging employees or increasing involvement in the work setting. As indicated, incentives programs had the ability to: (1) improve performance; (2) engage participants (consistent with the theory of employee involvement; and (3) attract quality employees. Concurrently, other findings that were revealed were: (4) longer-term programs outperform short-term programs; (5) both executive and employees value incentive programs; and

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