Saturday, June 22, 2019

Promoting language and literacy in early childhood Essay

Promoting language and literacy in early childhood - Essay ExampleOver the past fewer decades, however, the Hong Kong authorities has taken a number of positive steps to ensure that early childhood programs provide a minimum level of acceptable quality of economic aid and education. This paper focuses on the critical examination of the statement identification of the focus/ challenges of early language and/ or literacy nurture in Hong Kong. Hence, thereby based on the focus or challenges that have been identified, a 5-day lesson plan in considerate to the language section only has been made that would highlight how addressing such issues would cover the learning needs of young learner(s).The importance behind writing this paper is its highlighting various issues that need to be considered while providing children with an educational environment which is conducive to bilingualist development or literacy improvement in Honk Kong Kindergarten Education.The Hong Kong Special Region o f China in Administration covers 1040 sq. kilometers. It has a population of more than 6.8 million. With the formation fo Sino- British Joint declaration. Described as one of the barren island with hardly any house upon it in the mid-1800s, by 1990s Hong Kong became the territory with the higher (GDP) in Asia. With a higher rate of population and greater GDP Hong Kong became one of the major senders of students abroad for their further studies.As one of the former British dependance along with an international gateway to the Mainland of great China, Hong Kong aims to make itself as a bilateral (Chinese and English) along with a trilingual (Cantonese, English, and Putonghua) society. Although by seeing the statistics from 2006 by-census it shows that around 95% of the Hong Kong population is an ethnic Chinese(Hong Kong Government, 2006), both the Chinese and English are the ones official language. With the rapid development in the pre-school policy

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