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The Forest of Hands and Teeth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Forest of Hands and Teeth - analyse ExampleThe people of the resolution are guardled by fear of the Unconsecrated who continually try to pass across the colonization in order to satisfy their need for human flesh. The villagers live with the constant fear that the village could be breached at any time and they all would be infected which would turn the village into a world of zombies. Every day life is ruled by this fear, for instance, those villagers who were not of the Guard had to stay by from the fences in case of being bitten. Thus, it can be said that this fear was a form of favorable control for, it forced the villagers to live in a certain way and adhere to certain rules. The villagers take in limited options as what to do with their lives. bloody shame explains that In my village an unmarried woman has three choices. She whitethorn live with her family a man may speak for her, court her through the winter and marry her in the spring ceremonies or she may brother hood the Sisterhood. The only real option the men have is to join the guard which patrols the fences, ensuring that no unconsecrated breach them. These options leave no room for free will and places certificate of indebtedness above any personal wishes. These restrictions show how the villagers are obliged to live within these restrictions which tightly control their social lives. Ryan seems to be pointing at those social structures which limit our choices and free will. For instance, it is the common public opinion that has been passed down oer generations that it is a womans duty to marry and have children. The Sisterhood of the village which is the religious mothers of the village so to speak as well as practices social control over the villagers. The Sisters believe in religious order, and key out the villagers that they are the only humans left on earth. Therefore, they are to cherish their society whatever the cost, redden if it means killing a loved one who has become in fected. They also enforce the belief that perfections word is not to be questioned. On each door in the village, a volume is carved into the right of the door. Before, anyone is to enter or leave a building they have to place their blow over on the scripture. Mary tells us that It is our habit and duty to press a hand against these words, demonstrating how light it is to simply obey and get caught up in social control. The sisters have taught that this practice will protect the villagers and make God aid them. Whereas, if they do not follow these religious practices, Gods rage would descend on the village. When Mary is forced to join the sisterhood she discovers that she has no choice but to survive by the sisters laws or else she would be cast out into the forest to join the ranks of the unconsecrated. Marys belief that there is a world beyond her village and the forest is bolstered by the arrival of the outsider, Gabrielle. Mary because realizes that the sisterhood has been keeping secrets from the villagers in order to force them to follow the edicts laid out by them. When Mary discovers that Gabrielle has become an unconsecrated, she explores the forbidden section of the Cathedral and learns that the sisters had caused Gabrielle to turn as part of an experiment. This completely shatters Marys belief in the sisterhood and all that they represent. The sisterhood created the Guard which Mary later finds out also kept certain secrets, such as placing stocks of food, water and weapons on the two fenced paths that lead away from

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