Thursday, March 14, 2019

Normality in Subcultures :: Sociology Sociological Papers

Normality in SubculturesMy familys subculture in a larger subcultureOnce you are born, you become a section of a larger group. You volition grow up starting at a point in your parents life and then over epoch they or even you will change the direction of your families subculture in some(prenominal) country you all live in. In America, People strive for the best. non all get it, but somehow or someone will push that family into a situation where they can move up in the world. over the years America has came to a point where most jobs carry well and mostly anyone can be considered a shopping center branch resident. In America this is considered averageal to the general public. Being normal and line to be normal is the focus most people try to pretend within their lifetimes. Normality is a subculture in itself.My family wasnt always an upper eye class family. Starting with my grandparents, my mas mother named Bonnie Langdon. She lived in what is a right off West Bloomfield in Oakland county Michigan. She was a sister to 9 siblings and she attended a One-room schoolhouse. Bonnies mother Betty Worked in the post office for 30 year and her scram Harry drove an oil truck for about the same fare of years. They were mostly lower class but they did manage to get themselves more towards the middle class. Over the years bonnie my grandmother graduated from towering school and started to work for Pontiac motor, which moved Bonnie up tom middle class.She met my granddad Names Fred shortly after and married. My grandfather grew up in Red traverse Michigan with 3 other siblings. His mom was named Pearl and his father was named Fred. His mom was from Canada who liked to hold old traditions such as eliminateing softhearted eggs and drinking tea for breakfast. My mother remembers That Pearl would make her eat them each time she came over and she hated them. Pearl was a woman of the house and his dad worked as a carpenter. His dad Fed worked with Henry ford th e man. His father was the personal Carpenter for Henry ford. Over the years my grandfather graduated from High school in Redford and started to work for the Oakland county Road commission. Over the years Bonnie and Fred had a higher class than there parents and they became the norm in the family.After Bonnie Langdon and Fred wood met they married and had one girlfriend names Janet, my mother.

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