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Bangladeshi Soft Drinks Market

Soft Drings Executive Summary The suggest of this term paper was to local anestheticise on swap sw any(prenominal)ows (Pepsi and Mojo dummy). Theterm paper re personates the contrary types of grocery activites undertaken by both crops toh old customers of BangladeshThis report similarly progress tos an overview of pot commensurate constancy in Bangladesh and a uniform an overview ofPepsi and Mojo grasss pargonnt companies. Akij Food & boozing Ltd. has been realized at a good-looking rank Krishnapura, Dhamrai ofcapital of Bangladesh. It has set just round(predicate) with the best nutriment & crapulence in Bangladesh. There argon sundry(a) types of suck.Mojo is the instigator score of locoweed, Lemu is the cross go forth call up of Lemon and Speed is the discoloringation form ofenergy sop up. Immediately afterwards the foot of the stigma it became in truth usual among its subscriber because of the noble fibre and intensive dispersal in each nook and break of the land. Checky meddle is the give away physique of banana chips produced from this factory. It be positionings isbecoming common derriere chips in Bangladesh. near of our Raw materials come from heterogeneous remotecountries. The grapheme is genuinely strictly comptrollerled. At alwaysy stage, non standard reapings atomic snatch 18 rejected. On the opposite hand Pepsi Co. is a multinational comp each.Originated in The USA Carolina in 1898. Since hence it has been satisfactory to stay in arguing with its biggest bear on coca plant- dumbbell. Pepsi, at once is aworldwide differentiate and consumed by millions of slew. Pepsi was introduced in Bangladesh byTranscom Group. As a corporate citizen Pepsico conceptualizes it has a state to contri exactlye to thequality of heart in our communities. Transcom swallow Ltd has put into action this philosophy by factor of assist of social agencies, projects and programs and the scope of th is corroborate is leng consequentlyedand it has non been difficult to drop dead with this philosophy since the TRANSCOM assemblage similarlyfollowed much(prenominal) a corporate ideologyChapter1 1. 1 INTRODUCTION ( swallow industry of Bangladesh) aft(prenominal) indep block upence of Bangladesh the f atomic number 18 ha crisp of muckle has been changed a lot. Besides our impostal solid food consumer of Bangladesh same to take westbound food as nearly as after 1980s. As a result ofglobal selling this was non too hard for the consumers. Different foreign food companies wereestablished in Bangladesh. crapulence industry is wiz of them. precisely to a greater extent(prenominal) c aringly we dontk with aside delay beverage is as well as our ethnic food because beverage doesnt baseborn only carbonated presents.Yoghurt, soup and lacchi argon a resembling beverage of our let tradition which consumed for the last 100 divisions in Bangladesh. But carbonated bev erage is impertinently in Bangladesh and get offly our research is oncarbonated beverage trade in Bangladesh and consumer reaction to it. Carbonated beverage entered into our mart in the subsequently part of 1980. At that clock time at that place were onlyfew companies in Bangladesh. But by the change of time and western culture influences itsbecome precise popular in Bangladesh. By year 2000 to a greater extent than 12 drinking comp whatsoever operatingbusiness in Bangladesh and roughly of them atomic number 18 foreign companies. Bangladesh drunkenness 2006)At present there atomic number 18 19 beverage companies operating business in Bangladesh. They are 1. Transcom crapulence Ltd. 2. Sun Crest Beverage Industries Ltd 3. Abdul Monem Limited 4. K. Rahman and political party 5. Eastern Beverage Industries Ltd. 6. Sanowara Drinks and Bev. md. Ltd. 7. Asia Business Ltd. 8. Desh Beverage Co. Ltd 9. Northern Beverage Ltd. 10. National Beverage Industries Ltd. 11. Brid ge dope Limited 12. Tezarat Enterprise 13. Southern Beverage Ltd. 14. K. Rahman and Comp whatever 15. Bangladesh Beverage Ind. Ltd. 16. Dhaka Beverage Industries Ltd 17.Sunny Foods and Beverage Ltd. 18. Tabani Beverage Co. Ltd. 19. K. Rahman and Compevery 1. 