Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Computerized System Essay

7.1 Architectural Design7.1.1 Entity-Relationship DiagramFig. 7.1.1 Database modelOn the figure above, the give in pointedness_description contains information about the occurrences in the breed. This is where the data for novel items pull up stakes be stored and updating of information of existing items takes place. Notice that, the table critical_items has only two attribute which is status that identifies the critical item if it is scurvy or not. The movement table is where the corpse stores data regarding individual transaction while item_trans table focuses on list of items and its total price.7.2 System hunt7.2.1 Physical Data Flow DiagramFig. 7.2.1 Physical DFDThe system of rules chiefly consists of functions for sales and inventory management. A customer orders an item and the system checks the inventory by accessing the master item table. New items can be added by the management and the master item record is updated as such. A exhibit computes the total price for the items ordered by using the input from the customer and data(prices) from the inventory master table. After the transaction, receipt entrust be minded(p) to the customer and both the inventory record and sales record are updated. If the system detects any item to be at critical level, a notification will be sent to the management.7.2.2 User InterfaceFig. primary(prenominal) MenuThis is the interface where the substance absubstance abuser has access to all function of the system (Fig. The first thing that will show up when the user runs the system is the release with a text of V. When the user clicks the V button the five buttons and upon clicking the inventory and report button their sub items will excessively appear and when the user clicks one of these buttons ( specify of Sale, View Inventory, Update Inventory, Add Inventory, precise Items, View Sales Report, and View Inventory report) the visibility of all buttons will be disabled and then the desi red form of the user will appear on the gray space.The sub buttons of Inventory is where the user screening of inventory and critical items ( if theres any ), update, and adding of inventory. The sub buttons of reports is where the user views the sales and inventory report of the system, the help button mainly focuses on how to use it or what we call user manual and about the system.Fig. Point of SaleLastly, this form is where the transaction between the manager and the customer takes place. jump thing that the user will do is choose an item encipher and then the quantity for the item and it will automatically compute for the price after that, he will have to click the add item button then the item will appear on the albumen space on the right side and then a pass will actuate if he want to add another or not if he doesnt want to add another item the uwser will require to input the customers payment and clicking the make love transaction button will prompt another mes sage if the user is sure about the transaction. And then if the user is sure, the system will prompt another message if he want to print the receipt or not.

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