Saturday, March 23, 2019

Comparison of The Rich Boy, The Bridal Party, and The Great Gatsby by F

Comparison of The moneyed Boy, The acceptance Party, and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald The 1920s market a booming America economy, makingevident variety between social classes. Peoplebecome very optimistic, and sometimes began spiritednesstheir personifys as if they had already obtained theAmeri keister dream. Dreamers usually create illusions toavoid the rude realities of life. F. Scott Fitzgeraldexemplifies three overly enthusiastic believers inThe Rich Boy with Anson Hunter, The Bridal Partywith Michael Curly, and The Great Gatsby with JayGatsby. Fitzgerald easily builds these characters intothe man of imagination and the the man of action.They live an illusion by dwelling on the past, feelingthat money can buy what they want, yet realityshatters their fantasy world thus Fitzgerald depictshow apiece character evolves in romanticism and realism.All three characters experience a sense of livingillusions in which Fitzgerald includes romanticism inthem. In Rich bo y, Paula Legendre is Anson Huntersunattainable love due to his behaviour. As...

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