Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Treatment Approaches Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Treatment Approaches - Essay Exampleach focuses on minimizing the bad behavior initially, and with the passage of time, having complete go over that particular behavior and c at oncentrateting unloosen of it (Denning et al., 2004). It is far easier to make people realize that using seat belts while driving can disallow many damages during an accident instead of eliminating the complete auto mobile industry to overcome damages in road accidents.The harm reduction nestle mainly focuses on reducing the barbaric behavior of an individual that might cause harm to him/her and to the society in general. While disease model looks upon such(prenominal) behaviors with a different perspective. According to disease model, people habit-forming to drugs or alcohol are treated as chronically diseased and can get relief either by continuing to use the addictive drugs which in turn deteriorate their health, or by practicing self-restraint to abstain the addiction once and for all (Van and Davis , 2012). Hence, the objective of both the approaches is same i.e. curing addiction, but the method of analyzing the patient and its treatment is different.Legalizing Drugs The government should realize that the people who are addictive to drink and to other drugs will not leave them even if they are forced to do so, therefore, in an organized manner, these drugs should be made available to such addictive people in specific institutes where they will not only be monitored but will also be helped in getting over their disconfirming behavior.Safe Drinking An individual with drinking problems not only put themselves in harms way by losing control which eventually leads to hazardous accidents involving others as well. Therefore, the best solution to control and overcome such situations is to drink in presence of a company. In this way, the results of drinking on an individual as well as on his surroundings can be controlled by those present around the drinkers.Reduced Drinking The best way to get rid of addictive habits is by taking baby steps

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