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To what extent do you find this a satisfactory ending to the novel - :: English Literature

To what extent do you find this a satisfactory ending to the invention - chap6 Salinas River consequences of Lennies actions.To what extent do you find this a satisfactory ending to the novel?Chapter 6 takes place at the Salinas River in the late afternoon wherewe see the consequences of Lennies actions. afterwards murdering Curleyswife in the barn, Lennie has gone(p) on the run and hides in the brush.George finds Lennie and tries to give him a fear abandon death. This isprobably the most moving chapter of the novel. In many ways I find ita satisfying ending, but there is also an component part of surprise in thefact that it is George who kills his best friend Lennie, althoughSteinbeck has prepared us with the death of Candys dog and Curleyswife. The impact of the ending is very poignant and paltry as I impressionsympathy for Lennie as I feel I understand him better than the othercharacters that have died.The link amid the beginning of the novel and the end profits it more complete as there is a full circle. The setting that theyre in, alongthe Salinas River with men shouting, and the reason why they are thereare also similar to the beginning of the novel and this has looped.Lennie is running from this feast, the same as in the beginning asthey ran external from Weed. But the previous reason was not as serious asthis one. Lennie had been accused of raping a woman, whereas thisinstance he has murdered one. The only other difference in this isthat Lennie expects George to follow him and they would both escapetogether, but that was not to be the story. This was unexpected in theway that George killed Lennie, but Lennie had done in like manner many bad thingsand this time he had crossed over the tie and George had had enough.Lennies hallucination shows how hes imitating all the people close tohim. This could be a squeeze of him going insane and not knowing what todo. When George arrives at the brush, Lennie is trying to make himfollow the same ritual by first of all delay as George tells himoff, and then attempts to make him feel guilty by state how he couldrun away and live in a cave. After that George would feel sorry forLennie and they would make up and talk about the ranch and therabbits. Lennie thinks that he is succeeding, but it creates anempathetic mood when George finally shoots Lennie.

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