Saturday, August 10, 2019

Hucksters in the Classroom Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hucksters in the Classroom - Case Study Example In drawing a one to one relationship between education and business, a number of moral issues arise. Chief among these and as pointed out by Saddler (2011) is the treatment of school going children as a means to an end. This means that the purpose of commercial activities in schools is not to better education but to boost profits for corporations. Commercial intrusion in schools alters the purpose and nature of education, which is meant to empower an individual in making the sound judgment (Sharma, 2012). Sharma further notes that education is meant to bring out qualities that are locked within an individual and not impress values upon them. Contrary to this, commercial intrusion in schools aims at creating brand loyalty in the children, and not to empower them to exercise the power of choice. It would only be right to conclude that students do have a â€Å"moral right† to receive an education that is free from commercial indoctrination. This is more so the case considering that promotion of commercial indoctrination undermines the sole aim of education, which is to empower an individual to practice independently of making choices (Sharma, 2012). If I was a parent of school-aged children I would be concerned about their exposure to commercial and corporate propaganda. This is because as a parent I would have enough reasons to be concerned over the welfare of my child. Having held the school as an environment where my children will be free from the reach of such exploitative activities, as a parent I would feel uneasy with the position which my school going child is put by being exposed to commercial and corporate propaganda. In the event that I take on the role of a board member in a school, I would be faced with the task of making a decision regarding the type of promotional method to be used in the school. As per the options, of either taking on industry-sponsored materials or channel one, I would opt for the industry-sponsored materials. This method does not employ  activities that are farfetched from the school curriculum.   

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