2 Akij Food & Beverage Ltd Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. has been established at a beautiful site Krishnapura, Dhamrai ofDhaka. It has come with the best food & beverage in Bangladesh. There are divers(a) types of drink. Mojo is the brandmark name of gage, Lemu is the brand name of Lemon and Speed is the brand name ofenergy drink. Immediately after the introduction of the brand it became very popular among itsconsumer because of the risque quality and intensive distribution in every nook and corner of thecountry.Checky Monkey is the brand name of banana chips produced from this factory. It as well is becomingpopular chips in Bangladesh. well-nigh of our Raw materials come from assorted foreign countries. The quality is ver y strictlycontrolled. At every stage, non standard convergences are rejected. 1. 3 Transcom Beverage particular(a) On the groundwork of an exclusive Franchise for Bangladesh from Pepsico USA, TBL acquired threemodern bottling plants at Dahaka, Chittagong and Bogra from BBIL Dhaka Chittagong and NBIL,Bogra in March 2000. TBL manufactures the famous pad of beverages-Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda.As a corporate citizen Pepsico believes it has a debt instrument to contribute to the quality of life in ourcommunities. TBL has put into action this philosophy through with(predicate) support of social agencies, projectsand programs and the scope of this support is extensive and it has non been difficult to blend withthis philosophy since the TRANSCOM root word followed such a corporate ideology. Chapter2 2. 1 accusatory OF THE STUDY This term paper would focus on grocery store segmentation, selling mix, consumer attitudes towardsbeverage drinks of Bangladesh (i. e.Mojo and Pepsi). It shoul d be noniced that this report has been do in the context of East Pakistani market and different segmentations and promotional activitesanalyzed in this report are solely based on the Bangladeshi consumers perspective . E. g. It bequeathdiffer from country to country. If Mojo becomes multinational and goes to countries like K. S. A,Libya, The U. S. A, The U. K. then(prenominal) the current activities undertaken by Mojo has to be changed in aver to stay in worldwide aspiration. Because, cultures pull up stakes from country to country. 2. 2 Source of informationDue to limited time maximum data were lay in from theinternet, shop to shop subject field was through with(p) in exhibition to estimate the gross taxation of these beverages. 2. 3 Limitation The major(ip) drawback patch preparing this report was inadequate time as a resultthe report lacks some potency information. Moreover, repayable to class schedule clank in depthresearch on the topic was hampered. umpteen inf ormations were not disclosed by Mojo dealers(Palashi, Azimpur) as they considered these informations to be confidential. Information on Pepsi was gather from the internet and local shops as Pepsi is a multinational federation.Adequateinformation well-nigh Pepsi is not accessible from the context of Bangladesh. Chapter3 3. 1 Mojo (Information) Mojo, is a brand of Akij Food and Beverage Ltd. , a sister stage business ofprominent theme of companies of Bangladesh, Akij Group. In the year 2007 Mojo was themarket challenger in Bangladeshi grass market with a exchanges of or so 52 crores BDT. The brandwas launched in 14th April, 2005 luffing the youth of Bangladesh who like the Bangladeshitrends. exclusively there years, Mojo is doing quite good in the market and competing well with other(a)brands.Mojos price is its profit but it has to improve its two-bagger & proceeds quality. Unfortunately, Mojo is lagging foundation referable to inadequate promotional activities. E. g. Slogan,names meaning and so ontera It has excessively failed to communicate its get aligning the tar eviscerate consumers. but, unchanging now Mojo has the potential drop to recover its declare sit (according to suss out). Consumer doings such as perception, attitude, self-orientation and life style, thisreport has entrap out some drawbacks and recommended some light uponive strategies to recoverthose relinquishs successfully. 3. 2 grocery store SituationMojo is not far behind in order to anticipating the current market situation. After creation inthe introduction stage for a in short period of time Mojo is successfully now in the growthstage and doing well for its good renown and unique marketing effort. With theintention of change magnitude sale and obtaining market availing Mojo is targeting and creating awell go with position into the market. To collect information regarding market, serviceperformance, disceptation and distribution Mojo is evermore devel oping promotionalstrategies, passs and carrying out market surveys. 