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Human Resource Management in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

pitying alternative Management in China - Essay ExampleIn past building, money and the products were considered as the merry assets, but today Human pick is right up with the other monetary and liquid assets and in successful organizations it is considered as the most important strategical asset of the organization.Human imaging management has a great role in changing the personal credit line ideologies and modern rationales up to this point (Bhatia & Dey, 2005). This changed labeled the Human Resource segment as the advocates of the employees, rather then the advocates of the employers as in the past. The modern human has admitted that Human Resource department is an important strategic department and has a key role in organization as it deals in managing the most vital asset of the organization, the Human workforce. Previously this department was considered as a wasteful and completely unnecessary expense center where as now it is considered as the strategic partner with o ther departments in achieving the organizational goals.Human Resource managers manage organizational activities through different practices. These practices are not a constant in all the organizations. Not all the managers all over the world use the same Human resource management methods (Daft, 2001). It is because they operate in different organizations that are placed in different countries and cultures. Therefore the responsibilities of the Human resource managers play a vital role for the organization as a whole. For example consider an Organization that is placed globally. Then the job of the Human Resource manager is to find let on about the labor force of the country, their diversity, age trends, skills and culture. Where as other factors should also be considered such as the economical conditions, government activity regulations, infrastructure, laws and culture of that country. Managers mustiness also screen the external environment before entering the market.If these f actors are handled lightly before setting up a business in the country, organization may end up in loosing vast amount of money and resources. That is why HR managers should consider all the aspects very conservatively as the availability of the required labor force and its nature of motivation may also depend upon these factors (Globalization & Environment, 2009).Other than that a company has to answer the questions, which must involve all the departments of the organization. These questions may include why they want to go to that country, who will be the workers, what will be the structure, from where will the finances come and what are the legal requirements to consider. These questions bring all the departments like Finance, legal and Human Resource department into play. As a HR manager ones job is to find out about the labor force availability and the legal issues dealing in the labor and the human resource laws of the country. Both the areas are the most important areas for t he organization, as it enters a new country. As workers are the one who are responsible for running the business, where as legal laws keeps a check on companies activities and management in the treatment of the that workforce. The final decision maker must seriously consider the report submitted by the HR manager if the business is to be successful (Heller, 2007). canker Analysis of

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