Saturday, July 27, 2019

Why There Would Be No People Without Plants Assignment

Why There Would Be No People Without Plants - Assignment Example Plants are an important part of the ecology and help in the maintenance of the normal environment on Earth. They are essential to life because they help in cleaning the atmosphere, maintain an appropriate balance of gases on Earth and also they serve as a source of food for the human beings as well as other living beings. Plants have been endowed with a very special property which makes them unique and assists them in performing their functions. The plants take up energy in the form of light from the Sun and a set of reactions ensues within the leaves of the plants. This sequence of reactions leads to the formation of food sources in the form of carbohydrate from the carbon dioxide which is captured by the leaves from the atmosphere. The leaves possess this property due to the presence of a green pigment known as chlorophyll. At the same time there is release of oxygen from the leaves of the plants. This process is known as photosynthesis as it uses up light and it occurs during day time because of the availability of sunlight during the day and at the same time there is synthesis of carbohydrates. Hence this function of the plants assists in the utilization of carbon dioxide which is produced in the atmosphere by human beings during breathing and also during other processes. The plants also utilize oxygen like all living matter for the carrying out of the process of respiration. This oxygen is used to drive the processes a t the cellular levels to provide energy for the appropriate usage of energy. Hence the plant has a complex mechanism in which it utilizes carbon dioxide and produces oxygen in the process. But they also then utilize oxygen for carrying out essential reactions. The plants basically carry out the process of photosynthesis mainly during the day and the process of respiration and utilization of oxygen is at peak during the night. Therefore it can be seen that the plants form

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