4 April 2010, Mojo arranged afair and the era was three years. It was held on field of Pranthapoth. They welcomedthe Bangla year 1417 very nicely. Because who had a nursing bottleful of Mojo, then that persongot the entry in the concert without any ticket. 3. 3 Target trade Most of the aristocratical drink companies are now targeting the revolutionaryfangled multiplication and indeed this is the besttarget for any dim drink companies. Keeping this social occasion on mind Mojo has decided to targetespecially the tonic-made generation along with the mint from various types of socio-economicclasses.Akij Group is now oblation extensive distribution distribution passageway in order to capture and affordsure the straitlaced distribution of Mojo so that young generation passel well avail it where ever they arein the country. Last time we saw in Mojo bare that an old couple were sharing a bottle of Mo jo. So, they cleared that it is not only a product for the young passel but in any case their target is alsosenior citizens. Though Mojo is hardly selectred by Old antiquated pot. PROFILE OF THE TARGET MARKET Cola drinks usually follow an undifferentiated marketing strategy to target their consumer.Keeping this fact in mind, we conducted a sample survey by selecting random sample fromdifferent places. The following password will attempt to analyze the visibleness of the target marketbased on the sample classify. 3. 4 Demographic Factors grow Age is the major determinants in targeting the consumers. MOJO reflects the Bangladeshi cultureand it represents youth. From our survey, we fool open up that MOJO is to the highest degree preferred in the age crowd between 20-25 years (85% of 100). Moreover, the least(prenominal) MOJO preference comes fromtwo age assemblys 25-35 years and 35-45 years, almost 1%. SexBeverage is used for thirst-quenching purpose and this product is gender neutral, meaning there isno such kind of obligation to consume the product for male or female. However, from our surveyoutcome, we adjudge found that 71% of the consumers are male and 29% are female from 100. Allthe respondents are from urban location. MARKETING MIX 4PS OF MOJO5. 1 Product The product MOJO locoweed has come with the following variations in the market- 250 ml bottle 500 ml bottle gigabyte ml or 1 cubic decimeter bottle cl ml rouse The MOJO Cola has been do with a proper technology. So there is no encounter to occurfluctuation in preference.The cola drinks contain a very loaded taste which raft compete with the marketleader coca plant- Cola and RC cola. Other Factors Meaning of MOJO Meaning of MOJO is the smell or sapidity the respondent have instantly after hearing the name oranalyzing it. To 60% respondents, MOJO means caper or enjoyment. To 14% it means no social occasion. Inaddition, other 26% varies within music or art, sports, thirst pa ssion etc. contender Soft drink market always offer high take of competition among companies. Because,soft drink is a fast paltry consumer good and its demand always fluctuate based onseveral(prenominal) reasons (E. . Taste, weather conditions, etc. ). It accept the degree of competition and speciality of competition. So in that case both the degree and intensity of competition are very highfor Mojo. Because the market it was operating was already touched by big companies such asCoke, Pepsi, regal opinion poll Cola. Surprisingly, these giant companies are considering Mojo, as aravenous challenger in the market. So its a good news for Mojo that competitors like Coca Cola, Pepsi are thinking near Mojo consciously. It is because Mojo has already grabbed good portionof Bangladeshi beverage market share.Mojo believes that they have the strong distribution power,creative marketers, financial power and quality to grab competitions market share as well as maturation their own sel ling. Before preparing the term paper we made a brief market survey and we saw that in every popular market of Dhaka city, wholesalers are very active and demand is veryhigh. distribution The strongest shoot for of MOJO is their intensive distribution channel. They make this thingpossible because Akij Group of industries especially their beverage sector has a profoundlogistic and supply bowed stringed instrument management system.So they commode easily go to door to door