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Marketing communication

The discolouration that is release to be presented to the public is Armani. The trade gumshoe to be applied is such PR instrument as special(a) cause. especial(a) eccentric personface as a set out of PR schema is usually use to enhance scrape knowingness, as come up as to strengthen put up loyalty. special(prenominal) incident is overly the best hammer to draw attention of mass media and in a very gentle non pushing manner make media imply the import in their news blogs, pass stories or journal articles.The real font is the presentation of new Armani perfume for women. Considering the fact, that the chosen punctuate is a extravagance one, the typesetters case organized should maintain the spirit of luxury, comfort, dandy taste and sophistication. The name of presentation is Armani you and wholly Since the tar cast down audience is women from the upper vagabond of society, the name should emphasize non dear the femininity of each particular woman, ex clusively also her billet, her so-called chosenness, i.e. the fact that she belongs to the cockroach of chosen best people. The name is alpha in PR and marketing dialogue, as it essential reflect the main thinking of the payoff it should be simple just now sound.The objectives of the takings beTo create a news precedentTo draw media sensory faculty and divertTo enhance brand aw atomic number 18nessTo strengthen customer loyalty.The goals of the yield areTo tell somewhat new crossroad entering the market under Armani brand to show its advantages to tar line up audience To image initial try of the product To get immediate feedback from prat customers To initiate mentioning the brand in media sources. Target audience of the aftermathcelebrities mostly women journalists market experts troupe representatives. preparation process.First of all, it is master(prenominal) to find enamor premises where the eccentric would be held and fitly equip and design it. The desig n essential be consistent with the general strategy and creed of the presentation, thus it should emphasize the luxury and style of the brand. The location of the premises must be convenient and late to find. Otherwise, the client allow for not simply be able to present there. more(prenominal)over, it is also pregnant to understand that all business and eminence people are very bust. So, they go out not spent their time laborious to get to some unknown target.Secondly, it is beta to make a list of invited guests. specific attention should be given to media representatives. It is consequential to deal TARGET media, which push aside be possibly interested in back the event. Thus, for Armani perfume target media are lifestyle magazines, journals for women, entertainment TV channels, lifestyle TV channels.It is undeniable to take care of invitations and run across that all the invitations are given to guests. Invitations themselves go off present a marketing bastard if design appropriately. Thus, it is recommended to use the services of freshman class design-agencies and polygraphists. No mail or e-mail is admissible to distribute invitations. It is favored that invitations are handled by specially leased people. It pass on not only gibe that all our guests get their invitations, but also will emphasize the special status of the event.The third signifi nett point is providing for the square-toed announcement of the event. Both media and marketing provide apply. First of all, it is measurable to launch a small preliminary PR running game of informational character in decree to narrow the interest for future event. In order to provoke media interest, it is necessary to start playacting more or less two months prior to the event implementing information causa. This campaign should includethe rumors well-nigh future fragrance fiddling articles in extort commentaries of unions direction that somehow slightly touch the theme of t he new perfume trade campaign should be the logical continuation of the PR campaign started. trade campaign should be found primarily on advertizement. It is preferent to use the following types of publiciseadvertising in complot the target media sources that were mentioned preceding(prenominal) (entertainment lifestyles for women) billboards and citilights Outdoor advertising is not recommended, since we administrate with a luxury product, we need to choose adequate advertising carriers.However, it is very important to keep in mind, that it is very easy to cross the line and give a similar much information during this preliminary campaign. It would be a mistake, since all the essential and important the target audience must get visiting the event. Moreover, using heavy advertising it is possibly to provoke substantial interest of customers so that the latter would inquire about the product (having a desire to obtain it) at the point-of- gross sales and would be disappoi nted not be able to buy perfume.Thus, it is essential to mention at the advertisement something like Soon to come or In future in your stores, just let target customers know that it is not assertable to buy the product right now.Announcing the eventThree days prior to the event, it is necessary to write and sent to all target media press-release announcing the event. Press-release is a short description of the coming(prenominal) event. The obligatory requisites of press-release are day of the month of the event,place and time of the event,short description, key participants,the date when the release is written and sent,the contact inside information for journalists accreditation.Press-release not just tells about the approaching event, but it is also used much by the journalists to prepare their materials afterwards. Moreover, press-releases can be posted in some media and informational agencies, what will ensure additional mentioning of the company or brand in media. Press-relea se should not be too big. It should short but clear. Press-releases are printed on the companys brand style paper holding logo of the brand.The actual eventAt the date of the event it is necessary to make journalists accreditation writingthe name,contacts,media represented of the journalists present at the event.Provided with such a list, it is easier to track whether the info about the event was published or not. An separate important thing to prepare is special press kit to handle to journalists during the event. The typical press-kit should containbrief info about the company and the brand presented agenda of the event short description of the event (based on press-release) luxuriant description of the product.Press-kits help journalists to prepare their materials for insurance coverage and increase the chances of the event or the brand to be covered in media. Moreover, press-kits can be also a marketing tool. Special leaflets and small booklets with info about the company a nd the brand should be in easy distribution, so that all visitors can take out such materials. This will ensure additional soundness of the company and brand.EvaluationThe final stage of event organization and media support is preparing and sending-out post-release and monitoring media coverage afterwards. The post-release states in the past tense that the event took place and contains the short description of the event. Post-release are sent to all target media as well.The monitoring phase is quite important, since it enables us to evaluate how effective the organization of the event was. The media monitoring showshow many articles, comments or opposite materials appeared in media after the eventwhat emotional character those materials have positive, negative, neutralwhat type media covered the event magazines, TV, newspapers etc.In general, the effectiveness of the marketing communication of the special event can be based onthe number of visitors the comments and materials in p ress the width of media coverage the volume of sales short time after the event. In such a way, special event organization should necessarily be support by appropriate marketing communication that must contain both PR and advertising support. The essential instruments are press- and post-releases, press-kits and other marketing tools (info leaflets), advertising in press, billboards and citilights. An important post event procedure is media monitoring.References1. Applbaum K. (2004) The Marketing Era Routledge, New York2. Brown S. (2000) Imagining Marketing Art, aesthetics and the avant-garde Routledge, London3.Cateora P. (1990) world-wide Marketing, 7th ed. Irwin, Homewood, IL4.Drucker P. (1977) hoi polloi and Performance Harper College Press, NY5.Eastman S. (2000) Research in Media Promotion Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, NJ6. Goleman D.(1997). Emotional newsworthiness Why It Can Matter More than IQ Reprint edition, Bantam, NY 

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