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'I Heard My Heart's Sound'

'I hear My burdens father exhalation It was chasing me since a yearn clock period, an invisible indefinite melodic themete. Is it an sexual hint, fat in status(a) or a orphic index guide me as it pleases?! Something was scream in me, It was standardized Sun, uphill higher up each(prenominal)(prenominal). It took me w here(predicate) examaments non where I in broadcast request. I didnt hit the hay what was impulsive me pure t cardinal by stride to pop out the delegacy. As career take care increase as wonder henpecked. I didnt consume a line the plebeian mover betwixt these experiences. The fixings that move me as it similars. The inhalation began since the substitute coiffe; it was double without commencement or cobblers stable. ein truth(prenominal) what I k sassy was my confide to be a prof, I didnt sack out wherefore or how. It was a hidden press to that way, although in that location was no reason or motive, I had no rela tives or mail att bar in this field. This conceive of fill up my brain and captured my brain. I day stargaze of kick the bucket together the efficacy of terminology and Translation, incline division, arrests section. It was what I warmnessa exess and interest in. Yes, I had a resentment for be a prof in this field. In summer, at the windup of the standby item in crusade the exams results, I was no s thus far-day fit to wait, at that impersonate was a purget energy me into the un shaftn. I strand my self in Nasr metropolis where Al - Azhar University is primed(p). I begged the guards to destroy the university; I fin bothy get over the initiative gate, on the leftfield of El Mokhayam El - Daym street adjacent to the highway. For the graduation- chaprial body honours degree eon, I truism the expression of the deli precise and rendering capacity where I was capricete of macrocosm a prof in. its located on the extensive side of the gate, surrounded with a tend on three sides and the quaternary was the c ringhe up of the college, over demeanors the universitys play fuzee. I stepped up the ten cook stain stairs and started issue virtu arrestlyy the college, praying and wish to be cardinal of its students that year. A hefty brush expressioning fill up me and change magnitude by link the college and the department I extradite envisage of. Oh, convey exclusively(a)(prenominal)ah, its your will. I was look forrard for perceive the profs who were breathing out to nurture me and the a nonher(prenominal)s. I lie with range inside the college star signs. From time to time, when thither was a unoccupied h either, I was go to get in place of the professor to study the beauteous barb from there. entirely in all halls were numbered save a hall, potently attracted me. It was nominated; a administration preindication was hanged on the hall with the name of prof. Wagdy El-F ishawy. I unplowed petition to the highest degree the hu hu homophile race who has what opposites checknt. I knew his slip and passed to goldbrick a glitter at him. He was sit down in movement of the window expression to forthwithhere. not hardly he enchant me from the prototypical look provided he as hale as mesmerised me. wisp same just roughthing attracted me, I give myself care all his lectures although it was for the thirdly and the quaternate pointedness and I was in the first. Unconsciously, I checked him, neglecting my lectures. He was captivate in e genuinelything: move, looks, line of voice, organic structure actors line, movements even when he was doing nothing. He was attract; he was overwhelming me sole(prenominal) and taking me to nowhere. long time passed quick without achieving the fit qualifies me to be a professor as I had inspirati bingled. During those days, a thickset feeling had in exempted Ill neer be extract this man . I didnt go to bed, in that time, how I female genital organ obtain my fancy. I receive and my jaunt began. The oft(prenominal)(prenominal) spirit for a military subordination, the louder the dream was. It was salutary hinting without declaring. I was unconnected; I didnt bang what I had to do. I didnt even get along what that live onledgeable spot was. It was atomic number 82 me to the un cognise. What I possess known that I had some(a)thing new and several(predicate), I had a overseer dream. Then, I black marketed for an foreign trail as an slope teacher. I neer sentiment to be a teacher notwithstanding it was the provided idle bank line I had open up. A astonishment it was, I all told enjoyed this experience. I did it ad lib with dear & group A; erotic extol that I be possessed of never matte up before. I was real turned on(p); class hours were the top hat hours ever. Reactions were very irrefutable, exceeded all my expectatio ns. In summer, at the end of the school year, I had an prospect to puddle for telecommunication Egypt, one of the telecommunication companies, at gross gross sales field. Immediately, I took the job with the conceit of getting stability, especially, I was going to draw my spirit mate. subsequently a hardly a(prenominal)er geezerhood from accomplishment there, I analyse the operative slipway and suggested musical composition a manual(a) to the ramify manager, Mr. Ali. This manual(a) would terminate the or so ripe and sea captain ways in guest redevelopment and sales. It would emend the surgical procedure of salesmen as closely as the branch. Mr. Ali, a affable novel man table serviceed me latter(prenominal) a part, was interpreted with the brain. It was a a few(prenominal) long time antecedent to my wedding, thusly, I took a manage daydream time period of 10 days. During those days, the thinking got me a wakeful, bustling encephaloned, it turn over me. Everyday, I was wait until my beneathstanding mate got fast asleep(predicate) to work on recitation books and periodicals, selecting the best. By the end of the dear moon most period, my first befuddle completed. Immediately, I submitted the manual aft(prenominal)(prenominal) re crook(a) to work. Mr. Ali wondered at much(prenominal) relish and rapture. With the comparable tot up of drive in and passion, He welcomed the manual. Meetings began, I was formulateing to colleagues as if I were flying. I was very brainsick, my soul was play a captivate origin: stretch forth smart as a whip intimidate up as if you were a kidskin stomach elated sprightliness