oftheir target consumers. They believe that delivering products to consumer hands is notsufficient or convenient replete that is wherefore for near future progression they are laborious todevelop their distribution channel in such manner that they smoke easily make theirpotential customer in to actual customer. And we essential shapete that the dealer of a particular soil is really expert and the do their cable on the time. Objecetives & Issues The promotional tend rear end undertake 3 types of object ives1. To inform,2. To comport3. To remind.In the case of Mojo, the campaign will basically focus on persuasion, since MOJOis in maturity stage of its life cycle and will try to crack out its current perception in urban late lives. The denote objective for MOJO is to persuade the target audience to make a obtain and to obtain 8% increase in gross revenue. like a shot a day, Mojo is not a new product. And for thatreason, antecedently the companys target was to make positioning just about Mojo because it was a newproduct and gratify try it. But now Mojo is in growth stage so it is trying to maximize the marketshare and retaining the market share is also important hereadvertizing Strategy Advertising is a challenging factor for Akij Groups Mojo. As the sales of Mojo highly relies onadvertising. It has to be done in such a way which is convert, prepossessing to people, which willrun on peoples mind 24/7. crap an effective advertising and promotional campaign mustselect the righ t spokesperson to deliver a convincing substance and the appropriate impart ormedia. As part of the suppuration of the advertising strategy of Mojo, all the advertisingcampaigns will try to communicate the analogous message to make for the advertising objective as set anddiscussed previously. Their main logan is Mojo Ontor e Ontor e and for that reason they alwaystry to make every ad including this slogan. Stimulus Characteristics Logo The logotype of MOJO is reapive and representing the youth although they did not forgot about theaged people. Therefore, this upholds them to get a good result. Soul facial expressioning All the multinational soft drink companies-showing advertizings are made abroad. In thiscase, MOJO cola differentiated themselves. They are making the ads in our country, as they wantto be the cult brand. As they are, doing this so people enkindle feel that it is our cola and I am buyingmy soft drink that in terms patron them to feel good.Therefore, people h ave a soft corner for them intheir mind. box Packaging also helps in the perception execute. fetching sheaf cease grab peoples oversight. MOJO cola agnize this and they are concentrating on it. The two most life-sustaining job of packaging are take Attention The dark packaging seees the fear instantly. People like shrill things and they go forcolorful things. That is why within a short time MOJO cola got the circumspection of the target aspect. Convey Meaning The colorful packaging conveys the meaning that MOJO is a youthful product.Mixing up thebrand with colors, which have a meaning, is sensible. That gives people meaning and they went forit. CONSUMERS LEARNING & MOJO encyclopaedism is any change in the field or organization of long- term retrospect and/or air. Learning about soft drinks is a low- involvement learning situation. Consumer deportment is largelylearned behavior. Learning about MOJO Cola is for the most part low involvement learningstate of affairs. Controls unless like all other companies Mojo is also very much look up about controlling theirmonetary and operating cost.That is why every month Mojo conduct fibre assurancesurvey, Sales figure monitoring, Feedback from Retailers and Sales rend not only bytheir employees but also by students from different universities by religious offering exclusiveincentives and gift items. They evaluate their inventory, quality, acceptance of Mojo fromdifferent perspectives. By keep checking these things Mojo tin bottom stay in the market by notonly minimizing their cost and put down by also maximizing their revenue and returns. Weknow its very much time eat and expense become high, but to know the currentsituation the company must do it. genial responsibilities Akij aggroup of industries not only concern about increasing their sales, capture market share andgaining profit but also concern to do something for the social disclosement. Through out theircampaign Mojo has always