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Number of Ours Students StudyPer Week A Term radicalPresented toDepartment of Business AdministrationCollege of Business AdministrationIn uncomplete Fulfillment Of the Requirement forECO 331 Business Statistics IIByFriday April 11, 2003Table of contentAbstract..1Introduction....2Methodology..2Frequency Distribution..3Descriptive Measures.3Results4Tables & Figures4-5Reference6AbstractGiven the data provided by the students from atomic total 13 A&M University and Alabama State University, the following research was conducted. The be of hours students studied per week was gathered by questionnaires from a sample surface of 20 students. The objective of this paper is to interpret all of the necessary qualitative and quantitative data and present in accurate mathematical computations and graphics. In position to do this we include all of the necessary analyses. This report impart perform the following statistical analysesSummarize the variables to a lower place study graphicall y (frequency distribution, histogram, etc).Test the variables under study using descriptive statistics.Test of suppositionFor each classified group separately summarize the variable under study using the descriptive measures.Compare the descriptive measures of the groups. Interpret and pee conclusions from each analysis.IntroductionIn this research paper, two data sets bring been taken from a statistical database and have been converted into tables and charts in order to relate the data in simpler form. The first set of variables that was gathered from the database was the deed of hours an ASU students study. The database separated all of the information into four different set of number based on the number hours studied per-week.The second set of number that were gathered from ... ...25182205437543789593415223130281615191620181719Table - 2.Z-Test Two stress for Meansz-Test Two Sample for MeansASUA&MUMean11.7813.10know Variance13Observations2020Hypothesized Mean departure0z1 8.7P(Z

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