Thursday, May 9, 2019

Commercial case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Commercial case strike - Essay ExampleThe client in these contracts has no long term liabilities to the independent project private instructor who tin can be dispensed with if he/she fails to meet the terms of the contract. Moreover, the independent project jitney can be compensated using a variety of payment mechanisms, the details of which have been presented in the report. dobson fly (2004) and Frame (2002) believe that one of the most basic rules of project management is to focus on the three constraints which are Scope, Time, and Cost. Any relaxation in any of these results in a snowball effect on the scope, late and over-budget project delivery, resulting in unsuccessful categorization of the project.An independent project coach gets to have an straightforward view of the situation without any preconceived notions and biased relationships (Walker, 2002, p. 10). Moreover, it is difficult to influence an independent project manager through the existing negotiation mightin ess that may rest with the other parties involved.An independent project manager provides a critical analysis of the scope of the project without any conflicts of interest. Scope setting by the owner of the project often results in over-commitment whereas if done by the contractors often results in under-commitment. An independent view on the other hand provides a more balanced assessment of the situation.According to Ibbs and Kwak (2000), and Peter Morris (1999) procurement is an measurable component of project management. An independent project manager is largely unaffected by the balance of power in existing vendor relationships. Moreover, he can make unbiased decisions for the good of the project without the preventive of existing relationships hanging over him. An independent project manager brings in a fresh perspective, a broad list of vendor options and experience of dealing with them, and best practices from the industry regarding contractual relationships. He leave also be

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