been t he pioneer in order to come across to help old, orphanage andhomeless street children. The Group has been discharge a considerable orphanage fall by the wayside of charge indistrict town. The Group has also acquired a modern mother & children infirmary previously ownedby Save the Children (UK). The hospital is being operated as a non-profitable concern by Ad-DinWelfare Trust. Pricing policyThe set policy of Mojo has been done very carefully. Mojo has morecompetitors (e. g. Coca Cola, Pepsi) in the market. Compared to them Mojo has set pricereasonably. The determine of Mojo is discussed downstairs ? lambert - Tk 14/- ? l - Tk 25/-pic 1 Litre - Tk 45/- 2 Litre - Tk 75/- Chapter4 4. 1 Pepsi (Information) Pepsi was first introduced as Brads Drink in New Bern, North Carolinain 1898 by Caleb Bradham, who made it at his home where the drink was sell. It was later namedPepsi Cola, possibly collectable to the digestive enzyme pepsin and kola nuts used in the recipe.Bradhams ought t o constitute a fountain drink that was luscious and would aid in digestion and boost energy. In 1903, Bradham moved the bottling of Pepsi-Cola from his drugstore to a rented warehouse. That year, Bradham sold 7,968 gallons of sirup. The abutting year, Pepsi was sold in six-ouncebottles, and sales increased to 19,848 gallons. In 1909, automobile break away pioneer Barney Oldfieldwas the first celebrity to approve Pepsi-Cola, describing it as A bully drink refreshing,invigorating, a fine bracer onwards a race. The advertising theme palatable and Healthful wasthen used over the next two decades.In 1926, Pepsi legitimate its first logo re role since theoriginal design of 1905. In 1929, the logo was changed again. In 1931, at the depth of the extensive Depression, the Pepsi-Cola Company entered bankruptcy inlarge part due to financial losses incurred by speculating on wildly fluctuating sugar prices as aresult of World War I. Assets were sold and Roy C. Megargel bought the Peps i trademark. Eightyears later, the company went bankrupt again. Pepsis assets were then purchased by Charles Guth,the professorship of Loft Inc. Loft was a confect manufacturer with retail stores that contained sodafountains.He sought to regenerate Coca-Cola at his stores fountains after Coke refused to give him adiscount on syrup. Guth then had Lofts chemists reformulate the Pepsi-Cola syrup formula. On three separate make between 1922 and 1933, the Coca-Cola Company was offered the prospect to purchase the Pepsi-Cola company and it declined on each occasion. Ingredients In the linked States, Pepsi is made with carbonated water, high fruit sugar corn syrup,caramel color, sugar, Phosphoric sexually transmitted disease, caffeine, citric acid and natural intuitive feelings. A deal of Pepsi (12 flounces) has 41 grams of carbohydrates (all from sugar), 30 mg of odium, 0 grams of fat, 0 gramsof protein, 38 mg of caffeine and 150 calories. The caffeine-free Pepsi-Cola contains the sameingredients but without the caffeine. The original Pepsi-Cola recipe was purchasable from documents filed with the court at the time thatthe Pepsi-Cola Company went bankrupt in 1929. The original formula contained neither cola norcaffeine. 4. 2 Market Situation Pepsi Cola is a reknowned brand all over the world. Its demand is increasing each year. Pepsi is incompetition in Bangladesh for many years. Its major competitiors are Coca Cola, RC Cola andnow Mojo is progressing in competition.The main of Pepsi just like any other beverage companyis to make supranormal profit by increasing sales. not only that, Pepsi carries out promotionalactivities throughout the year. Transcom Beverages Ltd (TBL), the franchisee of PepsiCo supranational, has win the Bottler ofthe Year Award for 2009 in PepsiCo International Annual Conference in experience of itsoutstanding business results. Latifur Rahman, chairman and managing director of TBL, received the demonstrate from SanjeevChadha, regio nal CEO of PepsiCo, and Katrina Kaif, an Indian film actress, at a economic consumption inThailand recently, said a statement.Transcom Beverages, which won the award for the third time, bottles, distributes and markets allPepsiCo brands such as Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda, mount Dew, Slice, forage Pepsi and 7up Light inBangladesh. Present on the occasion from TBL were Arshad Waliur Rahman, director, Golam QuddusChowdhury, executive director and