Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Impact of Dizzy Gillespie or Bill Evans (select one) Essay

Impact of Dizzy Gillespie or Bill Evans (select one) - Essay Example Worth noting is the fact that Bill Evans is a great brilliant pianist, who worked to the best of his capabilities in the United States of America to lift the jazz industry into greater heights by taking the opportunity of his talent into consideration in improving the piano trio and its democratization (Cankaya, 35). This paper analyses the various musical techniques of Bill Evans in the development of modern jazz music. Many jazz musicians have adopted his techniques, a factor that makes Bill Evans highly influential in the development of the modern jazz style, as will be highlighted in this paper. Bill Evans was born in 1929, and started building his talent right from his mother’s church in Russia at an age of 6 years. His motive to grow in the industry grew, and he developed a school labelled Bill Evans style where he became influential in the industry and encouraged, gave hope and helped colleagues pursue their talents. For instance, he inspired and mentored Petrucciani and Andy Laverine. Research indicates that Bill Evans indulged in heroin abuse; a habit that he opined would boost his energy. Bill Evans faced the compulsion of selecting a favourable career. Since he had an outstanding talent in playing the piano, and opted to pursue it. He ventured into the music industry and due to his reformed chord; he exhibited remarkable growth in the industry. A critical review of history indentifies Bill Evans as a pianist of jazz music (Schachter, et al 42). However, heroin taking was not a merit because it accrued his death in 1980, and led to the breakage of his two-marriages. Bill Evans received five grammy awards as a recognition for his exemplary work of art. Some examples of the most appreciated Bill’s songs include, ‘Beautiful Love,’ produced in 1961 and ‘Are you all things’ created in the year 1975. Bill Evans had a reformed chord that was specifically a gift in him, but he always exerted efforts to ensure that all his songs

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