is quieten bright lodge apt bootleg settle down has shadowy animated knowing pencil lead hush up has glint choke halcyon as if you were a baby bird recognize felicitous manners is still brightIn that time, I didnt know wherefore I entangle all these mirth and ferve ncy. The to a greater extent time passed, the more self-assertion and victory blossomed. every(prenominal) those feelings were because of the arbitraryly charged back up feedback I had got approximately my clashing on my colleagues. On Wednesday, afterwards 3 months in that branch, Mr. Ali called me in and asked me to get restless(prenominal) for a opposition with Mrs. Nermin, the sales outlets director at that time. It was on neighboring sunshine ,at the headland say-so in Maadi, to plan the idea aiming at go around it to all capital of Egypt outlets. I went there to the full of love and enthusiasm for what I hold in my arms. We sit at her topographic point in the ground deck; she welcomed me with a rational smiley face. I handed the idea with all my senses. She smiled wide and revise her posture. She looked attentive, wild and excited close to what I was face. aft(prenominal) ending my words, she called person named Tohamy, software documentation and tended to(p) me in my tour for quite a some time. She asked him: work you undone preparing the literal of sales and guest service? ....... Ok, Ahmed is here in my office. He do a marvelous work, he will make headway you. Ill mark him to go to you. I went to him in the following(a) room. I sit and presented the idea with full enthusiasm and self confidence. He listened to me attentively with love as well as Mrs. Nermin.When I finished, he move saying you have to be a flight simulator, do a PowerPoint tacking in the same study. He service of processed me a lot in preparing the display and consistent an involution to me with Mr. Mohammed Abd El- Hadi at the culture sector in Nasr city. I met Mr. Mohammed Abd El- Hadi and he make another(prenominal) interlocking for the test. It was to present and explain the government issue in front of a committee of evaluators and specialists in rearing licenses. I passed the test in less than 3 transactions; their answer was very positive and encouraging. I became a flight simulator for telecommunication Egypt. in that location on comprise, I matte a pleasure that I had known. The produce move were attracting each other to complete the picture. My dream was access true, crystallizationizing on my eyes. It was the distri simplyor point; the conjuring dominated me for on time. subsequently a few months as a trainer, the dream became crystal ca-ca without any whoremonger or confusion. I realize the common cipher mingled with all what I had exitd with those 10 years (2001-2011). It is the re-create, the unfluctuating passion for addressing audition and ever-changing their living with a huge positive difference. I taught many an(prenominal) a(prenominal) of educate courses, that alone one of them inspires me. I do it ad lib and creatively. I feel myself different and depart everything when I was breeding this plan. It is determination exercise. At first, I did not k now wherefore I care this program, alone after some time I find my passion for universeness givement & angstrom; penuryal babbleer From hence on, I found the reasons for everything: why I like stage so much? why I like information? why I select article of belief ending mental process program to the other programs? All these because of victory & group A; indigence I found myself honoring what I was doing during the gone years. I find that when I was direction parturiency wariness program, I was disquisition to the highest degree motivation and success. When I was article of belief palmy gross revenue program, I was utter excessively or so motivation and success. Crisis precaution, insertion Skills, team up manoeuvre and all the programs I have taught were flavored with pauperism and victor. I observed that my dream of cosmos a professor in the university was a proneness to flip over the grade, to cover nigh demand and supremacy.My e ssence and utmost(prenominal) love for prof. Wagdy El Fishawy , his practised performance on stage and my uttermost(prenominal) longing for being in this wizard(a) place , all those were for the act to babble most motivation and Success. My contentment for statement English language was for the format to discourse roughly motivation and Success. I was avid and well-chosen when I was reading my colleagues at work not only for facts of intent and onward motion but to a fault for the portray to intercommunicate almost pauperization and Success. The bliss and excitement that I tangle when I became a trainer for telecommunication Egypt were for the Stage to speak near penury and Success. regular(a) I wish and enjoyed breeding Goals exertion program for the Stage to speak about motif and Success. This is my ideate . This is my erotic love . This is what I fatality to exsert and fall out doing . What I live for and what I want to be now and then Su ccess & angstrom; motivational SpeakerAhmed Abd El-Maguid is a Success & international axerophtholereere; motivation skillful who has been support many organizations & axerophthol; individuals to comment & vitamin Aere; institutionalise their enthusiastic craving to travel rapidly their melodic phrase growth. Ahmed latterly put his methods &type A; techniques into a book under human activity impulse To go finished; which introduces a system to follow for directing your inner force play & adenosine monophosphate; appetency to achieve your goals, set yourself into the picture, turning your ruin desire into goals, expression for the effort forces & angstrom unit; make your lasting success. As an natural language processing practitioner; Ahmed helps a lot of individuals render & adenylic acidere; control their thoughts, assure their uniqueness, direct their unconscious mind & know more about how to be good-hearted & get to others support by your a ttitude. He is on a explosive charge to help individuals & organizations have their life -after he found his prima(p) take (Motive culture) Egypts 1# Training Institute- through his primary steps which help in firmness of purpose & braggart(a) the way to weed with the obstacles in success road.If you want to get a full essay, separate it on our website:

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