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Pediatric and Adult Migraines Essay -- Health Head Aches Essays

Pediatric and Adult Migraines Many deal are surprised to sire that youngsterren get migraines. It is one of those illnesses that are associated with adults only. A migraine is an intense, pounding chafe with nausea that occurs infrequently. The headache starts around the eyes, the forehead, or the side of meats of the head. Bright lights and loud noises too make the headache worse, and any movements make this headache worse. Migraines last from a few hours to a few days in serious cases (1). everywhere 8 million children get migraines a year, which results in over 1 million lost educatedays cumulatively. 20% of adolescents in high school suffer from migraines as well. Pediatric migraines commonly stop when a child becomes an adult. Migraines occurring prior to puberty are about evenly split betwixt boys and girls, and after puberty many more girls than boys lie with them. Older children experience migraine pain typically on only one side of the head. Younger childr en, however, experience pain on both sides of the head. Some people also see a warning aura, which is a pattern of lines or shadows in front of their eyes as the headache starts (2). Types of migraines are and so classified as either common (no aura warning) or untarnished (with aura warning). Aura symptoms usually occur 30 to 60 transactions before the acute headache and generally are resolved by that time (3).Why are pediatric and adult migraines different? in that location are many different stimulants that trigger a migraine headache. veritable foods, like cheese, processed meats, chocolate, caffeine, MSG, nuts, or pickles are common triggers. Stress and too much exercise can also trigger an attack (1). closely children with migraines have a family history of ... Aromaa, M. et al. Pain Experience of Children With annoying and their Families A Controlled Study. Pediatrics 106 (2000) 270-275.6) Hermann, C. and B lanchard, E.B. Psychophysiological Reactivity in Pediatric Migraine Patients and sinewy Controls. Journal of Psychosomatic Research442 (1998) 229-240.7)Sartory, G. et al. A comparison of psychological and pharmacologic treatment of pediatric migraine. Behaviour Research and Therapy 36 (1998) 1155-1170.8) Pivate Pharmacological selective information site, greeat online pharmacist answers to questions about metoprolol medication.http// Gerber, Wolf-Dieter et al. Slow cortical potentials in migraine families are associated with psychosocial factors. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 52 (2002) 215-222.

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