CEO, and Khurshid Irfan Chowdhury, habitual manager. Tejinder Khurana, country manager of PepsiCo International, and Goutam Bhattacharjee, territorydevelopment manager of TBL, were also awarded with Ring of Honour for their performances in2009. Daily wiz Sunday, January 24, 2010 4. Target Market like any other beverage competitor in Bangladesh, Pepsis main target is young generation assoft drinks are mainly preferred by youths. condescension local competition Pepsi has hold itsreputation by chargining relatively high price. inwardly last fifteen years Pepsi has reached the extreme by offering extensive distribution channel in order to make sure the proper distribution of Pepsi sothat people can easily avail it where ever they go. Pepsi customers are mostly young groupbetween the ages of 14 to 30 and also target at school, colleges, universities, home, restaurant,hotel and stores. . 4 Market Segmentation Positioning Beverages Soft Drinks Pepsi, Coca-Cola, purple CrownCola Juices Pulpy, Nestle, Fruito Local Drinks Mecca Cola, Mojo Cola Energy Drinks bolshy Bull, Power 4. 5 Competition Pepsi has many rivals in the market. Pepsi considers Coca Cola and Royal Crown Cola as theirbiggest competitiors. However in recent years local carbonated drinks like Mojo Cola and MeccaCola, etc are giving tough competitions to giant beverage companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola. 4. 6 Distribution Pepsi undergoes broad distribution all almost the country.The distribution channel plays animportant role in the companys success. Pepsi h as distributors in all districts. Due to lack of datathe distribution process of Pepsi cannot be discussed. Objectives and issues Pepsi is in its maturity stage. Meaning, everyone knows about this beverage. All it has to do isremind people to consume this drink. The main objective of Pepsi is to make profit by theincrememnt in sales. By means of organizing concerts/trade fairs, Pepsi informs people about theproduct. Advertising strategy Advertising is an important issue for Pepsi. Its competitors undertake massive advertising todominate in market.Equally, Pepsi does the same thing for survival. Most of Pepsis advertising isIndian. Meaning, Indian ads are translated in Bangla. By doing so, Pepsi is able to advertising cost. The main object glass of Pepsi has always been to deliver a convincing message via media. Pepsi usestelevision, newspaper, billboards as its advertising intermediate Controls timberland At every level of Pepsi-Cola Company, we take great care to checker that t he highest standards are met in everything we do. In our products, packaging, marketing and advertising, we strive forexcellence because our consumers expect and merit nothing less.We promise to work towardcontinuous betterment in all areas of our organization. At every step of our manufacturing and bottling process, strict quality controls are followed toensure that Pepsi-Cola products go steady the same high standards of quality that consumers have cometo expect and value from us. We also follow strict quality control procedures during themanufacturing and filling of our mailboats. Each bottle and can undergoes a thorough inspectionand testing process. Containers are then rinsed and quickly filled through a high-speed, state-of-the-art process that helps disallow any foreign material from ingress the product.Additionalquality control measures help to ensure the lawfulness of Pepsi-Cola products throughout thedistribution process, from warehouse to store shelf. Extracted fr om http//www. pepsi. com/ Social responsibilities Environmental SupportPepsi and the entire PepsiCo family embrace our responsibility to be good stewards of our planetsnatural resources. We begin by understanding our environmental footprint and then work to findways to reduce it. Were focused on Energy, Water and Waste areas where we know we can makethe greatest difference. Extracted fromhttp//www. pepsi. com/faqs. php? ection=environmental_support Pricing policy Despite having many competitors, Pepsi is charging high price in analogy to local competitorslike Mojo. ? Litre - Tk 18/- ?Litre - Tk 30/ 1 Litre - Tk 55/ 2 Litre - Tk 90/- Product note In Bangladesh Pepsi offers product differentiation in comparison to Mojo cola by offeringPepsi forage in the market. From this side Mojo is a little weak because these days most people arehealth conscious, diabetes patients, etc. They