Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Movie Review: Singin’ in the Rain

Movies such as Chicago, Moulin Rouge, and Singin in the precipitatewater be part of a file literary genre that places emphasis on music, dance, and outcry. This genre is known as the Musical. The power of the songs in Musicals explains why many people who have not seen the movie are still familiar with its title song Singin in the fall. Aside from the unforgettable scores and lyrics, Musicals showcase the singing and dancing skills of their stars. The critical and commercial supremacy or failure of a Musical hinges not lone(prenominal) on the plot line, as is the case with subscribes of other genres, but the talents of the actors who bring the movies songs and dances to life.Singin in the come down contains a calculate of elements that trifle it stand out(p) from other American Musicals such as Chicago and Moulin Rouge. The atmosphere of Singin in the Rain is light and happy which is accomplished by the characters brightly colored clothing and the inclusion of relative ly few dark scenes. This is not the case in either Chicago or Moulin Rouge, some(prenominal) of which have darker elements indoors them. Because the theme of Singin in the Rain is more devilish than the serious theme depicted in Chicago, there is a greater degree of entertainment in Singin in the Rain. This movie was designed to be viewed by an audience seeking pure entertainmentan audience that sine qua non only sit back, relax, and enjoy the film from beginning to end.Many young musical productions are far more costly than was Singin in the Rain however, even with the discrepancy in production costs, several clever and unforgettable musical numbers from Singin in the Rain remain popular today.Because scripting and storyline are superseded in Musicals by choreography and score, the scenes close to often remembered in a Musical are specific numbers contained within the film. angiotensin converting enzyme of my favorites from Singin in the Rain is Cosmo Browns (Donald OConno r) death penalty of open em Laugh. The songs lyrics and the number itself reveal that Cosmo is Don Lockwoods ( divisor Kelly) sidekick. Its clear that Cosmos job is to keep Lockwood laughing and to stay him from concern over anything bad.Cosmos enthusiastic performance in this number is easily the most adddic of the film. Singin in the Rain is filled with mise-en-scnes, and Cosmos admit em Laugh number uses mise-en-scne to its fullest. Every bit of setting, including the hold and the people in this number are used by Cosmo as show instruments.Given the movies title, it isnt surprising that the most famous number is Gene Kellys (as Don Lockwood) performance of the song Singin in the Rain. Narrative Convention dictates that rain signify sorrow or loneliness much as tense music in a horror movie signifies danger however, the gloom one index dwell to infiltrate Kellys performance simply does not do so. Instead, this attractively choreographed athletic dance and song number stan ds as Lockwoods announcement that he has succeeded in his career and in his heart. Each step Gene Kelly performs is deliberateeach movement designed to thrill the audience the centering Kellys Lockwood is himself thrilled by his fantastic fortune.The use of mise-en-scne in the number Singin in the Rain does not detract from Kellys performance it augments it. His wearing a felt hat allows his facial features to be seen without the rains moisture obscuring his emotions. The umbrella he carries adds a gentleman-like quality to his movements. The pathway on which he dances remains basically deserted and is perfectly light up by the well-placed snug lights. Personally, I think it is the most enjoyable rainy scene I have ever viewed in a movie.My only critical comments are centered on a portion of the films latter half during which time Lockwood, Cosmo, and R. F. Simpson (Millard Mitchell) are planning to make the musical film Dancing Cavalier. This is followed by the surreal performa nce Broadway stress which I found unnecessary. The woman in this scene seemed to have come from nowhere, did not have a cl azoic defined relationship with Lockwood or Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds), but the odd emotion that was present in the number might be representative of American ideals.Singin in the Rain falls within the expected boundaries of the Musical. The ending is predictable (but not unsatisfyingly so) and relatively little tensity exists the lovers meet serendipitously, and there is really no threat to their relationship.Singin in the Rain is from the 1950s, and because of this, some younger people might not find the movies content satisfying however, anyone, regardless of age, who can appreciate the keen singing and dancing performances of the movies characters will come remote from the film satisfied. In addition, part of this films content reveals the early development of movies from the silent era forward, and much of this is not only elicit but humorous as we ll.I admit to having been initially atheistic about enjoying this movie due to its age, but I found myself entertained throughout the entire film, and honestly, I can say that Singin in the Rain is the best Musical I have ever seen.ReferenceFreed, A. (Producer), & Donen, S. & Kelly G. (Directors). (1952). Singin in the rain. Motion picture. United States Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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