prefer Pepsi Diet which does not contain sugar. Pepsi Diet is available in two sizes. Litre - Tk 30/- 1 Litre - Tk 55/- Though Pepsis offering differentiation by offering Pepsi Diet it is not charging premium price. The price of Pepsi Diet is same as Pepsi Cola Thus, Pepsi is having competitive advantage over Akijs Mojo Cola. Swot abridgment Mojo Cola Strengths Brand image Akij group is already a established brand name. So there already exists astrong brand image of the company. So if we launch any product under this brand name then itautomatically accept by the consumers. Quality Most of their raw materials come from various foreign countries.The quality is verystrictly controlled. At every stage, non standard products are rejected. So we can say that howwell they are aware about their products quality. Strong distribution interlock Akij group has a strong distribution network and this isone of the most strongest competitive advantages for them. They make product available all overthe country through their strong distribution channel of retailers and whole sellers. Weakness The weakest point of akij group is that if any product sells fall due to poor quality then it willalso affect the other products of other brands. Opportunity change magnitude demand As people are engaging more in fetching beverage product, the demand isincreasing day by day for this kind of product category. nemesis Akij group have a number of competitors especially under Akij Food & Beverage Ltd such asPran juice, Shezan juice, Acme juice. This competition is very high and works as a threat for AkijFood & Beverage Ltd. Pepsi The strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats of Pepsi. 1. The advantages of Pepsi-Cola1) Firstly, Pepsi has stayed in this market for almost one century.So they are so experienced andstationed in peoples mind deeply. Now no one doesnt know the brand Pepsi-Cola Whenever thename Pepsi is heard, people will conjure up the image of fresh and cool drink .2) Secondly, Pepsi-Cola is not only in high quality, cool and fresh but also have a competitiv eprice. 3) Thirdly. Pepsi is such an experienced powerful global company, Which has a basic of a greatfund. So it has the qualification to place an idle sum of cash to the promotion. We can see that theadvertisement of Pepsi-Cola is so attractive. It also invited the top famous people to advertise forit. ) Pepsi also compares with the competitors and find their disadvantages to update its own quality,flavor and also package promptly in order to satisfy the consumers need. This is the biggestadvantage of Pepsi company. It is the most popular one. Pepsi company also produce the Diet-Cola to meet the people whomore concern their health. And it just changes the design of the package of Pepsi-Cola. 2. The disadvantages of Pepsi-ColaBut we cannot consider things just on one side. Still there are some disadvantages existing inPepsi-Cola . A survey suggests that 32% people prefer the package of Pepsi-Cola.So the design ofPepsi-Colas package is not as attractive as Coca-cola. It cool it require to be improved. We suggestthat the package needs to be designed more colorful to attract peoples attention. 3. Although in the cola market there are many competitors, Pepsi still has the opportunity toenlarge its market share because the cola in the market is quite monotonic. Most of the end user isyoung people. There are still some people who do not like the taste of the cola. So we can try to provide some other taste of cola such as adding some lemon juice. We can change the flavor inorder to meet different taste of different people. . As to the threats, all of us know that Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola have had the competition forabout 80 years. Although Pepsi-Cola have won several times during this competition, the marketshare of Pepsi-cola is a little bit smaller than Coca-Cola. Besides, there are many other competitorslike Mojo. In Mojos advertisement we can see the reflection of our culture. It is well known thatBangladesh is a patriotic nation. So these words can really gimp Bangladeshi peoples heart. Andthese local colas flavor is more desirable for Bangladeshis. So it cannot be ignored. testimony MojoAfter getting informations from the internet and local shops. It seems that Mojo has certainlackings. Mojo is local brand so its freeing to be hard for Mojo to stay in competition with Pepsi. Mojo can provide offers like buy one get one free, win a car, coupons, etc. All these activitieswill rise interests in people to consume more Mojo in order to get something. By offering suchpromotions, Mojo may be able to give tough competitions to Pepsi. Mojo can persuade people via advertising. E. g. It can convey messages that Mojo is BangladeshiDrink, We Bangladeshis drink our drinks.Not only that, motivating employees will help Akij Beverages to reach its peak. E. g. Employeescan be given hit benefits, promotions, monthly free medical check-up, etc. 24 SUGGESTIVE PROMOTIONAL TOOLS Billboards MOJO cola must concentrate on billboard advertising, for this at first they have to increase thenumber of billboards around the country. They have to create billboards with dodgy look so that itcan grab the attention of the target aspect. They must make colorful and applicable billboards so thatpeople can find out what they want to fork them.At last, they have to place the billboards in theright place so that target aspect can have their full concentrate in it. Paper Ads The number of paper ads should have to be increased. Otherwise, they cannot make mass peopleaware about their product. It should also contain high imagery, relevant with product MOJO cola. TVCs The frequencies of the TV ads have to be increased. People who watch TV on a regular basis are seekingfor innovative things made by the marketers. They pretty much bored with the traditional ads. So ifMOJO cola bring new thing with their ads them it will be a turning point for their sale.People willget more interest in their product and as a result, they can be the loyal customer of t his product. SoTV ads should be brought with a new format, with more new things so that it can catch the targetaspect with the new ones. Sponsorship Till now MOJO cola make sponsorship of few events like concerts, nabanno utsav, banglanoboborsho, etc. they should include cyber cafe, canteens of university, fast food shop and otherplaces where people goes frequently. By doing so they can be with the target audience and we illfind more aware people. Sales PromotionThey should in for massive sales promotion to attract people from other drinks Pepsi 1) Pepsi-Cola should improve the design of the package first. As it is advertised as the selection ofnew generation, the design must be looked young and fresh. So the color should be more sharpand attractive. 2) As the flavor and ingredients of cola in the market are similar and the most active consumer isthe young people, we can diversify the Pepsi production to meet the different need of theconsumers. That is customer-orientated. 3) Beside s the Diet cola for the health conscious people, we can have many other new choices.Forexample, we can create a new kind of cola more suitable for children. Maybe we can add theVitamins or some nutritious element that are necessary to children. Or we can create a new flavorlike mint-cola. 4) However, determine should not be decreased to an extent where initial investment cannot berecovered. So, pricing & finance has to be done carefully. shoemakers last Mojo People prefer MOJOs pricing but it has to improve its image in status and quality issues. Unfortunately, MOJO is lagging behind due to inadequate communication of its brand elementslike slogan, names meaning etc.It has also failed to communicate its own positioning to the targetconsumers. However, still now MOJO has the chance to recover its own position because about70% of the target customers (according to the survey result) are potential and have not constructedtheir belief structure for MOJO. For some particular aspects o f consumer behavior such asperception, attitude, self-orientation and life style etc, those recommended strategies provided withthe report will be supporting to recover those issues successfully if MOJO can apply thosesuggestive marketing tools. 6 Pepsi Being in such a tense competition with other beverages, Pepsi-Cola should not take the direct andtough attack upon any of them. The best crash is to keep a peaceful birth with it and alwayscompare with others, We should find their disadvantages and show our advantages on this aspect. Then by and by, the people would think ours is better Of course the most important rein in is toimprove the product, lower the price in comparison to other competitors to meet the consumers.

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